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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Kuro_San said:

@willyvereb: Lowered the stats.

Maybe you even lowered them too much. 
Like I said you could've kept the strength/durability or the speed/mobility part. 
Given your mecha's style I think keeping the Structure and Strength at 30 sounds reasonable. 
And why did you lowered the sensors stat? 
I think you misunderstood. I didn't tell you to halve all of the mecha's stats.  Just lower a certain group of them while keeping the others. 
@Kuro_San said:

I can see OG Mazinger with the scrander defeating Gundam like Strike "More Dakka" Freedom or Age III or the last Age. Super Alloy Z is much more resistant to punishment than Gundamium, word of god

Well, I wouldn't really argue based on SRW since that's non-canon. 
But yeah, based on feats the Super Alloy Z is more durable than Gundarium. By a few orders of magnitudes.
The problem is that Gundams hardly rely on armor.
And they have ridiculous firepower. Many beam rifles in the various Gundam verses have feats that would put the bomb dropped on Hiroshima to shame. And we're talking about a thin "lance" of energy hitting against the armor. 
But yeah, the Mazinger Z could defeat AGE-3. Granted, Gundam AGE is probably the weakest Gundam verse. 
@Kuro_San said: 

The regular version of the 1G-SDDE-1991 is like the proto Getter, lacking any color scheme and being armed with a laser gun. The helmet is shaped as an ancient Chojin armor during their "Medieval" era (See what I did here?) This custom version has thicker armor, haves the Solar Sail (The Cloak) and the weapon generator as their alloy is highly resistant but not indestructible. Other models have different weapons, but only Melee as it cannot duplicate circuits.

The Gine Empire mechs are inspired on Escaflowne. Chojin are space Vikings while the Gine Empire are more like England

I see. 
The Medieval-like style is unique but maybe a bit too much. 
At least for the generic alien threat we would face in the game. 
We can fight against them time to time and there could be even a story arc revolving around the Gine Empire. 
But then I guess I have to find a different group for our "first enemy".
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Kuro_San: Heh. 
While I no longer play the necromancer it appears I can still raise the dead. 
Great submission! 
Welcome aboard! 
And now to the specifics. 
First off, a giant melee-only Getter Robo inspired mecha that summons and throws axes does sound very much like a Super Robo. The idea of alien mecha stuck on Earth and fighting another alien empire does sound very much like UFO Robot Grendizer (not like this plot is unique to that series, mind you.)
And unless your over-the-top RP-ing style did change I think that Super Robots would also suit you the best. 
Another issue is with the stats. It appears to me you used this infinite axe-throwing mechanic to avoid needing to spend on "Firepower". As the result of this and a bit of min-maxing, your mecha has fairly large stats for the beginning.  
While most players would average in the 20s, your mech is between 30 and 40 in stats. 
Sure, the stats doesn't  mean much when it can be compensated by writing.
But it might start an unfriendly arms race between the other players.  
So I have two suggestions, choose whichever you prefer: 
1.) Change the stats considerably, keep one or two while halving the rest. For example if you choose armor and strength then your speed and mobility decreases to 20 and 15 respectively. Energy output may also needs to go down a bit (which you can explain by the generator being damaged/weak, same applies to the decreased speed or strength). You can gradually rebuild your mecha's power as the story progresses. 
2.) Keep the stats. Your mecha originates from a highly advanced alien empire. It shouldn't be surprising if it's a cut above the rest. On the other hand in the beginning I'll be more strict on allowing upgrades to you. Which makes sense. Your mecha is more advanced and alien in technology. There aren't many ways you can improve on it. So while initially more powerful, it also becomes stagnant. 
BTW, I think I'll make this Gine Empire the first group of antagonist in the game if you don't mind.
They'll be at war with humanity (and thus our group of mecha pilots) in the beginning.  
Like I said, this "Mecha Heroes" RPG has an expandable and malleable plot. 
So it makes way for almost any kind of additions (expect those that contradict the previous additions).

