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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@SamJaz: I think you meant "twelve meters". 
Twenty meters is actually the average for many mechs and in this game it would actually seems to be at the slightly larger end of the scale. 
Also your machine seems to be less humanoid so it wouldn't need to be that tall. 
Otherwise it's cool. 
Just don't forget to add boosters on this machine. 
Otherwise it may find difficult to do anything in space.
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Battles » Guts vs Armored Titan

@KingOfAsh: Ever since Eren caught a cannonball. 
And you seem to be pretty new to VS debating. 
There's no such thing as "realistic" in fiction. 
Time to time they exaggerate things for the sake of story.
This is what we call as "feats" in a VS debate. 
I also assume you don't know what the difference between "reaction/short-range movement speed" and the more longer ranged "general movement speed".
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Battles » Guts vs Armored Titan

Well, not sure on the "faster" part.
Both Gutts and the Armored Titan has supersonic reactions/close-combat speed.
Their power should be also about equal with the Titan's armor probably being durable enough to withstand some hits.
The problem is with the size.
Sure, the Armored Titan's scale means he has larger reach but given the distance his fists needs to travel his attacks would be slow and almost telegraphed.
Albeit it gets a lot better when Gutts is close.
Still, Gutts is going to dodge a lot of attacks here while the Armored Titan would hardly have a chance to avoid any.
His edge in durability might save him for a while but I think he would eventually lose.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@ChronoWolf said:

@willyvereb: "Significantly" being around 10-15, and "a short while" around 3-4 posts, sure, that might be better. I'll change that later, probably tomorrow.

I'm happy with the weapons as they are, but the special ammunition is a good idea. I'll think of a few types.

I though it was around 40 per clip, so 60 is great, and the extra clips were obvious.

No need to put this into hard stats.
This isn't a pen and paper RPG.
The "significant boost" is enough to match or at times overcome mechs that would normally be somewhat above yours in stats.
Also giving "time limit" in number of posts is a bad idea.
Make it last for maybe a minute or ten seconds and then try to use it as such. 
So depending on how much time actually passes in battle this boost can last for one to several or even more posts.
@Kuro_San said:

@willyvereb: Preach on!

I'm ready to get my RP freak on, lately my only contact with RP was GMing a game of a homebrew d20 Doctor Who for the Buenos Aires Whovians. They are fighting an Ice Warrior under the subway.

Good to hear that.
Well, I wanted to wait till more people joined but we might as well start, too.
Others can just hop in later.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@ChronoWolf: I see. 
Well, then I'm not sure if this "route power" ability works there. 
I would suggest some sort of "Nitro"-like ability instead. 
Something which increases either the Mecha's speed or strength "significantly" for a short while. 
Also you might want to get better weapons but hey! 
That can be done via upgrade later.  
You can also think of "special bullets" for your mech. 
Anyways if you're interested the M-18E's assault rifle can hold 60 rounds per clip. 
And there are replacement clips for both the 120mm and 500 mm magazines. 
Albeit I think you had already guessed that.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

And now for a Super Robo example. 
Since it's mook it has to be non-protagonist type. 

Mecha Profile 

Name: Type-X Gigamaniax 
Type: Destroyer Machine (Super Robo) 
Height: 40 meters 
Weight: 10,000 tons or above  
Material: Super Steel
Powerplant: X-Reactor  
  • Strength: 20 
  • Durability: 15 
  • Firepower: 20
  • Performance:
  • Mobility:
  • Energy Output: 20 
  • Sensors: 5


The dreaded "Terror of Tokyo" the Gigamaniax was a towering giant robot created by the mad scientist Doctor Kato. It was the evil genius' final creation which he used to rampage through Tokyo in NC0051. While powerful the robots unique X-Reactor suffered from inconsistent output. Eventually the mechanical beast was stopped by the intervention of the S-Force. 


- Eye Blasters: The Gigamaniax could release beams of laser-like energy from its eyes for devastating effect. 
- Wreckers: In place of its hands the Gigamaniax had two wrecking balls. These balls can be detached and swung around by a chain connected to them. With the use of rocket thrusters the balls could even fly in the air for hundreds of meters, spreading the destruction further. 
- Skirt Missiles: The Gigamaniax hid an array of missile launchers under its skirts, capable of unleashing enough of them at once to seemingly fill the sky. 
- Hyper Flame Destructor: The top decoration of the Gigamaniax was actually its most potent weapon. It releases a spiralling torrent of plasma-hot flames that seemingly had a live on its own. Even after more than a decade other scientists were unable to recreate this dreadful weapon. 


- Self-Repair: The Gigamaniax had the ability to slowly repair itself, recovering any non-significant damage. 

Signature Moves

- Laser Apocalypse: The Gigamaniax's head rotated 360 degrees, releasing pasting its laser-like beam through everything around it. 
- Rocket Punch: The Gigamaniax shot out its wrecking ball like hand to attack from distance. 
- Chain Hurricane: The Gigamaniax releases its wrecking balls and spins them around to cause destruction everywhere. 
- Missile Circus: The Gigamaniax unleashes a thick volley of missiles to attack opponents in the sky. 
- Infernal Serpent: The Gigamaniax unleashes a tornado-like fire blast that follows the target and seemingly has a will of its own.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

Alright, for the sake of comparison I show you what the mook units are like.

