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Name: Zafira Al Shura (verifycation needed)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: Palestinian
Age: 27 
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 137 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Classification: Cyborg/Mercenary 

Commander of the Cobra Team of the H.Y.D.R.A. she's often seen as the bodyguard of Keith White. Formerly she was an infamous terrorist leader until her downfall. She suffered critical injuries and were presumed dead but the advanced medical technology of the White Corps managed to save her. She received cybernetic enhancements and ever since then she works as the loyal dog of Keith White. Despite her age Zafira is extremely sharp and has remarkable skills in combat.Still, her most dangerous ability is Zafira's abuse of the element of surprise. Her actions are at best ambiguous if not downright unpredictable. She does what her opponent expect the least and treats warfare as a simple game. As such Zafira has a fearsome reputation amongst his enemies and even at his friends.









Zafira is a regular human with no special powers. She's extremely talented and resourceful which makes her a dangerous foe in combat. In addition her cybernetic modifications offer Zafira enhanced fighting powers which may help her to overcome some superhuman opponents in battle.
Cybernetic Eyes: Zafira had her eyes cybernetically augmented. It gave her roughly hundred times better sight than the human peak. Her eyes can easily zoom on distant objects or follow things that move at extreme speeds. Thanks to these eyes Zafira can manage to keep track of superhuman opponents and even literally see bullets in their mid-flight. Regretfully her own body movements are too slow to effectively bullet time but she can avoid gunfire with visible ease. She can also switch between various modes including X-ray, ultraviolet, night vision and thermal sight. Her eyes were also tuned to detect invisible opponents.
Prosthetic Arm: Zafira lost her right arm in combat. As such the White Corps replaced it with a new artificial arm. Thanks to the advanced technology and smart cosmetics there's seemingly no difference between Zafira's right and left arm. Aside from replacing her right arm the robotic arm has additional features. First, Zafira's right arm possess obvious super strength. She can exert the force equal to several tons and overpower human opponents with ridiculous ease. A single punch can dent steel or put holes in concrete walls, not to mention it being lethal. For a small burst her arm can also move at incredible speeds thanks to her increased strength. Second, despite its fine appearance zafira's right arm can even act as an armor. The outer skin on her arm can withstand small caliber bullet fire without any effect. Her entire arm has massive shock-absorbing ability which allows her to take hits from superhuman opponents or just to withstand her own super strength. Third, her arm has a range of variable features which usually differ from mission to mission. The most common ability to access computers remotely and hack them directly through her brain. but there are tons of different possible advantages hidden inside her prosthetic limb.
Cybernetic Augmentations: Aside from her eyes and her right arm, Zafira has numerous small cybernetic enhancements. In terms of scale they aren't as obvious as Zafira's other abilities. Usually they are support enhancements to help the effectiveness of the two major cybernetic additions. Or alternatively they are augmentations to enhance zafira's physical attributes in general. Although the latter only offers a slight boost compared to a regular human but the effects are sometimes apparent.

Standard Equipment

AMP-009Z "Cutlass Custom": Zafira's favorite pistol, customized specifically for her own needs. The weapon is based on the same unique design as the standard issue rifles of the H.Y.D.R.A. soldiers. As in, it fires miniature 10mm multi-stage missiles instead of regular bullets. The projectiles are slightly homing and travel at the incredible speed of Mach 7.7. That makes Zafira's shots more difficult to dodge, even for otherwise seasoned bullet timers. Despite its compact size the pistol can hold up to 20 missiles in the magazine which extends for the length of the entire barrel. In addition, in case the magazine is empty, the Cutlass Custom has a secondary magazine which is a classic clip containing 10 special 10mm bullets. Compared to the original ammunition these bullets are considerably weaker so Zafira only uses them in special cases.
Bulletproof  Longcoat: Zafira's overcoat was made of special materials similar to the White Suit worn by Keith. Wearing this, Zafira can withstand machinegun fire, massive falls, explosive shockwaves or even hits from superhuman opponents. The coat disperses kinetic energy evenly in the entire body of the fabric while in turn hardening on the struck area to . Aside from kinetic force the coat can deal with even heat, allowing Zafira to pass through fires or (more importantly) to keep her cool even in the hot days of summer.
LWBP-322S Portable Lightwave Barrier Projector: Small portable device hidden inside Zafira's belt. Upon activation it generates a defensive barrier made of light. The field protect against all kinds of attacks but offers exceptional measure against laser weapons. The barrier can withstand several RPG hits or even more grenade explosions. The lightwave barrier was also designed to survive the full output of the massive Dawnbringer laser. Although the device has two drawbacks. First, while it doesn't explicitly limit the mobility the user is unable to move while under attack. Second, the field has an intense energy requirement. The small fusion cell on Zafira's belt can only last for a single minute of continuous use. 
OCS- 01112 "Shadowmeld" Optical Camouflage: Device that allows Zafira to turn invisible. Technically this is part of the same portable lightwave barrier projector. This time instead of protecting Zafira it generates a field to blend light thus make Zafira imperceivable to the human eyes. In addition the field also disperses heat and electromagnetic waves which negates the chance of her being detected by radars or heat detectors. The device is fed to the same fusion cell that powers the lightwave barrier projector but the camuflage can last for roughly 1-2 hours. Rapid changes in the environment like rain, high concentration of dust or nearby shockwaves can produce errors in the system which may accidentally reveal Zafira's location.
AHG- 00023 "Vacuum Cleaner" Safety Fragmentation Grenade: Standard issue grenade amongst the H.Y.D.R.A soldiers. It's seemingly a regular frag grenade with a single difference. The grenade has an advanced blast shaper mechanism which allows it to concentrate the explosion only at a specific zone. The grenade also has a potent IFW reader which allows it to differentiate between friend or foe. Thanks to this the grenade can even explode right next to user just fine without harming either her or her allies. As such this is an ideal grenade to clean houses of enemy soldiers without the slightest chance to take friendly casualties.
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H.Y.D.R.A. is secret military organization founded by Keith White. The purpose of H.Y.D.R.A. to maintain the world order in ways the regular governments can't. For that end H.Y.D.R.A. utilizes advanced technology and new groundbreaking military tactics. Whenever a situation gets out of hand, H.Y.D.R.A. strikes down to solve the problem immediately. The organization is spread worldwide. Despite the scale of its activities, H.Y.D.R.A. managed to keep its low profile thus remain unknown to the public. to fulfill the great goal H.Y.D.R.A. is permitted to use any means necessary. Assassinations, kidnapping and terrorism are not above the policies of the H.Y.D.R.A. either. The H.Y.D.R.A. commits crime to prevent even more crimes. That paradoxical doctrine gave a rather shady outlook to the organization in its entirety.


H.Y.D.R.A. is an international mercenary organization with member groups spread all over the world.



Including support crew and non-combat personnel the H.Y.D.R.A. has over 100,000 members.
Almost every members of the H.Y.D.R.A. possess a dark past with severe criminal record. Deserters, killers, psychopaths, robbers, terrorists, traitors and war sinners. In the end it made no difference for Keith who judged them purely by their effectiveness as soldiers. All members without an exception are officially "dead". They aren't part of any government's record. Many of them even had a plastic surgery to further mask their identity. In short the H.Y.D.R.A. members are technically living ghosts. They exists yet don't exists. Outside missions they live undercover while assuming fake identities. 
[to be continued...]

Notable Members:


The Big Boss:

The Big Boss, Keith White
The Big Boss, Keith White

Enigmatic figurehead of the H.Y.D.R.A. group whose identity is shrouded in constant mystery. He's actually Keith White, the multi-billionare scientist and the director of the White Corps. He's the creator, brain and main supporter of the organization and without him H.Y.D.R.A. might as well be non-existent. His existence is of key importance to the organization and thus appropriate measurements are made. The great majority of the H.Y.D.R.A. officers are ordered indirectly through the global network and supercomputer hub called the SILVER. As such only a selected few members are aware of the Big Boss' real identity. Others may not even know of Mr. White's affiliation to H.Y.D.R.A. or assume he's just one of the many VIPs. Aside from keeping the Big Boss safe the shroud of anonymity also helps Keith to maintain his good public image. The actions of the H.YD.R.A are often questionable, to such extend that few countries list them as a terrorist faction.

Zafira Al Shura:

Young commander of the elite Cobra Unit, a team generally assigned to protect the Big Boss. Zafira is a talented and very resourceful woman who used to be an infamous terrorist. She led a global terrorist organization but following her humiliating defeat at the hands of Keith White she were forced to join the H.YD.R.A. Despite her young age Zafira is remarkably talented and sharp which made her quickly rose in ranks. As the leader of the Cobra Unit she not only knows the true identity of the Big Boss but meets him regularly in person. Few bad mouths even call her the "Big Boss' woman" but whether such claims were true or false has yet to be confirmed. Apparently, prior to her enlistment she had a personal duel with the Big Boss which resulted in Zafira suffering critical injuries. She were sent to one of the private hospitals of the White Corps and received cybernetic enhancements to preserve her life. Thanks to these Zafira attained exceptional fighting abilities which borders the superhuman realm. Combined with his admirable combat skills and ruthless style Zafira is a very lethal opponent. Yet her greatest aspect is the element of surprise. Despite her serene and calm deamor Zafira is deep down wild and unpredictable. She treats war as game of enjoyment and often plays around with her opponents with great sense of sadism. Despite that Zafira knows her limits pretty well and deals with everything seriously.


H.Y.D.R.A. utilizes top-notch technology and gear supplied by the Military Branch of White Corps.

Standard Infantry Gear:

 Hounds of the H.Y.D.R.A.
 Hounds of the H.Y.D.R.A.

- PSA-22I "Black Hound" Light Exo-Suit: Flexible black suit made from artificial fibers 10 times tougher than steel. It consists of a skintight nanosuit, a helmet and additional protectors. Notably, the chest protector is strong enough to withstand multiple shots from anti-material rifles. Even the soft parts offer limited aid against shrapnel and small arms fire. Altogether the exo-suit allows the regular human to survive great falls or otherwise severe punishment. Soldiers wearing this armor can take an explosion and still stand up, unless they were dead in the blast's epicenter. Aside from protection the exo-suit offers enhanced strength and mobility. The flexible undergarment of the suit contains millions of special nanotubes that allows a regular human to perform feats slightly swinging in the area of superhuman.
- AMR-72 "Hunter" Assault Rifle: Futuristic rifle commonly found in the hands of H.Y.D.R.A. mercenaries. It operates under the revolutionary design that lacks any sort of complicated firing mechanism. The rifle doesn't shoot bullets. Instead they launch miniature 10mm multi-stage missiles which are ignited via continuous electronic signals. The projectiles travel at the impressive speed of Mach 7.7 and can penetrate armors that even heavy 20mm AP shells cannot. The electric firing mechanism releases the misses at incredible rate, adjustable to as high as even 240,000 rounds per minute. The projectiles are capable of changing their course after they were fired to nullify the negative effects of wind or correct the gunner's own error. The abolishment of complicated mechanics saved up tremendous amount of internal space. The weapon can hold as many as 120 projectiles, stored in 6 separate clips that occupy the entire length of the barrel. These can exchange each other rapidly in a slightly revolver-like fashion and able to store different types of ammunition in each clip to fit wide range of roles. Special mention goes to the so-called "Stalker" round which is able to home on its designed target with remarkable accuracy.
- IRLS-08 "Death Painter" Marking System: Bulky pistol which works essentially like a laser pointer. The energy of the laser sticks a special weave-pattern on the target which can be spotted even by orbiting satellites. It allows the mercenaries of H.Y.D.R.A. to track enemies even if they were to escape. Furthermore it works as a marker for any H.Y.D.R.A. owned weaponry, including the assault rifles, cannons, long-range missiles, aircraft, artillery and many others. In short anyone marked with the "Death Painter" is an open target to the entire military might of the H.Y.D.R.A. organization. It serves especially well with the "Stalker" rounds that home on their target with great precision. The IRLS-08 can be outfitted with extended stock and scope to fit for sniping purposes. 


