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O wow, the ENTIRETY of Fairy Tail is back on Crunchyroll. Well, time to restart the series :D
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Fairy Tail is here!
Fairy Tail is here!

Whew, what a ride! Prior to this contest, I haven't seen or heard anything about Fairy Tail outside of the occasional battle thread here on Anime Vice. For the sake of the contest though, I took it upon myself to watch the entire first season of Fairy Tail, and I am so glad that I did. Currently, it's tied with Yu Yu Hakusho for the title of best shonen in my opinion. But enough about my background, let's cook this burrito!

Burrito Crafting

Happy is scary when explaining the situation.
Happy is scary when explaining the situation.

First off, we start with a warm, fluffy multi-grain tortilla that represents the show's animation. The reason why it's warm and fluffy is because the show's visual style is very bright and colorful, giving off an aura of adventure when Natsu and the gang are walking through Magnolia. The little dark grains represent the occasional surprising moment, like when said grain would get lodged in your tooth and you would cry out in pain. Happy's occasional wide-eyed explanations to Lucy would definitely be a surprising moment.

Inside of the tortilla, we have a large helping of sweet and spicy orange chicken, representing the overall story of Fairy Tail. The outside of the chicken is covered in the spicy sauce for the various magical fight scenes, but the inside of the chicken is warm and juicy to reflect the individual arc of the story that the chicken is holding. There are many little arcs in Fairy Tail, so there are multiple little pieces of orange chicken, each one representing it's own story as part of the entire story of the burrito as a whole.

Next up is the ever present intrigue of the series. For this specific burrito, the cook must steal potato chips from Light Yagami's house to create the right sense of intrigue. In every arc, Natsu and the gang are thrown into a strange scenario that they must fight their way out of, even if it's reckless to do so. In the Phantom arc, the guild's recklessness was exploited when they were almost wiped out during their invasion of the Phantom guild. Later in the next arc, while Natsu and the others are trying to save Erza from Jellal, the audience is slowly given information as to how cunning of a plan that Jellal actually concocted, and how he managed to deceive even the S-class wizard Erza Scarlet inside of his giant tower of doom. The story might seem rudimentary on the surface, but slowly as the arc comes to a close, more sinister elements are introduced to the audience.

As for the individual characters, Natsu comes across to be as the jalapeno sauce that makes you really excited to see what's next in the burrito. Natsu is like typical shonen protagonists, and that he is one of the most hot-headed ones of the group, but he is the one who fights the main enemies more often. He fought the kidnappers in the first episode, Gajeel, Jellal, and even the S-class wizard Laxus, though he had help from his new rival Gajeel. However, despite being hot-headed, he is one of the most loyal ones to the Fairy Tail guild.

Gray just can't keep his clothes on.
Gray just can't keep his clothes on.

Happy, on the other hand, is more like the odd strips of candy bacon that you find in your burrito after your first bite. Initially he seems like a weird character, but you quickly find that his weirdness adds levity to the rest of the show/burrito, so you welcome every bite that contains the candy bacon. To give everyone a sense for his weirdness, Happy was found as an egg in a tree by Natsu, hatched in the Fairy Tail guild, and turned out to be a blue cat that can fly and serve as the main comic relief character. If that doesn't tell you that he is an awesome character, you need to think about your priorities.

...oh sorry, did you say something?
...oh sorry, did you say something?

Lucy is the main heroine of the series, and is introduced to the audience as a newcomer to the Fairy Tail guild. Through her, the audience is able to learn the inner workings of the world of Fairy Tail, while she plays the relative "straight-man" to an ever wackier world full of magic and an ice mage who unconsciously strips down to his boxers. She does an excellent job of bringing the audience back down to Earth after learning about all the magical elements, so I would categorize her as the melty nacho cheese that holds the ingredients together from the top. She also provides most of the fanservice of the series, so even when looking at the burrito from the outside, it will still look nice.

The Verdict

I would highly reccomend Fairy Tail to any shonen fan out there who likes the absurdness of worlds like One Piece. The main story arcs in season 1 anyway are short, so there will be constant payoff for those of you who might be turned off from the extremely long arcs from the likes of Naruto and Bleach. For those of you wanting a sound bite, this is my review of Fairy Tail season 1 in 10 words or less;

A lighthearted shonen with magic, adventure, and light fanservice.

Link to the Fairy Tail Facebook page

Thank you all for reading my review of Fairy Tail season 1, and if you call right now, you can get this burrito for $35! Call today!

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