Mecha Profile


Name: MF-18E "Strike Trooper"  
Type: Mobile Frame (Real Robo)  
Height: 18 meters 
Mass: 755 metric tons (standard combat weight)  
Armor Material: Composite/Steel
Powerplant: Atom-AT IACC-781C V-50 Compact Fusion Reactor 
Locomotion: Hyperworks 1909AE Superfluidic Hydraulics System 
Propulsion: 2 x Jettizon-ED HPS-653-F4 Jump Units, 8 x RPT-1833-M18 Rocket Motors, 47 x RPM-1704-M18 Rocket Verniers 
  • Strength: 10   
  • Structure: 10  
  • Firepower: 10   
  • Performance: 10 
  • Mobility: 10   
  • Energy Output: 10   
  • Sensors: 10   


2rd Generation Mobile Frame developed in NC0044. The Strike Trooper was a revolutionary machine that changed the development of future mechas. As the first mecha capable of atmospheric flight, the Strike Trooper sported massive amount of thrusters and actually devoted 40% of its internal space just for fuel. The thick tights of the design are a direct result of this. Despite that the Strike Trooper was proven to be an enduring, cheap and even versatile design and over 40% of the Union pilots are flying with these. But time marched on and by NC0067 the machine is considered seriously outdated compared to the various new models. In the Union's "Hi-Low Mix" tactics the MF-18E definitely forms the "Low" range of the spectrum.


- M2109A8 Assault Cannon:  Mech-sized assault rifle firing 120mm rounds. While used to be potent the Assault Cannon no longer supplies enough firepower against the more advanced machines, only really effective against the demi-mechs of the Abductor force. For that purpose the A8 variation is outfitted with an underslung 500mm grenade launcher. 
  • M5527 Attack Cannon: Attached to the weapon's lower body this 500mm cannon is used for situation where the Assault Cannon's firepower seems to be insufficient. It has a magazine that can hold four rounds of various type including high-explosive, shaped explosive, fragmentation and other shells.
- CCW-112 Combat Knife: Reinforced knife outfitted with a motorized chainsaw-like blade to enhance its cutting power. While relatively potent this weapon became outdated like the rest of the machine. Used only as a last resort. Albeit rumors state that some veterans learned how to use these as thrown knives, stocking up dozens of these for this purpose alone.  
- CCW-B098 Assault Lance: Unique weapon rarely seen on the battlefield. A large spear with an explosive lance-like tip. While relatively powerful, its explosive nature limits this to a single use in melee. Albeit reportedly a variation with replaceable heads does exist.
- PPB-1055 Shield: A physical shield which acts as an extra layer of armor, seen used by mechs on defensive missions.



Signature Attacks 

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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

 @Galenbeta : Well, it's true I was busy but not exactly in the way I couldn't log on here. It's just that I was working on my RP profile. 
My computer was acting up and pretty much I had to remake this about 3-4 times. 
By the 4th time I had to admit that I need backups so with that I managed to finish this. 
So I'm pretty much ready.  
@Kuro_San : I see you edited our profile according to my suggestion. 

@ChronoWolf: Not bad. 
Your profile may work a bit of formatting, though. 
Make it fit the standard I set at the profile creation guide.  
(Or maybe you can use the kinda new layout I used for mine.) 
Also there's no way this mecha is anywhere close to being stock. 
It's name, design and abilities make it sound like an experimental mech made by some bigshot company. 
You might want to change it to that. 
Otherwise everything is fine. 
@Galenbeta : Even if you don't upgrade it for long this is obviously overpowered compared to any mechas featured here. 
At least until we get much further in the story (depends on you guys).  
So it's rejected. 

Recreate it with toned down stats. 
And please follow the profile creation guidelines. 
The stats are abstract with good reason. 
Also like Kurou-san said, make it a bit more original. 
It isn't a sin to copy elements from known anime but at least have the decency to make your mecha more than just some fanfiction.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

Name: Leon Weltall 
Gender: Male 
Race: Human (Spacenoid)
Age: 25
Height: 177 cm (5'11")
Weight: 75 kg (166 lbs)
Rank/Title: Ensign/Specialist 
Special: Esper, Spacenoid (somebody born on space colonies instead of the Earth) 
ESP Rating: 111

Character Bio 

ESUF soldier and the exclusive test pilot of Nova-Tech's new YTF-177 Starhawk. Leon Weltall was born in 29th of February NC0042 in the L1 space colony called "Neo-Lichtberg". His parents were immigrants from the British Isles. Despite that Leon grew up in a relative well-being thanks to his father's trade business. Ever since young Leon had shown great interest in outer space and a certain sport called Pod Racing. Pods are tiny space vessels, practically little more than a rocket and a small cockpit. Racing with these in the vacuum of space was regarded the fastest sport known. He liked challenges and added with his interest in space Leon felt that Pod Racing was his calling. Through lot of practice and effort he managed to get into the 19th L1 Championship in NC0058. Leon was only 16 back then and he barely managed to compete the whole event, almost suffering a fatal accident when he got lost within the space debris. That was the start of his career. Following it Leon was seen on the L1 Championship's roster each year. He also went to other events like the long-range Grand Moon Race and once even tried the super-long-range Jupiter Tourney. His skills improved over the years drastically, winning the 33th Equator Sprint event in NC0062. Leon started to become a minor celebrity, especially in his colony. And then Space War One broke out...

