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But at least the cancellations they announced are really just indefinite delays...
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-Mitsuki Hayase 1/8th scale by GoodSmile ships on the 31st or so. She's from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

He is My Master  v.2-4

Art Books

Louise PhotoBook


This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Vol. 2: Tin Perfect Collection [3 Discs]
Afro Samurai Resurrection Director's Cut
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The pure white, royal knight.

The popular fighting game "Fate/unlimited codes" has recently been released on PS2, and from that game comes a 1/7th PVC figure of Saber's alternate form, Saber Lily!

Posed as if preforming her ultimate move "Distant Avalon", the figure has been sculpted to recreate the scene where Saber raided Caliburn. Her other noble phantasm, the sword "Excalibur" has also been included, and can be equipped and removed.

The sculpting work was done by Takayuki Kawahara, who has given the figure a dynamic feeling to suit the action packed scenes from the original game. Everything from her beautiful flowing dress to her finely detailed hair all come together to bring a wonderful figure that any fan is bound to fall in love with.

A gorgeous figure! I preordered her on Hobby Search and you can see more pics here. Make sure you to preorder yours if you can and desire it like I do! ^_^
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I bought Rosario + Vampire manga v.1-4 love it.
Art History book for class...(and other books for class)
The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien
1 terabyte External Hard Drive by Fantom Drives

What has not come in yet:
Louise Fairy Bustier Ver.(Can't wait for this especially)
Haruhi Suzumiya v.2 regular edition dvd(replacement to the copy that was stolen when my friend borrowed it...he never replaced it back for me some friend he was.)
Fate/stay night manga v.2
He Is My Master v.1 manga
Higurashi, When They Cry manga v.1
Aria manga v.1

That's all for now.
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I did it today and expect to have it by Friday ordered by EMS at http://www.hlj.com/index.html



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