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One of my Bleach RPC Characters. Sorry the art isn't very good, I had to draw it myself... which leads to disasters... :S If only I was artistic in the visual sense. Anyway her you go.  
First off, she kind of 'takes place' during the Missing Souls Arc (Which was 110 years or so before the series.) 


Full Name
: Akami Kuchiki 
Age of Appearance: About 18-20 
Actual age: 58 (Relatively young)
Gender: Female 
Current Residence: Karakura Town
Weapons: Zanpakuto 
Affiliation: Gotei 13, Vizards
Rank: Captain - Division 10
Personality: Eager, Willing to help, Passionate, Kind, Caring, isn't much of a strategist, but knows when she is outmatched, responds appropriately to situations. 
Physical Appearance: (Sorry for it being crappy) 
Above average height for girls.  
Pale complexion 
Average weight 
Grey Eyes 
Black Hair 
Red hair extension  
 White hair clips
Traditional Shinigami uniform  


Born into the Kuchiki family, Akami was always around other Shinigami. She entered the Shinigami Institute and completed the required six years of training. Her intellect is above average, as such, she achieved Shikai in the Academy. After the Academy, she was placed in Division Six, lead by her Grandfather Captain Ginrei Kuchiki, and her father Lieutenant Sojun Kuchiki.  She worked her way up to become the 3rd seat. She had a great home life, where she mainly associated herself with her younger brother Byakuya, whom she adored. She also had a romance with Sosuke Aizen, Lieutenant of Division 5. She achieved Bankai through years of hard work. After her father died, she took his seat as Lieutenant. After a while working closely with her grandfather, she was promoted to Captain of the Tenth Squad. Nobility doesn't mean that much to Akami, which is why she left the Sixth Division to advance in rank. She was one of the Shinigami to investigate the missing souls and to be hollowfied by the power of the Hyougoku. She was banished along with the others. She lives in Karakura town. She still feels a strong loyalty to the Gotei 13 and especially to her brother. She hopes that one day she may return. 


Akami isn't a strong user of Kido. She gave it up after she graduated from the Academy. She does, however, know the basics.   
: Sho   (衝,  Thrust
Number: 1 

Name: Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning
Name:  Shakkaho  (赤火砲, Red Fire Cannon
Number: 31 
Name: Sokatsui   (蒼火墜, Blue Fire, Crash Down
Number: 33 


Shunpo (Flash Step)
Kenjutsu (Swordsmanship) 
Hakuda (Hand to Hand) 


Sealed State:   
  (Yellow Handle + Scabbard)
  (Yellow Handle + Scabbard)
Name: Shokkuweibu 
Spirit Description: Tall young man with Yellow hair that stands on end. Shocking and unpredictable personality.
Inner World: On top of a building during a lightning storm 
Type: Electric/Reiatsu 
Call out Phrase: Flash! 
Shikai Abilities: Draws in user's reiatsu and turns it into pure electricity. Arcs out and electrifies opponents. 
(Basically means, I haven't thought about it yet :/ lol)
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