[To be continued...]


Leon is a young Caucasian man in his 20s. He has short black hair (which the lighting occasionally gives a blueish tint)  with sharp blue eyes. Fitting his job as a military pilot he has a light yet deceivingly robust build with about average height. In spite of being a commissioned officer Leon is rarely seen in his military fatigues, preferring to wear more casual clothes (albeit decorated with the Union's military emblem). On missions he wears his military-grade pilot suit which acts both as a pressurized G-suit and even a light armor. It can resist heat, radiation and even small caliber bullets. With few modifications and a vernier belt it can be turned into a space suit fit for escaping the damaged mech even in the hostile environment of outer space.
 Leon wearing his pilot suit within the Starhawk's cockpit
 Leon wearing his pilot suit within the Starhawk's cockpit


Leon is an easygoing but strongly emancipated person. He lacks most of the discipline common for soldiers and while he does complete orders Leon prefers to do everything on his own way. Leon also likes danger and difficult or challenges often only make him more eager to do something. Leon is generally upbeat and friendly. He's rarely having a bad day and whatever the situation Leon never lets it to drag him down. Leon is the man of action and an incurable optimist. Whatever bad goes on he always looks for ways how to solve it. His hidden willpower is tremendous.


Leon was an accomplished Pod Racer and it translates for his skills as a mech pilot. In spite of barely having flown 1000 hours, Leon can pull off tricks that even experienced veterans thought to be impossible. This could be no less accounted for Leon's budding powers as an Esper. ESP is a not fully understood ability when pilots exhibit senses beyond the usual five. Leon can "feel" the space around him, can sense strong hidden emotions and occasionally even had premonitions of the future. ESP is also called Extra-Spatial Perception because it's theorized that Espers may have the limited ability to observe all dimensions, with the fourth being the axis of time itself. 
Being member of the Earth Sphare Union Forces (ESUF or simply just "Union Forces") Leon also received physical training as a soldier. Albeit while he fought the aliens dozens of times with his Starhawk he has yet to experience combat with his own body.


- Nova-Tech VPRP-77S "Impact" Sidearm: A compact, versatile yet rather powerful pistol designed by one of Nova-Tech's scientists. A ring-like plasma rail accelerates 10mm programmable metal slugs to fit various purposes. In this aspect the weapon is comparable to the Starhawk's Adaptive Rifle. While this is an overall excellent weapon Leon is somewhat reluctant using it.


Mecha Profile 

 Starhawk - King of the Stratosphere and Beyond
 Starhawk - King of the Stratosphere and Beyond
Name: YTF-177 Ver. 7 "Starhawk"
Type: Prototype Transformable Frame (Real Robo)  
Manufacturer: Nova-Tech Enterprises
  • Height: 13.9 m (Combat Mode), 5.7 m (Starfighter)
  • Width: 6.8 m (Combat Mode and Starfighter without the wings) 
  • Length: 9.2 m (Combat Mode), 21.0 m (Stafighter)
  • Wingspan: 8.3 m - 19.1 m (variable position, Starfighter Mode)
Mass: 77.7 metric tons (w/ standard load-out)
Powerplant: 1 x Prototype Nova-Tech PCC-2500S Ultra-Compact Plasma Fusion Reactor, 2 x Auxiliary Nova-Tech SPC-222U Plasma Fusion Micro-Reactors
Locomotion: Nova-Tech Electromagnetic Ligaments (patented by the Tesla-Leicht Institute, over 200 ligaments total)
Propulsion: 2 x Experimental Nova-Tech PITS-1600A Plasma Drives, 18 x Nova-Tech PIT-177C Plasma Torches, 88 x Nova-Tech PIM-022F Plasma Verniers
  • Strength: 10
  • Structure: 5
  • Firepower: 30
  • Performance: 40
  • Mobility: 20
  • Energy Output: 25
  • Sensors: 20


 After a brief moment of peace a new threat approached the Earth. The aliens referred as the Abductors. They appeared without warning and made entire populations disappear. The military of the Earth Sphere Union found themselves in a precarious situation so they requested for a new rapid-response Mech. This heralded the beginning of the "Starhawk Project". Several companies volunteered, including the Nova-tech enterprises known for their cutting-edge plasma technology. They saw this project as a big break from their usual business with warship parts and spent enormous amount of money on the development. The result was the XTF-177, a lightweight transformable mech focusing on speed and firepower. The XTF-177 has countless innovations compared to the standard Union mechs. It ditched the old concept of guns, rockets and hydraulics thus feeding everything by one source: the energy that the mech generates. The XTF-177 was outfitted with a new ultra-compact Plasma Fusion Reactor which powered the entirely plasma-based weapons and pulse-torch propulsion system. The locomotion was accomplished with electromagnetic ligaments that saved another 30% on weight. The end result was a light and high-performance mech armed with all sorts of heat-based death. 
[to be continued...]

