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H.Y.D.R.A. is secret military organization founded by Keith White. The purpose of H.Y.D.R.A. to maintain the world order in ways the regular governments can't. For that end H.Y.D.R.A. utilizes advanced technology and new groundbreaking military tactics. Whenever a situation gets out of hand, H.Y.D.R.A. strikes down to solve the problem immediately. The organization is spread worldwide. Despite the scale of its activities, H.Y.D.R.A. managed to keep its low profile thus remain unknown to the public. to fulfill the great goal H.Y.D.R.A. is permitted to use any means necessary. Assassinations, kidnapping and terrorism are not above the policies of the H.Y.D.R.A. either. The H.Y.D.R.A. commits crime to prevent even more crimes. That paradoxical doctrine gave a rather shady outlook to the organization in its entirety.


H.Y.D.R.A. is an international mercenary organization with member groups spread all over the world.



Including support crew and non-combat personnel the H.Y.D.R.A. has over 100,000 members.
Almost every members of the H.Y.D.R.A. possess a dark past with severe criminal record. Deserters, killers, psychopaths, robbers, terrorists, traitors and war sinners. In the end it made no difference for Keith who judged them purely by their effectiveness as soldiers. All members without an exception are officially "dead". They aren't part of any government's record. Many of them even had a plastic surgery to further mask their identity. In short the H.Y.D.R.A. members are technically living ghosts. They exists yet don't exists. Outside missions they live undercover while assuming fake identities. 
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Notable Members:


The Big Boss:

The Big Boss, Keith White
The Big Boss, Keith White

Enigmatic figurehead of the H.Y.D.R.A. group whose identity is shrouded in constant mystery. He's actually Keith White, the multi-billionare scientist and the director of the White Corps. He's the creator, brain and main supporter of the organization and without him H.Y.D.R.A. might as well be non-existent. His existence is of key importance to the organization and thus appropriate measurements are made. The great majority of the H.Y.D.R.A. officers are ordered indirectly through the global network and supercomputer hub called the SILVER. As such only a selected few members are aware of the Big Boss' real identity. Others may not even know of Mr. White's affiliation to H.Y.D.R.A. or assume he's just one of the many VIPs. Aside from keeping the Big Boss safe the shroud of anonymity also helps Keith to maintain his good public image. The actions of the H.YD.R.A are often questionable, to such extend that few countries list them as a terrorist faction.

Zafira Al Shura:

Young commander of the elite Cobra Unit, a team generally assigned to protect the Big Boss. Zafira is a talented and very resourceful woman who used to be an infamous terrorist. She led a global terrorist organization but following her humiliating defeat at the hands of Keith White she were forced to join the H.YD.R.A. Despite her young age Zafira is remarkably talented and sharp which made her quickly rose in ranks. As the leader of the Cobra Unit she not only knows the true identity of the Big Boss but meets him regularly in person. Few bad mouths even call her the "Big Boss' woman" but whether such claims were true or false has yet to be confirmed. Apparently, prior to her enlistment she had a personal duel with the Big Boss which resulted in Zafira suffering critical injuries. She were sent to one of the private hospitals of the White Corps and received cybernetic enhancements to preserve her life. Thanks to these Zafira attained exceptional fighting abilities which borders the superhuman realm. Combined with his admirable combat skills and ruthless style Zafira is a very lethal opponent. Yet her greatest aspect is the element of surprise. Despite her serene and calm deamor Zafira is deep down wild and unpredictable. She treats war as game of enjoyment and often plays around with her opponents with great sense of sadism. Despite that Zafira knows her limits pretty well and deals with everything seriously.


H.Y.D.R.A. utilizes top-notch technology and gear supplied by the Military Branch of White Corps.

Standard Infantry Gear:

 Hounds of the H.Y.D.R.A.
 Hounds of the H.Y.D.R.A.

