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Living Gundams
Something that Setsuna can't be, not matter how hard he try. People with power matching or even slightly exceeding that of a Gundam. In short characters who can fight with Gundams evenly. Durability, Power and speed all comparable to a Gundam.
1. Nanoha Takamachi

The White Devil. No other explanation needed.

2. Fate Testarossa

The White Devil's accomplice:)

3. Signum

And her wingman.:)

4. Saber

Supposedly a heavy ordinance type Gundam.:)

5. Gilgamesh

Although he can count as anything in Gundamverse, depending on how serious he is.

6. Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai

Flying Chuck Norris Grandpa. 'nuff said.

7. Ichigo Kurosaki

While his durability is a bit questionable, he has all the other capabilities to match a Gundam.

8. Sousuke Aizen

"When were you under the impression I can't beat a Gundam?"

9. Kazuma Yagami

Flight ability, durability and attack power. All of those are enough to be comparable to a Gundam.

10. Abel Nightroad

He can. Don't ask how but he can.

11. Alita

Cyborg girl of mass destruction. Almost literally a human-sized Gundam, pretty high level to add.

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