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General Discussion » Women and Anime

So I've been wondering for a minute, I'm about 24 and I've been an anime fan since Ronan Warriors and Tekkaman came out and yet as long as I've been a fan I've only met one woman who was truly into anime/manga. This got my mind working and I wanted to ask is this just a Southern thing (I'm from Georgia) or does my luck just suck. Are women more likely to be open to things like Anime and Manga in other parts of the nation?
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Naruto » Sasuke Will Most Likely Gain The Rinnegan

@UsachanMaN:  wait I was starting to see the Sasuke Rinn things until I saw this, what chapter did this happen in?
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Naruto » Strongest Akatsuki?

1. Pein/Itachi-we haven't seen either at their prime but at the same time they taken top tier characters to their limit and Madara was afraid to reveal himself to Itachi and if Pein was weaker then him why would he try so hard to get his eyes
2. Madara-obvious reasons
3. Kisame-easily one of the most destructive members of the group and one of the most vicious, his sword is what really made me put him up this high, he would drop like 3 spots without it
4. Sasori- he may not have been one of the most powerful but he had poison that could kill within a day and literally had no cure, not to mention he brought down a kingdom with his army, on top of all this it was extremely hard to kill him too if you didn't know how
5. Orichamru- a very well rounded member when you look at what he can do, not to mention the ability to jump to stronger bodies gives him a edge over some others, he just falls short when it comes to people who are better then him in certain areas.
6. Kakuzu/Deidar-I rank them on the same level because a fight between the two would be very situational as far as who determines the winner, both are dangerous versus groups and individuals, but both have basic weaknesses can be exploited
7. Konan- good technique in the right situations
8. Hidan-techniques is good but if enemy has knowledge of it, fights him as a team,  or is a smart and creative individual then he's pretty much beaten alread
9.Zetsu- outside of sneaking around, he hasn't shown anything that would show he's strong
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General Discussion » Your Forbidden Word

Spoilers for those who haven't been keeping up with Naruto Manga.
Been reading the most recent Naruto chapters and the whole issue of not being able to say the word you say the most for threat of being sealed away is very interesting. Now imagine the one word you say the most your whole life, what would it be. I know its tuff but it is a pretty unique question and something you rarely if ever think about. I know it took me two weeks to come up with mines. So just laughs see if you can find yours and list it, it will be interesting to see if any of us have some words in common.
O just for the record mines would be Suck (I know, it just comes out a lot)
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Battles » Sajin Komamura vs Kenpachi Zaraki

Why does everybody keep using Sajin's fight with Tousen to show how tuff he is, as I recall he lost that fight and then Tousen turned around and got taken out by a Vice-Captain, so if I'm to go by that then he is the weakest captain then. I hate the freaking fox only because I thought he was strong but honestly who has he beat that was a high level (nobody). Pretty much anybody who Kenpachi fought would have killed him down right. He may have raw strength but just like in any fight one thing doesn't mean you would win.
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Battles » Namor vs Kisame

I'm not saying he will win but you don't call this a stomp, water can have some strong impacts not to mention don't write Kisame off so quick he doesn't carry a huge sword around for no reason.
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Battles » Karas vs Zolo

I'm a huge Zoro fan and even I don't think he can pull this one out, even in the slim chance he is more skilled or stronger then Karas, you still have to realize this is a man fighting for all purposes the Silver Samurai+Iron-man+a transformer in one person.  Karas can win this......easily if he fights smart and cheap.........a naruto team vs Karas would have made more sense
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Battles » Shikamaru Nara(Naruto Shipuden) vs Pride (FMA: Brotherhood)

Don't sale Shikamaru out so soon, he is quick thinking is is willing to get seriously injured in order to win and can come up with plans off the top of his head quickly. I think the real edge in this is the location, they need to be somewhere like woods or something, Pride knows to much about Central and Shikamaru has never been there placing him a disadvantage
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Battles » Might Guy (Naruto Shippuden) vs Fuher King Bradley (FMA )

Gai has this all the way, they are worlds apart
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Battles » Dante (DMC) vs the Toguro Brothers

Yea Dante has this one, especially if he has his DMC 4 Weapons, thing about those things in context, Pandora's box is enough to help him take em down add in his demon abilities plus the variety of ways he could attack he could take em
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General Discussion » Get me the Old School

I've been watching anime for a while and recently I've started to miss some of the shows that I grew up on. Well recently I saw an article about them possible bringing back a new Voltron cartoon and the only thing that popped in my head was that weak 3-D garbage they tried to pass off as Voltron. This lead me to start thinking, are their any shows that you all would like to see come back and if so would you want their to be any changes (new villains, new main characters, new abilities, new plot, new art) or would you just prefer for them to bring the oldies back in all their previous glory. If you have ideas post em and anything  you would change. Here are at least two of mines.
Ronin Warriors- new artwork, new armors, and new enemies (they fight demon samurai, don't see how they can't make new folks for them to fight)
Tekkaman Blade-new artwork, new abilites, new enemeis, and I would mind a new lead character as long as Slade is in there somewhere
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Battles » Madara (naruto) vs Aizen (bleach) vs Blackbeard (one piece)

why is this even a debate, Aizen either toys with people or he slaughters them, most of the time its both at the same time. Between his Shikai, his Kido spells (please don't forget he's like a master at that shit) and the fact that he has mastered pretty much everything when it comes to being a captain. Even if Madara was fully powered I can't see him winning, Madara is strong but Aizen has to much going for him, Blackbeard isn't even a big part of the fight because both of these guys are way faster then him and his ability cause him to take more physical damage then a normal Demon fruit user (a bad combo when fighting a ninja and a grim reaper with a sword lol)
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Battles » Crocodile and Smoker vs Alucard

