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I bought some new ones the only ones that aren't pictured here is my 2 Noizi Ito art books and a Zero no Tsukaima one. In order right to left and below they are:  4 Zero no Tsukaima art books(5 images), Megami Super Deluxe, Rightstuf catalog thrown in, Saber Portraits art books(4 images posted), and last but by far the best, is the Tinkle Byakuya Chakai rare art book(7 images posted).

If you own any anime/manga art books make sure to share them.
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Yup, on Otaku Mitsukai online shop it was a drawing for people who ordered something in the month of March. It's a nice figma that comes out 06/30/2009 ~ You can see their announcement on their site. I've ordered from them twice and they are a very nice site with their items and quick shipping as well.

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Don't forget to pick it up I ordered it online and it should be arriving within a few days. ;)
Hardback Version
Paperback Version
Hardback version ftw.

(I like the anime more than the novels but I enjoy the translations of them I've read on the Internet and can't wait to see how the English release version turns out.)
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It was my first con that I attended last year and I plan to attend again this year and will be buying early tickets by June.^^ It's a nice convention though small and the only one close to me. I'm getting more friends to go with me this time around. =P It's located in West Virgina. clicky
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I use msn heavily but I should be able to add you if you have yahoo as well. I can use aim again if I must too.

Message me please to give me yours or post yours here if you want the world to potentially see it. I won't post mine since I don't want everyone knowing it. ^_^
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