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Authors note: This is Pokemon, so I hope it suites the rules.

Dedicated with love to my friend Angel, who loves all Pokemon:

Rated "E" for everyone.

"We have many desirable Pokemon." Daisuke gestured behind himself in a wide sweep of his arm. "Pikachu is always a popular choice." Mio walked up to the yellow Pokemon and examined it a moment. It was a very cute little Pokemon. But it seemed to be searching for something in its nest of grass, so she moved on. "We also have Charmander and Squirtle and Bulbasaur..." He went on and on, but Mio wasn't paying attention anymore. She petted the friendly Charmander on its head. Its was warm to the touch. She ran a hand gently over Squirtle's belly, which was cool and damp in contrast to the Charmander's dry skin. "Machop is also a good--"

Mio walked back to the front where the Pikachu scratched at its ears in annoyance. As Mio watched, something green crawled over the Pikachu's head.

"I want this one please." She held up the pudgy little Caterpie.

"Little girl, we have rare Pokemon from around the world. Caterpie are as common as Rattata. You can't kick a tree without a Caterpie falling out."

"She's a cutie!" Mio kissed the Pokemon between its big eyes.

"Preeee!" The Pokemon squeaked happily and wiggled in her arms.

"Excellent choice dear." Dr. Pine smiled as he stepped up beside Daisuke. "Caterpie are as loyal a Pokemon as they come."

"But, but, we have so many better Pokemon to choose from--"

"Daisuke... " Dr. Pine stopped him gently. "They have already formed a bond." And indeed they had. The Caterpie was draped over Mio's shoulders like a short, fat snake. It nuzzled her cheek with its face as she patted its head.

"I suppose it is a decent enough Pokemon once you get past the weak evolutionary forms...." Daisuke mused.

"That's not nice. Say you're sorry." She held the chubby Pokemon up at his face, but only got it as high as his chest.

"You heard the lady." Dr. Pine said, and tried to hide a smile at the little girls spunk.

"I'm... sorry?" Daisuke told the Caterpie's blank stare. He can't help but wonder how this day had went so weird. "Caterpie does have redeeming factors." He turned to pick up his Pokedex. "Like its sleep powder can put even the most fearsome--"

"Daisuke, she's gone." Daisuke looked up to see the door to the lab swing shut. "You know, I remember a young fellow used to get very upset if someone put down his Weedle...." Dr. Pine chuckled.

"That... was a long time ago. And it wasn't my starter." Daisuke replied defensively as the next child came in to receive their first Pokemon. A little boy who went straight to Pikachu. Dr. Pine always enjoyed watching a new trainer pick their first Pokemon.

* * *

"Mama! I'm back! Come meet Cat." Mio stomped into the house, making way more noise then a child her size should have been able to.

"Hi Baby. Hi Cat" Her mother, Miss Fukishima called from the kitchen distractedly. Mio walked in with Caterpie clinging limply over her shoulder.

"This is Cat." She told her mother happily. She rubbed the side of the Caterpies head.

"Ohh!" Miss Fukishima said when she turned from the sink. "A Caterpie. Were all the other Pokemon taken?" She asked and she wiped her hands off. Miss Fukisima was not a big fan of bug Pokemon.

"Nope" Mio shook her head. Caterpie clung tighter to her shoulder. "I wanted this one. Isn't she cute?"

"Very much so." Miss Fukishima smiled. Her daughter always had been a free spirit. Never one to follow the norm. 'At least it will be easy to care for' she thought to herself. "Take Cat upstairs and get cleaned up. Your Grandfather will be here soon, and you look like you've been rolling in the grass."

"I was Mama. I was teaching Cat to roll over. She doesn't get it yet, but she will."

"Preee." The Caterpie squeaked, as if agreeing with Mio.

"Upstairs. Clean cloths. Grandpa visiting." Miss Fukishima gently reminded Mio, who ran up the stairs two at a time. Miss Fukishima wondered what her father was bringing Mio for her birthday. He had hinted that it was something one of a kind, and not an average birthday gift. but refused to say more over the phone.

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