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RPG » [Reboot Profile] Keith MacKenzie - The Azure Warlock

@SekiryuuteiDxD said:

@willyvereb: I remember you, you made that mecha roleplay like years ago

Depending on which mecha roleplay you mean.
Here? I made that last year and I may still do if there's an actual interest.
At other places I did it sometime in early 2012 or so.
Either way they were actually inspired by the RP made by Kuma_From_Argentina here on the Vice (though it never quite took off, and I changed tons of things).
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RPG » Grim Pirate Mordred & The Painted Badger - BIO

@takashichea: You may have misread me.
I am just intriqued how many accounts I used to create on this site.
They were all used as RPing characters but it's been years, I bet I forgot at least half of them.
I don't know what kind of mod tools you have here but in the NF a simple level 2 IP search on my username would've been enough.
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RPG » Grim Pirate Mordred & The Painted Badger - BIO

@takashichea: Lol 
Is it much to ask for you to check how many accounts I have here?
I used multiple computers and been at multiple places since then but if you use the IPs connected to this account I think it might be a quick job.
Depending on what kind of mod tools you have here.
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RPG » [Reboot Profile] Keith MacKenzie - The Azure Warlock

@OfficialRikudouSennin said:

Isn't willy a admin for obd at Naruto forums?

I never was, unless you mean me being an OBD mod for a few years.
Past tense, though.
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RPG » [Reboot Profile] Keith MacKenzie - The Azure Warlock

@waybig1010101: Is that so?
I'd suggest you to check out the user Newdeath and his RP bios.
...and bring tons of coffee.
You'd need it.
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RPG » Grim Pirate Mordred & The Painted Badger - BIO

@SamJaz: Well, I'd have let you go myself but once the cat was out of the bag I had no reason to hold it back.
Anyways, I feel like you made more accs than I used to have.
What is your current count?
I think I was somewhere around 12 if not a bit more.
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RPG » Grim Pirate Mordred & The Painted Badger - BIO

@SamJaz: You do possess a certain style which is difficult to miss.
I was unsure if it was Feh or you before you made this profile but yeah.
It shows.
You can take pride in it and also next time try a different form to mask your identity a bit longer.
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RPG » [Reboot Profile] Keith MacKenzie - The Azure Warlock

@waybig1010101: Thank you. This is a reboot of my rather old character from 4 years ago or so.
The above would be his profile from back then. 
Practically all pics and such are 4 years old. :p
@Sonata said:

@willyvereb: Ahhh a comeback in the works:)

Well, you can say that.
I plan to rework this character a bit and give him an uptuned touch.
My intention with Keith was never to make him overpowered but let's say that things got rather out of hand back then.
This sure won't be just a long ability list or something along those lines.
His backstory would be also closer to just a nice exercise.
The main focus will be on Keith's actions here and I plan plenty of ways to develop him.
It all depends on just how long will my inspiration last this time.
I became kinda notorious for disappearing without a word.
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RPG » [Reboot Profile] Keith MacKenzie - The Azure Warlock

 "Long time no see!"
 "Long time no see!"

Original Name: Keith MacKenzie (supposedly not an alias)
Also Known As: The Azure Warlock, The Dimensional Wanderer, Trickster of Souls, That Man  
Race: Human (he claims himself as such, at least)
Classification: Sorcerer, Dimensional Traveler, [REDACTED]
Age: 28 (or so he claims, based on his subjective biography he must be 93 years old and maybe even older)
Place of Birth: Alpha-000 Reality, Milky Way, Sol System, Planet Earth, Canada, Montreal City
Date of Birth: 11th of December, 1920 --- Alpha-000 Timeline

Keith MacKenzie is an enigmatic sorcerer who had allegedly come from another dimension. He's a shady and manipulative figure with his ultimate goals being a mystery. Keith is an exceptionally skilled sorcerer who unites the mysteries of magic with the methods of science to amplify both. He's immensely resourceful with connections nearly everywhere. He's a curious person who seemingly wants to know everything and often pops up at places just to gather more information. Keith's greatest weapon is his intelligence and the way he could use it. Keith is completely unpredictable while often reading everybody else like an open book. There's something in Keith which makes every sentient being unconsciously wary of him and about what he could do to them.

