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RPG » heart of the earth. OOC

Posted. Hope you guys like ^^
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RPG » Heart Of The Earth.

His body flowed like a river from the sky. He landed, with a smirk on his face, in the middle of a street. Cars still moving full on in traffic tried to stop before slamming into him, but were met with something well beyond what they could believe in their world. The mother driving the car screamed as her young son's eyes opened wide as he was split in half by a whipe of lashing, boiling water extended from the demon's right arm. The vehicle exploded, and both mother and child were killed.

People stopped in the middle of the road, and he began to stare around, his grin only widening seeing the tormented faces of the city's residence flailing in fear of death. Two people could rile up an entire street, he thought to himself. This was going to be funner than he imagined....but first, he would kill off the prey that was strongest, and that could actually pose a threat in the future.

His dark blue eyes sparkled against the deafening sky as his body rotated slowly, searching for a lurking opponent. he saw who he was looking for, a young man. Silver hair, and bright azure eyes. He began to walk towards the young child, whom he sensed immense power from. He was making a call for help,,,this would be stopped immediately. In no way would he allow his killing spree to be infringed upon, just in case there were actually mortals who could stand up to him. While he didn't doubt his own power, he also respected that of others, and made sure not to let anger get the best of him for the most part.

His brethren, fire, did, however, like the flames he based himself upon, allow for his rage to guide his death divining power in his opponents. Fire was stronger than he...but there were no others he was seconded to. As he began to walk, multiple armed police men began to surround him in a circling position, all their fire arms pointed at him.

"Place your arms over your head and FREEZE!", two or three of them bellowed in almost a unisoned scream. He did as they asked, and his hands slowly raised. After a few seconds, he began to walk again, his hands in the air. One of the police dis charged a bullet into his chest, and thinking that the man was dead, lowered his weapon. The Water demon slowly knelt down as though he had really been defeated, only for the police to realize that the bullet had melded straight through him, and into the chest of the other officer standing in line with him in their circular formation.

The men knew immediately that he was completely out of this world, and as one cop began to lower his hand slowly to reach his radio receiver, the demon spoke his first words in this world.

"Is that all? If so, then allow me to show why it didn't work." As these few words were spoken, completely calmly, almost whispered, the world seemed to fall in complete silence. The sound of birds flocking together off in the distance could be heard, and, within seconds notice, so could the screeches of dying grown men.

He continued walking towards his target, blood red pavement and men leaning against walls, spattered patterns emblazoning what used to be their source of sustenance behind him.
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RPG » heart of the earth. OOC

Wind said:
"B!tchs wish they had all this

points to his ripped abs and than flexes"
Show em, Wind ;]

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Off-Topic » What's Going Through you Mind Right Now?

Devilly said:
"lol a bit late but hi Res ^^

In the time the rest of the people werent online i went from #102 to #44 on the top editor list :D"
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RPG » heart of the earth. OOC

Death awaits you all who would tread in my way. Deal with the leader first, then the lesser maggots can try to run...no problem, I'll kill them too....no one stands up to me....geha..ha....hahahahahahahahaha....
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