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Battles » current ichigo vs. naruto after he controls the nine-tails

I love bleach and naruto the same, But being as fair to both sides as possible, don't for a second believe, Naruto has a chance against Ichigo 1 v 1. First, Ichigo, when fighting Ulquiorra, leveled a mountain with the flick of his wrist...! And you say Naruto is more powerful? Naruto has to make a rasen-shuriken, bijuu bomb, or whatever to have the same effect. And majorly Narutos limited in time... Naruto would have to beat Ichigo like 3-5x before he stays down because Ichigo, Like goku, Doesn't stay dead long. And speed is about equal.

Also, Aizen can be considered a god... How? The Hoguoku. Go research how broke this thing could get. Ichigo, in my opinion, is soon to be the god of shinigami. Reason... there training him in a sacred place in soul society. A substitute shinigami in a sacred place where they barely show respect to the shinigami below.

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