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You probably figured out one of the anime series I bought by the title. ;P
Full Metal Panic Heavy Metal Collection that includes the first season and Fumoffu
Full Metal Panic The Second Raid boxset
Azumanga Daioh thinpack
School Rumble Season 1
Gurren Lagann Limited Edition part 1 with #2 standard edition ordered today
Aria The Natural Part 1
Akira Deluxe Edition ordered today

When They Cry v.1 (Yen Press)
Aqua v.1 + 2 (prequel to Aria)
Aria v.2-4 (Tokyopop)
Faust Anthology v.1 (Del Rey)
He is My Master v.5 (Seven Seas)
Rosario + Vampire v.1-5 (Viz)
Legend of Chun Hyang (Clamp)
School Rumble v.1 +2 (Del Rey)
Mao-Chan v.1 (Del Rey)
Maximum Ride v.1(Yen Press)

Eri Sawachika (good review here)

School Rumble #9898 (ordered today)

Art books
Saber Portraits

Everything that I ordered previously till day has come in and has been very nice though it's not like I've gotten to read or watch everything I've gotten yet. :P
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No doubt that it owns the other licenses here especially craptacular, I want my life back, Boobnaut.
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Now apparently they are trying to hype up stupid RERUNS.
Oh, look it's  a repeat staff list with only a few changes for the RERUN

Can you say retarded?

Edit: The topic is misspelled but it'ts nothing compared to the fail of hyping up a rerun.
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My personal favorite movie ever, the characters are engaging, the music is captivating, the animation is stunning, the story and direction are phenomenal, the action is jaw-dropping, and this series is a must-see.  You won't be disappointed at all if you watch this series unless you only like childish anime. 
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