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Soul Eater » If you were in Soul Eater...

Oh wow, I forgot I had made these! I guess I should make more now that there are so many new series out!

@takashichea: Hey, so I have to post these in their respective franchise forums if I decide to make one?

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Fan-Fic » Ultimate Hero Episode A: The Bravest Vs The Angriest

Previous: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-episode-17-sunrise/349217/#1

The world of Gaea sprawls out seemingly endlessly. From fields of green to mountains topped with clouds, to temple ruins scattered about the landscape. Animals are far and few, and humans are even fewer. However, the most well known inhabitants of the world are the gods which rule it.

One such a god, Asura, strolls through the land taking in the serenity. He is tall and muscular with spiky white hair, dark metallic skin with black markings running over his body, and metal covering his arms, and partially exposed feet. He wears only black pants with hot rod flames running up the side, and he has an incredibly strong air about him. He stops to observe a flower gently blowing in the breeze with glowing white pupils.

Asura: What is this feeling? It's as if the Mantra itself is acting bizarre. Something's out there...

He sighs lightly and is about to continue on his way when a shockwave rips through the air. Surprised he looks around for the source. The shockwave gets more intense until the air starts twisting into a vortex. It then opens up into a disc of neon energy giving off electrical discharge. The sky above turns dark with strangely colored thunderstorms, clouds moving quickly and erratically, and the wind whipping around violently.

Asura looks on in awe as a single jolt of blue light rockets out of the wormhole. It then hovers in the air for a moment before dispersing to reveal man clad in strange blue armor and a red cape. He doesn't move, he only scans the surrounding area. At the sight Asura grits his teeth for a moment and then barks out from below.

Asura: HEY, YOU!

The stranger looks down and spots Asura. He gets a smile on his face and descends to the ground to address him.

Stranger: Hi! Uh, say, could you help me out? (Wow... he looks unique...)

Asura: I don't know what you are but your presence is disturbing the Mantra. Leave. Now!

Stranger: Wow, really? Sure, but right after I find my friend. We were kinda having it out and suddenly this weird portal opened up and sucked him in. I managed to open it up again somehow and it lead me to this place, so he must be here somewhere. I have to look around.

Asura: If that's the case then I'll find him. You're going back.

Stranger: Thanks but no thanks, pal. I'll handle it.

Asura: I said leave!

Stranger: And I said I'm staying!!

Asura's temper began to boil over. He clenched his fists and stepped forward.

Asura: Fine, then I'll make you!

The stranger didn't back down an inch.

Hero of Earth

Ultiman: Haha, this should be interesting!

The two combatants squared off. Asura glared intensely at Ultiman just as the he did the same. The two inched sized each other up, inching around each other slowly. The only sound was that of the portal crackling in the background. They finally stopped moving for a moment.

Then in the next moment, the two pushed off as hard as they could and were speeding toward one another. They both threw a monstrous punch.


As their fists met, a wave of force shot out cracking the ground around them. The two then brought their remaining hands forward and their fists clashed again. After they recoiled their fists, Asura then made a wild swing at Ultiman's head. The hero quickly ducked and then followed up with an uppercut. Asura sidestepped and came back with a body shot. The hero attempted to dash away only to have his leg caught by the god's metallic hand. He then grabbed Ultiman by his helmet and slammed his face into the ground. He then threw down a heavy punch at Ultiman's head. However, he managed to catch it at the last second and hold it back. Asura then grabbed Ultiman's arm with his free hand and ripped him up from the ground.

@@@ X

He then proceeded to swing him around viciously several times.

Asura: Now, get out of here!!!

Asura then released him. The hero flew toward the portal at high speed. Just as he was about to fly through, he was able to fire a burst of energy at it, causing it to flux and collapse leaving nothing behind. The hero flew past the place where the portal used to be and continued on until he met some ruined buildings and crashed through. The hero sat in the debris trying to gather himself.

Ultiman: (Damn, this guy is strong! What kind of monster is he?)

Asura approached the crash site, pushing fallen pillars and boulders out of his way while looking for his opponent.

Ultiman: (Looks like it's time to show him what kind of monster I can be!)

Ultiman reached down to chest plate and released one of his seals. From his position, Asura saw a large blue surge of light burst out from the rubble. The ground shook and could hear the hero's voice as well. Suddenly, he shot up into the air. Asura scowled at his opponent for a moment before charging into battle once again. However, before he could get with in striking distance Ultiman sped toward him, catching him off-guard and landed a solid blow on Asura's face. He then followed up with a body blow, a leg sweep, finally punting Asura into the air. Asura flew for meters until he regained composure.

He then soared back down toward his opponent.


He and Ultiman then clashed in the air. As gravity began to take effect, the two plummeted back down to the ground. However, just before they landed Ultiman forced his way on top. He then forced Asura into a pile driver and slammed him into the ground. The hero dismounted, leaving his opponent in a small crater.

Ultiman: So, had enough yet?

The next moment, Asura had risen up, his anger elevated even further. He threw a flurry of punches at Ultiman. However, he dodged each one and managed to catch both of his fists, holding him to a stand still.

Ultiman: Ha! I hate to break it to you but you're all out of hands--

Shut Ultiman Up


As he spoke, a third metal arm jutted out and landed heavily on the hero's cheek, even making a ripple on his skin.



