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Vasto_Lorde is fixing up his evil layer! Muahahahaha!
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I think I'd definitely be Prince Zuko's Grandfather Iroh or something.

His strength is just incredible, and he's very wise if you actually understand the riddles he talks in. Plus, that Lightning attack he created it just the shizzle!
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Warning* If you havent gotten up to current Naruto manga Chapter 451, then you may want to steer away from this blog.

So yeah, Danzo's decision to dismiss Sasuke as a Missing-Nin, I feel he was right to do so. I mean how long has it ben since he left the village OF HIS OWN FREE WILL to go to Orochimaru? 2 going on 3 years? I feel Tsunade should've done this, no matter how Naruto or Team 7 felt about it.

As much as I don't like Danzo being the 6th Hokage, I feel his first decision, was a good one!

What do you all think?
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Since when have we ever known Tsunade's last name was Koichi? If anything, wouldn't it be like Senju or something? But yeah, just thought I'd bring this up, because her last name is still unknown information and yet here it says that it's Koichi (which I think is completely wrong)
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