Special Infantry Gear:

- TCM- 2000 "Stingbee" Smart Missile Launcher: Relatively short yet bulky and block shaped launcher, applicable for multiple purposes. The Stingbee is a multi missile launcher with 4 launch tubes and 8 missiles in total. It fires special variable missiles that can change their composition and properties just right before the launch. These "Smart Missiles" can fit about any role from cleaning bunkers, destroying tanks to even intercept enemy aircraft. Using the latest fuel technology these missiles fly at the insane speeds of Mach 10+, making it one of the fastest missiles developed. The Stingbee is also connected to the global Satellite network which allows it to home on the target with remarkable precision.
- SGM -44E "Buster" Assault Missile System: Large almost unwieldy tubular shaped missile launcher, deployed at such situations when destruction isn't an aftereffect but a clean requirement. The Buster uses the same guidance system as the Stingbee with the additional feature for manual control. Each missile weights over 100 pounds, making them look more like a small cruise missile. There are over 20 kinds of special warheads, each fitting a different purpose. They have only one uniting feature: destruction. Even the standard issue warhead has power comparable to a small nuclear device, making the Buster certainly the most dangerous infantry weapon at the H.Y.D.R.A.'s arsenal.

- HEL-0111 "Dawnbringer" Portable Laser Ordinance: High energy impulse laser developed to take down the hardest targets. Its powered by an ultra-compact palladium reactor with the regular output of 5MW. The weapon allows the operator to set any quality of the laser, making the Dawnbringer remarkably versatile. Although these adjustments are far too complex for a regular soldier to handle, requiring special license for the Dawnbringer's use. Nonetheless the Dawnbringer is not only versatile but very powerful, firing beams of energy over 1 gigajoule at maximal output. Its limitation compared to the more common missile systems that the Dawnbringer is unable to home on its target. Correcting the aiming errors also require the user's own input as opposed to the modern projectile weapons. Perhaps the sheer speed of the laser beam may offer a little compensation. Baring a few insane metahumans there aren't anyone capable of avoiding something at the speed of light.
- HEL- 0144 "Blaster" Laser Shock Carbine: Scaled down, lighter and more user-friendly version of the Dawnbringer. The ultra-compact palladium reactor was replaced by a simple fusion cell and the weapon's overall capabilities were reduced accordingly. It also lacks the free adjustability of the predecessor, having only three wavelength and 20 output settings. The modifications were made obviously for mass production as the complicated nature of the Dawnbringer made it too unwieldy for regular soldiers. As such the Blaster rifle can be used without any sort of special training, available for all members of appropriate rank. The Blaster possess a more sleek design, comparable to a modern but slightly futuristic assault rifle. To solve the lack of automatic aim correction, the Blaster has a ball mount laser emitter that can direct the beam anywhere in a 270 degrees range. The weapon's output ranges from 0.1 to 15 megajoules, the later having enough power to instantly turn a modern battle tank into a puddle of liquid metal. According to the H.Y.D.R.A. Military Doctrine chapter CXL paragraph 22 the Blaster is under the same regulations as the more heavier anti-armor weapons, despite obviously being a light assault rifle in size.
- PSS-011X "Void Trooper" Advanced Stealth Suit:
- PSH-133E "Kodiak" Heavy Power Suit:





Orbital Equipment:

- XAMD- 000000X "All Seeing Eye" Orbital System: Secret global satellite system that constantly aid the H.Y.D.R.A. forces in their success. The Eye of Icarus has multiple roles. First, it acts as a global observation system to see everything and fuel the soldiers with constant informations about the battlefield. Through ionic and laser transmitters the information feed works undisturbed even at the presence of heavy radio jamming. Secondly, it also works as a targeting system to aid the troops' aim on the field. Even if the enemy is out of sight, the soldiers can link up to the nearest satellite to mark the target. All they need just to pull the trigger. Third, the satellite system is capable of orbital strike. The later is accomplished by indirect means through reflecting the huge orbital laser to the Earth's surface.

- SSSS-0000 "Eye of Icarus" Satellite Base: Huge hidden satellite orbiting behind the Moon. It acts as a small space station and the main unit of the All Seeing Eye System. The base is powered by holographic solar panels that gather solar energy with far more efficiency than physical panels. The base's most notable feature is its colossal laser cannon called as "Icarus Cannon" that serves multiple purposes. Usually it sends a special laser wavelength to recharge other satellites with fresh solar energy, allowing for orbital units to stay in space infinitely. To aim without the need for steering the entire base, the Icarus Cannon has a large prism placed in front of the barrel to deflect the laser in any direction or scatter it to multiple sources accurately. The later part is vital to constantly recharge the hordes of satellites orbiting around the Earth. Aside from recharging duties the Icarus Cannon has a more direct, offensive purpose. It delivers the orbital laser strike with the codename of Delta Base Zero Command. The beam has the average energy output of 256 terrajoules but it can be further enhanced with the assistance of the auxiliary cold fusion reactors. The laser beam is sent to one of the orbiting "Mirrage" satellites which (by the use of concentrated lightwave barriers) redirects the attack to the Earth's surface. Depending on the laser's settings and the properties of the ligthwave barrier the attack can be a single very focused beam or a less concentrated beam saturation bombardment. The later can cover areas up to 5 kilometers, making it more of a strategic move than a simple tactical strike. Despite its complex and very delicate mechanisms Delta Zero Base Commands are extremely precise, being able to hit a stationary human-sized target with 99.9% accuracy.

- HKS-011 "Mirrage" Stealth Satellite: Small conical satellites orbiting around the Earth in great quantities as part of the Big Brother System. In addition to their small frames the satellites are also outfitted with advanced holographic camouflage and radar-absorbing plasma screens, making them almost undetectable from the surface. The satellite has countless sensory systems and extremely fine miniature telescopes to scan Earth with remarkable accuracy. The Mirrage is powered by holographic solar panels on the back but it can also receive direct energy charge via high-powered lasers from the Eye of Icarus. Despite its small size the Mirrage is fully capable of maneuvering thanks to its advanced ion thrusters and they can travel around the world in less than 24 hours. The Mirrage is also part of the Delta Base Zero Command as it temporally generates a lightwave barrier to deflect the massive satellite laser towards the Earth. For more powerful attacks there's the possibility of multiple Mirrage satellites combining their lightwave barriers together to direct the full power of the Icarus Cannon.

  [to be continued...]
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Chapter One - Prelude to Calamity:

 The dragon crest of Gekido.
 The dragon crest of Gekido.
It's been more than a whole decade since Keith MacKenzie expanded his influence over more than thousand dimensions. It was a stable period of growth as the sorcerer calmly observed the Earths of those countless worlds. Yet the reality of Gamma-101 (the Vice World) remained relatively unnoticed. Not until the events of the recent few years that Keith took a casual interest in Vice. The sudden emerge of new, powerful factors had finally spring a small fire that the sorcerer did not hesitate to abuse. He increased the number of observers on the Vice, especially centered around the new factors. What were those factors? Who knows...But the sorcerer's interest grew proportionally as the time went on. Something huge was about to begun. Keith could feel it clearly. The appearance of the rumored Retrias Deus Nix and two ancient prophecies were more than enough confirmation to the sorcerer. He couldn't miss the chance so he took the best bet. All the mysteries were connected to the same source: the villainous shady organization of Gekido. In a daring move Keith openly requested his admission to this Gekido. He offered valuable services to the group and the leader, Sonata Hinamura was glad to accept the sorcerer. The real intentions were unknown but it didn't bother Sonata. The structure of Gekido were unbelievably lax. Powerful villains joined hands for the sake of pure boredom. each and every one of them had their own agenda but miraculously Gekido did not crumble from all those differing opinion. It's a miracle that Keith couldn't believe and made the sorcerer even more interested. Just watching the daily activities of such organization had worth more than enough.
Time flew by and Keith quickly got acquainted with the important members of Gekido. Sonata Hinamura(later: Sonata Tsukasa), the leader of Gekido. She was a rather energetic young woman with a flippant attitude. The kind appearance though hid a sinister and cruel persona that she didn't fear to reveal at times of anger. Ray Tsukasa(alternatively known: Newdeath), an ambitious and enigmatic ninja with astoundingly fast development of strength. He was the only member who ever put up a guard against the sorcerer. The unknown entity of Nerx, a fun-loving all-eating monster with uncertain powers and intense love for gore. Haseo Yashimora, who pretty much acted like an outsider even then. Last but not least the previously mentioned Retrias Deus Nix(Fatalis), a being with unimaginable power. Whatever brought him here it's sure have a grand meaning.Amongst the lot, Keith feared only the almighty Fatalis. He was the only creature capable of eradicating him once and for all. Perhaps the inherent danger made the price even more rewarding.Keith lend more and more "assistance" to Gekido and his influence slowly grew inside the organization. He got closer to all those mysterious factors he could only watch watch from afar. That way he guaranteed his involvement in the enigmatic and immense event soon to be revealed. Keith made his Homunculous Army the official bodyguards of Gekido. It meant exposing his secret army of magical soldiers but the sorcerer didn't mind. He led everyone by the nose. The sorcerer gathered immense amount of information on each member. Keith even knew more about certain members than they ever did. Interestingly despite being heavily involved with Gekido the public knew nothing about Keith MacKenzie. It's all thanks to the sorcerer's skillful manipulation of information. Keith hid all his activities masterfully and maintained his clean image. He found the best if he keeps being under the radar as much as possible. That move later bore some great fruits.
Finally, Sonata Tsukasa revealed her greatest secret: The inheritance of Chaos Gene. Keith already suspected a hidden great power inside the Gekido's leader. The reveal was little surprise to him. Yet something brought his attention. Her origin of power had an unknown source. Something that even someone like Keith MacKenzie never experienced. The Chaos Energy. It's bore from the primal emotions of all sentient beings, making it akin to demonic energies. Still, the Chaos Energy was something more mysterious. And it made the sorcerer very interested. By the time she finished the explanation, Keith already had thousands of plans how to obtain this new form of energy. He simply wanted it. He didn't exactly knew why, but he had a feeling he must have it. When Sonata suggested a new event called as Sunrise, Keith was amongst the first to volunteer.
to be continued...
Next: Chapter Two - The Mystery of the Stolen Continent
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Here's the next installment. While I am still working on the first story part(more like I kind of forgot to do it since a few weeks) but I thought I shall post this until then. It's still under construction. Be sure to check it time to time.:)
  • General:

Keith MacKenzie as one could expect has a very long and complicated list of connections. He prefers to settle matters through connections and manipulation instead of raw force. The full extends of his influence is unknown save for Akasha and Keith himself. The exact number of Keith's supporters and the people working for him are unknown, as well as his partners and even more the people who help Keith's cause without them noticing.  It gets many times more complicated with the spiritual world where Keith's convoluted and long list of contracts are exactly the reason why Akasha can't erase him out of existence in an instant. With such massive influence it isn't even surprising when one of Keith's opponents find himself stabbed in the back by his/her dearest friend. Due to the complicated nature of Keith's list of relations the following will only contain the most well-known and important ones.