Battle Theme: 



- PIA-0007X Adaptive Rifle: Primary weapon of the YTF-177 Starhawk. An experimental and surprisingly versatile rifle that can change its internal structure to fit multiple roles. The change is done partially via the pilot's conscious choice but the fine tuning is performed under the computer's control. So even if the rifle stays in the same mode the system may decide to tune it differently to fit the momentarily combat situation the best.
  • Rifle Mode: The PIA-0007X's default mode, a large hi-powered plasma rifle, unleashing "bolts" of compressed super-hot gases at hypersonic velocities. The firepower can be adjusted to allow for higher rate of fire. 
  • Reaper Mode: Internal fins split the weapon's interior to 4 parts, effectively giving the rifle 4 barrels. In Reaper Mode the Adaptive Rifle shoots individually weak bolts of plasma at incredible rate of fire. Ideal against swarms of weaker enemies. Because the Buster Cartridge is incompatible with rapid-firing modes, inserting one transform this mode to "Buster Shotgun" which releases a spray of countless plasma bolt in an angle.
  • Grenade Mode: The Adaptive Rifle releases a large and relatively slow-moving ball of concentrated plasma. On contact or at a pre-defined distance this ball of plasma explodes, damaging everything in the surroundings.
  • Beam Mode: Instead of "bolts" of plasma the PIA-0007X releases its power as a single cohesive beam of plasmic energy. Within certain limits both the beam's width and duration can be adjusted. Thin, powerful and short-lasting beams are ideal for sniping while extending large and long-lasting beams are ideal for causing wide-spread destruction.
  • Lance Mode: Instead of shooting plasma, the rifle generates a cohesive blade not unlike the plasma sabers. Compared to the latter, the Plasma Lance has at least twice as much power and with Buster Cartridge this is one of the Starhawk's strongest attacks.
  • Railgun Mode: By attaching a special magazine the Adaptive Rifle's plasma rails can also shoot physical projectiles. This is ideal for atmospheric sniping where the air particles slightly interfere with the usual plasma weapons.
  • Buster Cartridge: The Starhawk can store up to ten Buster Cartridges. These are large canisters filled with super-concentrated plasma and extra energy. Using these in conjunction with any but the Railgun Mode would greatly enhance the Adaptive Rifle's power, practically turning them into a whole different weapon. The names are: Buster Rifle, Buster Shotgun, Buster Grenade, Buster Beam and Buster Lance.
- PPB-7001E Anti-Ray Shield: Special shield made from the same heat-resistant material as the internals of Plasma Reactors. In addition the shield is also reinforced with a moderate plasma field to deflect laser and particle beam weapons. While also somewhat useful against physical projectiles, the Anti-Ray shield was made with energy weapons in mind.
- TEW-177 Twin Pulse Blaster: Pair of rapid-firing plasma weapons linked together at a turret on the mecha's crotch. The plasma blasters offer additional firepower and can add a cover fire while the Starhawk is using on of its slower weapon functions. In Starfighter Mode these blasters can be found on the machine's front offering suppressive firepower to the front.
- CIWS-E77 Pulse Vulcan: Rapid-firing plasma weapon unleashing weak but still potent "pulses" of plasma. Found on the head this is generally used to intercept missiles or other light armored targets.
- ACCW-722 Plasma Sabers: Compact hilts that emit "blades" of plasmic energy contained within electromagnetic fields. Plasma Sabers are used to compensate for the Starhawk's relative lack of strength in melee. The Starhawk can store up to four Plasma Sabers. 
- FES-799 Plasma Field Emitters: The legs of the Starhawk are outfitted with a plasma field for various purpose. In Starfighter Mode it aids the Anti-Ray Shield to form a barrier against micro-meteorite impacts and mitigate the effects of friction in the atmosphere. In mecha mode while serving the above function it also modulates the thursters and allows the Starhawk to perform more precise maneuvers. Last but not least the Plasma Field Emitters can be focused to be like leg-length Plasma Sabers, cutting through the opposition with the machine's kicks.


