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Lool kinda late but...HAPPY NEW YEAR AV!! ^______^
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Ok, so this blog is dedicated to all of those funny and embarrassing stories that you're itching to share. Personally, I have a ton of random stories, but there is one that I find quite funny XD 
Here goes! 
Before I actually get into the story, let me tell you a bit more about my "in class" character. I'm one of those students that are super quiet and the one that everyone assumes is super smart, but is actually just average. The story actually happened during my grade 11 enriched math class(i was in an enriched program - but I wasnt super smart...i was kinda like the average of the bunch).   I usually brainstormed story ideas during class, made up characters, and drew them.

ANYWAYS..... let me tell u the story. 
It was one of those days where I felt like there was absolutely no excitement whatsoever and I wanted to do something crazy. That day, our class just started a new unit, PROBABILITY. We finished the lesson early (which is very rare in that class), so the teacher gave us time to work on our homework. My two friends and I opened the textbook and read the questions over....and we were just blown away by how incredibly easy the questions were. One of the questions were: if there are a dozen eggs, and 8 eggs are white, how many are brown?

Seriously! That was one of the questions! This was an enriched math class, and we were doing math in the kindergarden level.   
After laughing hysterically, one of my friends were like, "Hahaha, imagine we tell the teacher that we dont get it and we need help solving it."  and thats when i was like, "I'll do it if you dare me." They were both surprised since I am the shy quiet student that has this intelligent air to them. Then they were like, "We dare you!" 
So i got up from my seat at the back of the class and went up to the teacher and said, "Miss, I'm sorry but i'm having a little trouble with this question. I keep trying to understand but it isnt making any sense."  I put on the most confused look so i can be as believable as possible, and i had to surpress my laughter. It wasn't easy, believe me. Especially since i could hear my friends giggling at the back of the class. 
And this is the sad teacher actually fell for it! She was like, "Oh...its ok. It may seem a bit tricky because its a bit too easy. You just have to subtract the number of white eggs from the dozen, and the remainder is number of brown eggs."

and i was like, "Oh! ok! That's it? Its not that bad. Thank you!"

and then she said, "Its really easy right?"  and I said, "Yeah!" 
When i went back to my seat, my friends were like, "so, how'd it go?" and I told them how she actually fell for it, and they couldnt stop laughing. They couldnt believe i did it, but i did XP 
We were going to tell the teacher that we were just kidding, but we decided not to just in case she gets offended. She is a great teacher, and really sweet, and the fact that she took me seriously without making me feel like such a dumba** is proof of that.  
That's the end of my story 



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Angel Beats is AWESOME!!!!! ITs so funny. Personally, I think Visual Art's/Key productions are the best! :D
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