  • Minions:

Keith has a colossal number of minions, ranging from summoned demons to artificial human soldiers. Keith effectively possess his own private army which is more than enough to take over multiple planets. Which he rarely if ever does and considering his forces are spread over about a thousand universes the number gets less impressive. He regularly fights battles in multiple dimensions at once with different opponents and as such he can never focus all of his forces to one location.


The best known servants of Keith. The Homunculi are artificial human-like beings, designed down to the individual cells, enhanced with the advanced science and empowered by magic. As Keith has the Third Magic to control souls, he can even design a whole lot unique soul for the Homunculi. They have many categories and their approximate number reaches billions. They're made in factories that ignore most rules of time and space in rapid rate. In addition each Homunculi can be connected to Keith which he uses to possess his creations from anywhere and anytime. 
All Homunculi have a serial number to represent their model series. The number tells the Homunculi's origin of creation(which universe it was made), the type of the Homunculous, the actual model series and at times the sub-category of the model. Exactly in that order. For example the model series Delta-101 M73001C means it was made in the Delta-101 dimension(the Vice verse) and it's a regular foot soldier of Keith.

Homunculous Soldiers:

The most often encountered forces of Keith. The Homunculous Soldiers are probably one of the the cheapest to make Homunculous at Keith's arsenal. They are generally made with the least magic possible to further cheapen their individual cost. Still, about any Homunculous Soldier show outright superhuman capabilities and fighting power. Instead of soldiers they're more like battle machines made to fight. Like almost any Homunculi they're powered by magic, though in times of crisis they can live on different forms of energy. Thanks to the soul imprinting, every Homunculous Soldier comes out with the skills of an elite mercenary (at least). Keith's soldiers also have extremely advanced sensors to be always aware of the battlefield. Their weapons - while highly advanced and often extraordinary and magical in nature - are generally non-lethal to humans despite packing quite great power. They regularly possess weapons with exotic properties to catch their opponents off-guard. The 'M'(for military) letter before the model number indicates that the certain Homunculous in question is a soldier. The Homunculous Soldiers also have a few sub-categories:

  • A(Commander Type): When at the end of the model number has an A, for the soldier class it means that unit is designed to be a commander. The commander types have been made with more advanced technology and other than enhanced combat abilities they possess super-computer-like calculation skill, advanced sensors and often some ability to cast spells.
  • B(Squad Leader Type): The cheapened versions of the Commander Type. The Squad Leaders have slightly better powers than the regular soldiers and like the Commanders have the mind amalgam of thousands of great strategists. While it's rare it's not unheard of the Squad Leaders to be capable of casting spells.
  • C(Regular Type): The classical Homunculous Soldiers, armed with somehow standard equipment.
  • D(Heavy Type): The strengthened versions of the regulars. They possess enhanced durability and carry better/more heavier equipment
  • E(Siege Type): The walking tanks of the Soldier class. They have armor comparable to tanks with increased size and bulk. Of course they carry heavy weapons
  • F(Forward Type): This unit is designed to make communications between the forces easier. Like the commanders they have advanced communications and generally better sensors than a regular soldier.
  • I(Infiltration Type): Units specialized for stealth. They are rare to encounter.
  • S(Super Type): Unlike any other Homunculous Soldier, the Super Type is generally made of the top-notch technology available to have superior combat ability. They are used in extreme or special situations and they're always capable of casting spells.


Homunculous Guardians:

Homunculi designed to protect a specific place (usually labs and factories). They are either extremely cheap or expensive and often (unlike other Homunculi) don’t have a real consciousness. They act more like machines. Their powers and scale extremely vary depending on model series. As their name suggest they usually never leave their post. Generally every factory has its own kind of Homunculous Guardian.
Notable Homunculous Guardians:


The most common version of Homunculous Guardians. They are machines remote-controlled by a spiritual thread. Their powers are slightly weaker than a common Homunculous Soldier and they lack any advanced tactical ability and fighting skill. Instead they possess a fine amount of various sensors and their aim is quite precise. The primary objective of the Skiitarii to patrol the area and defeat smaller threats. They leave the rest to their more heavier counterparts and the fixed defenses of the facility.


Very advanced guardian. Unlike regular Homunculi they possess an extremely advanced battle AI instead and their preprogrammed soul only acts as a back-up. The Praetorians usually few in numbers but possess the latest weapons their facility can offer. They have numerous magic-calculating computers and capable of casting spells. They also possess considerable resistance to magic or supernatural attacks. Cause of their few numbers the Praetorians are always equiped with personal teleporters. Some versions can use that even in the middle of combat but generally it's only useful to move around in the facility quickly.


Homunculi turned tank. The Behemotto is a living platform of wide array of weapons. They are assigned to locations of outmost importance. Unlike the Praetorians they usually can't teleport but their weapons can. They have the Multi-Purpose Self-Controlled Mobile Arms(MPSCMA) system which can control multiple floating weapons at will. Each weapon set has an actual soul and they are capable of generating their own magic energy. The Behemotto can link himself with every single arms as well as the local defense mechanism to create a grand circuit of souls. Unlike most guardians, the Behemotto has a soul and real consciousness. They have the tactical and strategical capacity of a Commander-type Homunculous Soldier. The Behemotto himself is heavily armored and rather skilled in magic. It has powerful physical and supernatural shields to act as a final bulwark against the intruders. His impressive toughness and the power of his teleporting weapon systems makes the Behemotto one of the strongest Homunculi to face.

Homunculous Ambassadors:

Like their name suggest, the Ambassadors are the spokespersons of Keith. They are the most likely to get possessed by him and the optimal choice to do so. Although with the growing interferences of the Counterforce Keith was forced to develop a new kind of method to transmit his will on the field. He created minds and memories identical to his with the exact same personality Keith possesses. That way Keith can leave his Ambassadors alone and they still do everything as he would. Keith regularly checks the state of mind of those Homunculi as briefly as possible. If he finds any inconsistencies he restores it quickly. That way the Counterforce's interventions decreased drastically.
Other than for being the representations of Keith the Ambassadors are often used as infiltrators. They blend in the society quite adeptly and spy or just gather information constantly. Keith can even made Homunculous imitations of people, replacing them with his own. The Ambassador term in short applies to any social style Homunculi. Special mention goes to the above mentioned Ambassadors who act as Keith's voice. The Homunculous Ambassadors optimal for Keith to possess have the S suffix after the classic model number. 
There are more kinds of Homunculi like the Workers, Hivers and Calculators etc. The three mentioned above are the most often encountered categories. All Homunculi bears extreme loyalty to Keith and it's rare for any of them to turn against him. They often share his ideals and aims; sometimes to the extend of fanaticism.


Chimeras, as their name suggest are the mix of two or more species into an amalgamous form of a monster. For example Chimera can be the mix of a dog and a horse. Perhaps, Keith has little to no interest in classic breeds of Chimera. Keith creates Chimera to examine certain attributes of various lifeforms and beings. 99% of the Chimeras never see the light outside their laboratories and die as soon as the experiment concludes. Although some of them prove to be rather useful and Keith
His Chimeras are living mixture of elementals, demons and spells. They can be hardly called a lifeform as they usually lack the concept of life. Of course there are more classical kinds of Chimera at Keith's disposal. They are all the results of Keith's experiments of magic. Only a few percent of those Chimera sees combat and even less of those were made especially for that purpose.  If the Homunculi are the acting force of Keith, the Chimera are more like cleaners and specialists. They are made for solely a single special purpose and after they served their purpose, they die.

Katara Stygos (Curse of the Styx):

Black formless floating or crawling blob, one of Keith's most frightening creations. The creature is an unison of numerous minor demons as well as other spirits like elementals. Katara Stygos' "body" is the water of river Styx (from the Underworld) as well as materialized spells like a liquefied form of Gelu Atra, Umbra Maxima and countless curses. The creature cannot be called a lifeform or being but a shapeless mass of both physical and supernatural anomaly. On contact Katara Stygos can break down matter and reform it to his own body. If left unchecked this ability is essentially limitless though the absorption usually takes quite a time (Keith placed a limiter to prevent it from growing too fast). The chimera has a very strong desire to get more and more larger and powerful. The creature can absorb almost anything be it a body, a spell or even the souls of the living. Even Keith can't control Katara Stygos completely though he has specialized methods and precautions to defeat the creature when the situation really gets out of hand. Keith developed this creature against a certain sorcerer and reoccurring enemy, Isaac Smith since it possess an great resistance to casual reality warping (Isaac's trump card). As such Katara Stygos is one of the few Chimera that were designed for combat since the beginning. Keith only calls the creature on rare occasions since it can't hold back and Katara Stygos' very existence draws on the Counterforce's attention if Keith keeps it unsealed.

Draconis Ultima(Ultimate Dragon):

An experimental breed of Chimera made out of the collective of various Dragon DNA/soulprints. The Draconis Ultima was part of an experiment to create the original Dragon race. The original Dragons are rumored to have powers beyond the True Magics and it piqued his interest. His research failed but the various products of dragon-chimeras proved to be very useful. The Draconis Ultima is the best breed of such Chimeras. It's a semi-spiritual being with unstable form. The chimera contains the combined power of all Dragons known to Keith and has at least 3 heads. Each head have the dominant ability of a certain dragon race and the being can grow additional heads at will. In addition it has the combines all the advantages of the Dragon-like defenses and possesses regeneration down to quantum level. Unless the amalgam of Dragon souls residing inside Draconis Ultima are slain, there's no way to kill the creature. At severe situations the Dragon can combine all the Dragon races' offensive abilities into one head creating a semi-complete version of the original Dragon's ability.