Three more arms then appeared, crashing into the hero's chin, chest, and abdomen. Asura was now bearing his teeth as he forced his fists deeper into his opponent's body before finally pushing him off completely. The hero went sliding back for several meters until he stopped. He held his stomach and groaned in pain. He looked up to find that Asura had sprouted 4 extra fully metal arms from his side and back and had a deep red aura flowing from him.

Six-Armed Vajra Asura

Ultiman: What kind of power is that? It's definitely not like mine. But either way, it's no joke... Alright, now the fight really begins!

The two sped over to each other and clashed once again. Asura threw a storm of punches at Ultiman who managed to dodge and throw back just as many.


The two were moving incredibly fast and sparks began to fly as each one barely grazed the other with attacks. As they continued Ultiman began to speak.

Ultiman: Hey, I never got your name! You can call me Ultiman by the way!

Asura: … Asura.

Ultiman: WHOA! You mean like... the god Asura?!?! That's so cool!

Asura: Do NOT call me a god!!!

Asura's temper flared and he threw a strong punch forward. The hero did the same, only to have their punches met head on and send the two flying backward.

Ultiman: Alright Asura, let's see how you handle this!

The hero put his hands out in front of him.

Ultiman: Now, FREEZE!!!

The area around the two began to invert in color as time slowed down. However, Asura roared and the time field shattered easily leaving behind a heavy electrical discharge.

Ultiman: I see. Whatever that energy of his is, it negates my Hyperion somehow. My suit can't even begin to analyze it this stuff. And it's everywhere. If I make a move like that again, there could be a bad reaction--



Asura threw a punch at the air and a fist made of energy shot out and straight at Ultiman. He managed to dodge just in time and throw a blast of his own back.


Asura leapt out of the way and returned fire ten fold. Ultiman flew and evaded the barrage coming at him, making sure to fire back as well. As the blasts collided and flew past, they exploded into shimmering showers of light. Asura finally stopped to charge up a blast and Ultiman did the same. The two then released their blasts simultaneously.


The silver fist and the blue blast collided and exploded violently, causing a small quake through the area.

Smoke engulfed the area for a moment until the two lunged at each other with full force, clearing the air away. At extremely close quarters, the two engaged in hand to hand melee once more.


Ultiman threw a punch which Asura blocked and then countered. Ultiman parried and trapped on of the arms under his own.

► YY

He then grabbed hold of another and blocked a third with his knee.


A forth came at Ultiman's face, only to be caught between his teeth by the wrist.


Asura's joints could be heard creaking as he violently grappled with the hero. Their eyes met in a blaze of fury just before Asura used his remaining two arms thrash Ultiman, sending him flying. Ultiman regained his composer quickly and managed to land on his feet. The two fighters were panting. However, their eyes were still locked in combat. Suddenly, a voice breaks the silence.

???: Well, well, well... what's going on over here?

The two quickly glanced over to a still standing pillar to find a lone figure watching them from afar underneath the churning sky.

???: Hehehe!



The lone figure smiles at the two calmly but full of malice. His head is covered in a tinted visor and his body is wrapped in a tattered cape.

Envoy of Chaos


He tears his cape off to reveal bright red armor underneath with yellow and black trimmings. He then hops down from the pillar and vanishes just before touching the ground only to reappear behind Ultiman, leaning on his shoulder. The hero doesn't move.

Firo: Hey, Matty! It's good to see ya. Thought I lost you back there!

Ultiman: Firo! I knew you'd be here! We have to get back to our world.

Firo: Hmm, Who's your friend? He look strong. He was giving you of all people a hard time. As a matter of fact, I kinda wanna see what he's got too.

Asura: I'll take you both on!!!

Ultiman: No! I got what I came here for. So we have no reason to fight anymore.

Firo: Speak for yourself! I got into to it with a couple fat and shiny losers earlier but all they did was bore me. You however, seem more my speed! I can't wait to redo that paint job of yours tin man!

Asura's rage boiled over once again.



His aura began to overflow once again as he powered up.

◄ ►

Then suddenly, from behind him, countless golden arms sprung out and fanned around him. They then receded and combined into two giant gauntlets on Asura's arms. Hovering behind him, a large and intricate golden halo had materialized on his back momentarily before vanishing into thin air.

Asura: If you think you're strong enough, then BRING IT!

Everyone got into their fighting stance. The fighting was about to resume when without warning a large wave of bright blue energy ran through the battlefield, slicing it cleanly in two.

???: I found you!

Astonished everyone looked over to see something flying overhead. A small motorcycle like vehicle, the Lone Wolf, carrying a single passenger soared by. As it passed over the battlefield, the rider jumped off and descended to the ground, landing a few paces in front of Asura. It was being similar to Asura with dark metallic skin, long black hair, a flowing fabric garb, and a gold visor covering his face. He stepped between the fighters, shifting his gaze from Asura back to the newcomers.

The Noble Warrior

Asura: Yasha?!

Yasha: Asura, always the lively one. And it appears you found the source of the disturbance.

Firo: What do we have here?

Yasha: I do not know where you came from, but your presence is disrupting the peace of this land. Balance must be restored!

Asura: Stay out of this! I'll end it.

Yasha: Do not be so reckless Asura. Besides as a protector of this world, this is my fight as well.

Asura: Tch!

Asura steps forward to Yasha's side. They stand opposite Ultiman and Firo.

Asura: Don't get in my way!

Yasha: It will be just as the old days were.

Firo: I guess this could be fun too. How bout it, Matty?

