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Battles » Jin Vs Inuyasha Vs Kuwabara


InuYasha unlike Kuwabara isn't going to die by losing an arm or a leg.

And what happens if InuYasha hits him with one of his atacks? Jin or Kuwabara would lose a soul.

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Battles » Jin Vs Inuyasha Vs Kuwabara


Well InuYasha's does that too as well as pulls your soul in. And if you don't have soul fuck you won't be getting out.

Also what stops the other two from breaking out of it with their own attacks.

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Battles » Jin Vs Inuyasha Vs Kuwabara

How does Space Eater work?

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Battles » EOS Team Asuma vs Savage Hulk

He rapes. He can take on top theirs in this state if he needs to.

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Battles » Might Guy vs Toneri


Toneri one shots. Naruto if faster than Madara, and Toneri =< Naruto in speed.

Gai is massively faster than Madara. He's still the fastest character.

But yeah Toneri should be capable of one shotting

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Yusuke Urameshi » Just how powerful is Yusuke Urameshi?


guessing i didn't even read the manga? dude, it specifically stated multiple times how Sensui was causing tremors that spanned for miles. did you read the manga?

Again did you read the manga? Because EVERY one knows that the earth quake was caused by Koenma.

Not only are your scans out of order, but you don't even post the cause to this effect. Here you go in order with the cause right there.

In the second scan you need to read what was stated on the lower left. Koenma warned her because he knew that he might have to use his own power to seal Sensui. He never knew Sensui had that level of power. Thus the Earth quake was entirely ALL Koenma.

as you can see, the quakes are mentioned and shown several times. it shows them encompassing not only a small mountain range, but a nearby city as well. even Kurama's parents, who don't live newrby, felt the tremors.

Do you know how far the parents live?

hell, even if you don't believe THAT, Raizen was shaking his own entire country just by his stomach growling.

Scans and btw that was the anime. lol


Who cares. Lack of feats don't discredit the validity of the hype, because there are no contradictions. Contradictions and outerlish hype is what debunks the statement, not the lack of visual evidence. That's why YYH gets what they should be getting,

So they should be getting what they get because? You say so?

Simply because we haven't seen the feats or anything that HEAVILY implies they can do that then it's not going to be taken seriously.

and I can easily name several other verses who have reached moon, planet, even galaxy level without actually busting any of the sort.

I can too, but those verses have things to help back them up. More than just statements. We've seen things that would help imply such thing.

S-class demons casually shatter large portions of mountains with shockwaves

No they don't. We've only seen Sensui do this to a hill. And even that's power scaled. Hell even states you can have more energy than him but it would never be of higher quality. As he's using Holy Energy. We can get into the power scaling later. Point is you're acting as if they display this level of strength all the time.

, suggesting that they are at island level with direct physical force not to mention energy attacks which have also pulverized mountains.

I was nice enough to pop them up to island level. Via power scaling. Didn't want to deny their powers. I mean we can go into detail and possibly see if we can stop this power scaling thing and they won't be getting any thing else, but that's something to do later.

These are the same people who can cause city-wide tremors at a fraction of their power

Konema saved his power up for hundreds of earths to do that. And Sensui and only holy energy users could have stomped that blast. Even s-classes would have been made a bitch with it.

and have been repeatedly stated to carry destructive capabilities that are considered a major threat to the humanity.

Any character who can take down a building is a threat too humanity. Hell pretty much any character in the battle forum can be classed under that. This isn't something to brag about. Nor is it helping anyone to believe they are going to do anything amazing impressive.

Bumping them up by one DC tier based on hype compared to what they're known to be at based on casual feats is fine when the difference between island and country level isn't like the difference between planet and sun level. Not to mention that Yusuke and his gang becoming hundreds of times stronger by the end of the series lends credence that they may in fact be able to destroy a country with their most powerful attack (or reach that level of potency).

Yusuke and friends AREN'T 100s of times stronger. Also if they were as powerful as you say when these guys were fighting on these islands why were they being destroyed? Hell because we're stating they can PHYSICALLY take out these things at that point. And a lot of the characters didn't hold back.

Something's not adding up.

I'm thinking the strongest characters are Island to country. Country is as far as I'll go for EOS. Nothing more and nothing less. And again even that hurts me because i don't like giving a verse featless powers. But I'm cool with giving them this.

