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Real quick, Imagine If sasuke somehow beats naruto with talk no jutsu.......
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Part 1 - Waybig

I was planning on doing this Blog back when i hit 2,500 posts, but during and around that time I was too busy with getting into the RPG Threads to be able to do this. So i decided to bump my original idea of 2,500 to 3,000 instead since i figure by then I would have more time to do this. Now I do have some time to spare to make this blog and the purpose of this blog will be to reflect my time here on anime vice.

From the start when i joined, I believe I did so because there was a debate on this site that was most likely an older thread that I was interested in, so I created an account and posted without realizing that i just brought back a thread that was probably a few years old. From there I would usually only debate about the more popular anime/manga such as DBZ and HST. At first I believe that i debated because i simply enjoyed the topics and love the discussions. That was my initial reason for keep coming back to the site was just enjoying the battle threads. As time when on from the first couple of weeks here, I notice more and more anime/manga that i didn't even know about. Soon enough this site also become a great place for me to get new information on anime/manga that I would then check out. Soon after that I got even more invested into anime vice when it become a great entertainment for me that was also one of my main sources of new anime/manga outside of my real life friends and my favorite anime reviewers on youtube.

One of the more famous anime/manga that I got to learn from the battle threads was easily Toriko and there was one user who was promoting Toriko at the time more than any other anime/manga that was really going on. Now at this point I don't even need to tell people who I'm referring to as that one user promoting Toriko because we all know him and you can probably already guess that I'm talking about non other than our top notch Debater It was due to his passion and debating about Toriko that made Toriko battles really popular on anime vice because it got people to be interested in the series and the characters. This eventually got a lot of users to get into those debates and eventually the series itself. Now Toriko is easily as known on this site as DBZ, Naruto, One piece, and Bleach. In fact it was because i debated against Othus so much against Toriko at the time that it personally got me invested in the series, because every time he posted a feat from Toriko, i would want to go read/watch it because it was that interesting.

That is another thing i love about the Battle sections as well. Is when you can find people here that you can debate against for hours and you get to learn so much more about a series that you have never picked up before, but the amount of time you learn about such said series, will keep building your interest in the series in till at some point you save some time to check it out. For me the number one series that I had the pleasure to experience like that would easily be Toriko and I thank for promoting such a good series such as Toriko. There are other anime/manga that i got to learn this way as well such as the Seven Deadly Sins and other series that I would never had even known about if it wasn't for some users here that took the time and effort to debate on that particular series.

After being a member for some time, I got to know some of the regular users and from there I got another reason to come back to the site, which was the people and it was during this time that I would eventually start coming back to the site because of the community itself rather than just simply the battle threads. Even though I started to get more and more invested into the site and the community, I still hadn't done anything really to help out, in till there was a certain Tournament that was created by

I first saw taka when the battle threads was in need of help on the moderating end because of a shortage of battle mods. Taka helped out and even wanted to bring us as a community closer to together. So he created a fun project, "Battlation of the Month", to help promote users encourage users, which IMO really help the community and eventually would help me to think of my own projects in the future. Eventually by some miracle chance, I was able to win in February, which also happen doing the same time i got my black belt in karate and other good things were going on that time that really just made that so far the best month this year for me. It was also during that time that I started to become i lot more active and really wanted to help out the community.

First i tried doing it by working on wikis, and I did enjoy it my time working with everyone on the toriko wiki pages with a lot of users. In fact i still would want to help out in the wiki pages even now, but i got to busy with stuff at the time and now i'm just trying to do to much along with other things I now have to do as well. Also Wwith school starting school soon I wonder how long it will be before i can go work on some wiki pages once more. Maybe if I get some free time I can go back to doing it again. I do suggest to anyone who wants to go work on wiki pages to ask

Recently I also joined the RPG Threads and meet some amazing users there, who really help me out and I'm having so much fun there. Even though I'm new they make me feel like I was one of them from an early start, which I would have to thank for making my progression to the RPG threads as smooth as it was. Yet again just because I'm now in the RPG threads doesn't mean I have left the battle threads at all.

I might have been away for a while just to learn and understand how things in the RPG threads work, but I still would like to be an active member of the community in the Battle threads as well. For example when I got back into things I notice Hall of Fame idea. Which to me was I great idea and when it wasn't going going so well I asked if I could help out. Now the project is still running and I'm going to be holding an election soon for the judges. I can't wait to see who is going to be the First Hall of Famer, which should be decided in September.

I could go into greater detail about how things change on this site and other smaller things as well, but to me that doesn't matter as much so long as I still have a good time being here and the users remain being amazing because even if the small things change whatever I want them to or not it doesn't matter so long as we still have a strong community here on the site. Now i'll be working on a few projects and other things. I hope that i can be an active member for many years and during those years to see the community getting bigger, but also closer with new and old users.

Part 2 - The community ( Work in Progress)

This will be a list of users who I have grown close to or at least I think so, they might have a different opinion then me LOL

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