@SamJaz :  Sure. I have already added you to the player list. 
Albeit I'm not sure if the Eva-like design is a good idea. 
A considerable part of the game will play out in space.
 Might want to do something with it. 
Actually, I was almost sure you'd choose something from Gurren Lagann. 
@Galenbeta said:

@willyvereb: Do we pm you all of this or we have to create a charcter bio

You can put the submissions here. 
Albeit I plan to make a separate thread for the completed player profiles for better viewing. 
In special cases you can PM me the player profile if you want to do something unique with it.  
But otherwise they go completely in the open. 
@Galenbeta said:

@willyvereb: Signing up invovles alot of work

Well, kind of yeah. 
But it isn't like creating bios for Vice RPG characters doesn't. 
Actually, given how grimoniously huge the Vice RPG bios had become, I think these are even on the small side. :p
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@ChronoWolf said:

@willyvereb: There is about 98% chance that I will join here. Just one question. What is the difference between a Real and a Super, other then Super obviously being better?

Well, not necessarily better. The difference between Real and Super Robo is more conceptual. 
A "Real Robo"  is trying to establish itself as an actual military equipment. They are mass-produced and often little different from what the nameless grunts use. Their design attempts to be more mechanically sound and built on Sci-Fi concepts. They are still rather implausible but they are trying to deny it (hence being "Real"). Examples include Arm-Slaves, Gundams, Knightmare Frames and Variable Fighters
Super Robo is in a way the complete opposite. Like their name suggest, they are "Super" which makes them pose as the heroes of their respective story. They are unique and often possess special abilities exclusive to them. While trying to appear technical and such, Super Robos in general are the living-breathing representation of the Rule of Cool. They also have the tendency to name every one of their attacks and call out these names aloud while performing them.  While not strictly "Super Robots", the mooks and other less important mechs in the show tends to follow these concepts just the same, thus counting as "Super Robo". Examples include GaoGaiGar, Getter Robo, GunbusterGurren Lagann and Mazinger Z.  
Mind it, the lines between Real- and Super Robo aren't clearly drawn. Real Robo shows often feature "Super Prototypes", highly advanced Real Robos that mop the floor with the rest. Supernatural powers is also not uncommon in these shows, just think about the Newtypes in Gundam. Similarly, the first Super Robot show Mazinger Z had so many technical details that nowadays it was borderline "Real" in this aspect. There's even the unofficial so-called "Hybrid Robo" category for mechas that mix-in both. 
Anyways, like I said Super Robos aren't necessary more powerful than their Real Robo peers. 
The original Mazinger Z for example would be annihilated by almost any advanced Gundam. 
There's also the 1200 meters tall SDF-1 Macross which would dwarf any but the most massive Super Robos in size (and of course often even in firepower). 
So yeah, like I said, the difference between  "Real" and   "Super" Robots is more conceptual. It ultimately can determine your playing style. Albeit like you guessed, Super Robots also tend to be slightly more "overpowered" which Real Robo pilots compensate with tactics and piloting skill. 
In this aspect Super Robos are more "entrance-friendly". 
Actually,  RP-ing as a Super Robo is only marginally different from RP-ing as a human character. Super Robos are often little different from actual Superheroes in a bigger mechanical body.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Fehafare: Well, then there's even less problem with it.

And then I guess you plan to make him pilot a Super Robo, right?

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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Fehafare said:


Totally happy i asked you.

While i still need time to figure everything out as far as my character and Mech go, you can count on me on this one either way.

Btw Willy, would it be ok for me to use an already existing character of mine? Ofc i wouldn't use any of his powers (not that he even has any that can be used while inside a mech).

Sure, why not?

Characters can also have superpowers to a degree. Albeit said powers shouldn't overshadow the mech's capability. Also keep in mind that probably 90% of the characters will lack such abilities. So whatever powers you have those shouldn't be too strong.

And speaking of OCs, while I certainly don't mind homages to fictions, I would prefer that if every character/mech pair will be original.

As in there won't be any Amuro Ray, Kira Yamato, Ryoma Nagare, Kamina or any such clones. Being lookalikes or having similar characteristics is fine. But try to spice it up with some content of your own.

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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up!

Oh, how forgetful of me.

You still don't know how.

Here's a guide/schematic for the player profiles:

(start with an image of your character's appearance, not obligatory but it generally helps to enhance your post)

Name: (your character's name)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Race: (you can ignore this if your character is human)
Age: (Your character's age in years)
Height: (Your character's height. You can express it in either feet/inch or centimeters format. I don't mind either.)
Weight: (Your character's weight. Either in kilograms or lbs)
Rank/Title: (Your character's status in the military or other special titles he/she might be known as)
Special: (anything else worth noting, be very brief and categorical)

(You can add a few more other information you want but generally these are the minimum.)