Habatu Gissu(Thieving Shade):

An unstable normally invisible entity made out of incomplete souls. The side-product of the T.E.R.U.M.I. Project. Unlike its predessor though Habatu Gissu has nothing to stabilize its existence on. As such its barely detectable to even spiritual sensors. Only combined high-level spiritual sensors can hope to find this shade-like being. When Habatu Gissu makes contact with a being of choice, it can steal minute-like portion of the being's power. Using that small part Habatu Gissu can copy the said being's abilities and powers and thus stabilize itself in the process. It becomes the exact copy of the chosen creature. The only difference is the power output. Habatu Gissu turns magical power into other kinds of powers required to use the said abilities. When it attempts to copy powerful beings it often results in an inferior copy. Still, Habatu Gissu is excellent for both information gathering and cornering Keith's opponents with their own power. Perhaps there are few ways to defend against Habatu Gissu. For example if one has overwhelming, nearly godly resistance to the supernatural. Also few abilities are have outside sources and thus Habatu Gissu is unable to copy them.


The Consul - The enigmatic benefactor:

After years and effort and planning Keith has finally managed to summon and enslave the enigmatic Arch-demon generally referred as the Consul. He's a powerful demon lord with immense but mysterious power. Due to the Counterforce's attention Keith rarely has a chance to summon him. Instead Keith summons the Consul's 12 strongest demonic bodyguards: the Lictors. They were once powerful demons but the Consul defeated them one by one and now those demons have sworn unconditional loyalty him. As Keith became the Consul's new master the Lictors obey his orders without a question. Keith did a few experiments on them and gave the Lictors new, more human-like physical bodies. It serve less of an enchantment and more of a restraint for their powers.  Keith likes extreme precision afterall and the raging powers of the demons are unfit for this conditions. 

Aggrannax - The Lictor of Evergrowing Fire:

       Aggrannax - His towering 9 feet high   stature and piercing eyes bear a strong aura of fear and command.
 Aggrannax - His towering 9 feet high stature and piercing eyes bear a strong aura of fear and command.

 One of Keith's favorite. He's the Lictor with the most warlike nature.  Aggrannax wields two large set of heavy sabers and wears a spiked full crimson armor. The Lictor's main ability to call his demonic fire. The demonic fire can't be extinguished by normal means and the more fire Aggrannax summons the more power he gets and in turn his own fires get even more powerful. To Keith's calculations if Aggrannax constantly produces flames for a whole week uninterrupted then it gets powerful enough to melt Earth sphere in a whole.Although Keith would never let Aggrannax loose like that. Aggranax's flames have varying heat but they're above 3000 degrees Celsius at minimum. Other than his fire power Aggrannax knows many spells(some of which Keith taught him) and possesses great fighting skill. His physical abilities surpass almost any Homunculi. Aggrannax could use his magic power to enhance his speed and strength to extreme degrees. His recorded maximum speed was at about Mach 20 but Keith believes Aggrannax could do even more. Aggrannax's equipment is special. His armor amongst others is made up of a special Vibranatium alloy to turn much of the attack's kinetic energy to Angrannax's own magical energy. His blades on the other hand are metaphysical and could pass through matter if he wants it to.

Voracious - The Lictor of Dreaded Consumption:

       Voracious - The menace that looks more like an armor decorated with flesh than a human being.
 Voracious - The menace that looks more like an armor decorated with flesh than a human being.
He's the least controllable Lictor at Keith's arsenal.The towering(15 feet high) monstrous creature wields a huge crystal blade and a shattered piece of armor. To add to the menace instead of its chest Voracious has a large vortex of energy. That vortex serves as the main source of Voracious' power. The vortex absorbs energy and matter constantly which is being transported to Voracious' own dimension. Here various forces transforms everything he absorbed to pure magical energy, adding to Voracious' own supplies.  He can either use that energy for his various spells or release it as a destructive blast. For the later his sword serves as focus point and his swings have devastating power. With a simple slash he can release a huge weave of energy. The energy weave could have different attributes but usually it's just a simple destructive weave. Voracious is the least predictable Lictor of the group. He acts on a completely feral way but with the cunningness of top class. Voracious could alter and twist it's body freely or grow out additional limbs with ease. To Keith's direct orders Voracious could share its huge supplies with others but otherwise it would never happen. In terms of physical abilities Voracious isn't either the most though or fastest one but it can exert the most strength.

Ahriman - The Lictor of Blightful Life:

The Lictor's appearance is confusing on many levels. She's a 12 feet high female Lictor who never speaks. Her main power is to infest and to birth life. She can transform her body and grow out numerous high-speed tentacles for attack. Those tentacles usually travel at straight line and accelerate rapidly with the distance. They impale her opponents like deadly spears. Also she can spread her seeds to hatch various nightmarish creatures.She can even shoot those seeds out as a rapid shower. If they hit a living creature they could infest it and transform their body to Ahriman's liking. She shares her senses with her spawned creatures and she can extend this ability to her allies by infesting them . Also she possesses incredible regeneration abilities and through direct body contact she can share it with the other Lictors. Her fighting abilities are rather low though. She is weakest at both offense and defense. Without support she doesn't really have much use.

Gelvidus - Lictor of the Inevitable Frost:


 One of the most ordinary-looking Lictors. Gelvidus possess only few physical traits different from a high-grade Homunculous. He's almost 7 feet tall and the most loyal Lictor of Keith. He obeys any command of his without hesitation. His main ability to freeze anything in the vicinity. His power gets exponentially stronger with the shorter distance and he can freeze things even to the absolute zero degree. Gelvidus has multiple hovering orbs to spread his powers more effectively. They carry the same powers as him, though only a portion of that.  He likes to hide and ambush his opponents and its about his only specialty besides his frost powers. Gelvidus's personality is cold and short-spoken as one could expect.  For defense he uses various spells with moderate effect and his own frost powers. The later can stop physical attacks really well as at close proximity(1cm or less) Gelvidus' frost powers almost freeze the space itself.

Amser - The Lictor of Tricky Time:

 Amser - His time related powers may surpass even Keith's
 Amser - His time related powers may surpass even Keith's
He's one of the most interesting Lictors. Amser is a mischievous and lazy individual with the most human characteristics out of the Lictors. Keith Mackenzie even fought him once about 40 years prior he enslaved the Consul. Keith didn't need to give him a Homunculous body as he already possessed human appearance. His powers and few of his abilities are mystery even to Keith. Amser have the most and least controllable ability at once. He can stop the time, rewind it, slow it down or fasten it. He can choose where and how he use his time manipulation abilities but their effect vary greatly. It usually fluctuate between the values of 1 and 12. For example once he can stop the time for 12 seconds while the next time only for 3. It's duration or power can vary randomly to both Keith's and Amser's annoyance. Other than his time powers he knows quite a few magics though his real expertise is at the art of illusions. Amser loves to play games and never appears to be serious. It's unclear what kind of physical abilities he have as he never fights directly and relies on a telekinesis-like skill instead.

Bardd - The Lictor of Crazy Muses:

 Bardd - oddball amongst the oddballs.
 Bardd - oddball amongst the oddballs.
The Lictor with the weirdest personality. Bardd dresses confusingly and only speaks in lyrics. He has a huge mandolin-axe which greatly contrasts with his overall appearance. He's 11 feet tall and relatively skinny. His hairstyle differs every single time but it never gets normal. Bardd's main ability is the control of sounds and vibrations. He can destroy any physical matter nearby in split seconds by his singing voice and his mandolin-axe serves as a greater focus and amplifier. Keith reinforced the weapon's capability to absorb vibrations with an extra Vibranatium layer. Bardd can control his soundweaves in any way. He can unleash powerful sound slashes or blasts or use his soundweaves and pressure to protect himself. Additionally Bardd keeps swarms of Siren spirits inside his weapon and that he can unleash for various spells. Despite his appearance and personality, Bardd is a skilled fighter and he can put up a good fight if needed.


Yildirim - The Lictor of Living Thunders:

 Yildirim - One of the most ruthless Lictors.
 Yildirim - One of the most ruthless Lictors.
The fastest Lictor. He can generate or summon supernatural lightnings with great skill. It isn't limited to various lightning-based attacks but he can also call creatures made out of pure lightning. Those lightning-creatures are in fact the extensions of Yildirim's body though they can act independently from his will. Also Yildimir can turn into lightning to travel with extreme speed. His reflexes match his speed and when he turns back he can choose to keep his momentum for incredibly powerful charges. He can do the same to any object and it works like some kind of linear catapult.  As of yet Yildirim is the only Lictor who experienced fights in the outer space. In Keith's few recent space conquests he played an important role. Yildirim can also turn intangible to avoid physical attacks by the use of his lightning form. Lastly but not the least Yildirim learned to use his lightning powers for extreme magnetism, it's a new ability Keith taught him. Yildirim has a serious and prideful personality with a powerful thunderous voice. He's an expert at physical torture and prefers to cause that kind of eternal hell on his opponents.

Bojovnik - Lictor of Eternal Wars:

Bojovnik - The obvious sing of War.
Bojovnik - The obvious sing of War.
12 feet high demon of war and the best fighter amongst the Lictors. He rarely if ever speaks in the middle of battle and doesn't care about anything but fight. Bojovnik accumulates his power from the intensity of wars. The greater the war, fiercer the fighting, more power he gets. Also he possesses a powerful Reality Marble that prevents anyone Bojovnik wishes to fight from leaving the battlefield, regardless of method they try to use. The Lictor's presence has the power to cause strive and increase the scale of conflicts. Calling Bojovnik equals a formal proclamation of war in Keith's book. The abilities of Bojovnik focus on fighting without any inhibitions. He's extremely resistant to curses or mental attacks which has been further enhanced by Keith. His spear has the power to pierce through almost anything, including various barriers, shields or magic fields. The latest addition, his shield is Keith's invention that deflects most offensive spells with ease and protect against other kind of supernatural attacks. The shield gets more powerful with the increasing strength of its possessor.
[To be continued...] 

Other Summons:



For battles in the outer space, Keith possesses a fleet of considerable size. They are the combination of the best technology/magic and alchemy.

Suppression Crafts:

Simple and small spacecraft developed for small-scale conflicts. It has no serious armor, only weak shield and Heaven's Feel based automatic repair. It's weapons are non-lethal and designed to affect large massess with a combination of various sleep and stun effects. Since their small size, they are cheap to send via SLP and in groups can quickly pacify whole countries or ill-equipped fleets. They are perfectly capable of silent atmospheric flight via anti-gravity drives.

Drone Fighters:

Small and light automated machines, imbued with an artificial soul as a pilot. The Drone Fighers are launched from larger ships like relativistic artillery shells. They transform into their figher form in mid-flight. The Drone Fighters are extremely maneuverable and have advanced gravity engines to move as well as in-build teleporters. With the later they can easily appear even inside the unshielded spaceships, destroying it from the inside. All weapons are set to non-lethal to living beings and they have transporter rays to capture the helpless crew.