First Look


  Keith MacKenzie is a young man seemingly in his late 20s. He has a lean 180cm(6'0") tall build and is usually seen wearing a dark blue tuxedo of varying design. He has Caucasian features with medium skin complexion. His rusty brown hair is exceptionally well-kept with a slight sheen, sleek style and is often parted to a single direction. His eyes are crystal clear and focused, even reportedly glow dimly during the nights. His left eye is red while his right eye is of an unnaturally clean azure blue color. His posture is relaxed yet lacks any sorts of spontaneity. Upon closer inspection even his slightest movements are cool, deliberate and coordinated. Overall Keith MacKenzie gives off a mixed aura. His perfectly maintained and proper appearance gives the strong impression of a gentleman. Yet this impression is so strong it becomes unnatural, subconsciously alerting people with his presence. The oddity of Keith's right eye is also discomforting for a reason others can't really put into words. People generally have problems to maintain eye contact with Keith for long as something within the depths of their soul warns them to stay away from that unnaturally blue eye.


Keith MacKenzie is largely an enigma. He's a shady character with the looks and mannerism of a gentleman but with rather snarky tendencies. Keith has the habit of just randomly barging into places to either ask people of something or to make various deals. Keith uses a courteous tone while interacting people and always keeps his distance. He's rarely seen unless it's about some sort of business. Keith is a man of his own rules and rarely respects any authority. He seems to be a man only concerned with himself and his goals, viewing everyone else as tools to reach them. He understands the human psyche really well and likes to make offers for people that appeals to what they really desire. As such some people like to dub him as the Devil himself. Indeed, business with Keith has clear benefits but also draws unforeseen consequences. In effect the sorcerer always makes fair deals with both parties getting something in return yet ultimately the one who really profits from these is only him, Keith MacKenzie. Everything which Keith does is with reason and everything exists in order to further his objective and deepen his knowledge. Keith MacKenzie is a man of science who longs for understanding everything and already went beyond what's humanely possible. Compared to a regular man Keith's knowledge and abilities opened way for a radically different view of the world, a revelation so strong which would undoubtedly make the untrained mind insane. This also fills Keith with a throughly veiled feeling of superiority and laughs inwardly at all the men who have yet to see the truth of this world.

Subjective Biography



This is the subjective biography of Keith MacKenzie, the Azure Warlock. As Keith is apparently from a different universe his background is a mystery just like everything about him. The biography below was made by collecting and cross-checking all the available information on Keith MacKenzie and trying to form it into a single comprehensive work. Still there are significant gaps between certain events and currently there's no available data on Keith's activities in the last two decades prior to arriving to the Vice World. What is known about Keith is almost exclusively based on his personal stories and minor slips during conversations. Considering the man, the source of these have a dubious credibility and either parts or the whole story could be just fabrications made to cover up the truth. Read this section with caution!

Chapter One - Birth of the Azure Warlock




Keith MacKenzie is a prodigy who learned countless magic arts and advanced his scientific knowledge far beyond that of the modern world. Without various enhancements he's physically human but his potential at magic makes him truly terrifying. In direct power Keith isn't that particularly powerful but his diversity and unknown depths in magic knowledge could create the illusion of omnipotence. At the first glance it may even seem that there's nothing Keith cannot do. Yet in reality he has harsh and very solid limitations, many of them which Keith tries his best to keep secret. His methods to achieve a result has him often relying on a hidden device or specific method which has its limitations and almost always have a problematic flaw. The sorcerer holds many trump cards which he only uses if absolutely necessary. Keith generally avoids combat and regards fighting as a meaningless exercise. Whenever he fights he does it with a whole other agenda in mind. Many of his battles include games or tests where his opponent is faced with various difficulties and unseen rules. Beating this "game" means Keith admits his loss and appears to leave that person alone for the time being. Though victory and defeat is defined rather ambiguously in Keith's book. The sorcerer has a complex set of plans and often whether he wins or loses Keith still gains something in return. Keith also has his own code which he almost never breaks. The exact details are unclear but among others Keith holds human life and free will in high regard, refusing to directly control minds or causing the death of somebody in any way. With aliens and other sentient creatures this code may or may not hold back Keith, being a case by case scenario. One of the most frightening features of Keith in combat that he constantly learns. He improves his methods, develops new measures, analyses the enemy, learns the source of their strength and eventually may even copy them himself. Keith views the Vice World like a picnic table filled with countless unsolved mysteries and ways he could learn or become more powerful.
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Layfon Alseif » is layfon alseif continent level?

