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Neon Genesis Evangelion » Meaning of the Last Episode of NG Evangelion Anime Series

I wonder if they had any clue what was going on by the end. My understanding of what happens in the last episode was that it was Shinji learning that there was more to his life than being an Eva pilot, as we're shown with the cheery high school fantasy. This was supposed to be a world where there were no Evas, Angels, NERV etc and Second Impact never happened. 
After going through all the stuffe from this episode and the last, Shinji decides that life in the real world, though painful, is preferable to Instrumentality and so he rejects it, as shown with the bit where everyone is clapping.
I think you need to watch the film, End of Evangelion, to get a good idea of what happens in the last two episodes.
That was my understanding of the last episode, theres a lot more to it I think, but thats the basic idea.
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