In the middle of an argument between Smoker and Crocodile over some of the later more underhanded dealing, Smoker witnesses Alucard offing someone in the distance, attempting to arrest him and fight breaks out and Crocodile is pulled in. The two men seeing how powerful Alucard is decide to make a truce to bring down a common enemy.
fight takes place in the middle of an abandoned town, they all have standard weapons and are fighting at 100% and going for kills
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Battles » Gene Starwind, Ruroni Kenshin, Kazuma, and Black Star vs. Enel

Team 1
Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star)-Standard gun
Ruroni Kenshin-standard reverse blade
Kazuma (S-Cry-Ed)- only 2nd level of alter
Black Star (SoulEater)-has Feye Blade
they have 3 days prep time
Team 2
Enel (One Piece)-he has all his powers, his staff and his large ship but can make the giant electric explosions
The battle takes place on Enel's ship and no BFRs, its a fight to the death
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Battles » Shining Gundam vs Gundam Wing Zero

I call Neo-England cheap not because he used a long range rifle, but because he used that heavy fog + decoy trick and still lost. I guess personally for me I don't see Heero just running into the battle and letting go full force with the BFG or just trying to fly away to stay safe. When I think about his battles he never did that, so that's why I can buy the whole it can fly faster and just stay away thing. That's why I brought up the Epyon fight because honestly if you had the BFG would you even get close to a mobile suit that had no long range weapons at all, Heero did it cause it was his style, he even got close to small fries because that's how he fought. Most of you would just fly around and shot like crazy but that's yall, he doesn't fight like that and he would probably consider that a cowards way after seeing that SG can't do the same. The biggest advantage WZ has is the Zero System cause honestly I was just Bsing about them being equal, that thing is vicious and not many normal pilots can stand up to it
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Battles » Shining Gundam vs Gundam Wing Zero

so pretty much everybody's argument is based on the BFG and the Zero System, First of all Domon has dealt with a long distance fighter before who was way more cheaper then Heero (see Neo-England fight), second the G-Gundam suits respond almost just as quickly as the Zero System, since they both are pretty much based on the pilots reactions. I would say the fact that Domon is a highly trained fighter puts his reaction time over Heero's(I know Heero was trained too, but in a fist fight who would win between the two of them, think about it). Then on top of that is the fact the SG can do an ass load of stuff and has a hyper mode to fall back on too. Don't get me wrong WZ was one of my top 3 fav suits from the serious but I don't see it pulling out a win here. SG has to many different way of attacking it and honestly Heero only really got beaten up when he got surprised.
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General Discussion » Who is the strongest?

just to comment about the Pein and Jiraya thing, Jiraya could have one if he had known it was six peins, he killed 3 with little difficulty and the only reason pein beat him was that he didn't know how many there were.
But yea Captain Commander would own everybody on the list and then go pop a viagra and have his way with their women
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Battles » Shining Gundam vs Gundam Wing Zero

I'm gonna go against the grain and go with Shinning Gundam simply because Wing Zero is powerful but it can't stand up to it in a close range fight and for those of you that ask why would Heero fight close range all I will say is Epyon (a mobile suit with no long range attacks put up the best fight against Wing Zero), not to mention Shining Gundam is hella powerful and can attack faster. G Gundam suits moved just like the pilots where as the Gundam Wing suits were merely controlled by the pilot. Seeing as how I think Domon can beat Heero in a fight (he isn't a normal fighter to begin with). 
Wing Zero's mains advantages are projectiles and speed and I can see SG overcoming that eventually
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Super Weapon » Weapons, weapons, and more weapons

I'm on the look out for some nice looking anime weapons, if you've found some or you know some hit me up here are a few I've found.

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Battles » Mihawk (One Piece) vs Kenpachi (Bleach)

come on now seriously, I'm mad folks are really picking Mihawk in this one, you talk about skill, pretty much everybody that Kenpachi has fought (save for Ichigo) was more skilled them him. I heard somebody talk about speed, Kenpachi keeps up with captain class characters with effort (just because you don't move superfast doesn't mean you can react superfast), and the biggest factor about all of this is the fact that you haven't really seen Mihawk fight a high level person ( Zoro was weak when they fought and pretty much everybody was taking a dokey on Luffy on the island, so he was weak too, he refuses to fight shanks since he lost his arm so don't count that either). Kenpachi on the other hand Kenpahci has beaten Tousen and Nnoitra both very high level people both of whom I honestly believe could have beaten Mihawk.
Kenpachi for the win mo fo's
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