Actually, the best speed feat was done by somebody from whom you could expect it the least.
Ruimei, one of the buffest and power oriented Heavens Blade Successors in the series.
It happened in volume 21 when fighting a part of Laevateinn. There are other feats but that was the most notable.


As for planetbuster Layfon that's a simple case of powerscaling and momentarily matching people who were on this level.
Queen Alsheyra in V14 destroyed Durandal/Durindana in an extremely violent way.
It's been more than a year since the lazy calc but Durandal's weight was somewhere in the tens of quadrillions of tons and the Queen's attack made it spiral up into a single point under a split-second.
So you have this retardedly lot mass spiraling up into the point of impact under less than a second, thus giving you velocities around 4000-9000 km/s.
The rest are just simple kinetic energy calculations, giving you about 500 zettatons of TNT equivalent energy, IIRC.
This could be potentially higher since the Queen is above Durandal in power and like I said before it was claimed that previously Durandal pulled the entire Earth into the Zero Domain.
Worse, the creature also said to make its body via raw mass-energy conversion. If you use the E=mc^2 formula on that you get hundreds of yottatons of TNT equivalent energy.
And why's this important?
In volume 22 the Queen faces Laevateinn.
At first she ha the decisive advantage in power but then Laevateinn stops holding back and burns her Aurora Particle reserves at maximum, even stopping the same spear attack which did that zettaton-yield feat before with her bare hand.
Both Layfon and Lintence actively assist the Queen there and while they're not exactly at the same level they could maximize their power for moments enough to match Laevateinn during certain exchanges.
So yeah, they're just that good.
Also later Layfon kinda faces off against the top dog of their verse. Technically he was no match (Nina almost was) but Layfon was still strong enough to deliver the killing blow in the end.
So yeah.
As for why they don't just blow up everything during fights?
Well, there are multiple reasons but mostly it's the same as with DBZ.
The intensity of attacks doesn't always correlate with the amount of destruction they do.
We call this the "concentrated attacks" theory.
Almost every fiction use them to some extend. But they're the most glaringly visible during such times.
BTW, Dixerio just blew up the Moon as a side effect of his battle.
Albeit I'd need to read Regios Crusade before detailing how (which I cant until the novels are translated).

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General Discussion » Should Power Levels be used for powerscailing?

Oh well, hear the opinion of somebody  who spent a little bit of his time in the OBD and even acted as his moderator for 3 years.
Powerlevels are like an ordinary scale.
They are generally so BS you can't tell anything but that which character is stronger.
It's a numerical equivalent of powerscaling.
If somebody has higher PL, they should be stronger.
By how much? We have absolutely no idea.
Of course there could be power level systems which actually make sense (the stats mentioned for S class demons in YYH are argued as being it, for example) but it's rare.
And of course Dragon Ball is one of the worst offenders.
Regarding powers and such, Roshi's Moon-buster is overall heavily contended in VS communities.
The OBD for example treats it as an outlier because amongst others King Piccolo felt exhausted after two city-busting attacks.
Albeit I can actually make a case for that feat is still viable, especially in the light that Kami restored the Moon a while later.
Anyways, the next step is actually comes sooner.
Piccolo's attack violently busted the Moon. This happened just a day after the Raditz fight so his PL was at the 400-ish range.
And due to its violent nature the feat was actually measured to be close to the baseline of planetbusting (OBD classifies it as "small planet level").
So there's that.
This would give far more credibility for Vegeta's claim during the Saiyan Saga.
But since he never actually managed to destroy the Earth we don't know how strong that attack actually would have been.
I wager it would be fair deal above the baseline energies for planetbusting.
So yeah, it's uncertain how strong Saiyan Saa and most Namek Saga characters are.
They're obviously planetbusters, though.
The next step in power is actually with Final Form (and possibly base form) Frieza.
Even if the blast was delayed he blew up Namek with such intensity that energy would be nearly enough to mass-scatter a small star.
It's titled "large planet level+" as such but it's effectively closer to the next level.
This is for the million-ish PL range.
Following the Namek Saga there aren't many feats to scale.
We have Cell's Solar System busting claim but there are too many situation which makes it unreliable. You can argue about this and all but in general it's being ignored.
So we don't get many things to quantify DB powers until the Buu Saga where Kid Buu's Vanishing Ball destroys the Earth in such an extreme fashion it'd have enough power to destroy some of the smallest stars.
Thus it's quantified as "small star level" in power.
Kid Buu being a strong mid tier in the story it means you can scale his power to a fair number of characters.
Lastly you have the movie called Battle of the Gods.
Bills claimed that he could destroy the entire solar system from where he stands.
Unlike Cell's case this situation has more weight to it (him being the destroyer god of stars).
A mistranslation on the subs claims he'd destroy the galaxy but you don't need to know much Japanese to see this is untrue.
Whis also introduces FTL feats for the canon DB universe (anime already had a few) but unfortunatelly aside from SSJ God Goku and Bills, this wouldn't be scaled to anyone.
Not even to Vegito as one of the interviews confirm.
So that's about it.
I deliberately only talked about the canon Dragon Ball verse.
The anime/movies continuity has some other showings but I'd rather not detail it now.
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Layfon Alseif » is layfon alseif continent level?