Think trying to prove featless things like EOS YYH characters is a bitch with me, you should see me and DBZ.

I'm assuming you think they are Country EOS or is that CB?

I know akronawol17 must think they are still above country but that just leaves room to continue on with him.

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Yusuke Urameshi » Just how powerful is Yusuke Urameshi?


when i said Micheal and Lucy were featless, i meant the were featless when the lifewiping claim was made. still, they don't have too many feats outside of oneshotting fodder,

And what Fodders were theses? Earth gods and an Angel. This said Angel as been beating characters from left to right. And has shit load of feats.

Also they are classified as ArchAngels. Which everyone of them are above normal angels. Which those normal angels have powerful feats. It's already shown they have the same type of powers. So a proper power scale was used.

and Lucy shanking Gabe with an angel's blade (which isn't a very good feat, considering he just stabbed him with the boade. it didn't involove any power).

He wasn't tricked by Gabe ( The Trickster aka Loki aka the Guy who has tricked and fooled the rest of the cast and crew of the series) How is that not a feat?

Just because you didn't see a boom and bang for their fight doesn't mean anything. ( Remember not a multi-million dollar tv show)

as for angel's talking down to people, Hiei does that all the time. in fact, most all demons do. hell, Raizen's minions were referring to humans as a whole as "the food supply", and considers them little more then cattle.

Why did I talk about Death calling humans little and nothing? Well he doesn't just call humans little he calls the Earth, the solar system young. He lets them know he's old. It wasn't to refer to them as nothing. Hell any character who can bump shoulders with a human and kills them is clearly massively higher than a human, and no statements are needed to explain that. I posted that to help explain the scale he as traveled and the scale of the verse. Which is to let you know these angels aren't just on one planet or another. They move across the universe, there's other life.

The universe's size and the characters statements are real. Them being a planet buster (which was never stated but wouldn't be impossible) is much more believable because we know they don't give a fuck about this world, because there's much more important beings out there to deal with.

also, effecting the earth by being present? Sensui does that too. even if it wasn't the whole planet, he was still causeing country-wide earthquakes at 1/5 of his full power. 1/5 only. imagine full power? but i digress, you aren't convinced by statements.

When was it stated he made an earth quake. I'm guessing you didn't read the manga, but please show me the scan when he does this. Also the power thing is fan added in the offical translation he didn't state this. But also continue and show me these scans of country wide earthquake you speak of.

okay, let me use another example. DBZ.

Finally. Because DBZ is ACTUALLY much more closer to YYH's position.

going by feats, Beerus is only planet level. that'd put him below the likes of (anime) King Vegeta by far.

BTW Beerus never destroyed a planet sized planet. By feats.

yet we accept his and Whis' statements of being capable of destroying a solar system.

Who's WE? I've never truely accepted anything. But I'll explain to you what you're going to ask next.

so basically, we have to go by powerscaling, statements and hype. not feats. but why can't that be done with YYH? surely, the likes of Yomi and Mukuro could easily be country busters, since they could fodderize a hundred Sensui's. as in, a hundred of the guy who can shake a country with his ki. wouldn't you agree? sure, they lack feats for it. but so does 95% of DBZ.

Allow me to explain. This will rock your world and will also allow you to see why DBZ and Supernatual are up there in power with mainly powerscales and statements.

So. DBZ unlike YYH has MANY feats that allow us to BELIEVE in their calms.

YYH has someone who destroyied a hill with a shock wave. Cool.

But what's next? Also when does it state they can beat 100 of these guys, also don't forget that damn country level shake. Thank you.


  • We have someone who takes out a moon, nice a feat.
  • Next character states they took out a planet before, then we actually see them do it. Bam another feat.

Anyone stronger will be powerscaled to planet level. But what about solar system level? Not yet. We give them planet level ( wait for it) + . Seeing how we don't know what the character can actually do we have to give them this plus. We can't go adding shit to their power list simply because we fucking feel like it.

Cell STATES he can take out a solar system. Do you see anyone running around stating he's a solar system level character? ( Hell based off power scaling why the hell not)

Frieza was a planet buster, who got beat by SSJ Goku. Who then gets beat by androids, who then gets beat by Cell. So why is it so hard to believe he can't do it? Well he hasn't displayed the feats.