Ultiman: (Sigh) Sure, why not? Let's party!!!

All of the combatants squared up once more. The air became heavy with red and blue energy causing several shots of electrical discharge jolting around.



They then all charged forward into the fray. Ultiman and Asura crossed arms while Yasha and Firo feet collided head on. The combined force of the attacks ripped through the air, decimating everything in the area, leaving only an open field.

Asura threw a flurry of vicious punches at Ultiman who blocked and countered just as quickly. Firo and Yasha traded precise blows at incredible speed. The fighters brawled in close proximity as bursts of Mantra and Hyperion mixed and clashed as well.

Ultiman: Firo! Be careful! These guys are unreal!

Firo: Or have you just become weak?!

Ultiman: Jerk!!

Ultiman continued to battle with Asura. He finally managed land a solid body blow. However, Asura didn't budge an inch. Ultiman was astonished.

► ▼ Y

Asura then brought his fists down on Ultiman's shoulders. He quivered under the force and sank into the ground.

▲ B

Asura then uppercuted the hero's abdomen. The force of the attack lifted him off the ground. Asura then followed up with his other fist.



The jets on the back of Asura's gauntlets ignited with a blast of red Mantra. The two shot up into the air at incredible speed and rocketed up into the sky and out of sight. The two fighters soared through the upper atmosphere and away from the planet.

In the distance, it could be seen that the moon was shattered into pieces, it's core long gone cold. Asura and Ultiman flew toward a chunk of it. However, Ultiman finally got angry and broke free of his opponent's clutch. He managed to push off and then spin around, landing a brutal roundhouse kick on Asura's face. He went spinning off into the distance before stopping himself. Ultiman then clapped his hands together, causing a bright light to shine from between them.

Ultiman: Transfer System: PROTON BLADE!!!

He then opened them to find a large blue buster sword had materialized between. He grabbed it by the hilt and swung it around, giving off a waft of blue energy. He then pointed it at Asura who only readied himself for another round.

Asura: COME ON!!!

Ultiman took off at high speed toward Asura who rocketed right back at him.

Back on the ground, Firo and Yasha zoomed around the battlefield, throwing forceful punches and kicks.


They both threw a mighty kick, coming to a standstill finally.

Firo: Not half bad, pretty boy!

Yasha: You enjoy the heat of battle quite a bit. I was trained by a warrior like you...

Firo: Oh my, what a fascinating story.

The two broke away from each other. Firo then extended his arms. His hands began to glow violet. When they dimmed down, they had turned into terribly sharp and jagged black claws. He got close to the ground. He got a psychotic look in his eye and a twisted smile before his mouth guard covered his face. The sound of his breathing became shallow and unsettling.

Firo: Now come on, let's go WILD!!!

Yasha readied himself. In an instant, Firo vanished in a blur of red and the ground shook with his take off. He sped toward Yasha and lunged with his his claw.

▼ ► Y

Yasha vanished with a blue streak and reappeared beside Firo retaliating with a chop from the side. Firo vanished once again and Yasha took off after him. Their fight was elevated to a new level as the two zipped around the area, stopping for only seconds at a time to trade blows. Yasha swiped the air with his hand and a blue wave of energy surged out at Firo who cut through it with his claw. The two remaining masses of energy flew past Firo and into the distance, decimating a large rock formation behind them. Firo dashed at Yasha once more. However, Yasha held his ground.


He waited until Firo was within striking distance before he shot out his palms forcing them into Firo's chest and breaking Firo's momentum completely. Firo flipped over Yasha and skidded across the ground behind him. However, he quickly got back to his feet. Yasha turned to face him.

Firo's eyes flashed red for a split second before the area around Yasha exploded violently. However he dashed out of the way an instant earlier.

► ◄ ▼

Firo followed Yasha with his eyes everywhere he went, causing the explosions to pursue him.




Yasha then finally made a B- line for Firo, giving him no time to react.


Yasha sped past Firo and then stopped. Firo didn't move a muscle. Then without warning, several blue slashes formed across Firo's body. He was bleeding heavily and fell to the ground, kneeling in exhaustion. His mouth guard had also shattered. Yasha shook the blood off of his hand and turned around to look at Firo.

Yasha: Give up now. You cannot win.

Firo didn't move. However, his panting soon turned into insane laughter. Just then, Yasha's visor cracked and split cleanly in two, falling from his face. He looked down astonished to find his chest had claw marks carved deeply into it and a luminescent orange fluid leaking out of the wound along with electrical discharge. Firo then rose to his feet and shrieked to the sky with vigor.


Firo's wound healed in seconds and his energy had flared up.

Firo: Congrats, you've just guaranteed your death...

Yasha: You may look like a human, but you are far more akin to a demon.

Firo: I appreciate the compliment! Let's continue, this fight is getting good!

The two readied themselves once again. They then took off at each other, ready to strike!

Up above Gaea, Ultiman and Asura flew around each other trading blows at his speed. Ultiman assaulted Asura with several sword slashed. Asura blocked with his gauntlets and threw heavy punches back at him. Ultiman retreated and began to create energy slashes with his blade.


