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@taichokage:I agree completely.But the rate of age being increased is within the 1000s, also it's not like Hulk is standing here smiling while it happens.
25 minutes ago
@taichokage:You're ignoring that Baraggan aged energy.He has never aged Energy. He has aged Kido which isn't energy.Energy can not be destroied remember, but do you also know that it can not be created? What did Baraggan say before he aged the Kido. This is not even including the fact that Kido ages by it's self, just like most magic seals in fiction (Like locks on a wooden box).Also you're telling ...
39 minutes ago
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1 hour ago
@taichokage:I know that. If you agree with me then how is Hulk moving in absolute Zero is ok but Baraggan aging energy is not?Because Hulk actually survived and did it. That's like me calming Hulk can punch through reality ( which he has done btw) , but don't have any scans or any logical theories to back it up.You're implying that while both defy physics, somehow Hulk overrules Baraggan. You ...
1 hour, 22 minutes ago
@taichokage:You're contradicting the logic.Didn't contradict anything.Quantum movement is impossible in absolute zero yet Hulk apparently is moveing where movement is impossible. It's no different than Baraggan aging the ageless. ,Here's the difference. Hulk has actually done it, while Baraggan has not. He has only aged what can be aged.Both break the laws of physics. Energy does not age. That is factual.All true.Also Soul Reapers are known to age but it's ...
2 hours, 11 minutes ago
@akronawol17:Soul reapers age, so there's no reason to think Hollows don't age. Also Kido ages, he pretty much explains that it does.
2 hours, 37 minutes ago
@SonNeko:Aizen had spiritual pressure that outclasses her several times, Hulk doesn't.So she can take out DBZverse, Marvel verse, and DC verse if everyone stood still? Nah.Her powers have limits on them. She can only kill weaker if not equal beings. Which Hulk isn't.This is what we call power/energy equalizer.@taichokage:Neither can the Arrancar. Baraggan still subjugated the entirety of Hueco Mundo with it. His power was allegedly absolute and aged anything ...
3 hours ago
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3 hours, 18 minutes ago
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3 hours, 22 minutes ago
@flashback180:soifon can kill anyone by touching them.Didn't that fail to kill Aizen?barrigan can rot stuff way faster than hulks Regen , he can rot suff that last 1000s of years in secs. hulks isn't immortal technically he can still die of old age.Hulk is indeed immortal and can not die due to old age.Shunsui kyoraku makes the rules.What will he do to put the Hulks down?hot as the sun + ...
8 hours, 43 minutes ago
Whats_out_the_bag replied to the topic Pre-Timeskip Jio Freed vs Luffy on the Battles board.
I'm with Luffy. As long as it's not EOS JIO.
20 hours, 11 minutes ago
Shadow speed blitz, stops time, and sends Ulquiorra to a different world.
20 hours, 12 minutes ago
Hulk clears up to 3. Not sure about cell. lol
20 hours, 14 minutes ago
If this is in character they can get pass Frieza MAYBE. But Frieza him self is still too much for them. He can still one shot these guys.Frieza being the planet busting mascot of DBZ.
22 hours, 18 minutes ago
Whats_out_the_bag replied to the topic TORIKO TRIO vs YU YU HAKUSHO TRIO on the Battles board.
@CosmicKnight75: So no actual planet busting? Gotcha.
22 hours, 27 minutes ago
Whats_out_the_bag replied to the topic TORIKO TRIO vs YU YU HAKUSHO TRIO on the Battles board.
@CosmicKnight75:any of the 3 Disciples are at least Multi-Planet level+Scans.
1 day, 2 hours ago
Whats_out_the_bag replied to the topic Nightcrawler vs Shirai Kuroko on the Battles board.
Wasn't he the same speed as Spiderman or around there. I know he can blitz people Logan.Just going to leave this here. Since I have to every time I see the name Nightcrawler.
2 days, 3 hours ago
@Ikki_Minami_:Eh? I was just stating my opinion to @taichokage:You asked him a question, and I just went to reply.Also I know a thing or two about the hulk just as yourself, and I have yet to see this level of Hulk prove he can tank a sun,If you know at thing or two about the Hulk then you would have known he can easily handle the temperature of the sun. ...
2 days, 13 hours ago
Whats_out_the_bag replied to the topic Anime swordsmen free-for-all on the Battles board.
InuYasha for round 2. Meido Zangetsuha strikes again.
3 days, 18 hours ago
@Ikki_Minami_:Do you think World War Hulk could survive Infinite Kugi Punch?Of course. Why not?If it truly does go on forever until stopped he could potentially send Hulk to the sun.Sending the gamma ray eating monster to the sun is not a good idea. The Sun little is a hot spot for gamma rays. It would only make him highly stronger.@Zerogodlike:Might as well qualify it as hax it goes as long ...
3 days, 18 hours ago
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