- PSA-22I "Black Hound" Light Exo-Suit: Flexible black suit made from artificial fibers 10 times tougher than steel. It consists of a skintight nanosuit, a helmet and additional protectors. Notably, the chest protector is strong enough to withstand multiple shots from anti-material rifles. Even the soft parts offer limited aid against shrapnel and small arms fire. Altogether the exo-suit allows the regular human to survive great falls or otherwise severe punishment. Soldiers wearing this armor can take an explosion and still stand up, unless they were dead in the blast's epicenter. Aside from protection the exo-suit offers enhanced strength and mobility. The flexible undergarment of the suit contains millions of special nanotubes that allows a regular human to perform feats slightly swinging in the area of superhuman.
- AMR-72 "Hunter" Assault Rifle: Futuristic rifle commonly found in the hands of H.Y.D.R.A. mercenaries. It operates under the revolutionary design that lacks any sort of complicated firing mechanism. The rifle doesn't shoot bullets. Instead they launch miniature 10mm multi-stage missiles which are ignited via continuous electronic signals. The projectiles travel at the impressive speed of Mach 7.7 and can penetrate armors that even heavy 20mm AP shells cannot. The electric firing mechanism releases the misses at incredible rate, adjustable to as high as even 240,000 rounds per minute. The projectiles are capable of changing their course after they were fired to nullify the negative effects of wind or correct the gunner's own error. The abolishment of complicated mechanics saved up tremendous amount of internal space. The weapon can hold as many as 120 projectiles, stored in 6 separate clips that occupy the entire length of the barrel. These can exchange each other rapidly in a slightly revolver-like fashion and able to store different types of ammunition in each clip to fit wide range of roles. Special mention goes to the so-called "Stalker" round which is able to home on its designed target with remarkable accuracy.
- IRLS-08 "Death Painter" Marking System: Bulky pistol which works essentially like a laser pointer. The energy of the laser sticks a special weave-pattern on the target which can be spotted even by orbiting satellites. It allows the mercenaries of H.Y.D.R.A. to track enemies even if they were to escape. Furthermore it works as a marker for any H.Y.D.R.A. owned weaponry, including the assault rifles, cannons, long-range missiles, aircraft, artillery and many others. In short anyone marked with the "Death Painter" is an open target to the entire military might of the H.Y.D.R.A. organization. It serves especially well with the "Stalker" rounds that home on their target with great precision. The IRLS-08 can be outfitted with extended stock and scope to fit for sniping purposes. 


Special Infantry Gear:

- TCM- 2000 "Stingbee" Smart Missile Launcher: Relatively short yet bulky and block shaped launcher, applicable for multiple purposes. The Stingbee is a multi missile launcher with 4 launch tubes and 8 missiles in total. It fires special variable missiles that can change their composition and properties just right before the launch. These "Smart Missiles" can fit about any role from cleaning bunkers, destroying tanks to even intercept enemy aircraft. Using the latest fuel technology these missiles fly at the insane speeds of Mach 10+, making it one of the fastest missiles developed. The Stingbee is also connected to the global Satellite network which allows it to home on the target with remarkable precision.
- SGM -44E "Buster" Assault Missile System: Large almost unwieldy tubular shaped missile launcher, deployed at such situations when destruction isn't an aftereffect but a clean requirement. The Buster uses the same guidance system as the Stingbee with the additional feature for manual control. Each missile weights over 100 pounds, making them look more like a small cruise missile. There are over 20 kinds of special warheads, each fitting a different purpose. They have only one uniting feature: destruction. Even the standard issue warhead has power comparable to a small nuclear device, making the Buster certainly the most dangerous infantry weapon at the H.Y.D.R.A.'s arsenal.