Asura countered with blasts from his fists. The attacks collided and exploded in a shimmer of light. The hero then winded up and threw the blade at Asura. It flew at him at incredible speed. Asura prepared to dodge only to find that Ultiman had appeared behind him. The hero then grabbed Asura's arms and held him in place as the blade flew toward him and struck his front, leaving a deep gash in his cybernetic body. Orange fluid sprayed out of Asura's body for a moment He then pulled the sword and blasted Asura away with his other hand. Just as he was regaining his composer, Ultiman then raised the sword above his head. It began to glow more brightly with blue light as it charged. It extended for miles above the two. Ultiman then finally brought it down on Asura who didn't move.

► ◄

Asura caught the blade between his hands and held on tight. The energy coming from the blade sparked in electrical discharge, hurting both the target and it's wielder. However, Asura overcame it. He then squeezed the proton blade his his hands until it snapped. The energy dissipated, leaving the hero nothing but a broken sword. The hero tossed it aside.

Ultiman: Upgrade Energize...

Ultiman's body began to glow brightly from head to toe. He sent shockwaves out around him and his light engulfed the area. The light went away to reveal Ultiman covered in a much heavier armor fitted with boosters on his back and legs, as well as long red scarf ending in twin tails and a full helmet. His blade had reformed with a new, bigger, and more intricate blade.


The newly outfitted hero took off in a flash. He reappeared in front of Asura and struck him with a heavy punch. Asura went flying backward. Ultiman pursued him and attempted another hit, only to have Asura block. He then tried to counter when Ultiman teleported backward and then rushed in again to land a clean hit. Asura's anger reached new heights and he ferociously attacked Ultiman. The two soared around trading seismic blows.


Asura launched a punch that landed cleanly on the hero's face. Ultiman then replied with the same.


They went back and forth several times until they both paused. However, this was only to fire up their thrusters.




Asura and Ultiman rocketed forward, finally clashing fists. Asura began to gain the upper hand only until Ultiman pushed back harder. Their booster output multiplied in size by the second until it dwarfed the two greatly. The Mantra and Hyperion flared to no end as well, forming titanic walls of red and blue energy, violently pushing against each other.



Asura and Ultiman punched with all their might until a reaction between the clashing energies claimed the area in a great explosion. The two held on to the last instant before it forced them apart and consumed everything, even reaching down to the planet.

Down below, Yasha and Firo rushed at each other, bearing attacks blazing with power. Yasha bore his shining golden halo on his back.



However, a great light from above shone down upon the land and in the next moment, a wave of energy came down and tossed the two combatants like leaves in the wind. The explosion appeared similar to a star, engulfing everything in light. It then finally began to die down and vanish at last. All of the orbital debris had been cleared away and all was calm. Asura and Ultiman drifted about unconscious. Their bodies were near opposite poles of the planet. Asura's arms had returned to their original state and several pieces of Ultiman's armor had broken away, including his helmet.

End it:


The two were motionless until finally, they both twitched.

The two fighters then instantly shot awake and took off flying. They approached each other like shooting stars, streaking across the planet. They then finally reached each other, readying punches.

The two got within striking distance and threw their punches with all their might. They looked into each other's blazing eyes just before punching each other in the face.


to be continued...

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Battles » Asura vs Saitama

The amount of punching in this fight would be insane.

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Battles » raditz vs akasaki

With 2 months to prep, the Akatsuki can pull something off. It won't be easy by any means but they can.

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X & Zero are broken as hell lol

Plus, one of the Pains is essentially useless here. Could go either way though.

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Battles » Team Psyren Vs Team Fairy Tail

Team FT is pretty durable from what I remember.

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Battles » Grimmjow vs Wolverine

@akronawol17: I actually wouldn't count too much on h2h attacks. Grimmjow would probably hurt himself trying to bash Wolverine's face in. He would just end up blasting the yellow off him with cero.

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Battles » Joke Battle: Umineko Witches vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Stunner puts them 6 ft under.

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Battles » The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants vs The Chimera Ants.

From what I've seen/ heard of HxH, Juggernaut bodies them. Literally.

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General Discussion » Most evil/psychotic "hero" in Anime/Manga (Read post)


Adam Blade - Needless

Selfish, sadistic, in love with violence, modesty level of zero, and a pedophile to top it all off. But also the one who took down Arclight and saved the world. But not before ruining Cruz's life and making the world a pervert's paradise.

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Battles » Meruem vs Sonic the hedgehog

Shoulda used VG Sonic.

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Battles » Speed of Sound Sonic vs Strider Hiryu

If we include the Strider manga, I'd give it to Hiryu.

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Battles » Levi Ackerman VS Afro Samurai

Ninja Ninja: Daaayum Afro! That short mothaf***a jus got cut UP! You shoulda took it easy! Look at that f**kin hair cut, boy probly still live with his mama! Sh*t man--

Afro: Shut up...

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Battles » Ryonzanpaku masters vs Sanji

@Jinbeifan1: The masters are waaaay above wall level. They destroy stuff just with the air created by their attacks.

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Battles » Ryonzanpaku masters vs Sanji

@ImDictatorBowDown: I don't know about you but Stormtroppers are hella sexy.

Any who, I think the elder can make r 1 a good fight.

R2 I think the team takes it. The skill levels and strength between them is monstrous and with the old Dragon waiting for Sanji after the fight, he's not gonna make it

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Battles » The Hall of Fame

Wow, I really missed a lot of this. Sorry! I'll PM my votes ASAP

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Fan-Fic » Ultimate Hero Episode 17: Sunrise

Previous: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-episode-16-save-us/347768/#13

Ultiman Universe illuminated the dark of empty space. Credo widened his blank green eyes in astonishment.

