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Lool kinda late but...HAPPY NEW YEAR AV!! ^______^
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What's up people! It's Usachan here (wait...I guess you can tell since my avatar is right there) 
I don't usually blog, but since I finally made the 1000 mark regarding posts, I wanted to do something special (*cough* cough* it wasn't completely my idea...i got a recommendation from someone :P) 
Just as the title suggests, this blog is dedicated to cartoons that completely vanished from TV.....and i mean totally "abducted by aliens"-type vanished. 
When I was a kid, I used to watch cartoons ALL the time. Literally. I still do today, and enjoy them the same way I used to. There were three Disney shows that I was completely obsessed with; Bonkers, Gummi Bears, and Duck Tales. I actually found Duck Tales recently at Walmart, and bought 3 seasons, but Bonkers and Gummi Bears have just...disappeared O.O I think the last time I ever watched them on T.V. was probably 12 - 13 years ago....that's a long time! 
So yea, this blog is dedicated to those missing cartoons, and a bunch of others as well. 


    ABDUCTEE number 1

Bonkers D. Bobcat! Now this show was my ultimate favourite! Sadly, every time I mention this show to anyone, they all look at me like this: O.O 
No one remembers it :(      
It was a funny show, about an actor bobcat that becomes a cop. Luckily I found some episodes on youtube, I can reminisce there XD

Gummi Bears

ABDUCTEE number 2  
This was my second favourite Disney cartoon. Gummi Bears!!! I was always amazed by the way they could bounce so high. I tried to bounce on my butt the way they do when I was younger (now that I watch the opening, I realized that they don't bounce on their butt)....yea, it didn't work out so well.  
I like the blue Gummi Bear the best (the artistic me!) , and I used to play as him with my sister, she being the yellow one. We used to make our uncle play as the bad guy, even though he had no idea what was going on. We wound scream out "Get IGTHORN!!!!" and jump on him, using our mega bouncing powers :D  
He would be like "Ig...what?" but then get trampled by us XD
Now this show is completely gone too. I haven't seen Gummi Bears in stores at all. So sad :( 


 ABDUCTEE number 3 
I couldn't find the opening song for this cartoon, so this is part of an episode: 
I don't really miss this cartoon that much, seeing Maurice the gorilla just really disgusted me when I was a kid. He always looked so dirty, and the fact that his eyes never show just irritated me even more.  The show was basically about a yellow monkey with a really long tail and black spots, doing random stuff in the jungle. Maurice was Marsupilami's sidekick throughout the show, kinda like Timon and Pumba, except Pumba is much cuter!
Yup....this concludes my blog XD 
There are a bunch of Disney cartoons out there that stopped airing but are being sold, like DuckTales, Talespin, Darkwing Duck, etc. 
So does anyone out there have any old cartoons that totally disappeared on them? Or just any childhood cartoon or movie that they wanna share? I'll be glad to here 'em! :D 

I'll just leave you all with my favourite Disney Opening :D 
That's all folks!!! 
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