- HEL-0111 "Dawnbringer" Portable Laser Ordinance: High energy impulse laser developed to take down the hardest targets. Its powered by an ultra-compact palladium reactor with the regular output of 5MW. The weapon allows the operator to set any quality of the laser, making the Dawnbringer remarkably versatile. Although these adjustments are far too complex for a regular soldier to handle, requiring special license for the Dawnbringer's use. Nonetheless the Dawnbringer is not only versatile but very powerful, firing beams of energy over 1 gigajoule at maximal output. Its limitation compared to the more common missile systems that the Dawnbringer is unable to home on its target. Correcting the aiming errors also require the user's own input as opposed to the modern projectile weapons. Perhaps the sheer speed of the laser beam may offer a little compensation. Baring a few insane metahumans there aren't anyone capable of avoiding something at the speed of light.
- HEL- 0144 "Blaster" Laser Shock Carbine: Scaled down, lighter and more user-friendly version of the Dawnbringer. The ultra-compact palladium reactor was replaced by a simple fusion cell and the weapon's overall capabilities were reduced accordingly. It also lacks the free adjustability of the predecessor, having only three wavelength and 20 output settings. The modifications were made obviously for mass production as the complicated nature of the Dawnbringer made it too unwieldy for regular soldiers. As such the Blaster rifle can be used without any sort of special training, available for all members of appropriate rank. The Blaster possess a more sleek design, comparable to a modern but slightly futuristic assault rifle. To solve the lack of automatic aim correction, the Blaster has a ball mount laser emitter that can direct the beam anywhere in a 270 degrees range. The weapon's output ranges from 0.1 to 15 megajoules, the later having enough power to instantly turn a modern battle tank into a puddle of liquid metal. According to the H.Y.D.R.A. Military Doctrine chapter CXL paragraph 22 the Blaster is under the same regulations as the more heavier anti-armor weapons, despite obviously being a light assault rifle in size.
- PSS-011X "Void Trooper" Advanced Stealth Suit:
- PSH-133E "Kodiak" Heavy Power Suit:





Orbital Equipment:

- XAMD- 000000X "All Seeing Eye" Orbital System: Secret global satellite system that constantly aid the H.Y.D.R.A. forces in their success. The Eye of Icarus has multiple roles. First, it acts as a global observation system to see everything and fuel the soldiers with constant informations about the battlefield. Through ionic and laser transmitters the information feed works undisturbed even at the presence of heavy radio jamming. Secondly, it also works as a targeting system to aid the troops' aim on the field. Even if the enemy is out of sight, the soldiers can link up to the nearest satellite to mark the target. All they need just to pull the trigger. Third, the satellite system is capable of orbital strike. The later is accomplished by indirect means through reflecting the huge orbital laser to the Earth's surface.

- SSSS-0000 "Eye of Icarus" Satellite Base: Huge hidden satellite orbiting behind the Moon. It acts as a small space station and the main unit of the All Seeing Eye System. The base is powered by holographic solar panels that gather solar energy with far more efficiency than physical panels. The base's most notable feature is its colossal laser cannon called as "Icarus Cannon" that serves multiple purposes. Usually it sends a special laser wavelength to recharge other satellites with fresh solar energy, allowing for orbital units to stay in space infinitely. To aim without the need for steering the entire base, the Icarus Cannon has a large prism placed in front of the barrel to deflect the laser in any direction or scatter it to multiple sources accurately. The later part is vital to constantly recharge the hordes of satellites orbiting around the Earth. Aside from recharging duties the Icarus Cannon has a more direct, offensive purpose. It delivers the orbital laser strike with the codename of Delta Base Zero Command. The beam has the average energy output of 256 terrajoules but it can be further enhanced with the assistance of the auxiliary cold fusion reactors. The laser beam is sent to one of the orbiting "Mirrage" satellites which (by the use of concentrated lightwave barriers) redirects the attack to the Earth's surface. Depending on the laser's settings and the properties of the ligthwave barrier the attack can be a single very focused beam or a less concentrated beam saturation bombardment. The later can cover areas up to 5 kilometers, making it more of a strategic move than a simple tactical strike. Despite its complex and very delicate mechanisms Delta Zero Base Commands are extremely precise, being able to hit a stationary human-sized target with 99.9% accuracy.

- HKS-011 "Mirrage" Stealth Satellite: Small conical satellites orbiting around the Earth in great quantities as part of the Big Brother System. In addition to their small frames the satellites are also outfitted with advanced holographic camouflage and radar-absorbing plasma screens, making them almost undetectable from the surface. The satellite has countless sensory systems and extremely fine miniature telescopes to scan Earth with remarkable accuracy. The Mirrage is powered by holographic solar panels on the back but it can also receive direct energy charge via high-powered lasers from the Eye of Icarus. Despite its small size the Mirrage is fully capable of maneuvering thanks to its advanced ion thrusters and they can travel around the world in less than 24 hours. The Mirrage is also part of the Delta Base Zero Command as it temporally generates a lightwave barrier to deflect the massive satellite laser towards the Earth. For more powerful attacks there's the possibility of multiple Mirrage satellites combining their lightwave barriers together to direct the full power of the Icarus Cannon.

  [to be continued...]
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