@Whats_out_the_bag: You could've literally find this out under the 3 minutes it took me to see your reply.
It's a light novel series.
Think of ToAru but with less gibberish writing and no weird speech patterns.
It has a few images and some could be even used to quantify stuff.
But not this one.
There are absolutely no images of the creature, only descriptions and implications. Think of it as the series' equivalent of Cthulhu or other giant world-ending eldritch abomination.
 Hell, the thickness of the dome wasn't actually stated, either.
We just know that Nina bore a gaping hole through it and the tunnel lead directly to Zuellni.
So it bridged the distance between two mobile cities that had been moving apart from each other for at least hours and a claim about the monster being first spotted 30 kilomels away.
So there you go.
Durandal's first attempt was also to use the dome as a gigantic mouth to eat Grendan like a candy but Saya's barrier prevented that.
Thus Durandal opted for a different tactic.
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Layfon Alseif » is layfon alseif continent level?

Depends on which version you are talking about.
His anime adaptation is at best town level with his manga versions having even less feats.
As for the novels, some of the most impressive feats occour during Volume 14.
Grendan faces the the Nano-Celluloid Durandal which is a gigantic creature which sorrounded the whole city in a dome 30 kilo-mels thick (kilometers?some comparisons make kilo-mels equal even multitude of that)
And that's just the dome.
The actual creature is a bit further away with size so homongous that even from the altitude of 30-40 kilometers and about 60-90 kilometers away it still fills up the entire vision.
It also has 10 heads with each being the size of an entire city (Filth Monsters with a name, which are generally that big)
So think of that as a gigantic torso with about hundreds of kilometers in height.
Yup, it's almost retardedly big with retardedly huge mass (at least in the And regenerates almost instantaneously. 
Yet Heavens Blade Successors were confident they could most likely destroy it to the last cell if all 9 of them use their full power at once.
Albeit they rightfully feared that the backlash of such attack would also destroy the city and leave their exhausted bodies exposed to the Pollutants.
Anyways, their claim got further reinforced when Barmelin started shooting at the monster in anger.
Her first shot blew a gaping hole in both the dome and the monster's true body enough that it offered a clear view to the Moon.
That's actually where the continent-buster feat comes from.
Of course Durandal reformed almost immediately.
Speaking of which Durandal was claimed to be also responsible for destroying the Earth and the raw kinetic energy of its quick travel from the Moon to the world of Regios was also calculated to be in this range.
Similarly, Queen Alsheyra's final attack on the monster also sucked in all that retarded amount of mass under a split-second (as the source claimed) into a single spot which again requires retardedly large amounts of energy.
Where did the energy went, then? Probably to the same place as the rest of the monster's mass.
Anyways, during the last few volumes Layfon fights some of the strongest beings in his verse. He isn't an exact match but can offer more than a little resistance and deal actual harm on them.
As such by EoS Layfon is actually a planetbuster in power.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

Alright, I've got unexpectedly occupied for yesterday so (more or less as usual) my posts are experiencing a slight delay.
Until then I post a few stats for the stationing space vessels.

