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I don't understand why we get happy when school starts but we don't want to go.
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     I love anime, its my life. I draw lots of anime and sometimes I do concept art but I always fail. (._.) Anyways, my other interests include video games, nature, and music. 
     Most video games I play are on The Nintendo Wii, because I own one. I originally wanted A Playstion 3 but they were way too expensive, 600 dollars for a console, yeah right! So I settled for the Wii. Someday I hope to own a PS3 since the price dropped. 
     I like nature because its one with us. (Is he a nut?) Yes, I said we are one with nature. Let me explain. Part of the reason we have bad weather is because of our emotions. When the population is stressed, so is The Earth. When were happy, so is the weather. 
     Most of the music I listen to is around rock and techno. When I say techno I don't mean Pop, I mean Drum and Bass mixes mainly. I listen to all the types of rock. Even Screamo.
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Date Joined: Aug. 15, 2010
City: Springfield
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 3 Points
Ranked: Ranked #1952 of 45,868
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