Now if it's stated that a character can destory a continent in dbz, then why is that so much easier to believe than a solar system? Well that's easier to believe because we've already risen the bar. We've seen a lot more impressive stuff. So in the case of Supernatural, we've seen Death move the Earth or Moon, like it was nothing. So why would anything smaller than that not be possible?

Taking a step higher with a stronger character is a lot more easier to do right? So why aren't the top theirs in YYH easily higher than country? Well first, we've never seen anyone pass island level in CB ( You're scans are still needed to help them pass that level). Second, Sensui was stating he could have been beaten with one of Yusukes attacks. Note this attack wasn't a country level attack. (He did up his power up to for that fight after he saw that shot).

Powerscaling is a bitch.

Your verse needs to pretty much prove you can powerscale abilities, physically stats, etc etc. ( Not saying anything about YYH here just pointing this out)


Have you not been reading the scans akrona has been posting up? It's the very first one that he pulled up. It clearly states that a threat level had been detected in the human world (japan) capable of destroying a country.

I see this, but where's the DC where's the feats. Do you know how many characters are now going to be life wipers and planet busters if we took EVERY statement as literal. Do you see anything that SUPPORTS that calm? lol

And why did you think the special force was dispatched? To directly encounter said threat. And who was this threat that they went on meeting? A newly revived S-class Yusuke.

As well as close the gate. Lets not forget that. lol

Even if you think S-class demons are only island level even at the end of the series, you can't deny that the Three Kings are country busters based on scaling off of their reported Offensive Power numbers of their henchmen who would stomp Sensui and CB Yusuke.

Three kings are arguably lower country if not island.

Very hard giving them this ranking because they've displayed SHIT. lol

But I guess this is how i see it.

Low: Mountain

Mid: Island

High: Country

^ This is me being really really really fucking nice. Anyone says anything else, and I'll drop the level ranking so fast it's not even funny.

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Battles » Might Guy vs Toneri

Gai gets raped.

The moon has NO AIR. That's the possible and main function of his attacks. Gai can't fly, he's going to get fucked on the moon.

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Battles » Aang vs Natsu


Blood Bending only works if your physically stronger then the person your using it on iirc. if that's the case, Natsu flexes and breaks free.

It has nothing to do with physical strength. The old lady who invented it used it on Aang and Sokka and they couldn't over power it.


Natsu is far far greater than any fire bender ever shown in avatar.At eos of avatar last air bender,ang was having a tough battle with ozai even though he was using all the elements,it wasn't until he entered avatar state that he defeated him,natsu>>>>ozai in terms of speed,strenght,dc and flame manipulation.

Aang could have killed the Fire Lord without the Avatar state, but why didn't he? Because he's not a killer.

And it's not like the Fire Lord was some weak fire bender.

+ lighening flame mode there is absolutely no way he can redirect the amount of lightening in thunder flame roar,he would be roasted,so my verdict is even with avatar state natsu would still win.

Why wouldn't he bend or redirect it? Because you say so right?


your probably right about that, but EOS, or when we see END ( Natsu), i'm pretty sure this would't even be a debate anymore.

Who knows. Aang is still getting new books so he'll be getting more feats over time. But really i would assume Natsu getting a lot stronger and faster.

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Yusuke Urameshi » Just how powerful is Yusuke Urameshi?


Don't worry typos are fine.

Anyways you're missing the point. Which I'll quote my self here.

"First, Supernatural isn't an anime, cartoon, comicbook, nor a multi-million dollar budget show. They aren't going to have CGI to display all their crazy feats.

Second, statements from Angels are normally 90% true. They've been here longer and we have no reason to deny their knowledge."

As you can see ^. We know they aren't going to display everything, so the verse relies on lure and statements. It's not as simple as drawing a picture of a character doing something.

When i meant angels I meant beings who are just knowledgeable.

almost every statement is taken at 100% face value, even when there's no supporting evidence.
by the way, if what Death says is so believable, then why do most people write off his statement about killing God as bull? seems like cherry-picking to me.

Death has stated stuff and backed his shit up. The killing God thing is something that's even debated WITHIN the series. So why believe something that everyone else doesn't believe. Also it's a little hard to think someone as powerful as God would be taken out by anyone. o it's a little debatable.

also, i wasn't questioning Supernatural's power as a verse, just using it as an example to show the bias when it comes to statements.

