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characters that i find cool

not entirely ordered properly

based on my extremely limited amounts of anime viewing that i've done thus far (super main stream, mostly DBZ)

Exodia The Forbidden One

1. Vegito

the baller of ballers

2. Cell

my favorite villain, Super Perfect Cell is pimp back hand slick

3. Majin Buu

Kid Buu is my 2nd favorite villain, Super Buu being my 2nd fav incarnation of the Buu's

4. Broly


5. Future Trunks

coolest SSJ hair style and the sword is just added badassery

6. Gogeta

not as slick as Vegito

7. Goku
8. Gohan

SSJ2 Teen Gohan was easily my fav, 2nd is Mystic Gohan

9. Vegeta

Majin Vegeta was baller

10. Yi Xing Long
11. Cooler

Final Form looks wicked

12. Android 13

Super form looks awesome

13. Bojack

looks pretty cool, probably has the coolest name. just like yelling it out loud

14. Android 17


15. Android 18

cool cat

16. Super Android 17
17. Janemba

cool powers and SWORD

18. Gotenks
19. Trunks
20. Goten
21. Tapion


22. Dabura


23. Hatchyack


24. Hirudegarn

scary looking mofo

25. Baby

Golden Great Ape looks rad

26. Paikuhan
27. Tien Shinhan
28. Uub
29. Piccolo
30. Bardock
31. Ginyu Force


32. Nappa


33. Cell Jr.
34. General Rilldo
35. Android 15
36. Slug
37. Porunga
38. Ultimate Shenron
39. Shenron
40. Slifer the Sky Dragon
41. Obelisk The Tormentor
42. Winged Dragon of Ra
43. Blue Eyes White Dragon
44. Red Eyes Black Dragon
45. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
46. Charizard

Mega Charizard X/Y look awesome too

47. Entei
48. Raikou
49. Ryu
50. Akuma
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