The smallest Homunculus-piloted spacecrafts. They have limited weapons but advanced engines. They often act as scouts or transports. Their default load-out consist of:

  • 4 multi-purpose artillery with near-lightspeed shots.
  • 1 large multi-purpose artillery to launch Drone Fighters and heavy ammunition.
  • 20 Drone Fighters
  • 6 medium torpedo launchers
  • 12 transporter ray ports
  • Medium Gravity Shield/Spacefold disruptor barrier
  • Light Boundary Field defense
  • Emergency SLP teleporter



Spaceships with size slightly over the Cruisers. Unlike the later they specialize in combat, especially taking down heavily armored targets. Their primary weapon is either fusion cutters that cut with the concentrated power of a powerful nuke or dimension rippers that distorts space in a line. Both are miraculously non-lethal and designed to avoid living beings with their effect. Their default load-out is:

  • 60 Drone Fighters
  • 2 multi-purpose artillery to launch fighters.
  • 4 heavy torpedo launchers
  • 5 transporter ray ports
  • 1 hull fusion cutter/dimension ripper


Medium-sized attack spaceships with multiple roles. They are like smaller battleships, loaded with weapons. Frigates have a specific teleportation system that allows the machine to replace its parts individually. Also it has high-level alchemy that allows the Frigate to change form in the middle of battle or produce newer and newer weapons. As such the Frigates can rapidly prepare for any kind of battle. The Frigates prone to have one very powerful main cannon to overwhelm their opponents as well as hordes of secondary weapons and Drone Fighters. Like any spacecraft of Keith, it can repair itself via Heaven's Feel to its original shape, regardless of damage. Frigates also usually have  a hidden SLP generator to quickly escape or flank the enemy.


The large big brothers of the Frigates, the battleships have extreme firepower, speed and toughness. Their shape is highly malleable and changes to the current need. It has the same systems as the Frigate but on a more advanced level. They are fully capable of SLP, although it consumes considerable amount of energy. Instead they usually rely on a new ability which allows them to move 4-dimensionally. They can pass distances faster and even exceed the speed of light while traveling that way. Unless someone can observe the 4th spatial dimension the battleships appear without warning, seemingly out of nothing. The Battleships have the best sorceries and defenses amongst all the other kinds of ships and pose extreme threat.

  • Factions/Organizations:

By his nature Keith MacKenzie founded and joined incredible number of organizations. He rarely remained in them for long and betrayed most of them after using each of them to the fullest. The list is so confusing that probably only a few top spirits and Keith MacKenzie himself knows how many. The following list only mentions the few important factions Keith involved himself with.

Caliga Nostra Nigra:

      Caliga Nostra Nigra's Symbol
 Caliga Nostra Nigra's Symbol
 Caliga Nostra Nigra means Our Black Shroud and was the first organization which Keith made personally. It is special in many aspects as Keith had no need to gather people. He basically united his followers and others with great respect to him and formed an international crime group in a mere month's time. Keith needed this group's power to attain the 7 great sealing pieces which keeps Ingressius, the father of all demons sealed away from the reality.  The group had a solid and well-working structure despite its hasty creation. Caliga Nostra Nigra had an excellent information network and great amount of resources. In some way Caliga Nostra Nigra was one of the most effective and ridiculous organizations which Keith has ever created. 
The real advantage of the group was the fact that no one besides Keith's inner circle knew that what they're doing is actually assisting crime. They trusted Keith and thought his intentions were innocent. Only the Inner Circle with mere 9 members(including Keith) knew the real situation. Each were devoted to Keith and made a Pactio with him. As such every member was strong fighter on their own.


Members of the Inner Circle:

 Hanz Morrigan:
Age: 29
Occupation: Teacher
Articraft: Aldheeris Cacei (space-bending halberd)
Role: Vanguard and Second-in-command

 He was a young and talented teacher at the Negi Springfield Academy. He didn't possess rare skills or incredible magic power but he was a very bright and open person. He had a great mind and incredible expertise at the art of philosophy. In magic he excelled at the basic spells and found innovative new use of them. After he made a Pactio with Keith via blood pact he acquired Aldhaeris Cacei, a halberd with space-warping properties. He could teleport at moderate distances by cutting portals or bend the space by more concentration. With the later he could effectively block powerful attacks just by altering the route of space or imprison others in a coffin of space. In 3 years he went through excessive training to be both capable fighter and mage. He became the first person Keith has ever trusted since a long while and helped to open him up. In terms of attitude he was soft-spoken, courteous and kind by nature. Hanz trusted Keith without a question, a thing which he later heavily regretted. He wasn't overly idealistic though. He was simply optimistic and believed a way to much in his friendship. He served as Keith's right hand, best ally and second in command. 
 Hildareia Laertis:
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Articraft: Somnium Dulcissimae (flying broom with sleep powder)
Role: Distraction and Support 
 Aldeia Lambrecht:
Age: 24
Occupation: Mercenary
Articraft: Vescia Latrocinium (magic-stealer sword)
Role: Vanguard and personal Bodyguard of Keith 



 Frederica Carmel:
Age: 26
Occupation: Terrorist
Articraft: Ruina Maxima (multi-amunition bazooka)
Role: Explosives and heavy support



 Zaine Clover. A sk Zaine Clover:
Age: 19
Occupation: ?
Articraft: Velox Ver(speed boots)
Role: Offense


Katgerine Reins:
Age: 21
Occupation: Knight
Articraft: Loric
atus Multiformalis (transforming armor)
Role: Defense and Vanguard

Sarah Hartlein:
Age: 24
Occupation: Free performer...amongst others
Articraft: Optimus Speculum (copy-staff)
Role: Distraction

Chiaki Fukuda:
Occupation: Ninja
Articraft: Sparsum Tempestas(frag-shuriken)
Role: Offense


Mage's Association:

The Mage's Association or simply the Association is a community and alliance of magi which is present at almost any Nasuverse world. It's an ancient organization founded about thousand years ago to preserve magic. Ever since then the Association acts as primary group of mages. They recruit any mage with considerable talent and as well regulate and control the actions of other mages. In his original world, Keith joined their ranks at a remarkably young age showing his incredible talent. The main aim of the Association is to keep and improve the knowledge of magic while maintining the masquerade thus keeping the common people outside the world of magic. The later is essential for their own survival. While it sounds simple the Association is a corrupt organization deep down to the core.  Power struggles occur regularly behind the surface. The higher ups are especially paranoid and with a reason since no sane mage would miss a chance to backstab them. The Association is in a constant conflict with the Holy Church, an organization led by the Pope to clear anything unnatural and heretic. Since centuries they have made something like a ceasefire treaty but both sides sit on metamorphological barrels full of gunpowder which are about to explode.
The Association has three main branches. Clock Tower, the primary branch located in London. It possess the most power and collects numerous schools of magecraft. In his original world Keith was the member of the Spiritual Evocation Department which researches on the communication with spirits and the methods calling/controlling their power. In the Middle-East somewhere hidden in Egypt there's the branch of Atlas. Atlas is a branch researching on alchemy, a special one which is comparable to super-advanced mathematics and precognition than classic Alchemy. Third, is the Sea of Estray (alternatively known as the Wondering Tomb) a branch spread through Europe. Their alchemists and the mages of Atlas are on especially bad terms. The organization has little to no holds on the Far East though. Their influence is relatively weak over there.
Keith tried to seize power by abusing the greed of the Association's mages. In five years he amassed enough influence to nearly match the Lords. His secret clique had ears everywhere in Clock Tower but ultimately he failed. A string of mistakes after his depart to the Grail War had caused his ultimate downfall. The High Lords quickly dispatched his faction without him knowing(since he had no connections with the outside that time) and had exiled Keith instantly. He instantly became hunted and numerous Enforcers were sent to kill him. To his luck though Keith had acquired Blue Ether and escaped to another dimension before they could get him. Later he came back with incomparably more power and skill. Nowadays he has numerous moles in many Nasuverse dimensions to practice his influence on the Association without anyone knowing.

Ceruleum Aeternis:

Ceruleum Aeternis' Official Logo
Ceruleum Aeternis' Official Logo
 Keith's own manufacturing and business corporation he made at the Nanohaverse. He founded it decades ago to create a front to distract people from his original works. Like the previous companies made by Keith it was planned to be just a front without any real importance or work. Due a specific event Keith rethought the idea and Ceruleum Aeternis quickly became one of the leading companies in the multiverses of Nanohaverse. He didn't stop there and extended it's influence to all of the worlds known by Keith. Nowadays, all research complexes, factories and other facilities owned by Keith are under the name of Ceruleum Aeternis. Ceruleum Aeternis became a multiversal organization and presently the grand faction of Keith. On the surface it's a harmless and advanced company but behind the surface lies a manipulative and influential power under Keith MacKenzie's direct control. Countless people including top mages and scientists work for Keith to further his goals. The extend they are aware of Keith's real identity and intentions vary but many have little to no idea about what they really are doing. Legally Ceruleum Aeternis has contracts with over 500 companies and organizations in the Nanohaverse alone and the actual number is larger by tenfold at least. The complicated structure of Ceruleum Aeternis hides grave mysteries.


 The Symbol of Gekido
 The Symbol of Gekido
  In about less than a year ago Keith MacKenzie joined the global evil organization Gekido of the Gamma-101 dimension. They took Keith's interest a few years back and when he finally stabilized his influence and presence on that world he decided to join. The leader is a young woman named Sonata Hinamura(after the wedding: Sonata Tsukasa). She inherited the leadership just a few years ago but under her rule the Gekido group attained many extremely powerful members. The core members possessed incredible powers(many who even surpassed Keith's) and that's what brought his attention. Keith joined but only as a contributor/ally and not a regular member since by that time Gekido's status as villain organization has already became known to the world. Their cover company ,the Gekido Steel Works weren't enough to cover all the atrocities the playful nature of few (and to note powerful) team-members caused. Interestingly almost everyone welcomed Keith with open arms, not suspecting his true intentions.  Only the cold-blooded ninja, Newdeath were alerted but even he couldn't doubt Keith's usefulness. He lent part of his Homunculous army to Gekido and made them the official guard. He aided various members and offered his services, perhaps always for something in exchange. Over the course of time Keith could analyze the rare and strange powers of each member, furthering his own knowledge. As the time went on Keith got closer to the members and gained Sonata's trust. At one time she told him about the Chaos Gene and the upcoming Sunrise Event. Keith's chance has finally come.
[to be continued...]
  • Allies/ Friends:

  While unable to trust others, Keith still found the support of few people. They are like contracts for the common business or occasional partners, not actual friends.

Yuuko Ichihara:

 Ichihara Yuuko - the Dimensional Witch
 Ichihara Yuuko - the Dimensional Witch
She's the Dimensional Witch, a once the second most powerful magician in the world. Although sometime in the past she lost large portion of her powers and kind of retired. She swore non-interference to the world's affairs. Nowadays, she grants wishes for an equal price. It doesn't mean she demands a great sum of money but she keeps her own code of equivalent exchange. For what one gain by the wish completed they must sacrifice something of equal value. She strongly believes in fatalism and that certain events are inevitable so bound to happen. She rarely if ever refuses a request be it from anyone. Since her home is outside any dimensions, only people with strong wishes that can be granted by her can visit the place. Even more of a reason to never refuse her guests.