(You can describe how your character looks. Ignore this if the picture on the top was more than enough)

(Write a short introduction about your character. Who is he/she? Where did he/she come from? How did he/she became a mech pilot? What he/she can do? How skilled he/she is? What are his/her motivations? Etcetera,etcetera...)

(Describe your character's personality. What he or she's like?)

(Following that we can get to the next part, creating a profile for your mech.)

(image for your giant robot goes here, not obligatory but helpful)

Name: (how's your mecha called? With model/serial numbers and everything)
Type: (What is it categorized as? Ie: Mobile Suit, Orbital Frame, etc. Is it a Real or Super Robo?)
Dimensions: (How big is your machine? If it's a humanoid robot then you only have to mention its height in meters)
Weight: (How heavy is your machine? Preferably expressed in metric tons)

(If you want you can include other stats like armor material, powerplant, propulsion systems and such. Whatever you find important enough to list here.)

Stats: (The 7 parameters showing the power of your machine.They range from 1 to 100 but the differences aren't linear. For further details, see below)

  • Strength: (Your machine's strength. How hard its punches and kicks? How much weight it lifts?)
  • Structure: (How tough is your machine? Mechs with high armor can easily withstand even the most powerful attacks.)
  • Firepower: (How much destruction you can deal? Applies to guns, missiles, energy cannons and any other ranged means to attack)
  • Performance: (How fast is your machine? High-performance mechs are so fast the enemy has problems to target them)
  • Mobility: (Determines how easy your machine performs turns and generally how agile it is)
  • Energy Output: (How much power can your machine generate? Generally it shows that for how long can your machine last in combat.)
  • Sensors: (Radar and other sensing/detecting stuff. Allows the detection of stealth/cloaked units. Also if your machine has auto-targeting systems your sensors determine their effectiveness.)

(Describe your machine, including its appearance, development and special features)

(What kind of weapons your machine possesses? If it has hidden weapons that you either want to keep secret or your character has yet to become aware of them, then they're an exception. We'll treat those kind of weapons as "upgrades" in the future.)

(What sort of special abilities your mecha has? It can be anything from a temporally speed boost to a whole transformation sequence that changes your machine completely. This includes exotic skills or abilities that your character has while piloting his/her mecha.)

Signature Moves:
(Mostly the property of Super Robots. What kind of character defining attack you have? It can be a flashy finishing move or a combination of various attacks. If your mecha has energy attacks that aren't connected to any weapons, they belong either here or to the "Abilities" section.)

And now let's talk about stats.

As you can see there's 7 of them and they go from 1 to 100.

The difference between each stat is also kinda exponential.

So if Mecha A has the "performance" stat of 10 while Mecha B has 50.

Mecha B isn't just 5 times faster than A. Try maybe a hundred.

But oh well, this isn't a professional battle simulator but a forum RP.

So the lines aren't clearly drawn.

The stats are overall abstract and exist to easily tell who's the "better" in each field.

Even if the enemy has 30 points of "structure" (armor) and your "firepower" is just 20, you can harm the opponent, albeit only via considerable effort.

In short you can overcome the difference in stats by smarts and good writing.

And bigger the difference the harder you'd need to try.

Albeit be careful to not break the suspension of disbelief.

Anyways, since this being the beginning of the game, keep the stats low.

Unless your machine is very specialized, don't raise any of the stats above 20 or maybe 30. Overall point distribution should be between 100 to 200.

Super Robots are a slight subversion to this rule but I advise them to also remain lowish, still.

Like I said through the RP you're going to have a lot of chance to "upgrade" your mech.

And that can only be done if there's a reasonable room for improvement.

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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

Vice Mecha Heroes

Tired of ninjas and death gods?

Bored of fancy guns and swords?


Vice Mecha Heroes (VMH) is an attempt to insert the feeling of the Super Robot Wars franchise into the forum RPG format.

Create your own mecha.

Partake on missions.

Brawl and explore!

Save the world!

VMH sports an open, malleable and freely expandable plot. In essence this is like a miniature version of the general Vice RPG, obviously inspired by mecha classics like Gundam, Getter Robo and the like.

If you are enthusiastic about mechs and/or like a good action-packed story, this RPG is definitely for you!

And now a bit about the specifics. How's the game mechanic, you ask?

VMH is split into two game phases:

  • Missions (think of story RP threads, albeit with briefing and a few known objectives)
  • Free Interaction (as an intermission phase for more leisure talk and mingling, think of Jewel's Sake Bar&Grill)

After each mission players also get a chance to upgrade their mech. These upgrades would be far more than just adding a few more stat points.

