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Fan-Fic » Ultimate Hero Episode 14: Those Who Challenged The Sun

Previous: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-episode-13-raid-on-heaven/345406/#10

The world descended into chaos. The sky turned blood red, the clouds were stained black, and the winds whipped around violently feeling akin to razors. People everywhere panicked and ran for shelter and animals of all kinds went berserk. Many attempted to escape the planet on emergency shuttles only to find that the atmosphere was as hostile as it appeared, swatting anything and everything out of the air with gusts stronger than hurricanes and wicked bolts of lightning.

The shuttles plummeted back to the ground, causing massive amounts of damage upon impact.

Credo stood silently looking out upon the havoc.

Palmer: So this was you what you wanted all along. The manipulation, the abduction, the experimentation. All of it lead to this.

Credo: That is correct captain.

Credo's voice echoed throughout the air as if it was coming from everywhere at once.

Heiwajima: And the take-over was just a distraction, to allow you to finish your work in peace.

Anderson: How clever of you...

Credo: Everything in the past was a cobblestone on the road to a new world. We have finally reached our destination.

Palmer: To own this world... just how much strength have you obtained?

Credo: How... much... strength? Answering such a question would be pointless. My power is not quantifiable on a scale that humans can comprehend. The best explanation... is that my will is absolute. That is all.

Lekhram forcefully stepped to the front.

Lekhram: And just who the hell do you think you are trying to rule the world?! HUH?!

Credo: Another aspect you have yet to grasp. My intention is not to rule this world. I want nothing to do with it.

The team looked astonished. Countless questions instantly arose in their minds.

Palmer: Then...

Credo: My intention... my goal... my right as god... is to take the whole of reality … and erase it.

All: !!!!!!

Palmer: Impossible!!!

Credo: It is quite possible. I will take all that there ever was, is, and will be and wipe it from existence. I will then start it all anew as a stable and singular reality. That is the world that I will stand over.

Harding: You're... INSANE! You can't do that!

Credo: There exists nothing that I cannot do.

Heiwajima: I'll never believe that. Everything has a weakness. The only variable is how well it's hidden.

Credo: You speak as if you plan to resist me.

Lekhram: Heh, somebodys quick on the uptake.

Harding: If you think we'd ever submit to you, your even crazier than I thought.

Credo: Submit? This has never been a matter of submission. I would never ask any of you to do something as trivial as to kneel before me or beg for your lives. I simply advise you to accept your fates and bear witness the end of creation.

Everyone fell silent for a moment. They all glanced at each other quickly and then looked back to Credo.

Anderson: For one so powerful, that last proposal was pretty dumb. With a mind like yours, I'm surprised you haven't forgotten how to breath and die by now.

Credo: ?

Heiwajima: You commit crimes against the entire population of Earth, get confronted by the greatest task force in human history, give 0% chance of a ceasefire, and ask us to quietly admire your work?

Harding: I don't know how you made it to the top of the Federation, but you clearly weren't qualified if that's your idea of a negotiation.

Credo: What is this? You all. There is no logic in your words.

Palmer slowly approached Credo, paying no mind to the battering winds. Credo stood gazing at them with bewilderment. Palmer and Credo now stood face to face. Palmer locked his eyes, devoid of doubt or hesitation, on Credo's two bright green ones.

Palmer: You ask us to accept the end of the world. We refuse.

Credo: These people. They defy without rhyme or reason. They simply defy... How? Why?

Lekhram: Sorry pal, but the jury is unanimous. The verdict is... fuck you.

Credo: … I see...

Credo's gaze dropped to the floor in contemplation.

Palmer: Team, ready all remaining weaponry and prepare to fire. Live or die, we fight!

All: Sir!

Palmer stepped back to his team. Everyone touched their belts and more guns materialized. Their sights were set on Credo.

Palmer: Ready, FIRE AT WILL!!!

A flurry of bullets flew at Credo. Sparks flew as they harmlessly bounced off of his jet black body. Credo's eyes didn't leave the floor. He stood in silent contemplation as the assault continued.

Suddenly, he looked up at them. He began to hover in the air and the wind stirred violently.

Credo: This was a surprising turn of events. Humans … challenging god. I've heard myths on such things. But never did I think I would experience something of that nature. So...

Palmer held up his hand and the fire stopped.

Credo: This ... must truly be the climax of humanity. A legend if there ever was one. … I will pay respect to this.

All: ???

Credo: I will end this world and it's people in glory, by my own hand. I believe that that is an end befitting of you all. Thank you for showing me this. I am truly grateful to you all.

With a shockwave, Credo took off into the air. He ascended through the red sky, through the atmosphere, and into orbit. He floated in the void, looking down on the world. Credo raised his hand and pointed it at the planet. A large mass of energy built in his palm. It grew brighter by the second until it resembled a star in the distance. The team looked up to the sky.

Anderson: So what now?

Palmer: What else?

Credo: Goodbye.

An enormous beam of energy shot out of Credo's hand. It plummeted toward the planet. The light from it could be seen from every part of the world. Credo watched as it pierced the clouds and made it's way toward the ground, disappearing from view. He patiently awaited the outcome when suddenly, the beam shot back in the opposite direction, narrowly missing Credo himself.