She's Keith MacKenzie's greatest benefactor and the one responsible for Keith's Blue Ether. She gave him in exchange of Keith's remainder of belongings. It methamorphologically meant he sewered all his connections with the original world. In some way Keith forsake his whole life in his home dimension to visit countless others. Keith has lost his roots and he would change beyond recognition. According to Yuuko he might even stop being human at one point.  In every five years or after using Blue Ether Keith visits Yuuko's house. They have a rather good relation with each other although both know that there will be a time when they must be enemies.

Yukari Yakumo:

  One of the eldest and most respected Youkai at Gensokyo, the Youkai of Boundaries. Her power can control about any boundary as well to open portals to other locations.She's the responsible for maintaining the barrier between the humans and demons in the area and possesses great knowledge.  Although she appears to be too lazy to anything and regularly leaves that duty to her Shikigami servant, Ran instead. They say she's sleeping in her mansion but actually she's indeed very active. Yukari tends to take long journeys to different dimensions as a kind of tourism. She enjoys learning something new and amusing and it quickly made her hooked to such activities. In one of those travels he met with Keith.
Despite he sensed neither ill intentions, hostility or remarkable evil from Keith Yukari knew she can't trust him. On the other hand she found him an interesting fellow who can always tell a new tale. Since then Yukari visits Keith time to time. She rarely does minor favors to him and likewise. Their "friendship" is more like a "ceasefire" but they both find it amusing regardless.
  • Enemies:

Through his dangerous adventures, Keith made countless enemies. Perhaps only a few of them were powerful or tenacious enough to face Keith more than once.

The Counterforce:

      Keeper of Balance, the Counterforce serve Akasha.
  Keeper of Balance, the Counterforce serve Akasha.
The guardian force of the Omniverse which keeps the balance of the worlds and maintains stability. It is the acting force of Akasha, the great source of everything in existence. The Counterforce eliminates any element that threatens the world's stability. The power of the Counterforce can reach anywhere and can control everything but it generally never intervenes actively. Since its activity in itself can cause instability the Counterforce relies in more subtle and often unnoticeable methods to reach its objective. Slightly altering probabilities, changing luck or slightly manipulating people to do the dirty work. The Counterforce secretly gives and takes powers to avert grave situations. The Counterforce and indirectly Akasha is the source of every single supernatural power. All heroes in existence had at least the slight assistance of the Counterforce to ultimately win. On rare times the Counterforce calls champions to directly face the threat though it only happens in extreme situations. It's even more rare that the Counterforce practices its power in a direct way, by either crushing or erasing the opposition from existence.

  The Counterforce is Keith's "True Enemy", his gravest opposition. He can't call it an enemy though as Keith has little to no means to fight back. All he can do is to survive its attempts and so far he did well. Keith became aware of the Counterforce's actions about 60 years ago. Until then the Counterforce could freely manipulate Keith and make his grand plans ultimately fail without exception. It became harder with Keith being conscious about it so it resorted to another method, bad luck. Gradually Keith's luck worsened to extreme levels. Any plan less than 100% success was likely to fail. Although Keith conquered that setback quickly by indirect and complicated plans, involving swarms of various people as important factors. In response the Counterforce became even more aggressive. First it attempted to strip Keith's powers away, making him useless but with a large-scale gamble Keith quickly regained them. He formed a complicated and nearly absurd list of spiritual contracts which made the stability of the world tremble whenever he would lose his abilities.
It has been many rounds and Keith gradually came to understand the Counterforce's way of making decisions. In his current state Keith MacKenzie is a hairline from being completely erased from existence. If he spends more than one year in one dimension he would disappear. Perhaps with Keith's TDCSTLS and many other methods he can quickly hop between worlds and have his own body constantly travel between thousands of realities to avoid this effect. Still, Keith is unable to exert his magic power for long as it hastens the process. Even if he uses magic indirectly through his minions, if he shakes up the Counterforce's attention too much he's
      The Akashic Records- place of every knowledge. Keith's final objective to obtain it.
 The Akashic Records- place of every knowledge. Keith's final objective to obtain it.
likely to get annihilated. Although the events of Sunrise proposes a new way for Keith to counter, the Chaos Energy.

The Akashic Records are part of Akasha( or maybe Akasha itself). Reaching and absorbing its limitless knowledge is supposedly the final objective of Keith. Such ambition is one of the many reasons why the Counterforce views Keith as a serious threat. Other notable point that without the Counterforce's restrictions Keith could cause exponentially growing massive paradoxes by the continuous use of his magic. Keith has to eventually overcome the Counterforce before he could hope to possess the knowledge contained inside the Akashic Records. For now his weapon only his resourcefulness and the revelation of certain gaps in Akasha's power. Relying on those Keith MacKenzie has survived the Counterforce's assaults till now.

Kishua Zelretch Schweniorg:


 Kishua Zelretch Schweniorg - Keith MacKenzie's greatest opponent at the Nasuverse.
 Kishua Zelretch Schweniorg - Keith MacKenzie's greatest opponent at the Nasuverse.
Kishua Zelretch Schweniorg is the Kaleidoscope Mage and one of the most powerful magic-users in the dimension of Nasuverse. He's a whimsical old hermit who despite being turned into a vampire still supports the side of humans. He's over 500 years old and appears to have taken the role of protecting humans. Keith MacKenzie became Zelretch's enemy when he attempted to capture other magicians for the knowledge of True Magics. Thanks to Zelretch's interference and the obvious difference in power Keith failed every single time and ignited a secret war between him and the old magician. It was about 40 years ago and they're still at a standstill.
Zelretch as the possessor of the Kaleidoscope Magic can travel or even manipulate parallel worlds. In that area he's well over even Keith's current powers. He can travel between the infinite alternate realities or have his own pocket-realities to hide in. Additionally he can transfer about anything from those parallel worlds, including memories and energy. That way he has infinite magic supply as there are infinite parallel worlds. In his prime Zelretch could stop the Moon with his own power. Also Zelretch is well-versed in magecraft and can slightly manipulate time. But the greatest threat is that there are more than one Zelretch in existence. The infinite parallel worlds hold infinite Zelretches, most of them with the same personality and powers as the one mentioned above. It makes him a multipresent entity just like Keith.  The bulk of the various Zelretches formed an alliance and nowadays Keith often faces more than 3 Zelretches at once. The Zelretch Alliance tightly guards the other possessors of True Magic, not letting Keith to obtain them. 

Isaac Noah Smith:

 Devil on plain sight!
 Devil on plain sight!
He's a mysterious sorcerer who can travel between dimensions. He and Keith are long time enemies, dating back to many decades.  Like Keith, Isaac's primary objective to known everything about the world. Unlike him though he mercilessly sacrifice everything to get results. Isaac wandered in the world for more than 300 years and became bored with the meddling of mortals. While he views humans as nothing more than a pile of flesh. Isaac possess extreme scientific knwonledge as well as grand magic powers. He often surrounds himself with an army of magically crafted drones. Like Keith he's being obstructed by the Counterforce though to a lesser degree.
Isaac himself is a very proud mage. He views about everything as inferior and as mere objects for him to use. Cause of that he finds some forms of magic as subpar and unfit for him. He prefers to use a relatively narrow set of magics:
  •  Vector Magic: The ability to redirect any kind of vector. Isaac rewrites the trajectory of any energy, with some difficulty even magical. He prefers to use it as a form of counterattack and execution. Isaac believes turning his opponents attacks themselves is an elegant and efficient way to end battle. 
  • Astral Projection: Instead of using copies, Isaac appears as a projected form. The location of the original is unknown but the projection itself is powerful already. The projection can form each of its quanta with relative freedom and regenerate as long as a single particle is left intact.
  • Aiax Amynas: Special barrier that intercepts attacks and sets their main parameters to zero, effectively deflecting them. To use it effectively Isaac must be aware of the nature of the attack and depending on the situation the barrier can be overwhelmed if it gets hit by too many kinds of attacks at once.
  • God-sight Ansuz: His trump card. The spell temporally makes Isaac the ultimate observer in the area. Isaac can control and warp the reality as well as the law of cause and effect anywhere he can see or sense in other ways.What Isaac perceives and wishes are set in stone at the effected area. Although due to the Counterforce's actions Isaac can't use this ability extensively but it's still more than enough for him to destroy a whole universe with it.
Despite the difference in powers Keith defeated Isaac at their first confrontation and ever since then Isaac wishes to exact revenge on him. They fought many times since then with mixed results.
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Chapter I. - The Prodigy:

Keith MacKenzie   has born as a regular human in . It was in 1920 just after the end of the First World War. He was born into a relatively high class family of Magi, the MacKenzies. It was a new Magus family with Keith being the 3rd generation mage in the line. Regardless, they had high ambitions and surprising influence. The family originates from Scottish emigrants though in their long history the MacKenzies have British,French, German, Irish, Indian, Polish and even South American blood flowing in their veins. For living the MacKenzie family had a long history of tradesmanship and it served as the base of their wealth. In contrast due to their reputation as Magi was weak even if both family heads have worked hard improving their connections in that area.  

Neil Mackenzie - Despite his best efforts he could never love his son.
Neil Mackenzie - Despite his best efforts he could never love his son.

His mother , Angelina MacKenzie (formerly Angelina Dubois) had died while giving birth to Keith. That situation gave his father, Neil MacKenzie a complicated feeling and created an impassable distance between father and son. He loved his wife deeply and seeing his newborn son always reminded him to the tragedy every day. The young Keith grew up in the care of house maids and other servants while Neil absorbed himself in work to hide his grief. Despite that his father didn't forget to give the best education possible for the young boy. From the reports of maids and a quick test (for magic affinity) he realized that Keith has incredible potential both in terms of intelligence and magic. 

For the sake   of the MacKenzie family Neil couldn't leave this talent to waste. He called the best private teachers in the country he knew of to educate the young prodigy since the age of 5. Despite his age Keith was surprisingly sharp and learned in an alerting rate. Seeing his progress, Neil had decided it's time to teach him magic. He fought with his uncomfortable feeling and became Keith's personal educator in magecraft. His rarely seen father's presence gave the child incredible motivation and he enjoyed every minute of the courses. Keith studied hard to match his father's expectations, even more...surpass them. Their relationship became closer but it never reached the connection between true father and son. Neil always kept the attitude of teacher and instructor, the image of Angelina was too strong in him.  

 Alexander Moritas - a broken man who lost his wife at the War.
 Alexander Moritas - a broken man who lost his wife at the War.