Credo: Well... this is an unexpected development. I am unfamiliar with your current form.

Ultiman: Me too. I'm curious to see what it is.

Credo: Then it is sad that you will not get the chance. All you have done is simply a waste of time.

Credo pointed his index finger at the hero and a second later, a beam of energy shot out. However, the blast dissipated before it could touch the hero.

Credo: I see. So you have figured out how to erect a barrier. Clever but not quite good enough.

Ultiman: Barrier?

Credo fired more blasts, though still none could reach Ultiman.

Credo: Hmm...

Credo sped over to Ultiman in an instant. He was ready to throw a punch when a large dent appeared in the side of his face. He flew a short distance and stopped.

Credo: And it seems that you have become acquainted with my telekinesis as well. Interesting...

Ultiman: Dude, what are you talking about? I didn't do any of that stuff. All I did was hit you.

Credo: Foolishness!

Credo sped over to Ultiman again. He threw a flurry of punches and kicks while teleporting on all sides of his opponent. Still none connected even though the hero appeared to be perfectly still. Finally, Ultiman caught one of Credo's fists and held it tightly in his hand.

Ultiman: See? No tricks.

At that, Credo vanished in a flash and reappeared a short distance away. He looked intently at his hand.

Credo: That is not possible. I did not see him move. That would mean that his speed escaped my eyes. Nothing escapes these eyes...

Credo turned to Ultiman and made a choking motion with his hand. Ultiman's contracted as if being squeezed. Credo then teleported behind Ultiman and readied an attack. However, the hero broke free and hit Credo's face just the same. He then followed up with a brutal knee to the stomach, causing Credo to slump over in pain.

Ultiman: Looks like you actually felt that one.

Credo remain slumped over as he spoke.

Credo: So that is it... fascinating... it seems that I have miscalculated. For both you and Firo.

Credo stood up once more.

Credo: From here on out, I am forced to use my senses and body at their best. Through your death, you have attained the power of a god. Truly an anomaly of the highest calibur. However, my world has no need for 2 gods. So even now, I cannot allow you to exist.

Ultiman: Looks like the feelings mutual. I won't let you do whatever the hell you want. Because I'm gonna set everything right, once and for all!

Credo: Then let the war of gods begin!

Credo and Ultiman flew at each other . Their fists met one after another as their barrages of punches collided. Finally, one of Credo's punches got through and grazed Ultiman's cheek. However, Ultiman returned a punch that clipped Credo's shoulder. Credo grunted with frustration as the two flew apart from each other.

Ultiman: I can handle anything you got old man!

Credo raised his hand above his hand. Slowly, everything began to dim and a light grew in Credo's palm.

Credo: Then handle every photon in creation!

Suddenly, a neon ring formed out of the light that Credo held. It then exploded outward into a storm of multi-colored spears.


Ultiman dodged a countless number of them with speed alone. He then charged up energy and then sprayed the incoming maelstrom, exploding with flashes of neon light them as it scanned across. The remaining spears flew into the distance, annihilating everything that they touched be it planet or star. Everything was engulfed in an ocean of colors rippling throughout space. Credo and Ultiman’s eyes were fixed on each other, monitoring every inch of each other. Then in an instant, both were trading blows once more. Their punches and kicks flew more violently than ever before. As they fought, they flew around and incredible speed, streaking across the darkness like 2 shooting stars dancing with one another. They were leaving streaks of light hovering wherever they went as their energies flared intensely. Finally, Credo landed a solid kick on Ultiman’s stomach and sent him flying. The hero doubled over in pain for a moment and then regained his composure.

Credo: I grow tired of this. Come hero, and let us bring this to an end.

Ultiman: Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Ultiman charged Credo once more at full speed. However the instant he got within striking distance, Credo landed a solid hit on his face. Ultiman threw several punches back, but every single one got blocked and Credo landed 3 more hits on Ultiman.

Ultiman: What the hell! I can’t keep up with him anymore. What happened?

Credo: Are you having trouble?

Ultiman: Wait, something’s wrong here. I feel something weird hovering around, as if he was controlling… I got it! You’re messing with time!

Credo: How perceptive of you. You are no longer able to guard against my attacks. By taking 2 points in time and pulling them together, I can make an action instantaneous. For example, the point in time where I create a fist, and the point where it gets to where your head is.

Credo clenched his fist and threw a punch at Ultiman who sidestepped it immediately. However, all color inverted for a split second. The hero was then back where he started as Credo’s punch was thrown forcing it to make contact with his opponent. Ultiman reeled back for a moment.

Credo: I call it TIME SHUT.

Ultiman: Damn it!

Credo: So, how will you respond to this?

Ultiman simply looked at Credo for a moment. He then charged Credo once more as before. Credo scoffed in disgust without moving.

Credo: Half-witted child!

Credo threw another punch. Ultiman dodged only to have Credo rearrange time to his liking. However, time moved again allowing the hero to block and counterattack. Astonished, Credo dodged himself only to have another fist instantly fly toward his head.

Credo: This boy learned the concept of my Time Shut after a simple explanation. What is he?

He used Time Shut once more only to have Ultiman counter with the same followed by another counter. The two were trading blows evenly once again. All color was constantly inverted, transforming space into an endless white void decorated with small black pinholes. As their fists flew at each other faster and faster space itself began to fracture slowly, creating a black rift around to two fighters. On the inside of it only colors could be seen, swirling around and mixing into otherworldly forms of light. Suddenly, the two simultaneously broke apart from one another.

