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Take the One Piece: Which Pirate Are You?

Your Results:

Portgas D. Ace 100%
Flame on! You might be dead in a couple of volumes, but you will always live on in our hearts with your fire power and cowboy hat. Though, learn how to spell "Ace" before you get it tattooed on your arm.
You're one of those guys who's friends with everyone--who buys everyone drinks--who stands up for the weak--who helps little kids from being eaten by giant sea monsters. You are Mr. Rogers in pirate form!
You might run away from battles, and constantly lie your ass off, but you are a true man. What makes you stand aside from all others is that in desperate times you can throw your cowardice aside and do what needs to be done; like dressing up like a super hero and smashing your enemies with a giant hammer.
You smoke too much, you are made of sand, and you wear a large coat in the desert, no wonder you are not a happy person.
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Take the Naruto: Which Ninja Am I?

Your Results:

Neji Hyuga 100%
So what if you were born into servitude, you've made something of yourself. Though, that chip on your shoulder almost made you homicidal... almost
Itachi Uchiha
Most people think they know you, but they don't. The only thing people actually understand about you is that you "are" awesome. Fact.
So what if you are an amazingly powerful ninja, doesn't stop you from pursuing your real goal... Writing dirty novels and spying on women...
Classic, and yet still confusing. No one to this day knows exactly why you dress as a girl and flirt with little ninja boys, but you were cool. In before long series was long.
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