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Pile O' Manga
Just a reference for myself when I feel the need to fill in some wiki pages what I can turn to to add details without a lot of hassle.  Probably more that I haven't found yet.
1. Blade of the Immortal

I'm torn whether or not I want this series to end. It's beautiful, but it comes out so slowly. Hiroaki Samura has been doing this series since 1994...

2. Tenjho Tenge

Another slow to release series with beautiful (and much more fan-servicey) art.

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Three in a row of very pretty, but very slow to be released manga series. We're well into End of Evangelion plot points as of Volume 12 so I imagine maybe we only have two more volumes to go.. though what do I know?

4. GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

By the end GTO was becoming a little too formulaic, but I loved it all the same. I really hope the sequel that's just coming out in Japan right now makes it over here.

5. Love Hina

The first shonen romantic comedy I followed from beginning to end.

6. Genshiken

Somehow I haven't read all of this series yet, though I own it all.

7. Azumanga Daioh

So much joy in a tiny little four-volume set. Sometimes I wish Azumanga Daoih wasn't in the 4-panel format to show off the art a little more.. much like the next item on the list.

8. Yotsuba&!

More from the same author. Just picked up the latest 3 volumes since I hadn't bought any since ADV Manga died. So much fun. If I had a kid I'd want her to be like Yotsuba.. well.. maybe not.

9. Chobits

I think the first hook for me on this series was that Clamp, who I knew primarily from the more straight up shoujo series like Magic Knight Rayearth.. were doing something that was kind of a mildly ecchi shonen romantic comedy thing. So I bought it.

10. Rurouni Kenshin

We must never forget Kenshin. Have we had a really awesome samurai story since then? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMYVGLRVdyA

11. Real Bout High School

The first non-Viz, and first Tokyopop title I ever bought. I think mostly because the art was nice and I really dug the fact that it was un-flipped and in the "real" size that tankoben come in.

12. Death Note

I succumbed to peer pressure with buying this one. Enjoyed the ride, though I could have been quite happy if the series ended a volume or two earlier.

13. Full Metal Panic

I enjoyed the anime, so I bought the manga. Didn't enjoy it nearly as much.

14. Battle Angel Alita

I think Ranma was the manga series I ever bought.. but this is the first series I bought volume two of immediately after buying volume one. It was like an engineer from the future came back in time and made a manga. I never got into the Last Order sequel though.

15. Cromartie High School

It was here that I found my love of delinquents. And Freddie Mercury. We all love Freddie, I just didn't realize it before.

16. Rose Hip Zero

The creator of GTO made it, so I picked it up. Enjoyable, with much more outright action bits, but lacked the spark of insanity that GTO had in my opionon.

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