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Yes, I'm going to show you them.
 I bought Rei Ayanami from Tsubasacon.

The following 2 figures I bought online through discounts. 
    Louise by Alter (School Uniform)
  Louise Goth(She's stunning even in picture form imo)
  No better way to end this blog of figures than to send it with amazing Saber Alter by GSC.
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I went down to my kitchen and was greeted by a slug. I quickly put him outside where he belonged! :)

So, has anything every happened like this to you before?
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Yes, you can get new updates every Thursday and the site is rather appealing! That's also the day to worship her! :P
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Very impressive centering!
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So, I read the recent rumor that they will be releasing a Gold/Silver/Crystal remake game for the DS and that it will be announced on the 10th of this month. I can't stand remakes likes this or "3rd versions" of Pokémon generation rpg games on the handhelds that are basically cut and paste version of their counterparts with minor bonuses thrown in. What I want to come out is the true next generation Pokémon games so that I can actually get more than just 1-3 Pokémon that weren't catchable in the new one. Also with a new generation there is the possibility that they can add some revolutionary features, beef up the computer a.i., add more customizations, etc. I can't stand how Nintendo milks the Pokémon franchise like this and also in the past they have released pathetic Pokémon games on GameCube luckily though they didn't try to cut and paste from the handhelds but they did make a generic and terrible adventure game just the same that didn't match the polish or charm of the handheld games. I may be in the minority but I don't want to play another freaking remake of a Pokémon game. (previous remakes were of Red/Blue) Since Nintendo loves remakes to death I can almost bet they will remake Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald LOL.


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