The newly created rift slammed shut, throwing a shockwave throughout the area. Credo and Ultiman then began throwing barrages of energy blasts at each other. Each blast found an opposing blast, preventing either side from progressing. As they collided, each pair exploded like a gargantuan fireworks display of yellow and blue. As before, their throws became faster and more forceful by the second until the entire foreseeable area was engulfed in a storm of energy blasts. The war finally came to a halt when the two enemies began charging energy. Ultiman’s energy flared as did Credo’s until they finally fired full beams at each other. The two streams of energy clashed, radiating a bright green light all around.

Ultiman: I won’t quit Credo! I can’t! Not now!

Credo: That will not be necessary because you will perish here! You’re at your limit!

The two fighters pushed with all of their might, forcing the beams to become stronger and more brilliant with each passing second. The section where the two beams crossed fluxed back and forth as each fighter struggled on their end.

Ultiman: I guess that’s the thing about fighting for others… there ARE NO LIMITS!!!

Ultiman’s energy output increases exponentially in size until it was simply a wave of blue light, surging forth like a celestial jet stream. Credo’s energy could no longer hold it back and he was completely engulfed in it and washed away.

The blast flew across several light-years of space and plowed through any solar system it passed through, leaving a trail of light and destruction along the way. It finally met with a distant pulsar, causing an explosion that lit up the vast darkness. Gas and particles were littered about and the residual energy of the blast slowly faded. Credo floated motionlessly through the void allowing himself to drift. In a flash, Ultiman appeared nearby and glowing brightly.

Credo: How? This vermin … scum … vile filth … you dare to impede the work of a god?

Ultiman: For a god, you’re a pretty sore loser. Which is a very human quality for you to have.

Credo shot a disgusted look at Ultiman at those words.

Credo: Wretched child! You know nothing of me! Of this power!

Ultiman: I know that this is over. I’m fixing everything you destroyed and ending this nightmare. And I’ll start by taking your power.

Credo snapped upright upon hearing this.

Credo: Taking my power? God’s power? I will never allow that!

Credo charged up an energy blast. However, just as he readied it to fire, Matt was already in front of Credo. The hero grabbed him by his arm and twisted violently effectively ending the attack and rendering the arm useless. Credo let out a shriek of pain and began to retreat.

Credo: You will not stop me human! I will simply take a different universe, no, a dimension! And then I shall return to conquer this one. You have not won!

Credo flew off into the distance. As he flew, a hole opened in the fabric of space creating portal. Credo flew through it causing it and himself to vanish into this air. Credo emerged on a planet in a foreign space. Clouds of gas swayed like ocean currents after being ejected from deep dark crevices just before being pulled back in as if the ground itself was breathing. Bizarre lights drifted calmly by but then went through short spats where they whizzed around at incredible speeds before returning to their previous state. Countless unknown creatures zipped around with seemingly no heed to gravity. Odd noises akin to whales in the ocean as well as electrical discharge also filled the realm.

Credo looked around in amazement as he made he flew through the strange world. However, he stopped and turned around when he heard a familiar sound behind him. He saw the place where he had just emerged from begin to warp and ripple like the surface of water. It continued until glowing blue fingers could be seen piercing the space. They slowly pulled the rift apart. Finally, Ultiman tore it wide open and peered inside looking infuriated.

Credo was dumbfounded.

Credo: You followed me here? How? You could not have possibly found this exact place in the infinite cosmos!

Ultiman: You... You bastard! You ruin the lives of everyone you touch, bring ruin to the world, decimate the universe with no remorse! And now, once I confront you, you have the nerve to run?! … I'll kick your ass a TRILLION TIMES HARDER FOR THAT!!!

Ultiman jumped through the portal and flew at Credo who fled from him. Credo created another portal. Through it, several more portals could be seen, linking one universe to the next. Each portal led to a world vastly different then the last. Some were fiery realms where the plasma flared as far the eye could see while others were dank wastelands where the sky appeared to be an abyss. Credo flew through all of them, closing each one after use. However, no matter how many times he jumped worlds, Ultiman would blast through the space like glass, relentlessly giving chase. Ultiman finally had finally had enough when he took on an incredible burst of speed, easily overtaking Credo. Ultiman grabbed him by the face and held tight. Credo struggled to get free but to no avail. The hero dragged Credo through a world of pure energy where storms of radiation raged in all directions constantly. Credo was violently battered by the waves. Ultiman finally blasted through the fabric of space once more, returning to his own reality. He finally released Credo, tossing him into the distance. He drifted motionlessly through space. Ultiman then clapped his hands together and began gathering energy.

Ultiman: I’m ending this.

Credo: No… you will not win… I will not let you… I will not LOOOSE!!!

Credo came back to life. His golden energy started to overflow violently, covering his body. In an instant he lunged at Ultiman, going at full speed. However, the hero didn’t mind. He simply pulled his hand apart and allowed the light to blossom outward.

Ultiman: Transfer System …

The light formed into a large blade, similar to his Proton Blade but with several more jagged edges, slightly resembling a lightning bolt. He slowly raised the light blade above his head, causing it to shine increasingly more brightly until it could be seen throughout space. Credo continued his charge. Ultiman allowed him to get within striking distance of the blade before bringing it down in one swift motion.

