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Just Anime » Favorite AMV's

  mine ^_^ ECCHIish WARNING!
  There's also this one..
  well there are alot og good amv's... 

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General Discussion » The Questions Thread

 1. If you could have a  heram (reverse or regular) who would be in it?
 2. Who's better Haruhi Fujioka or Haruhi Suzumiya? i say Suzumiya (cuz i have a tsundere fetish.. and suzumiya is basicly a Tsundere or at least i think so..) but my  opinion doesn't matter though *sob*
3. If you could be fused with an animal which would it be? it could be that you gain some of thier attributes or have parts like them (eg cat ears, tail...) or both.
5. Which anime whould you like to have a main/supporting roll in? And what would you do?
6. If you could bring an anime character to life who would it be?
7.  if you could take an anime character's place who would it be?
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