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Why oh why would any one add an EXTRA hop in the process of adding information when its not needed?

My latest forum post having to do with the inability to add a movie page without creating the franchise page first has been replied to that this is by design? WHAT?!
So let me get this straight to add this movie I first have to create a franchise page of which i have to add any prevailent information then wait for the wiki mods to okay it, THEN i have to add the movie page? >_< whats the point? someone is actually trying to explain to me in giantbomb chat that it makes it more easily searchable? HOW? by having a useless franchise page that doesn't actually exist? Its a useless hop in an all ready complicated procedure it adds nothing to the efficiency of the search or information made available, A series with multiple titles and other stuff to do with it needs a franchise, A singular once shown never seen again does not need a franchise.

Do a search oh theres a franchise did not know that? *Goes to page* what theres one movie? why not just link me to the damn movie page? lol its common sense people.

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