Your mech can have new weapons, improved tech, extra features, anything!

Albeit obviously within sane limitations. (And preferably backed up by in-story explanation)

You also have the choice to "save" on these upgrades, storing up imaginary "points" for even better upgrades in the future.

Exchanging your old mecha to a different one is also considered "upgrade".

And there are is also the option for a "secret upgrade", something you'd only reveal in the mission. (Otherwise every upgrade is publicly known).

If your character just discovers a hidden feature for your mech, that also counts as a "secret upgrade".

This system exist to give the highest freedom for players without turning it into a chaotic mess.

All of these to enhance the roleplaying experience!

List of Players:

  • ChronoWolf
  • Galenbeta
  • Fehafare
  • Kuro_san (Batsu)
  • SamJaz
  • willyvereb
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Battles » broly vs sailor saturn

Sufficiently high tier DBZ characters in the TOEI anime and movies can be scaled to have lowish FTL reactions.

Some energy blasts are that fast in the anime and there are characters who managed to dodge these.

In terms of power Broly should be well in the starbusting levels.

Sailor Senshi left the Milky Way Galaxy under short time. I remember some calc putting them at the billion times FTL range. Well above Broly's in that regard.

On the other hand Saturn a lowish planetbusting feat (reducing a planet to dust/ash is actually even below the baseline level). It's literally billions of times less powerful than Broly.

Albeit you may call that as "casual" because Tomoe can do it by merely dropping her Silence Glaive. So technically all of her attacks with the glaive could be that potent.

Still, she'd need to deal billions of attacks under an extremely short time to make Broly even feel it. Which is honestly just absurd as a win condition here.

Sailor Senshi including Tomoe can also effect souls but given the incident with Dragon Balls in Sayan Saga, DBZ chars most likely have resistance to it.

Long story short I believe Broly would win here.

He's more powerful.

Even though Pluto is technically much faster it means little if she fails to hurt the Legendary Super Saiyan.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Kuro_San: I'm from Hungary, the origin country of Dracula's legend. 
Transylvania used to be part of Hungary and it's still largely inhabited by Hungarian people.
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Battles » Misogi Kumagawa Vs Tsukishima

@Destinyheroknight: Anyways, there was actually a match involving Tsukishima and Kuwabara in the OBD.

To be exact Tsukishima had a free shot at Kumagawa and see whether it can bypass All Fiction.

The consensus was that while Tsukishima may manage to "befriend" Kuwabara but the guy's so mentally ill that it doesn't matter anyway.

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Off-Topic » how meany people are following you!?

141, it slowed down considerably in the last year. I guess it has something to do with the massive drop in my forum activity.

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Off-Topic » The superior martial artist(and why)

Kenshiro is the best. He was said to master every kind of classic martial arts, has a DEM-level magic martial arts skill and capable of learning other "super martial arts" by seeing them just once.

He's pretty much "once you get in his range you're already dead" category.

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Battles » Misogi Kumagawa Vs Tsukishima

@Destinyheroknight: Well, which version of Kumagawa is fighting here?

- Kumagawa from the Minus13 arc? (his first appearance)

- Kumagawa with the Book Maker? (After Anshin'in retook the All Fiction from him)

- Kumagawa with the "new" All Fiction? (his most recent incarnation)

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Off-Topic » Would you trade half your life-span...

@moywar700: Why shoud I? That's something any good forum moderator can do. And I'm sure they never had to make such massive sacrifice to get it.
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Off-Topic » Who's Powers Would You want?

Jutsu, it's more versatile. Especially since you didn't specify ninjutsu. 
Which one would you prefer? 
Piloting a Gundam or BECOMING a Gundam.
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RPG » The World of the Vice! v2

@Masako_Hihashi: You mean the next year, aren't you? 
Alright, I'm gonna add Taiyou soon. 
Still waiting for many more submissions.
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RPG » The World of the Vice! v2

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Alright. I can add this character but I have a question. Shall I add this submission separately or replace this guy with Callis?
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Off-Topic » Who's Powers Would You want?

Newtypes, both Innovators and Coordinators are just the watered down version of the original. They'd be never capable of the stunts certain Newtypes pulled out. 
Which Devil Fruit power would you choose?
Magu  Magu no Mi or   Hie Hie no Mi?
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