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My Top 10 Anime/Manga Gals!!!!
1. Sei

she is a hot Chinese chick, who has a really fine, and awesome bust!!!! Burst Angel.

2. Yumi Kim

she's got a serious bust!!!! Freezing.

3. Riza Wildman

she likes to fight, and show off her stuff as well!!!! Princess Resurrection.

4. Michelle K. Davis

she's got an awesome bust!!!! Terra Formars.

5. Ridget

i love the fact that she's strict!!!! Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.

6. Azuki Shinatsu

she's like riza, but she cares about her clothes!!!! Maken-Ki!

7. Asuka

she's funny in all aspects!!!! Senran Kagura.

8. Minami Aihara

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero.

9. Zessica Wong

Aquarion EVOL.

10. Saeko Busujima

she has a great bust, and is hot at random situations!!!! Highschool of the Dead.

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