 - Transformation: The Starhawk sports an unique transformable design that allows it to switch between combat and fighter modes. The process is complex yet thanks to the strong electromagnets this performed in less than a second, giving little if any chance for the enemy to attack the Starhawk in mid-transformation.
  • Starfighter Mode: Most thrusters  and torch motors are focused on the back, offering the greatest possible acceleration. In this mode the mecha also extends a pair of wings to aid it in atmospheric combat and allow the machine to fly. Due to its speed and energy-efficiency the Starhawk is generally launched in this mode. On the other hand the Starfighter mode is relatively difficult to maneuver with. Its shape also locks the mecha's combat opinion to standard fighter tactics like dogfights.
  • Combat Mode: The Starhawk assumes its standard humanoid shape, spreading out the torch motors everywhere for overall better mobility. As its name suggest this is the mecha's main mode of combat, allowing to use all of its weapons with complete freedom.
- Plasma Umbrella: The Starhawk constantly emits a considerable yet overall weak plasma-electromagnetic field around its body. This supposedly exists to protect the Starhawk against micro-meteors in space and decrease the aerodynamic strain while in the atmosphere.  But temporally this field can be manipulated to form a protective shield at the front, capable of withstanding even the Starhawk's own Plasma Rifle. Unfortunately this mode only exists for a few seconds so a few sponsors are questioning its usefulness. Regardless, Leon seems to be pretty fond of this feature. The field also has the side effect of absorbing electromagnetic waves, allowing some degree of stealth against radars. This can also put the Nova-Tech's intentions to doubt, questioning whether they truly developed this machine just to fight the aliens.
- Esper Navigation Interface (E.N.I.) : Special system developed for tapping into the abilities of Espers like Leon. The system amplifies an Esper's brainwaves and transforms them into commands. As a result Leon can potentially control the entire mecha with his thoughts alone. Unfortunately  it sounds easier in paper than reality. 100% control requires extreme focus and concentration which would put severe strain on Leon's mind. Thus generally E.N.I. is only used at 10-20% output, mostly aiding Leon in multitasking. E.N.I. is also an unique system that skips several steps in the standard programming. Instead of running scripts, Leon expresses his thoughts directly to the machine which will try to execute these at its best. This way the developers can learn a lot from Leon's piloting style and soon may achieve to create a program that can allow even regular pilots to fly the Starhawk. On the other hand this is a never-ending  source of headache for the engineers as Leon tends to unconsciously rewrite the Starhawk's entire motion programming after each mission.

Signature Moves 

- Nova Dive: Leon's secret trademark technique. Officially called Impulse-Driven Offensive Field Frontal Assault Maneuver (I.D.O.F.F.A.M.), this is an extremely powerful and reckless maneuver which practically turns the Starhawk into one gigantic weapon. Leon gains some distance while switching the mech into Starfighter Mode. Following that the combined power of the shield, the leg emitters and the plasma rifle generate a powerful dagger-shaped barrier of plasma energy around the machine while Leon proceeds to ram into the target at full power. This is the Starhawk's "secret" strongest attack. Albeit Leon needs to perform it with extreme caution. If the enemy is too tough the plasma barrier collapses before penetrating the target, crushing his machine with its own momentum. Nova Dive is something that can potentially destroy the enemy in one move. Yet if it fails that would likely mean Leon's own death.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Kuro_San said:

@willyvereb: But all the Seed Gundams work on double A batteries, Mazinger would keep going like the energizer bunny way after the Strike Freedom spended all of his energy

Actually not. 
You confuse it with the Strike and other suits not equipped with NJC. 
The Strike Freedom has a nuclear reactor so theoretically it can fight for pretty long. 
Longer than the Mazinger Z, actually. 
There are several instances in the anime where the Mazinger Z just barely had enough energy to finish the fight. 
Extended battle or using the Breast Fire more than a few times does deplete the Mazinger Z's energy reserves. 
In this aspect it's somewhat close to the Mobile Suits from SEED.  
Technically, their battery-powered MS can remain operational for hours but the Phase-Shift Armor and beam weaponry depleted the experimental units' energy in only a few minutes. 
Just like with the Mazinger Z.
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Battles » Elemental Tournament Finals:Kuro_San VS The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan

Actually, I think Caesar Clown has an extremely bad chemistry against Kazuma. 
Their capabilities are similar (town level+ durability and firepower, hypersonic+ speed) 
But the problem is that Kazuma's wind magic is one of the most broken air manipulation techs ever known. 
He controls winds like an extension of his body, making any particle in the air in 10 kilometer radius his plaything. 
When entering his "Contractor Mode", this increases to 100 kilometers. Ladies and Gentlemen, that equals over 300 billion tons of air. 
All moving according to his whims.
That also means that Kazuma can feel anything in touch with the air, giving him excellent detection powers.  
Kazuma can also hijack the air manipulation powers of others, killing them by their own abilities.  
Speaking of killing, Kazuma can focus his winds to such intensity they can atomize rock. He tested it against a 100m long demonic turtle made of rock.
And yeah, he can mess with the concentration of oxygen, manipulating explosions or making the opponent suffocate due to the lack of air.  
His winds also ignore the rules of physics when he infuses them with his Ki. 
This also allowed Kazuma to break through dimensions, destroy gravity and outright rip through space. 
Speaking of which, Kazuma has spatial senses, allowing him to see disturbances in space or intercept teleporters. 
And well, he really-really has no problems with Logia-like opponents. 
Be it water elementa,l a spirit or a creature of fire. 
Kazuma even managed to physically hold down an incorporeal demon. 
His exorcism also means destruction of the target's soul. 
So yeah. 
You seriously don't want to mess with this dude. 
Even if Caesar Clown is given a free shot, it's dubious to work. 
Kazuma's barriers casually blocked Ayano who has town level+ firepower (can vaporize skscrappers or large formations of rock)
And Kazuma's barrier also filters and magically purifies the air. Meaning poisonous gases are completely ineffective on him. 
Even if CC attempts to generate explosions Kazuma can detect that ahead in time and can choose to counter. 
The most frightening part is that the above list of feats are based merely on 3 volumes. 
The Light Novels have 6. Plus 6 side story volumes. 
Kazuma is pretty broken. 
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Kuro_San said:

@willyvereb: Lowered the stats.

