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Anime I Used to Watch Growing Up

Here's a list of anime I used to watch back when I was really during my kindergarten and elementary school days XD

I watched all these anime in Arabic (i.e. Arabic dubbed) :D I'm surprised at how so many of these anime are not that up-to-date on the site. If I have time I'll update the wiki with them XD

Will update the list as I remember more of the anime I used to watch :P

1. Princess Sarah

I believe this is the first anime I ever watched (I think I was about 1-ish) and I actually named my little sister who is two years younger than me after the main character of this anime (except in Arabic, the main character's name wasn't Sarah).

2. Case Closed

Conan fan for life!! I still enjoy watching it 'til this day!!! XD

3. Slam Dunk

Loved this anime lol it was pretty cool and quite funny XD

4. Montana Jones

I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS AN ANIME!!!!! I loved this anime so much and loved the main character!!! XD I cant seem to find the original Japanese version anywhere :( But I managed to find the Arabic eps :D

5. Romeo and the Black Brothers

Sad anime :( I havent watched it top to bottom though but will try to do so soon since I have the Arabic boxset XD

6. Baby & Me

Cute brotherly-love anime XD I remember wishing to have a little brother when I was a kid watching this (back when my brother wasnt born) XD

7. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Maajid! Seriously if you're an Arab this anime would've definitely been part of your childhood at one point XD

8. Robotan

I remember watching this anime on Friday mornings back in the day (I used to live in an Arab country then and Fridays were the second day of the like Sundays XD). I remember having to put a bucket on my head and pretending to be Robotan the good times good times XD

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