Ultiman: … X-Calibur…

The instant the blade was swung Credo stopped dead in his tracks. The blade then dissipated, allowing everything to dim. The hero then calmly watched in silence. Everything was still. Then a single white line formed out of thin air where the blade had passed. It ran straight up and down, bisecting Credo’s entire body. The line then stretched out infinitely into the universe, bisecting everything it crossed. Slowly, the two halves that were divided by the line began to drift away from each other. One half of Credo’s body drifted upward while the other went downward. This included the solar system, the galaxy, and the rest of the universe, excluding Matt himself.

Ultiman: Whoops… Maybe I overdid it. What the hell do I do now?

The hero reached out and clutched at each half of space with one hand. He then strained heavily attempting to pull them back together. After a moment, the halves finally began to move back into place. He then gave a sigh of relief and relaxed. Credo still sat motionlessly, watching his victorious opponent.

Credo: What… what kind of power was that?

Ultiman: Now be a good little tyrant and stay right there. I’ve got a lot of work to do.

The hero turned his back to Credo and looked out into the vast distance. He extended his arms with his palms out, causing the fabric of space to vibrate. As it rippled more and more strongly, a portal opened up. Inside was a realm of pure Hyperion energy. It blazed brightly like a multicolored wildfire while also flowing like water. Matt looked amazed by it’s strange and hypnotizing beauty. He then approached the portal, intending to enter. However, suddenly, Credo sprung on Matt and grabbed him tightly by the shoulders. He was shaking violently. His entire body twitched erratically. His fingers also became more claw-like, digging deeply into Matt’s body. Matt screamed in pain. Credo’s blank face started to open up, revealing a disturbingly large mouth. It opened as if it was covered in some sort of sludge and had horridly jagged fangs of the same color as his skin. The inside of the mouth was completely green with a glow being emitted from deep within his body.

Ultiman: Get the hell off me!

Credo: It is mine! All of it… mine! You will never have it… I will devour all of reality and build a new one on your grave!

Ultiman tried to shake him off, but Credo refused to let go.

Ultiman: I said, GET THE HELL OFF ME!!!

Finally, the hero gave a massive omnidirectional discharge of energy that decimated everything. Credo flew for a short distance. Before stopping.

Credo: They think you are a hero for simply becoming strong and putting on a costume? You are still nothing but a foolish human! Worthless! Just like all the rest!

At these words, Ultiman flew at Credo.

Ultiman: No! They didn’t call me a hero because of these powers!

The blue energy dissipated from around Matt revealing his original body.

Ultiman: And not because of some dumb costume.

Matt tore the remaining piece if his scarf from around his neck.

Ultiman: I’m a hero because I’ll NEVER let bastards like you WIN!!!

Matt collided with Credo, giving him a savage head-butt. A mighty shockwave ripped throughout space followed by complete calm. Credo lay completely still. His forehead slowly began to crack, allowing bright green light from inside to spill out. The rest of his body began to chip away and break as well until his original body was all that remained. Credo fell unconscious and simply drifted away.

Matt: Jeez. Finally. Now stay there!

Matt turned back to the portal. He slowly approached it, took a deep breath, and then dove in. The colors enveloped him and a rushed by like ocean waves. Matt made his way deeper and deeper into the realm and then stopped.

Matt: Alright. There’s only one way to set everything right. I’ll seal this place off and make sure that this stuff never did and never will get into my world. That should work, right Firo? I’m not sure what’ll happen to me though… But I’m kinda excited to see. Haha, let’s find out!

Matt raises his hand. The energy begins to swirl around him at incredible speed. It engulfs Matt’s body from top to bottom causing him a bit of pain. However, he doesn’t budge and keeps the action going. The energy keeps swirling faster and faster. It then bursts outward, whiting out everything.

Years in the past on Earth, several scientists stand around a large machine in a lab. It looks similar to the Hyperion generators but slightly less advanced. One of the researchers turns the machine on. If slowly fires up and the fabric of space in one particular area begins to vibrate. A small portal begins to open and the neon Hyperion energy can be seen inside. The scientists look at it with awe. And talk amongst themselves. However, the hole begins to give off a sort of electrical discharge and closes with a snap. The researchers look at each other for a moment and then give up in defeat.

Scientist: Looks like another failure. I just don’t know what else to do with this machine.

Credo: Get rid of it. It’s no use.

Credo leaves the laboratory. At this moment, a white light begins to overtake everything, leaving nothing behind. At all the other points in time, the scenes blank out, unbeknownst to the people in them until time has vanished. The white then turns to black and all is a void.

The sun rises. Haven City is busy as always as people go about their days.

The Federation has their orientation day. A unit leader takes his new recruits through the facilities to get acquainted with them. They came to a large metal door with beautiful designs across the surface.

Unit Leader: And this is the meeting room. This is where high ranking members of the Federation come together to assess various things and decide the best courses of action.

Suddenly, the door slid open. Several Federation officials walked out. The last one to leave was a handsome young man with well-groomed blond hair and the only uniform with a red interior. He looked at the new recruits and smiled.

Firo: Hey, what’s up guys? I hope you come to like it here. See ya around!

Firo walked off, leaving the crowd in awe. Firo rushed out of the building and into the complex. It was abuzz with activity as always. As Firo is walking, an air bike quickly pulls up next to him. The rider wears a helmet and the bike has a rose design going up the side. The rider takes off their helmet.

Firo: Hey, Lisa. Where’re you off to?