Dorothy-class Assault Carrier

Cheap and fast vessels, developed after the introduction of Mobile Frames. While armed the Dorothy-Class is only have marginally more armor and firepower than a MF-18E Strike Trooper, thus generally opted to stay away from the front lines. Due to their fragility in combat soldiers prefer to dub this ship as "Rubber Duck". In spite of that the Dorothy Class proved to be an inexpensive and enduring design, making up more than 70% of the Union's Mobile Frame carrying capacity. The Dorothy Class has two launch pads and can hold/resupply up to 8 Mobile Frames. Due to their ease of maintenance, the Dorothy-classes were the only vessels ready for combat.
Name: Dorothy-Class
Type: Mobile Frame Carrier
  • Width: 52.6 m
  • Length: 144.7 m
  • Height: 42.6 m
Mass:  c. 87000 tons
Crew: 75
Powerplant: 2 x Nova-Tech PCC-155 Plasma Reactors (the retrofitted version got upgraded to a twin of Nova-Tech PCC-400s)
Propulsion: Nuclear Pulse Engines (the retrofitted version has six Nova-Tech PIT-122A Plasma Torch Turbines)
Strength: N/A
Structure: 10
Firepower: 10 (20 w/ Beam Cannon of the retrofitted version)
Performance: 12 (18 for the retrofitted model)
Mobility: 6 (7  for the retrofitted model)
Energy Output: 15 (20 for the retrofitted model)
Sensors: 15 (20 for the retrofitted model)
  • Torpedo Launchers: The Dorothy has two torpedo tubes for long range anti-ship combat. The new retrofitted version may even carry up to four PSIC-0044D shaped plasma charges effective against anything but the heaviest warships.
  • CIWS-0129F "Phalanx X" point-defense: Rapid-firing vulcans loaded with 60mm high-velocity shells, four of them total. Capable of shredding through light or outdated Mobile Frame armor and often used to intercept missiles.
  • Type-0051 VLMS: Pair of missile batteries found at the back of the ship. Can vertically launch a screen of missiles for medium range bombardment.
  • TEW-288B2 Twin Beam Cannon: New weapon on found on the retrofitted versions. Found on the vessel's top this twin-barrelled energy weapon was designed to utilize the retrofitted version's new power output. As such the Beam Cannon has enough firepower to take out the most common Abductor targets. On the flip side the Beam Cannon is eating up as much as 80% of the ship's reactor output, severely limiting the carrier's activities while in use. To alleviate this the cannon has specifically built-in condensers which is enough up to 12 shots. The Beam Cannon's twin barrels always fire in alteration and it's a safety measure to extend the weapon's lifetime considerably.


Falchion-class Heavy Cruiser

 Relatively new class of warship developed with versatility and heavy fire support in mind.  As a result the Falchion is a highly advanced and deceivingly agile vessel with firepower only dwarfed by a few. It carries up to 6 Mobile Frames with option to extend this to 12. It's also the only vessel known to be carrying "Super Robots". Due to its amazing capabilities the Falchion now makes up 60% of the Union's Cruisers.
Name: Falchion-class
Type: Heavy Cruiser, Breakthrough Vessel

  • Width: 77.7 m
  • Height: 77.7 m
  • Length: 222.2 m

Mass: c. 770000 tons
Crew: 325
Armor Material: Hypercarbon Composite
Powerplant: 4 x Nova-Tech PCC-6000D Plasma Fusion Reactors
Propulsion: 25 x Nova-Tech PIT-500F Plasma Torch Engines

  • Structure: 30 (35 w/ shields)
  • Firepower: 35 (50 w/ nukes)
  • Performance: 15 
  • Mobility: 5 
  • Energy Output: 35 
  • Sensors: 35


  • PIW-3066E3 Plasma Batteries: triple-barreled plasma ordinances found all around the ship's body. Eight batteries total.
  • Mark. 0064 VLMS: Large missile launchers found on the vessel's top. Replacement of the outdated space torpedo system. It vertically launches heavy guided anti-ship missiles for long range. It is also known to be occasionally equipped with a few tactical nuclear warheads.
  • SMS-255 Smart Missile System: Extensive missile system covering the Falchion's back and underskirt area. Used for mid-range bombardment.
  • TEW-175EF "Fenrir System": Rapid-firing energy weapons unleashing pulses of plasma power. The twelve of these form the dreaded "Fenrir" point-defense system. At short range these are effective against anything but the toughest armors.


