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Magnificient Bastards
To quote an old movie:
"Rommel...you magnificent bastard, I READ YOUR BOOK!"
Magnificent Bastards are characters who scheme, lie, swindle and so in short do not walk the right path...but they pull that out in such an awesome way that you can't help but congratulate them or even cheer them on for whatever they did.

1. Johan Liebert

Incredible manipulator with nerves of pure steel. The master of setting scenes and playing around with emotions. He has no morals and can be easily called a complete monster. Still, no one can doubt he pulls it all out in an awesome way.

2. Light Yagami

Megalomaniac schemer with misguided sense of justice. He kills more people than the Hiroshima nuke. Despite that he's charismatic and cool.His convoluted plans always make the watchers amused. Seriously some people even believe that he was a good guy.

3. Lelouch Lamperouge

Former royalty who views deaths as mere casualty in battle. He constantly schemes and manipulates people to reach his ultimate objective. His radical moves and strategies can make miracles.He has a good theatric sense as well. In addition his real goal is something good. Ends justify the means, I guess.

4. Kirei Kotomine

Thanks to the subpar anime this guy often gets forgotten. Read the VN and Fate/Zero novels though...and you won't be disappointed for sure! Kotomine is a sick-sick man with insane gambles and dreadful plans. Being a badass veteran also make wonders I guess.

5. Izaya Orihara

Smug information banker and manipulator behind the scenes. What makes him awesome that he's responsible for about every single event that happens in his verse. Really, one can randomly say "Izaya did xyz" and it's true!

6. Claire Stanfield

Unlike the rest, Claire Stanfield does not scheme, neither has any masterful plans. His amusingly ambiguous morality and his awesome actions on the fly alone make him worthy of his place.

7. Xellos

This guy just can't escape my list. He may appear to be a mere trickster... but only until you sit back and realize his schemes.Like any squint-eyed cheery characters: beware of Xellos ever focusing his stare on you!

8. Medusa Gorgon

For now the only female on the list. She's one reason why I enjoyed Soul Eater back then. Immoral and evil witch who constantly schemes something and even winning those bets despite being the villain. Like Xellos', her actions aren't clear on first glance though.

9. Sousuke Aizen

Started out as an incredible villain, masterful schemer and great manipulator...then we've got the previous arc. He slowly degraded into boring and just annoying. It's a pity but he still deserve a place here.

soramioon Jan. 2, 2011 at 9:27 a.m.
Oh, how this list does justice XDDD
Lelouch, Light, and Izaya ARE magnificent bastards aren't they?
RavenBusteron Jan. 22, 2013 at 6:08 p.m.

I don't know why Sousuke has to be so hot! Bad guys shouldn't be so hot, but then where's the fun in letting them be bad boys.

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