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My Favorite Evil Female Characters
A list of some of my all-time favorite bad girls from anime and manga.
1. Suzuka Itami

Not evil all the time, but the instances where she is, combined with her overall sexiness, are enough to put her at the top spot.

2. Tom Cat

A tough villainess who gets significant bonus points for being a badass, 80's-style punk/gang girl.

3. Etsuko Yamanobe

While not really as evil as some of the characters in this list, she does further the abuse of an innocent victim purely to boost her status as a star newscaster. It is an act that ultimately leads to the girl's death, which doesn't seem to weigh very heavy at all on Etsuko's conscience at the end of the day.

4. Remi Mizuchi

Viciously evil and conniving character from an overall great early 90's OVA.

5. Ayumi Mizuchi

(see above)

6. Emi Mizuchi

(see above)

7. Michinoku

One of the many evil spirits from the Rougetsu Toshi series. Aside from her evilness, I also enjoy her unique fashion choice.

8. Semmerling

Another great female baddie from another great 80's OVA.

9. Death Star

The Cutie Honey series has some great villainesses all around, but Shin Cutie Honey had some particularly fantastic ones.

10. Saline
11. Miss Scorpion
12. Gold Digger
13. Jewel Princess
14. Yasha
15. Gene
16. Sandra
17. Eudial
18. Kaolinite
19. Mimete
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