Realizing that , Neil called his best friend, Alexander Moritas to be Keith's personal educator. Moritas was a former philosophy and psychology professor who surprisingly even fought in the Great War and had meaningful life experience. Neil left the formation of Keith's personality to his care. Moritas was a seriously disillusioned man and Neil thought his influence would make Keith a rational person, with strong grip on the reality and mature enough to succeed the MacKenzie house later. Moritas looked mean and always serious. That and his rough appearance initially scared Keith. Meanwhile Neil made the preparations to enroll Keith to the prestigious . It was the same school where Neil himself had graduated and he knew the principal very well.

Unknown to the public Anser Chevalier only accepted students from Magus bloodlines. Keith’s father thought it would be the best for his son to socialize with his own kind. Initially, the young boy had problems to fit in but Moritas took a great effort to improve him in that area. He tried to make Keith more expressive and confident in himself. At first it they made little progress as Moritas had an apathetic attitude to the boy and the boy feared to even approach him. Though as the time went on he warmed up a little and Keith realized that despite all his bitterness and roughness Moritas is a kind person. Keith had that innate talent to unravel the real face of people which he unintentionally participated since childhood. He knew when his father lied to him or when someone pretended to be someone else. Thanks to Moritas’ guidance and effort by the 3rd year Keith had radically changed. He developed at an incredible rate and his mentality didn’t mirror his age. To Moritas’ suggestion Neil had arranged for Keith to skip two whole classes and jump to the 6th grade next year.

At the same time the Great Depression hit in and Neil had no time to teach his son in magic. Instead he hired Felix Faust, his former mentor to continue Keith’s magic training. Faust was an old mage who had extraordinary talent in the spiritual arts. The young Keith’s talent and sharpness motivated the initially barely interested Faust. His education was more than about the basics of magic and he soon realized that regardless of what he taught Keith could learn it if given some time and practice. The awestruck Felix taught the young boy much more than he originally intended to. At the same time Keith had to deal with the everyday life of his school. He was 2 years younger than his peers. Despite that he still managed to be the top student and it rightfully cited negative feelings from the others. Keith had many enemies at school.  
Moritas' somber and downright cynical ideals helped Keith to cope with the situation very well. Moritas’ teachings were about the natural order and cycle of using and being used. Or at least that’s what Moritas believed and made Keith to believe. His personal educator hadn’t realized in time the inherent danger of such teachings. Keith became less and less controllable. He adopted this view on his own way. By the age of 13 he firmly believed everything in this world is like a tool to be used by him or against him. For the young Keith MacKenzie everything became a tool…even people. 
All of sudden Keith developed a warped personality. He began to wear facades. Not one, not two but many at once. It was like turning on a switch inside his head, he immediately begun to notice the small signs he tried to ignore until then. Incidentally his self-confidence rose and despite the age difference he started to behave unnaturally mature. As Moritas hoped, he really became more open but his teachings had worked too well. Keith's jaded personality allowed him to make friendships out of practicality, without any real feelings behind. In his last two years at school Keith worked hard on improving his popular view and becoming the central figure. He didn't do that with a special objective in mind, he viewed it more like a training for the future, as his real test of graduation.

Chapter II. -Birth of Ambitions:

Unsurprisingly, he had graduated from Anser Chevalier with top scores. He was only 15 years old at the time but thanks to his father's work and his grades Clock Tower(the London Headquarters of the Mage's Association) welcomed him with open arms. He joined the Spiritual Evocation Department, the same department where his ex-teacher Felix Faust worked. It overlapped well with Keith's specialization of magecraft, namely the communication and control of the spiritual. Also unknown to anyone but his father he had begun to teach his family's secret techniques, the art of dollmaking. If he would manage to learn that skill, Keith can produce relatively accurate replicas of the human body.  While it wasn't an exotic skill at that time, the MacKenzies had secretly advanced it to extraordinary levels. They could not only recreate body parts, but the full body and transfer the soul of people inside. It had some errors but the technique neared its completion and Neil hoped his son would manage it.

What slowly awakened in Keith came to full bloom at Clock Tower. On the surface he appeared to be a humble and loyal assistant at the Spiritual Evocation Department but in truth he started to develop his own clique. First, he started with his partners of the same age. His strong personality brought him many acquaintances and he actively tried to deepen his connection network. Perhaps he did not abandon his researches even for a day. He slowly but surely manipulated his collegues to share their experiences and at times even do small jobs for him. Slowly but surely he formed a secret group of mages working under him. Keith always came up with new ideas and since he often showed results - what originally belonged at least partially to others - they peple always eager to listen to him. 
Due to his achievements he quickly rose in ranks and became a respected member of his department. The next step was to befriend the department head, Conrad Alphonses. His chance had come in the department head's daughter, Lisa. She was Conrad Alphonses's second daughter and she couldn't inherit the family's magic according to the rules. Still, she was her father's favorite and she often visited the department. Lisa was at the same age as Keith and showed good interest in magic. Keith offered her that he would secretly teach her in the area. Knowing the prodigious fame of the boy she accepted it, unaware of Keith's ulterior motives.

Lisa and Keith secretly became close. Keith used each and every lesson to charm the girl. After just two weeks, Lisa cared less about magic and the lessons were more like secret meetings for the two lovebirds. That was a new experience for Keith. and while he enjoyed the relationship, he never viewed it more than a method to reach the top. Perhaps Keith continued to teach Lisa in magecraft as they were agreed on. Despite her innocent personality Lisa was rather sharp. To his surprise Keith realized he has a talent at teaching and even grew to be proud of Lisa's progress. Still, he used her. Lisa's feelings couldn't breach the underlying hard and calculating surface of Keith.  Most of all he wanted one thing from the Alphonses family; the Intrusion magic. It's the most priced magic art of the Alphonses that allows one to literally break into someone's consciousness. There are only rumors but the possibilities and powers of such magic piqued Keith's interest. He asked Lisa to check the scripts at home and search for any kind of clue regarding the Intrusion magic. She gladly complied.
After months of search it became apparent that only Conrad Alphones knew the secret of the Intrusion magic. Keith took increased efforts to be in Conrad's favor. Lisa readily supported him and always . Otherwise they kept the distance by day to avoid suspicion and only met secretly. Conrad finding out their relationship would've been a catastrophic to Keith. Meanwhile Keith took efforts to lure in more and more mages to his grand ploy. From Moritas' teachings he knew well how easily people can be manipulated by greed. Keith offered great results and cheated out founds from a number of rich magus families. He used it all to fuel his own research expenses. He was working on a way to perfect the skill of making human-like puppets, an ability that the MacKenzie family honed for two decades. He visited several alchemists and using his ways and money cheated out crucial pieces of information. From the rest he financed the cost of materials and slowly advanced his own magic workshop. Later the year with some trick Keith officially became the member of the Alchemy department too, accessing confidential research data to make his puppets even better.
Keith knew no stop as he had striven for absolute knowledge. In two years his clique grew into a small faction with complicated connections. Only the faction's innermost members knew about the leader's real identity. The others just served the common aim, Immortality. That was the lie Keith MacKenzie hinted to them. They are searching for immortality and they are about to get results in just the matter of years. The human greed knew no limits and it took great effort for Keith to keep his own faction in control. At the same time Keith finally gained Conrad's favors. Conrad Alphonses, despite coming from the strong lineage of magus family was just an average mage. He had got the title of department head simply out of the power of his family. As Keith later found out, Conrad had an inferiority complex compared to his great ancestors. Keith built on that feeling and presented the same lie of immortality in a different presentation. He revealed the truth about his family and their skill at puppetmaking. He said that without a perfectly safe way to transfer the soul, the perfect puppet body is meaningless and he didn't lie. He needs something as effective as the rumored Intrusion Magic to succeed. Conrad was desperate to surpass his forerunners and prove his right to be the family head. After a month he gave in to greed and agreed to reveal their priced Intrusion Magic.

 Keith MacKenzie(middle) and Conrad Alphonses (right).
 Keith MacKenzie(middle) and Conrad Alphonses (right).

Conrad revealed the secret about inheriting the Intrusion Magic. The heir attains the magic through the Intrusion Magic itself. They have the magic implanted in their brain the same way Intrusion Magic allows the manipulation of mind. Conrad accepts to implant the knowledge of Intrusion Magic to Keith since he has no other choice. Before they could begun, Keith had made a Mage's contract with Conrad where the later swears to not do anything other than implanting the magic. Keith's fear was very real and the Mage's contract would bind Conrad to keep his word. With he Intrusion Magic Conrad connected his consciousness to Keith and impanted the memory of the magic inside Keith.
"We're done. I finished my end of the deal. It's better if you are serious, kid." Said Conrad inside Keith's mind. Keith had sworn to create a perfect human puppet in 2 years as part of the same contract. "Thank you Mr. Alphonses. You won't be disappointed." Otherwise the Mage's contract would kill him. That was the punishment of anyone who violates such contract. The Intrusion Magic became part of his memory. It felt like he knew this specific magic for decades. The results were already statisfying but Keith wanted more "What, what are you doing?" Conrad asked as he realized the strange disturbances in his own mental world. "Nothing serious. Consider it as a parting gift, Mr. Alphonses." Keith turned his newly acquired Intrusion Magic on Conrad. "No, it's not possible. You can't." What Keith did normally would be impossible since before establishing the connection he hadn't had the Intrusion Magic. It's like violating the time-space. "And what if I can, mister?" Keith declared in gleeful voice. He had already found a loophole to avoid such paradox. What he did was extremely dangerous and reckless but he couldn't resist it. "You little bastard, how dare you to betray me!" Conrad was rightfully angry but the contract bound him and he was helpless to Keith's attempts at Intrusion Magic. " I am just ensuring the project's success Sir. You have no need to worry. No, you won't remember anything about this little scene. I guarantee it. So sit back and watch as I take the accumulated knowledge of the Alphonses family for myself!" Keith proceeded to leech parts of Conrad's memory. He had more than twice as much Magic Circuits as his opponent and Conrad had no way to defend. It all went really smooth.
As Keith finished Conrad collapsed but was still alive. The whole process took long hours and Keith was at the brink of exhaustion but he did it. He stole the huge knowledge of the Alphonses family and defeated Conrad in his own field. The taste of complete victory brought Keith to an euphoric state. "Your blood became thin, Alphonses! All your ancestry and power was meaningless but don't worry. You are my first but not the last victim. Hahahaha!" He finally had taken what he wanted. All he needed just a mere year to perfect the MacKenzies' masterwork, the human puppet. The brainwashed Conrad made Keith his right hand man. He instantly rose to the top of his department at the young age of 17. The event shook Clock Tower since no one had ever attained such rank this young as Keith MacKenzie. He had liven up to his father's expectation and even surpassed them. Although Keith did not care about his father and his foolish dreams anymore.