- Plasma Barrier: The Falchion-class is equipped with powerful emitters that allow it to generate a plasma barrier, enough to cover the entire ship. While very potent, this barrier can be also rather demanding, limiting any of the ship's other functions, including firepower. On the other hand with the proper adjustments maintaining a partial barrier in combat is more than plausible.

Neo Bismarck-class Battleship 

Aging but far from outdated vessel originating before the invention of Mobile Frames. Honoring its centuries old predecessor the Neo Bismarck is the single most heavily armed ship in the entire Union fleet. This earned its reputation as "mobile fortress" and the preferred command vessel of many admirals. The ESV1479 "Greek Bastion" is amongst these. While old, the Neo Bismarck-class went through countless refits and upgrades. The most notable improvement was the addition of a Mobile Frame Hangar with an exit port found on the ship's belly.
Name: Neo Bismark-class
Type:  Flagship, Battleship, Heavy Fire Support Vessel

  • Width: 63.1 m
  • Height: 91.3 m 
  • Length: 415.0 m

Mass: c. 8.1 million tons 
Armor Material: Neo Tungsten Super Composite (with the outer layer being replaced with a new Hypercarbon Composite)
Powerplant: 16 x Nova-Tech PCC-4000 Plasma Fusion Reactors, 64 x Nova-Tech SPC-077U Ultra-compat Auxiliary Plasma Fusion Miro-Reactors
Propulsion: Tesla-Leicht Inst. HECTC-2107E10 Tesla Drive, 12 x Nova-Tech PIT-1000D Plasma Jet Torch Engines 
Crew:  1200
Carrying Capacity: 4 Mobile Frames

  • Structure: 35 (40 w/ shields)
  • Firepower: 50
  • Performance: 5
  • Mobility: 2
  • Energy Output: 40
  • Sensors: 40


  • TEW-191SS Converging Energy Beam Cannon: Large energy cannon found at the ship's nose. A hi-powered weapon used for super long range strikes. While powerful it has lot of harge time and requires precise positioning from the ship. As such it's generally only used to initiate the first strike then redirecting power to all the other systems.
  • PIW-1099L Plasma Battery: One of the oldest types of plasma ordinance known, developed by the PlasmArms Industries (albeit the new retrofit was made by Nova-Tech). There are six of them total, each resembling an old triple-barreled naval battery. Unlike most plasma weapons the cannons rely on plasma cannisters which are nothing less than a concentrated mixture of pre-generated dense plasma and reserve energies. Thus they do have limited ammunition to use. On the other hand it allows the ship to unleash powerful plasma barrage without encumbering the reactors. The new cannisters are also rechargeable, allowing the ship to restock after battle.
  • TEW-100G2 Beam Cannon Battery: Sixteen double-barreled energy cannon batteries used for short to mid range combat. Their rate of fire is somewhat adjustable at the expense of firepower, allowing them to also engage Mobile Frames.
  • TEW-099H7 Laser Lance Broadside Ordinance:  Two rows of 16 laser emitters found at the skirt area of the battleship, exclusively reserved for drawn out medium to long range bombardment.  Each emitter is directly wired to one of the ship's plasma reactors, giving it superb power and rate of fire. Its only drawback lies in its inherent design. To employ this battery the Neo Bismarck must turn around to show its most exposed part. Yet no matter how archaic this set-up is, no one can question its firepower.
  • Torpedo Launchers: Dozens of launch tubes found on the Neo Bismarck's underskirts. Archaic weapon system used for long-range anti-ship warfare. Compared to modern missiles the space torpedoes have less mobility.  In spite of that they're still a reliable weapon in adept hands.
  • Mk.0027 VLMS: Missile launch bays on the Neo Bismarck's top originally reserved for nuclear warheads. While the ship still retains that capability the weapon underwent a chain of improvements, making it comparable to other anti-ship Vertical Launch Missile Systems.
  • TEW-008Q4 Point-Defense Lasers: A system of 64 laser cannons covering the ship's entire body. While overall weak these lasers emit as many as 6000 pulses each second, gradually chewing through even the thickest armors. More importantly these lasers are ideal point-defenses and often used to intercept missiles.
  • SMS-99X Smart Missile Screen:  A system of multiple small micro-missile launchers. These are used to engage enemy Mobile Frames at close range or unleash a screen of literally thousands of missiles for extensive mid-range bombardment.

