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 Greetings fellow animaniacs, gamerz, and random trolls! My name is Shali, but you can call me Hearse! I was attracted to this site when I was randomly searching for battle votes between anime characters! I found the Battle forum and was checking it out for the last two days at work, and now decided on joining this site. 
 My bundle of interests include discussing, and learning more about various types of gaming, and anime in general. My gaming range goes from RPG's to FPS/TPS, and anything inbetween. My current love in multi-player gaming goes to DotA Allstars, COD4, and CS 1.6. Not really been much of a console gamer due to 'circumstances'. RPGs? Final Fantasy fan to the core! Square games are beast! I'm also an avid lover of Castlevania since Castlevania for the Game Boy, and Pokemon (Up to Sinnoh League)
 My taste in anime ranges only among a handful I've watched over the years. A few of these are: Naruto (Pre & Shippuden Season 9), Bleach (Season 7), One Piece (Season 4), Gensomaden Saiyuki aka Journey to the West, Rurouni Kenshin, Rave the Groove Adventure (Until end of telecast), Dragon Ball Z (Majinn Saga), Power Stone, Gate Keepers, Flame of Recca, Shin Hakkenden, Fushigi Yugi, Yu-gi-oh, Gundam Seed (Destiny), Elfen Leid, Fate - Stay Night, Outlaw Star, and a couple of others. 
 Considering the fact that I'm from pretty much an unknown part of the world, I doubt most of you people would ever even believe you'd find a person with such interests. Oops! I didn't tell you where I'm from yet right? I'm from Sri Lanka, I'm about to turn 22, and as you may have already guessed, I'm a male.    

 I'm an experienced Role Player (referred to as RPGing on this site?), and have been role playing for a long @ss time now. My literacy, and composition structures range, and wary depending on the people I role play with!
P.S: If you wanna RP, hit me up with a PM! We can discuss an idea based on any of our common interests, and come up with a plot! I assure you now, that I'm more of an entertainer than a participator! :D
 Oh yeah! I'm a huge fan of many varieties of music. By this, I don't mean silly pop music. I'm a metal-head with a taste in classical, instrumental, jazz, blues, country, alternative, grunge, trance, psychedelic, techno, and dubstep. There's certain pop music I like, but only a very few rappers! Guess that's just how I am! \m/ for life \m/ 
 I look forward to meet new people, and learn more about anime, gaming, and many other discussions among fellow members here at Anime Vice :)  
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