 Before Honeymoon
 Before Honeymoon

At the same year he married Lisa Alphonses and officially became part of the family. He did it to reinforce his standing at Clock Tower and earn more supporters. That and Lisa was becoming unsatisfied with the secret meetings. Both were a reason enough to settle that matter as quickly as possible. Everyone guessed it was an arranged marriage and Conrad forced Lisa. No one realized the truth. Meanwhile Keith's small faction secretly grew in numbers. The so-called Immortality Research Alliance have started to show some real influence. His workshop grew into a whole hidden research complex. Keith even allowed machines and other devices modern technologies to accelerate his progress. It's something the pride of the magus would never allow. Generally the mages were hardheaded about the superiority of magic and frowned upon modern science without exception. Keith thought differently and he used  everything in his arsenal to further his knowledge. 
The following years were just as eventful as the others. With various methods Keith attained more and more secrets and learned newer and newer techniques at Magecraft. His faction secretly had agents in every corner of Clock Tower and beyond. Taking over the Mage's Association were no more an impossible dream. The Immortality Research Alliance led by Keith had borne many great results. About that time was when Keith heard the news of an extraordinary event, the Holy Grail War.

Chapter III. - Journey to Japan

Keith had accidentally heard the news on a rather strange event, the Holy Grail War. The location is at the faraway corner of the east, in Japan. They host the the event in the spiritually rich area of Fuyuki. The Holy Grail War is a secret battle between 7 mages called as Masters who control 7 powerful spiritual beings, the Servants. The Servants are Heroic Spirits, great and powerful heroes of the old ages with strength far surpassing that of the modern magic. They fight for the Holy Grail, a mysterious item which grants any kind of wish. It rose some suspicion in Keith at first so he sent some of his men to investigate it. Eventually he had decided to participate in this event. With the additional information, he quickly found out the real ulterior motive of the War but he joined regardless. If Keith's lucky he may manage to reach Akasha, the origin of everything and the great library of all knowledge, the Akashic Records. The promise of such achievement was all too charming for Keith to miss. 

Keith's Assassin-class Servant
Keith's Assassin-class Servant

A month before the official date of the 3rd Holy Grail War, Keith summoned his Servant. The summon was premature and he summoned an Assassin, one of the weakest Servants. He did it intentionally and as soon as he got back to London he begun experimenting on his own Servant. Bound by the Command Spell, the Servant could not resist Keith's actions what were close to torture. Keith tried to force the Servant's soul inside a puppet body. He wanted to further his own knowledge at the art of puppetmaking. He had already conducted researches on other spiritual beings, but the Servants were different in scale of power. Despite he could make about perfect human copies and force ghosts or even souls of animals inside those puppet bodies, he still faced numerous failures. It took him 20 days to finally succeed and Keith  had managed to put Assassin's soul inside a miniature 10 centimeters high puppet body.
Since he used up so much time he had less to prepare for the rest. Keith asked his wife, Lisa to manage the Immortality Research Alliance until he returns. He set his base in the spiritually superior location of the Ryuudo Temple. Since two years Keith had modified his eyes, to the Mystic Eyes of Intrusion. Whoever looks into Keith's eyes was susceptible to a quick Intrusion Magic. The monks at Ryuudo Temple were the first victims at Fuyuki. After settling down Keith erected numerous Boundary Fields, fixed magic fields for defensive purposes around the temple for precaution. He had begun working on a new spell and until he finishes Keith sent out his Assassin to scout the area. Despite his extremely small size, Assassin retained his special abilities and speed, making him an extremely tough opponent and excellent spy.
After a day Keith called back his Servant to do the finishing touch on his spell.The magic connected Assassin's soul to the spiritually rich area of the Ryuudo Temple, empowering him with huge stock of magic surprises. But more importantly Keith managed to connect Assassin's soul absorption ability with numerous small magic receivers. With those Keith could leach magic directly unnoticed and without harming anyone. He sent out Assassin to cautiously plant those on various citizen. In the matter of three days the badge could leach out a normal human's magic power without him or her noticing it. He needed a huge stack of magic power and relying on his own and the Ryuudo Temple's alone didn't cut it.
From the beginning Keith's primary center of focus had been the Einzberns. According to his information they were the ones responsible for the Grail. If his guess was right, the Eizberns hold extremely valuable information for him.  Luckily Assassin have found the Einzbern Master on the third day. The same time Assassin reported about some rumors. The rumors seem to have pointed at the existence of the mysterious seventh master of the War, dubbed as 'Puppet Master'. That certain Puppet Master was Keith of course and it seems his arrival hadn't been as unnoticed as he thought. The news were a little worrisome but Keith knew that his enemies had no chance to suspect anything yet.

Ingridsviel von Einzbern
Ingridsviel von Einzbern

On the fourth day Keith ordered Assassin to eliminate the Einzberns' Servant. That was the first time but not the last when Assassin used his ability, Cyber Fantasy. Assassin sneaked on the Eiznberns' Avenger-class Servant and touched the his head unnoticed. The next instant the brain of Avenger turned into gunpowder and exploded immediately. Avanger was out as the first victim of the war. The Eizbern magus quickly took it for the run and Assassin silently trailed him as he was ordered. The defeated Clausenthal von Eiznbern went straight to the family's local base, a castle hidden deep in the forest somewhere outside Fuyuki. Though the Einzbern Castle had thigh magic defenses, Assassin could slip through them without any problem. 
Inside the castle Assassin could easily overhear the conversation of the Einzberns about the future of the Grail War. It didn't take long for him to get what his master wants, the location of the Grail. As it turned out the Holy Grail is not something but someone, a homunculous called as Ingridsviel von Einzbern. Assassin directly relayed the new pieces information to Keith and he was indeed satisfied. With this Keith attained the whole details and the secrets of the Grail War plus the location of the Holy Grail; or to be exact the Lesser Grail. The Greater Grail is right bellow him in an underground cavern system. After hearing it all Keith had ordered Assassin to retreat since he got what he wanted. Assaulting the Einzberns could come later.

Chapter IV. - The Holy Grail War

He chose to lay low until the situation calms down. His reckless action with Assassin inevitably drew the other masters' attention on him. Meanwhile Keith reinforced his defenses around Ryoudo Temple. He set up a number of magic devices and boundary fields to be aware of any intruder. The same time the secondary effect of the magic-leeching badges activated. Keith subtly took control of hundreds of civilians. He gave out subminial messages to control their weakened minds while they still retrain their personality.That way Keith gained swarms of secret spies all around Fuyuki. As a finishing touch he activated the Scrying spell, a magic that combines all the information he gathered from observation, thus generating a radar-like map. From the sixth day, there barely was any event that could avoid the eyes of Keith. In a sense whole Fuyuki city danced around his palms.

Oberführer Otto Himmelmann
Oberführer Otto Himmelmann

It was only a matter of time until Keith found out the identity of every master. He already knew the masters from the three founding families: Clausenthal von Einzbern, Hiruken Matou and Kyo Tohsaka. Amongst them Kyo seemed the most competent. Keith had found it better if he had his guard up against the Tohsaka master and his Archer-class servant. Other than the founding families, the War had 3 masters. Otto Himmelmann, a Nazi officer as Rider's master. He brought his own force of elite soldiers to Fuyuki. He planned to take the grail for the Führer's glory. Keith deemed Himmelmann to be a potential problem in the future. Then Leena Edelfeit, apparently the strongest master. In direct combat Keith doubted he can challenge her, especially with Saber as her Servant. Still, found the last master the most threatening. Risei Kotomine, former magus who turned to the Church just recently. Unlike the other masters the priest took no action yet. That suspicious behavior made Keith wary of Risei's true intentions.
The war had continued on of course. The most active masters were Leena and Himmelmann. It's natural that they faced each other sooner or later. With Assassin hiding in the shadows, Keith could observe their battle in detail. Their battle played a crucial role in his own plan. Judging from their past actions, Keith already had an accurate guess on the winner but for his schemes to work, he had to make sure. The Valkyrie-like Rider and the knightly Saber had engaged in a fierce battle, barely perceivable to even Assassin's eyes.  But more than the fighting of Servants, Keith was more interested in the masters.

 Leena Edelfeit
 Leena Edelfeit


Statistically speaking, Leena had the overwhelming advantage. Her combat and magic abilities far surpassed Himmelmann's, who could just barely stand to sustain his Rider with magic power. "You fool. I can't believe a weakling like you defeated Caster." Said Leena who were about to explode from anger. "That's quite harsh, dear Fraulein. I admit, as a magus I am less than second-rate but I have the pride as the soldier of the Reich. It took me great deal of effort to participate in this glorious event." Said Himmelmann in a courteous tone as he fixed the silver medal on his chest."Why should I listen to your insensible blabbering." Leena promptly rejected everything that Himmelmann said. "Ah, that hurt a lot Fraulein. Anyways, can we just get along until our Servants finish their business?" Himmelmann's suggestion momentarily shocked her.
From somewhere far away, a Nazi sniper just got to position. He's positioned in a small hill and his scope was already aimed at the Eldelfeit master. That was Himmelman's plan. What he lacked in magic he compensated with well-prepared and elite military forces. Even the best mages can't survive a well-placed 12.7mm bullet to the skull. At least not when they aren't expecting it. Meanwhile Leena stood in one place, unaware of the immediate danger. "Not a chance! You are going to die here and now!" She shouted in irritation. Himmelman smiles. "Then please die!" He raised his hand. The sniper had pulled the trigger at once, releasing the heavy bullet on its deadly route. But before it could reach Leena, something got in the way. Just as Keith suspected, a third Servant appeared. 
Archer had parried the bullet just in time thus saving Leena's life. "-" Both Himmelmann and Leena were frozen in place. While he was of the Archer class, the man held an ancient Halberd. One can easily confuse him with Lancer. "How deplorable. Show me your honor as an archer!" Shouted Archer and threw his halberd in an instant. Soon the distant hill literally exploded. Archer destroyed completely the sniper and his surroundings. "Pardon me for the intrusion but I couldn't let such a fine lady to die yet." Said Archer's master in such a casual way. "Master of the Tohsaka family?" Said Leena in surprise. "Don't get any weird ideas. I hate this disgusting man as much as you. Our co-operation is just temporally." Kyo coldly explained."Scheisse!" Cursed Himmelman. His plan had failed. The situation has gotten even more worse. 

Things aren't looking well for Himmelmann. "Get them, now!" He shouted. Several soldiers suddenly came out from their hiding place. The same time Himmelmann desperately took it for the run. "No choice..." With a simple flicker Kyo activated his boundary field. Suddenly a flaming serpent-like creature come to life. "Go ahead! He's all yours. I gonna take care of the rest." He said while the fiery snake consumed everyone in its path. Leena nodded and went to chase Himmelmann. By reinforcing his legs, she quickly caught up with the Nazi lieutenant. "This is the end of the line." Shouted Leena. Himmelmann calmly turns."Oh, really?" Rider suddenly appear right above him. Leena sat there frozen. There was no way she could deal with a Servant alone. "Farewell, dear Fraulein." He playfully said as got on the winged horse of Rider. "See you soon!"

Himmelmann got away. Keith's scheme went perfectly. It was time for him to get back to action again.


Chapter V. - Heavens Feel

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