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Yes, you can groan at the pun if you want. However, it serves the purpose of this blog entry as opposed to stating dryly "Legend of Korra project". And for those of you with the keen eye that wondered if I ever finished Eden of the East month, the answer is kinda. I got a ton done with characters, movies, concepts, etc. The only problem were the episodes as I didn't have time to re-watch the series and take caps like I usually do when I dedicate myself to doing new projects. But that's in the past and here is the now.

The now being that I have a dedicated reason to watch Nickelodeon once more as The Legend of Korra is now airing every Saturday. I've been busy since it premiered two weeks ago by creating new pages, capping images, and editing pages. I like to think the majority of the grunt work (mainly making new pages) is done with and everything else will come naturally. I was planning on spending the next few weeks working on Eureka Seven: Ao but it may have to wait since I'm more interested in Korra than Eureka Seven (shocking, I know).

If you wanna give a hand, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Do what you want to do and have fun with it. I will look around and if I see things that need tweaking, I'll take care of it.

Here's hoping J.K. Simmons as Tenzin has some witty line about lemons.

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