Lisa: I have some time off, so I figured I’d catch a movie with some friends.

Firo: Hmph, lucky. I have meetings every day this week.

Lisa: Sucks to be you then. Especially since that concert they're having downtown is tomorrow night.

Firo: Well... maybe I could slip away just for a bit.

Lisa: Haha, awesome. Then I guess I'll see you there. Stay gold, Firo!

Firo: Later!

Lisa puts her helmet back on and quickly pulls off, whipping up a bit of dust. Firo continues on ahead. He comes to the mail center just in time to find Heiwajima leaving with a package in his hands.

Firo: Yo, Steve.

Steven: Firo.

Firo: What do you have planned for the day?

Steven: I have to go prep for a surveillance mission. France, I leave in a couple of hours.

Firo: Wow, cool! I wish I could come. Hey, what’s that in the box by the way?

Steven opens the box to reveal several wrapped pastries.

Steven: They’re treats from my home temple. Komori’s students made them for her after she returned and she wanted me to have some. Here, help yourself.

Firo: Wow, thanks!

Firo happily takes a roll.

Steven: I’ll go drop these off at my place and then head out. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Firo: See you, good luck!

Firo parts ways with Heiwajima and continues on. He takes of bite of the roll and looks pleased. Further down, the sound of gunfire fills the air as Firo passes the shooting range. Firo goes over to have a look to find several soldiers having target practice while Rajeev watches. One soldier gets a hit slightly off the center of the target.

Soldier: Haha, yeah. I did it! You see that sir? I’m getting better!

Rajeev: Better? Are you proud of that half ass shot? I know guys who can kill flies with some pebbles and a rubber band. Now reload. And if you miss like that again, you’re running laps! That goes for all of you worthless dirt munchers!!!

The soldiers looked utterly terrified as they prepared to resume practice. Firo finally approached looking perplexed.

Firo: So, how’s the promotion treating you?

Rajeev: Oh, it’s you. It sucks! I have to spend all my time training these no talent rats. And the paperwork is endless.

Firo: Um, you think you could take it easy on these guys? I mean, not everyone is as good a shot as you.

Rajeev: Huh? Hell no. These guys are trash, but… If I’m gonna train em’ they’re gonna be real monsters by the time I’m done here. Or die, whichever… KEKEKEKEKEKEKE!!!

His insane laughter filled the air. Firo looked terrified of the gunman as well.

Firo: Alright, well I wish them luck on their hellish new journey.

Rajeev: Where are you going anyway?

Firo: I have a briefing before my mission today… which I’m running a bit late for. See ya!

Firo jogs off, allowing Rajeev to get back to his troops. Firo makes his way past several buildings before passing Sean on the path to HQ. He stops running momentarily to talk.

Firo: Hey, Sean!

Sean: What’s up? You late for something?

Firo: Yeah, actually. What are you up to?

Sean: Just going to go test some equipment.

Sean raises his wrist and touches a button on his watch. Several pieces of metal and machinery jut out from inside his boot, his sleeves, and from under his shirt. Firo looks amazed at the gear. Sean hits the button again and it all disappears again.

Sean: I’ve been working on it for a while. So I’m glad that I can finally go see if it works.

Firo: Awesome! Good luck with it, man! And I’m not forgetting about our game. When I get back, I’m winning with a Hyper Combo K.O.!

Sean: Ha, I doubt that. Later.

Firo jogs off again. He finally reaches the HQ and runs inside.

He passes several offices and other room before making it to the meeting room. He pushes open the door to find Troy waiting for him.

Troy: It’s about time, Firo.

Firo: Sorry! I got a little sidetracked today.

Troy: It’s hard not to. This place is more lively than it’s been in a long time. Especially since your dad took over.

Firo: Yeah. He’s a good leader. He always does what’s best for the people.

Troy: That’s right. The world has come a long way to this point. Finally, a time of peace.

Firo: But I also have a long way to go. Because… I’m gonna replace him one day and help the world keep moving forward!

Troy: I could see that happening. So, let’s get started!

Firo: Right!

In a certain town in a certain place…

Winter is in full force and the snow has piled up and the streets are slick. People go about their days, battling with the cold winds. A teenage girl on her way to school hurries through down the sidewalk.

Girl: Aw man, I’m not gonna make it!

She jogs quickly until she slips and falls. She manages to sit up. Her face is covered in snow and she appears to have given up. Suddenly, a man walks up to her and extends his hand to her.

???: Hey, you OK?

Girl: Uh, yeah.

She takes his hand and he helps her up.

Girl: I’m not gonna make it to school on time though. One more lateness and I’ll get suspended!

???: Hm, I dunno. I think you should at least try. That way, you can at least say you didn’t give up, right?

The girl looks confused for a moment. She then appears to have regained confidence. She dusts her clothes off and wipes the snow off her face, looking determined.

Girl: Alright! Thanks mister!

???: Haha, be careful!

The man walks away. The twin tails of his scarf blow in the wind. The girl starts running once again. However, this time she goes into a full sprint getting increasingly fast. She makes her way through town and takes various shortcuts. She finally reaches the school and bolts through the door. She hides her jacket under the staircase and runs up to her classroom, bursting through the door just as the bell rings. All the other students look at her wildly as she stands in front of them panting. She looks up and smiles at them all.

Extra Episode 1: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-episode-a-the-bravest-vs-the-angriest/353597/

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