- Tesla Barrier: One of the oldest known energy fields the Tesla Barrier is the defense system protecting the Neo Bismarck from harm. While back in the old days it was a demanding and unpredictable shield which justified the use of heavy armor, technological improvement made it stable. Unlike most other ships the Bismarck can fight using its full shields without too negatively impact its other capabilities. The secret is the Tesla Drive which normally keeps the ship afloat and has its own energy generating system. The constant use of the barrier makes the Bismarck appear like an unstoppable dreadnought, a fortress with unmatched defenses and firepower.

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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@ChronoWolf: It is.
Albeit it wasn't really bad even before.
On the other hand I wonder what's up with this friendly fire thing.
Oh well, I will try to cook up some sorts of explanation.
Anyways, due to popular demand I'll be controlling the NPCs here.
That means the Abductor mooks too, at least up to some extend.
So I forgot to warn you but try to avoid autohitting scenes.
Taking out one or a few less important mooks is fine because of the whole scale of this thing.
But don't write down the results if you do anything major.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@SamJaz: I'm fairly sure he meant Hastur. :p
Good post. Albeit there are a few inaccuracies. 
Most of the warships are not battle-ready so there's no way for artillery support until you'd be already in the fight.
Also the warships will be rather far away. 
But these are just minor problems.
It'll be fine even if you don't alter your post.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Kuro_San: And yeah. Good post, Kuro. 
Albeit it made me wonder. 
Since your character is on Earth I don't really think he could join the main fight. 
Shall I prepare a separate scenario for him? 
I mean you already have this sub-plot with the Gine Empire. 
I can pass you some Mecha Mooks of the Week.:p 
@ChronoWolf@Galenbeta@SamJaz : Oh, and most likely I'm going to post tomorrow. 
I did watch the RP's status. Just never got enough time to actually write something more substantial. 
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

Well, I personally don't mind him directly "stealing" concepts from known series, even if he doesn't alter their names. 
My most serious problem is that his profile is rather poorly written. His character is rather Marty Stuish and the mech is just a big mash-up of everything without anything cohesive. 
Cohesion in general was and still is a major problem with his submission. 
And yeah, giving stats in arbitrary numerals. There's a rather important reason why I made it that way. 
Oh and follow the rules. 
Maximum circa 150 points.  Unless the mech's design is seriously edged out to a certain feature, no stat should pass the 30 mark (even then you can only raise a single stat to 40 while your mech has a glaring weakness in another stat or stats). 
This would be it. 
I already gave Galenbeta a bit of  "coaching". We'll see if it works out. 
BTW, I haven't read much of his RP posts but he does remind me of Haseo. Especially from the Lord_Haseo times (not sure if you were there back then). 
Albeit I heard Haseo got better nowadays.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

Good post and with the changes your mech is now accepted. 
Now I wonder. 
How should we play the first mission? 
Shall I act as a GM thus control the enemy units or leave everything to your imagination. 
This is the intro phase, afterall. 
You are free to explore your characters.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

Posted the RP thread. 
Basically the so-called "specialists" are you guys. (Plus a bunch of NPCs)
Well, except if you pilot a grunt unit in the army. 
Also if you're interested the Raider's stats are the following: 
Name: ABD-6006 Raider Class (generally referred as "Raider") 
Height: 18.9 meters 
Weight: Unknown, estimated to be about 90 tons 
Powerplant: Unknown 
  • Strength: 20
  • Structure: 15
  • Firepower: 25
  • Performance: 40
  • Mobility: 30
  • Energy Output: 30
  • Sensors: 30


- Shoulder&Chest Cannons: Same as the Soldier's Cannon Stinger, mass accelerator weapons that release projectiles with a glowing green beam.
- Phasing Vulcans: Rapid-firing energy weapons releasing a torrent of medium-strong bolts of plasma-like energy.  
- Beam Whips: The Raider's arms are equipped with extending ropes of beam-like energy, vaporizing anything they hit.
- Phase Stinger: The Raider's flexible tail acts as a melee weapon capable of penetrating most armors. 
-Capture Beam: The raider has a large green crystal on its abdomen, allowing it to 


- Stealth: The Raider is has technology which renders it invisible to the radar and other sensors. Albeit there are reliable methods to detect them at medium ranges.
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