Maybe you even lowered them too much. 
Like I said you could've kept the strength/durability or the speed/mobility part. 
Given your mecha's style I think keeping the Structure and Strength at 30 sounds reasonable. 
And why did you lowered the sensors stat? 
I think you misunderstood. I didn't tell you to halve all of the mecha's stats.  Just lower a certain group of them while keeping the others. 
@Kuro_San said:

I can see OG Mazinger with the scrander defeating Gundam like Strike "More Dakka" Freedom or Age III or the last Age. Super Alloy Z is much more resistant to punishment than Gundamium, word of god

Well, I wouldn't really argue based on SRW since that's non-canon. 
But yeah, based on feats the Super Alloy Z is more durable than Gundarium. By a few orders of magnitudes.
The problem is that Gundams hardly rely on armor.
And they have ridiculous firepower. Many beam rifles in the various Gundam verses have feats that would put the bomb dropped on Hiroshima to shame. And we're talking about a thin "lance" of energy hitting against the armor. 
But yeah, the Mazinger Z could defeat AGE-3. Granted, Gundam AGE is probably the weakest Gundam verse. 
@Kuro_San said: 

The regular version of the 1G-SDDE-1991 is like the proto Getter, lacking any color scheme and being armed with a laser gun. The helmet is shaped as an ancient Chojin armor during their "Medieval" era (See what I did here?) This custom version has thicker armor, haves the Solar Sail (The Cloak) and the weapon generator as their alloy is highly resistant but not indestructible. Other models have different weapons, but only Melee as it cannot duplicate circuits.

The Gine Empire mechs are inspired on Escaflowne. Chojin are space Vikings while the Gine Empire are more like England

I see. 
The Medieval-like style is unique but maybe a bit too much. 
At least for the generic alien threat we would face in the game. 
We can fight against them time to time and there could be even a story arc revolving around the Gine Empire. 
But then I guess I have to find a different group for our "first enemy".
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Kuro_San: Heh. 
While I no longer play the necromancer it appears I can still raise the dead. 
Great submission! 
Welcome aboard! 
And now to the specifics. 
First off, a giant melee-only Getter Robo inspired mecha that summons and throws axes does sound very much like a Super Robo. The idea of alien mecha stuck on Earth and fighting another alien empire does sound very much like UFO Robot Grendizer (not like this plot is unique to that series, mind you.)
And unless your over-the-top RP-ing style did change I think that Super Robots would also suit you the best. 
Another issue is with the stats. It appears to me you used this infinite axe-throwing mechanic to avoid needing to spend on "Firepower". As the result of this and a bit of min-maxing, your mecha has fairly large stats for the beginning.  
While most players would average in the 20s, your mech is between 30 and 40 in stats. 
Sure, the stats doesn't  mean much when it can be compensated by writing.
But it might start an unfriendly arms race between the other players.  
So I have two suggestions, choose whichever you prefer: 
1.) Change the stats considerably, keep one or two while halving the rest. For example if you choose armor and strength then your speed and mobility decreases to 20 and 15 respectively. Energy output may also needs to go down a bit (which you can explain by the generator being damaged/weak, same applies to the decreased speed or strength). You can gradually rebuild your mecha's power as the story progresses. 
2.) Keep the stats. Your mecha originates from a highly advanced alien empire. It shouldn't be surprising if it's a cut above the rest. On the other hand in the beginning I'll be more strict on allowing upgrades to you. Which makes sense. Your mecha is more advanced and alien in technology. There aren't many ways you can improve on it. So while initially more powerful, it also becomes stagnant. 
BTW, I think I'll make this Gine Empire the first group of antagonist in the game if you don't mind.
They'll be at war with humanity (and thus our group of mecha pilots) in the beginning.  
Like I said, this "Mecha Heroes" RPG has an expandable and malleable plot. 
So it makes way for almost any kind of additions (expect those that contradict the previous additions).

@SamJaz :  Sure. I have already added you to the player list. 
Albeit I'm not sure if the Eva-like design is a good idea. 
A considerable part of the game will play out in space.
 Might want to do something with it. 
Actually, I was almost sure you'd choose something from Gurren Lagann. 
@Galenbeta said:

@willyvereb: Do we pm you all of this or we have to create a charcter bio

You can put the submissions here. 
Albeit I plan to make a separate thread for the completed player profiles for better viewing. 
In special cases you can PM me the player profile if you want to do something unique with it.  
But otherwise they go completely in the open. 
@Galenbeta said:

@willyvereb: Signing up invovles alot of work

Well, kind of yeah. 
But it isn't like creating bios for Vice RPG characters doesn't. 
Actually, given how grimoniously huge the Vice RPG bios had become, I think these are even on the small side. :p
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@ChronoWolf said:

@willyvereb: There is about 98% chance that I will join here. Just one question. What is the difference between a Real and a Super, other then Super obviously being better?

