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Characters That Remind Me of Myself

Ok, just as the title of this list says, here are a bunch of characters that somewhat remind me of myself. Beside each character, I'll specify in what way we are similar.

1. Hime Onizuka

First off, I'd like to say I'm definitely NOT as cool as Hime is lol, but there are some traits that we have in common.
1) We are both really doting when it comes to if you watched episode 9 of Sket Dance, you'll know what I mean.
2) Can have our dumb moments....
3) Do have slight anger-management issues XD

2. Edward Elric

Ok, I'm not a guy like Edward is, but we do have some things in common
1) Both dislike drinking milk
2) Both have height issues
3) Often mistaken as the younger sibling rather than the older one
4) Is a

3. Poplar Taneshima

Apparently I also look like I'm a kid.....

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