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My list of favorite characters.
1. Shiro Emiya

16 years of GAR! He may be a bit of dork but when hell gets loose you know who will save the day.:)

2. Gilgamesh

King of Arrogance..enough said.

3. Claire Stanfield

When Hero of Justice meets the murderous eccentric behavior...well, something more unique.;)

4. Franken Stein

The craziest Mad Scientist.

5. Hitagi Senjogahara

Tsundere? No...Tsundra!

6. Lelouch Lamperouge

A mere high-schooler decides to start a war...and wins! Definitely earns his place here.:)

7. Yuno Gasai

If you think Yanderes are boring...well, watch your back!:p

8. Alucard

It doesn't take much to be overpowered badass, but when you do it with style...

9. Kenpachi Zaraki

Kick the reason! I have the power!

10. Vash

Well, some may disagree but I think he's the most amusing deliberate idiot.

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