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EDIT: Lol I just noticed I'm missing the "z" in "Rendezvous" in the title of the blog lol (....silent letters....*sigh*)

Hello everybody! :D

Well, ever since Bigheart711 posted the trailer for the anime Natsuyuki Rendezvous, I’ve been eagerly waiting for it to be released! Now that the first episode came out, I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you all!

Plot Summary

So basically the story revolves around a young man, Hazuki Ryuusuke, who has fallen for a local florist named Shimao Rokko. He then starts working as a part-timer at her shop just to get close to her. Just when things were starting to work out for him, he runs into a man living with her. Later, Hazuki learns that the man is actually Rokka’s deceased husband that only he can see.

Will Hazuki’s relationship with Rokka progress? And how will he deal with her clingy ghost husband?


· Loved it!

· If you guys read my posts about seiyuus, you’d know that I have an insane obsession with Yuuichi Nakamura. Since he voices Hazuki, I knew I wouldn’t pass the chance to watch the anime

· There is pleasant humor and sarcasm

*Just floatin' 'round aimlessly*
*Just floatin' 'round aimlessly*

· The anime feels real (besides the hovering ghost part…lol). Themes such as death, marriage, love, moving on, etc; are all realistic feelings, situations and occurrences that happen in all of our lives.

Similarities to other anime:

· This anime is more mature, targeting young adults (i.e. work-life, marriage, etc)

· Has the same feel as “Usagi Drop”, “Honey and Clover”, in level of maturity.

· Similar to the anime “Anohana”, since they both have a ghost that only one character can see, and deals with the “moving on” theme.

· Hazuki’s narration reminds me of Okazaki’s narration in Clannad

Interesting Points:

· The opening and ending themes are very pleasant and calming

· The animation and the vibrant flower colors are really nice

· The ending theme sounds a lot like Bleach’s Re:Pray theme, by Aimer (as well).


If you guys are in to anime that feel realistic, dramatic, humorous, but still has serious and depressing themes, I encourage you guys to pick up this series!

UsachanMan over and out! :D

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