Well, not necessarily better. The difference between Real and Super Robo is more conceptual. 
A "Real Robo"  is trying to establish itself as an actual military equipment. They are mass-produced and often little different from what the nameless grunts use. Their design attempts to be more mechanically sound and built on Sci-Fi concepts. They are still rather implausible but they are trying to deny it (hence being "Real"). Examples include Arm-Slaves, Gundams, Knightmare Frames and Variable Fighters
Super Robo is in a way the complete opposite. Like their name suggest, they are "Super" which makes them pose as the heroes of their respective story. They are unique and often possess special abilities exclusive to them. While trying to appear technical and such, Super Robos in general are the living-breathing representation of the Rule of Cool. They also have the tendency to name every one of their attacks and call out these names aloud while performing them.  While not strictly "Super Robots", the mooks and other less important mechs in the show tends to follow these concepts just the same, thus counting as "Super Robo". Examples include GaoGaiGar, Getter Robo, GunbusterGurren Lagann and Mazinger Z.  
Mind it, the lines between Real- and Super Robo aren't clearly drawn. Real Robo shows often feature "Super Prototypes", highly advanced Real Robos that mop the floor with the rest. Supernatural powers is also not uncommon in these shows, just think about the Newtypes in Gundam. Similarly, the first Super Robot show Mazinger Z had so many technical details that nowadays it was borderline "Real" in this aspect. There's even the unofficial so-called "Hybrid Robo" category for mechas that mix-in both. 
Anyways, like I said Super Robos aren't necessary more powerful than their Real Robo peers. 
The original Mazinger Z for example would be annihilated by almost any advanced Gundam. 
There's also the 1200 meters tall SDF-1 Macross which would dwarf any but the most massive Super Robos in size (and of course often even in firepower). 
So yeah, like I said, the difference between  "Real" and   "Super" Robots is more conceptual. It ultimately can determine your playing style. Albeit like you guessed, Super Robots also tend to be slightly more "overpowered" which Real Robo pilots compensate with tactics and piloting skill. 
In this aspect Super Robos are more "entrance-friendly". 
Actually,  RP-ing as a Super Robo is only marginally different from RP-ing as a human character. Super Robos are often little different from actual Superheroes in a bigger mechanical body.
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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Fehafare: Well, then there's even less problem with it.

And then I guess you plan to make him pilot a Super Robo, right?

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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

@Fehafare said:


Totally happy i asked you.

While i still need time to figure everything out as far as my character and Mech go, you can count on me on this one either way.

Btw Willy, would it be ok for me to use an already existing character of mine? Ofc i wouldn't use any of his powers (not that he even has any that can be used while inside a mech).

Sure, why not?

Characters can also have superpowers to a degree. Albeit said powers shouldn't overshadow the mech's capability. Also keep in mind that probably 90% of the characters will lack such abilities. So whatever powers you have those shouldn't be too strong.

And speaking of OCs, while I certainly don't mind homages to fictions, I would prefer that if every character/mech pair will be original.

As in there won't be any Amuro Ray, Kira Yamato, Ryoma Nagare, Kamina or any such clones. Being lookalikes or having similar characteristics is fine. But try to spice it up with some content of your own.

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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up!

Oh, how forgetful of me.

You still don't know how.

Here's a guide/schematic for the player profiles:

(start with an image of your character's appearance, not obligatory but it generally helps to enhance your post)

Name: (your character's name)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Race: (you can ignore this if your character is human)
Age: (Your character's age in years)
Height: (Your character's height. You can express it in either feet/inch or centimeters format. I don't mind either.)
Weight: (Your character's weight. Either in kilograms or lbs)
Rank/Title: (Your character's status in the military or other special titles he/she might be known as)
Special: (anything else worth noting, be very brief and categorical)

(You can add a few more other information you want but generally these are the minimum.)

(You can describe how your character looks. Ignore this if the picture on the top was more than enough)

(Write a short introduction about your character. Who is he/she? Where did he/she come from? How did he/she became a mech pilot? What he/she can do? How skilled he/she is? What are his/her motivations? Etcetera,etcetera...)

(Describe your character's personality. What he or she's like?)

(Following that we can get to the next part, creating a profile for your mech.)

(image for your giant robot goes here, not obligatory but helpful)

Name: (how's your mecha called? With model/serial numbers and everything)
Type: (What is it categorized as? Ie: Mobile Suit, Orbital Frame, etc. Is it a Real or Super Robo?)
Dimensions: (How big is your machine? If it's a humanoid robot then you only have to mention its height in meters)
Weight: (How heavy is your machine? Preferably expressed in metric tons)

(If you want you can include other stats like armor material, powerplant, propulsion systems and such. Whatever you find important enough to list here.)

Stats: (The 7 parameters showing the power of your machine.They range from 1 to 100 but the differences aren't linear. For further details, see below)

  • Strength: (Your machine's strength. How hard its punches and kicks? How much weight it lifts?)
  • Structure: (How tough is your machine? Mechs with high armor can easily withstand even the most powerful attacks.)
  • Firepower: (How much destruction you can deal? Applies to guns, missiles, energy cannons and any other ranged means to attack)
  • Performance: (How fast is your machine? High-performance mechs are so fast the enemy has problems to target them)
  • Mobility: (Determines how easy your machine performs turns and generally how agile it is)
  • Energy Output: (How much power can your machine generate? Generally it shows that for how long can your machine last in combat.)
  • Sensors: (Radar and other sensing/detecting stuff. Allows the detection of stealth/cloaked units. Also if your machine has auto-targeting systems your sensors determine their effectiveness.)