I know what you were doing, but theses a differences when a manga or cartoon does something like this, but when a tv show that makes it clear that statements are something to take serious, seeing how they can't display everything it's in a different bat.

Koenma's father can cause country-wide natural disasters when angry? that's bull.

Maybe he could if he could control the weather, but it was never shown.

a featless Micheal and Lucy can lifewipe by fighting? 100%legit, no doubts. see what i mean?

Who said they were featless? Lucy has already shown to take out Earth's gods, he has also made Gab the guy who has displayed a lot of great power, his bitch. Lucy's little bros have done some powerful stuff, and they aren't as strong as the big bros.

I never took that statement as fact. But it's much more believable than anything in YYH. Not only does Angels talk down to humans and Earth. We see these Angels mere presence cause problems on Earth. It's never proven, but not impossible.

And I see what you're getting at but no that's not what's happening here.

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Battles » Facts and Feats

I'll be making a few post soon.

Avatarverse speed

How powerful is Supenatural

and a few more.

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Yusuke Urameshi » Just how powerful is Yusuke Urameshi?

Well i'm going to bed after this post.


Those were mountain-sized hills based on how they were as tall as the Okunen trees which are 1km+ in height.

What? Are you talking about those little trees over by at the lower left?

Because there's no damn way you can measure that damn height. What power scaling like shitty calc did you see? Because those are too inconsistent to even be measured. They aren't all the same size.

The line you quoted referred to me saying that the country they're likely using a small country (Japan) as a standard for Threat Level A-II, but regardless the maximum DC Chapter Black top tiers can possibly reach is low end country level.

Based off what? Country level was hyped near the end of series. Now it's Chapter black? lol. They only took out a hill which we can give them mountain level dc. Where did the country size thing come from?


there's a certain level of bias here, and you know it.

Nope. I just dislike wank of all kinds. Even of my favorite stuff.

Always claiming only feats are applicable, yet being a big supporter of Supernatural.

Like we don't use ONLY feats for Supernatural.

Guess what? That show is literally 95% statements and speculation.

ok... But what's in that 5%? HAX and shit loads of it. Enough to solo YYH, HST,and DBZ. ( Yes bought those verses up to explain something) Those verses are ALL about DC. Well maybe not One Piece and Bleach, but pretty much everything else is.

Going by feats, no one in the verse is even mountain level. Yet, it's widely accepted that high tiers could planet bust/lifewipe, and top tiers are universal. But you wouldn't believe that, would you? After all, there's no feats.... oh wait. You do. Without question.

Supernatural isn't a verse about DC, but I'll educate you on why we KNOW they are strong as fuck. The verse is held as being really fucking strong, NOT due to DC. They are held as being powerful due to HAX.

  • Life fuck
  • Mind fuck
  • Body fuck
  • Soul fuck
  • Time fuck
  • And pretty much every kind of fuck there is.

Manipulating things on the sub-atomic level and stuff like that.

This is stuff that has been shown. Which is what I use for debating. Nothing else. Do you want to see every post I've debated in with Supernatural characters? Only feats have been used.

Now lets explain why they have this level of DC and above, as well as explaining their statements.

First, Supernatural isn't an anime, cartoon, comicbook, nor a multi-million dollar budget show. They aren't going to have CGI to display all their crazy feats.

Second, statements from Angels are normally 90% true. They've been here longer and we have no reason to deny their knowledge.

Allow me to back up their statements via feats. This is where powerscaling meets statements.

Death ( The Guy who made us believe)

Death was stated to be the cause of the great flood of Earth, during Noah's time. ( STATEMENT)

Death creating a global storm that would kill millions. (FEAT) The storm was shown and made us start believing. He then stops the storm and does this.

Death created an eclipses. (Feat) Which means he would have needed to move the earth or moon to the right position. All shown.

This is just one character.

Lets look at the scale the verse.

Death even speaks of Earth and Humans as nothing. This is just to help you understand scale, of their verse. And even this isn't the full extent. As we find out this series is in a multiverse when Dean and Sam go to a different universe in season 6.

