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  I got a FXIII skin for it courtesy of amazon. (slim PS3)
Also, here's a picture of my games.
I also am the current owner of 3 blu-ray movies: FF7: Advent Children Complete, The Terminator, and The Kingdom of Heaven.
That's all for now!
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And you can see the picture I took of them. ;D Click the thumb for a larger view...
Direct link:
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They are calling it "Song of Saya" which is a good name! I'm disappointed by the art though. The game is originally a 18+ visual novel PC game.

the original style

I wish the U.S. wouldn't do adaptions of games/anime in their own "style" for comics(or live action for that matter) like this.
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Banning lolicon/shotacon would not prevent the sickos who do crimes that hurt children. I don't think it would even reduce it. It won't add much, if any, extra motivation for sickos to commit their crimes because they are fictional. The types of people who are sickos and would do that are likely to their terrible acts to children regardless of the existence of loli/shota.
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I <3 them and thought some others may want to see them on here as well.
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