(Describe your machine, including its appearance, development and special features)

(What kind of weapons your machine possesses? If it has hidden weapons that you either want to keep secret or your character has yet to become aware of them, then they're an exception. We'll treat those kind of weapons as "upgrades" in the future.)

(What sort of special abilities your mecha has? It can be anything from a temporally speed boost to a whole transformation sequence that changes your machine completely. This includes exotic skills or abilities that your character has while piloting his/her mecha.)

Signature Moves:
(Mostly the property of Super Robots. What kind of character defining attack you have? It can be a flashy finishing move or a combination of various attacks. If your mecha has energy attacks that aren't connected to any weapons, they belong either here or to the "Abilities" section.)

And now let's talk about stats.

As you can see there's 7 of them and they go from 1 to 100.

The difference between each stat is also kinda exponential.

So if Mecha A has the "performance" stat of 10 while Mecha B has 50.

Mecha B isn't just 5 times faster than A. Try maybe a hundred.

But oh well, this isn't a professional battle simulator but a forum RP.

So the lines aren't clearly drawn.

The stats are overall abstract and exist to easily tell who's the "better" in each field.

Even if the enemy has 30 points of "structure" (armor) and your "firepower" is just 20, you can harm the opponent, albeit only via considerable effort.

In short you can overcome the difference in stats by smarts and good writing.

And bigger the difference the harder you'd need to try.

Albeit be careful to not break the suspension of disbelief.

Anyways, since this being the beginning of the game, keep the stats low.

Unless your machine is very specialized, don't raise any of the stats above 20 or maybe 30. Overall point distribution should be between 100 to 200.

Super Robots are a slight subversion to this rule but I advise them to also remain lowish, still.

Like I said through the RP you're going to have a lot of chance to "upgrade" your mech.

And that can only be done if there's a reasonable room for improvement.

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RPG » Vice Mecha Heroes RPG - Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

Vice Mecha Heroes

Tired of ninjas and death gods?

Bored of fancy guns and swords?


Vice Mecha Heroes (VMH) is an attempt to insert the feeling of the Super Robot Wars franchise into the forum RPG format.

Create your own mecha.

Partake on missions.

Brawl and explore!

Save the world!

VMH sports an open, malleable and freely expandable plot. In essence this is like a miniature version of the general Vice RPG, obviously inspired by mecha classics like Gundam, Getter Robo and the like.

If you are enthusiastic about mechs and/or like a good action-packed story, this RPG is definitely for you!

And now a bit about the specifics. How's the game mechanic, you ask?

VMH is split into two game phases:

  • Missions (think of story RP threads, albeit with briefing and a few known objectives)
  • Free Interaction (as an intermission phase for more leisure talk and mingling, think of Jewel's Sake Bar&Grill)

After each mission players also get a chance to upgrade their mech. These upgrades would be far more than just adding a few more stat points.

Your mech can have new weapons, improved tech, extra features, anything!

Albeit obviously within sane limitations. (And preferably backed up by in-story explanation)

You also have the choice to "save" on these upgrades, storing up imaginary "points" for even better upgrades in the future.

Exchanging your old mecha to a different one is also considered "upgrade".

And there are is also the option for a "secret upgrade", something you'd only reveal in the mission. (Otherwise every upgrade is publicly known).

If your character just discovers a hidden feature for your mech, that also counts as a "secret upgrade".

This system exist to give the highest freedom for players without turning it into a chaotic mess.

All of these to enhance the roleplaying experience!

List of Players:

  • ChronoWolf
  • Galenbeta
  • Fehafare
  • Kuro_san (Batsu)
  • SamJaz
  • willyvereb
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Battles » broly vs sailor saturn

Sufficiently high tier DBZ characters in the TOEI anime and movies can be scaled to have lowish FTL reactions.

Some energy blasts are that fast in the anime and there are characters who managed to dodge these.

In terms of power Broly should be well in the starbusting levels.

Sailor Senshi left the Milky Way Galaxy under short time. I remember some calc putting them at the billion times FTL range. Well above Broly's in that regard.

On the other hand Saturn a lowish planetbusting feat (reducing a planet to dust/ash is actually even below the baseline level). It's literally billions of times less powerful than Broly.

Albeit you may call that as "casual" because Tomoe can do it by merely dropping her Silence Glaive. So technically all of her attacks with the glaive could be that potent.

Still, she'd need to deal billions of attacks under an extremely short time to make Broly even feel it. Which is honestly just absurd as a win condition here.

Sailor Senshi including Tomoe can also effect souls but given the incident with Dragon Balls in Sayan Saga, DBZ chars most likely have resistance to it.

Long story short I believe Broly would win here.

He's more powerful.

Even though Pluto is technically much faster it means little if she fails to hurt the Legendary Super Saiyan.

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