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General Discussion » What if Lelouch became president?

I think Lelouch would make a great president and would be able to unite humanity if given the time.

 I could see C.C. as Secretary of State, or mostly any role in office. Other examplse: Secretary of Defense could be Tohdoh, Secretary of Energy could be Rakshata, and Secretary of Education could be Ohgi.

 Lelouch would likely call for a new constitution for America (the world has changed since 1787...), rid corruption from goverment, make better relations with people around the world, form a effective assassination squad for our enemies, better education for our children, real equality for all race, gender, and religion (except if the religion is one of violence or hate), get rid of the broken two party system, put corporation in their place, advance technology and create a new energy resource, and eliminate any threat to the people by any means.

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General Discussion » What if Lelouch became president?

What if Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass) became president of the USA?

 Would Lelouch be a good choice as president or a bad president?

 Could Lelouch be able to solve the current problems facing real America and beyound?

 Who would comprise his cabinet if they could only be characters from Code Geass?

 How do you think Lelouch would change things in government?

 What roles would he give  C.C. Nunnally Lamperouge Kallen KozukiSuzaku Kururugi
    Kaname Ohgi Jeremiah Gottwald Kyoshiro Tohdoh Sayoko Shinozaki Rakshata Chawla, and the rest of Code Geass characters?

 Since this is a what if... We will overlook the age of characters, place of birth, alliances (like  Schneizel el Britannia and Lelouch working together), and other criteria.

 Post you opinion and comments here and anything else that is on your mind about the subject.

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Off-Topic » How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

Would you let all connections you have with them go (never to see or contact again)?

Would you sacrifice your life?

Would you sacrifice their memories of you (never to know who you are forever)?

Would you kill villains, heroes, civilians, relatives, and children?

How far would you go in real life to protect and save those, you hold most deer to you? 
 I would do anything for the ones I hold closest to my heart, even if they forget about me or hate me for the rest of my life. Would you do the same as me or draw a line as to how far you would go. I would like to read your thoughts on the subject to see any similarities in people‚Äôs morals and beliefs.    

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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 » Why was MS Gundam 00 so bad...

This is all my personal opinion so no need to hate. 
Dont get me wrong but I love MS 00 first season but loathe the second season... Thus the whole series to me becomes garbage. 
I have many reasons why I feal this way:  
1.Time gap that did little for the main characters or give reason why they just did nothing at all. 
2. Messing up  Graham Aker  character in season 2 and giving him a stupid mask...  
3. Making the first season some what a true possible future to making season 2 a over the top fantasy... 
4.  Setsuna F Seiei going super human in season 2.... 
5.  and mostly all season 2
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