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I don't understand why we get happy when school starts but we don't want to go.
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wcronusw: Favorite Franchises
1. Lucky Star

Most random anime I've seen to date.

2. Naruto

I ♥ Ino. (•u•)

3. Death Note

Misa is very sexy ♥♥

4. Soul Eater

Black Star reminds me of Naruto @.@

5. Ghost in the Shell

I like there technology. Very awesome.

6. Bleach

Lot of cussing on here lolz.

7. Gurren Lagann

Haven't really seen this I just like the theme song.

8. One Piece

Sanji is my favorite cook.

9. Voltron

Found through robot chicken

10. Prince of Tennis

Found through Toonami.

11. Kekkaishi

Found through Adult Swim

12. InuYasha

Found through Adult Swim.

13. Fullmetal Alchemist

Found through Adult Swim

14. Air Gear

Found through Time Warner's anime on demand.

15. Hellsing

Found through youtube.

16. Fruits Basket

Reccomended by friend.

17. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Found through Kid's WB

18. Zatch Bell

Found through Toonami.

19. xxxHOLiC

Reccomened by friend.

20. Magical DoReMi

Found through Kid's WB

21. Dragon Ball

Found through Toonami

22. Sailor Moon

Found through Toonami

23. Avatar

Found through Nickelodeon


Play the game.

25. Ghostbusters

Fun to watch.

26. Elfen Lied

Found through Anime on demand.

27. Pokémon

Found through Cartoon Network.

28. Samurai Champloo

Found through Adult swim.

29. Air

Found through anime on demand.

30. Godzilla

Found through cartoon Network.

31. Mega Man

Found through Kid's WB

32. Pucca and Friends

Found Through Disney XD

33. Sonic

Found through Fox Kids

34. Crayon Shin-chan

Found through Adult Swim

35. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Found through youtube.

36. Transformers

Found through Cartoon Network.

37. Cowboy Bebop

Found Through Adult Swim

38. Halo

Play the Game

39. Blue Dragon

Played the game

40. Digimon

Found through Several sources.

41. Captain Tsubasa

Found through youtube.

42. Resident Evil

Suggested by friend.

43. Super Robot Wars

Found through youtube.

44. Chrono Crusade

Found Through youtube.

45. Ai Yori Aoshi

Found through youtube.

46. Berserk

Found through youtube.

47. Trigun

Found through youtube.

48. Eureka Seven

Found through youtube.

49. Blue Gender

Found through youtube.

50. Wolf's Rain

Found through youtube.

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