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Real quick, Imagine If sasuke somehow beats naruto with talk no jutsu.......
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@Fehafare: @Justalittlegirl: @ChronoWolf: @Vapovile: @SamJazLeora hears Warden's words and tries her best to move to his location as quickly as possible, but she ends up collapsing by the door. Leora pants heavy as she thinks to herself, Who knew that coming back from the dead will be this hard on the body? Leora struggles to stand up and continues to make her way to Warden. Every step she takes causes ...
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@othus12 said:bambina can run a distance of over 40,000km in 0.1 seconds.i thought the 0.1 second timeframe is only used when he was playing with the kings both timesAlso, hang on did i miss something?when did he travel 40,000 km?the only timeframe and distance that i remember for Bambina with exact numbers was that it took him 1 second to just travel 50km with a soft jump (Not saying that's ...
2 hours, 38 minutes ago
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@Jinbeifan1 said:@flashback180: Technically Midora tanked a planet sized beam, so... not true XDCan I get a scan of that from some one please, i don't know why but i can never find it and I know someone here already has it but i forget who
3 hours, 47 minutes ago
@nishi99:Either way, I wouldn't care so long as if we get more naruto tbh lol XD
4 hours, 55 minutes ago
@nishi99:or just aliens in general, they don't have to be ninjas lol XD
5 hours, 46 minutes ago
waybig1010101 replied to the topic Anything you can do (Closed RP) on the RPG board.
@Justalittlegirl:The Spirit of Unbalance gasps as he discovers even more inspiration from his encounter with the Demon God Worm. The Spirit starts to question his approach to facing such a splendid creature without a proper setting to start off the exchanging of words, and one of the best ways to enhance the setting was through music he thought. The Spirit of Unbalance debates with himself which piece would fit this ...
5 hours, 47 minutes ago
@nishi99: give them another 10 years and they will start space explorations
7 hours, 8 minutes ago
@ohplease:Hey, real quick, how did naruto tech for weapons of mass destruction increase in 3 years to the point that they can destroy the moon? We can't even do that. Now, I'm wondering whats the point of having ninjas if they can make a single cannon with the ability to destroy the entire moon. Seriously, the tech is so powerful now that if someone wanted to destroy the world in ...
8 hours, 44 minutes ago
@taichokage said:Sees Demonbane added to OP. Obvious winner is obvious.the guy who can beat an omnipotent is here?
8 hours, 51 minutes ago
@ohplease:sweet, thanks for letting me know
10 hours, 22 minutes ago
@othus12 said:they kill each other. stalemate at best considering they cannot respond to green rain.but thats meant for humans so maybe yusuke and Hiei can survive since they are Demons.As for naruto ( This is somewhat off topic: how did he fight in space without a problem... I really need to watch the movie some day, I don't know how he did that, does anyone know?,) maybe his nine tails ...
11 hours, 12 minutes ago
@othus12:Great idea!that full course for Luffy XDfor a second I thought you might have made a video of this, but now i understand what your doing here.now i need to pay attention to what characters eatas for Luffy, maybe you should ask his devil fruit somewhere but devil fruits tastes like crap so maybe not lol XD
11 hours, 25 minutes ago
@taichokage said:@flashback180: Raw power and more raw power. The worst thing you could hope for against the 4 Beast which simply channels the force elsewhere, sometimes back at you. Zebra had better DC that anyone here and had continent level potency and they weren't worth jack. Hax is needed to take it down. In fact Sasuke and Hiei are more likely to inflict damage than Naruto or Yusuke since they ...
17 hours, 51 minutes ago
waybig1010101 replied to the topic Ji'tal - The Eldar'aan [Character Bio] on the RPG board.
@Justalittlegirl:voice description... wow, i never even thought what my characters sound like, except maybe for Leora at times.But i will probably do the Bio updates throughout Feb. along with posting my first group of hidden world people
18 hours, 17 minutes ago
waybig1010101 replied to the topic Maya Verity [Character Biography] on the RPG board.
@Sonata:I see@EvilMegaCookie:never mind, see this is why you should ask the writer lol
19 hours, 13 minutes ago
waybig1010101 replied to the topic STRAW HATS vs. VIZARDS on the Battles board.
@ChromeDisaster said:Sorry Strawhats.....this
20 hours, 11 minutes ago
waybig1010101 replied to the topic Ji'tal - The Eldar'aan [Character Bio] on the RPG board.
@Justalittlegirl:yeah, I have to fix that, and add a lot to Chase's Bio too. Especially the whole soul link and soul shards part, which was suppose to make an appearance in Hot Day, but the RP is moving so slow that I rather just add it in now, because if not then I'm going to be a year behind of what I want Chase to be at in his development.
21 hours, 9 minutes ago
waybig1010101 replied to the topic Anything you can do (Closed RP) on the RPG board.
@Justalittlegirl:The Spirit of Unbalance caught the die, and gives the Master of Games a questioning look as if he was unsure of what to do in this situation. I'm sure I'll win this contest, but if I lose what will I have to pay up? The Spirit of Unbalance quickly remembers the one time when he decided to break an agreed rule of the Master's... I broke one of his ...
21 hours, 12 minutes ago
waybig1010101 replied to the topic Ji'tal - The Eldar'aan [Character Bio] on the RPG board.
@Kuma_From_Argentina said:@LordNox: Justalittlegirl, against common sense by reading the nickname.... is a guyI always love a good twist lol@Justalittlegirl said:@LordNox: Don't worry, a lot of us do that. If it helps, write it down, and if you've got enough for multiple characters, just separate it out into a few.this@LordNox:honestly, I have notes on most of the character ideas that i have, and 90% of them I don't want to use ...
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