No reason to denote their powers when they actually show things that make you believe they can do it. No one simply accepts stuff, but we have things that HEAVILY IMPLIES them.

A fight between Lucy and Micy, were stated to roast the planet. This can simply be a hyperbole, but when an Archangel is simple on Earth they cause natural distastes around the world like hurricanes and blackouts, which are actuary shown. And those are just the weaker ones that causes that. And we have two of the strongest fighting it out... Not going to believe it until I see it, but it's not impossible when you have those factors.

There's this statement that Death can kill God, and this is something that we think on. Never accepting it until it's proven. Even in the series it's questioned.

And again with the "hill busting" claim. That is no hill. That is, at the very least, a small mountain. You can't even see Yusuke and Sensui compared to it. Again, downplay. Downplay everywhere.

Yet you can see trees. Can you prove their trees are longer than a hill or mountain sized?

There's nothing that is shown that implies that it's a mountain it's not bad if its not. They still would probably have mountain level punches. Is it because you're trying to stack as much DC on these guys as possible?

Also, while I'm at it. I'd like feats of Naruto busting a country. After all, we're only going by feats.

Never stated they were country busters. LOL

Stated they were island at least, but now seeing how someone in Naruto just cut a moon in half why not. lol

Must more believable that Naruto characters are country busters if not continent busters when you have feats that are close to scaling.

Because Powerscaling and statements are overrated, amirite?

Powerscaling and statements are good to use, but gets misused.

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Yusuke Urameshi » Just how powerful is Yusuke Urameshi?


Again. NO feats shown. Statements are nice and all, but do you know how many characters can run around with statements. That's not forgetting the mistranslation of the first scan. Also lets not forget destroying world as in all of humans via a long term thing and not any planet level attack happening.

you can downplay all you want

I find this right here very cute. ^

You state i'm downplaying, when you LACK any feats. You bring statements of fan translation knowing damn well Yu Yu Hakusho is a series that has it's translation messed up a lot. But the problems aren't the words used. It's the fact you guys assume destroying the world literally means destroying EARTH.

That's like me saying Toph being stated holding up earth is now capable of holding up 6.6 sextillions. Have you've once saw anyone in Yu Yu Hakusho do anything on a country scale? Have you?

For the most part they state Human world as in the place where humans live. They want humans to be save that's all it is. Never implied any of these guys did anything to the earth it self. Nor was it ever shown.

Yusuke is far more then a mere island buster.

Me being a huge fan of the series gave them this ranking knowing damn well they haven't busting a single mountain nor island. But why not.

You can WANK all you want


They are indeed capable of lifewiping/threatening the entire planet, but it is no different in how many Naruto and Bleach characters also are potential planetary threats if they keep on destroying and killing things at the same rate over a very long period of time. There is no evidence that they are capable of blowing up planets or razing the entire planet with their single most powerful attack. It also doesn't help that their actual feats during the Chapter Black and Makai arc where they are hundreds of times stronger do not support their planet-level hype.

Thank you for using some logic here.

The best thing that S-class demons is given in DC based off their hype is small country-busting capability, because they have already been smashing durable mountains in shockwaves alone

Well this is your misconception. Those were hills, and i'm assuming adding the durable part in front of mountains you may be on the same team as the ones who think demon world is physically stronger than human world.

and the country that's being threatened to be destroyed likely refers to Japan which is a small country.

Now this is contradicting the stuff you said before. Has Yusuke ever displayed anything on that level? Hell even during his fight he didn't display such things.

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Battles » Urahara and Isshin vs Orochimaru and Jiraiya

I hear Orochimaru is going to be the last villain in the manga. So lets see what he does then.

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Battles » Bellcross vs Hulk World Breaker


Hulk in weaker forms have thrown things through Earth, and he as held open and escaped a black hole. This verse would beat the shit out of hat one. This one can take out a planet with a shock wave.

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Yusuke Urameshi » Just how powerful is Yusuke Urameshi?

@akronawol17: And did you see Yusuke's name? Because I didn't. They went to close the gates of the demon world. Then handle Yusuke. Also have you've seen anyone in YYH display a country level feat? Didn't think.

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Battles » Hei (Darker Than Black) Vs Batman

@Jgames: Batman will NEVER be a bullet timer. He's human.

Batman is an aim dodger.

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