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Just Anime » Been Looking For This Movie for 10 Years! Need HELP!!

Been looking for this movie for literally 10 years called "Discman" (or diskman, disc man or any other variation of the title not sure exactly) can't find any record of it existing let alone a streaming or download link. I did find one other person looking for the exact same movie and his description of it is even better than my recollection.. Strangely enough I remember watching Vampire Hunter D the same night as well...

"This is for anyone that can name this movie, it would be the greatest thing in the world if someone else recalls this movie. I 'm not sure of the age of the movie but i know its in the same range as Vampire Hunter D. I saw this movie and Vampire hunter D on the same night, but that was about 20 some years ago. The movie i can't remember is about young man who finds this alien beside a wrecked ship and the creature has a disc on its hand. The man and the creature have a conversation and just before the alien dies the disc transports from the alien's hand to the young man's hand. The disc has powers, can't really recall much about it or any other characters except for maybe a female , and another alien that is friends with the young man. Can't remember much more about the movie except that the main bad-guy at the end is a huge red blob creature, and the planet or ship that the blob is in blows up, then end of movie. If anyone thinks they know the name of this movie please respond I've been trying to find this movie for 10 years and can not find it. I think the name was like "Discman" or something similar but I've never been able to come close to finding an answer. Thank you."

If anyone could find this movie please email me any info at dirbytherussian@gmail.com

Thanks for the help & Good Luck!

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