The energy flew back into space and vanished once again, reappearing only as flash in the distance. Credo looked upon the planet, searching for the cause. All was still for a moment. Then, a single light shone from the surface. It grew brighter and closer by the second. Credo looked perplexed.

Palmer: We hope...

As the light traveled, everything moved out of it's way, even clearing a large hole in the hell storm encasing the planet. The light finally made it's way to Credo and stopped.

Palmer: ...for a hero.

The light dissipated to reveal Ultiman. He wore a blue suit with more armor than the previous one. His cape was replaced with a body length red scarf with two tails running down his back, the visor had become a full helmet, and he wore his Proton Blade on his back.

Credo: So that is what happened. The Ultiman has returned.

Matt: Nope. Ultiman's gone. He died along with his friend while trying to escape the past...

Credo: Is that so? Then who is this person before me?

Matt: The one who's gonna take you down is ... Ultiman N.E.O.!!!

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Off-Topic » What's Going Through you Mind Right Now?

And let the Kenpachi battles COMMENCE!!!

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Battles » Raiden vs Sasuke Uchiha

The location is also troublesome

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Fan-Fic » Ultimate Hero Episode 13: Raid on Heaven

@DBZ_universe: Yeah man, I like to put the fun stuff at the end lol

And thanks dude! I was really surprised, I didn't expect it lol

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Battles » Machamp vs Sakura Haruno

By these standards, 1 Machamp could solo a good chunk of the known legendaries lol!

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Fan-Fic » Ultimate Hero Episode 13: Raid on Heaven

@DBZ_universe: Yup! So as you can imagine there's a big fight coming up!

Thanks! And I kinda wish I introduced more of their equipment sooner. But there are still more awesome weapons to come!

@nd as always its cool lol. I also got a request to put this series on sparkatale.com! So its there now too

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Battles » Gaara vs Toph

Gaara rolls her pretty hard

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Battles » Machamp vs Sakura Haruno

Some Pokedex entries put these guys at insane hst+ stats. I don't know how humans and other pokemon survive

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Battles » Magcargo vs Suigetsu

Magcargo stomps tbh. If you read the pokedex entry, it would kill Suigetsu just by getting near him.

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Fan-Fic » Ultimate Hero Episode 13: Raid on Heaven

@Vapovile: Thanks! Id appreciate the reads!

I'll add you to the update list if you're not already on there

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Fan-Fic » Ultimate Hero Episode 13: Raid on Heaven

Previous: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-tale-of-a-hacker/344817/#6

The team looked out over the city as mechanical drones swarmed the streets.

People were running in terror and the police force was attempting to combat the threat. They all climbed into Lisa's vehicle.

Palmer rode shotgun, Heiwajima and Anderson took the back seat, Lekhram manned the turret, and Harding took the wheel. After everyone was set Harding floored the gas pedal and with a loud roar from the engine, they were off. The vehicle made its way out of the military complex and out onto the streets drones spotted them but the federation soldiers left behind guarding the base shot them down with mounted turrets, allowing the team to exit safely.

Lekhram: Hmm, not bad. Maybe those goons aren't completely useless after all.

Anderson: Is this go-cart really the best we could come up with. No offense but it's a little... small.

Harding: Hey! Don't talk trash about my ride! This here is my personal treasure, the Hyena. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in pure kick-ass 10x over.

Anderson: If you say so...

Palmer: It's also one of the few vehicles we possess that isn't hooked into the Federation's computers. All the others, even police squad cars have been hacked and are unusable.

Harding: Plus, my Hyena is way better than any cruddy tank or chopper you can get. You'll see soon.

Anderson: Yeah, I sure will since we have a wave of drones closing in on us.

From above, a mob of drones descended on the team with guns at the ready.

Palmer: Lekhram, drop em!

Lekhram: On it!

Lekhram pointed the turret at the enemy and fired. A flurry of bullets came flying out. The rounds completely pierced the drones, making quick work of them.

Lekhram: So this things got some kick to it.

Harding: If that impressed you, your head'll explode when you see what else it's got.

Lekhram: I look forward to that!

The team was approaching their destination. They were about to cross into the complex that contained the director's office. The main building completely dwarfed all others as well as the rest of city itself.

Anderson: That big, expensive-looking building is the one that we want.

Lekhram: Wait, how do we even know the guy is actually in there?

Anderson: I can see him perfectly with my scope goggles. The infared imaging is crystal clear. He's there.

Lekhram: Alright, that just makes this job that much easier.

Heiwajima: Hey, Harding. By the size of the boosters on the back of this vehicle, I imagine we're able to fly.

Harding: Of course.

Palmer: But doing so at the moment would be unwise. With all the anti-air defense concentrated in the area, we'd be instant targets.

Heiwajima: True, though the land route isn't exactly a leisurely drive either.

Anderson: Either way we go it'll be a pain in the neck.

The team was crossing an overpass when they spotted a unit of troops being cornered by 2 drones.

Harding: Crap, those guys are doomed! I gotta pull over. Lekhram get ready!

Heiwajima: No, don't stop!

Harding looked back to find Heiwajima missing from his seat. He crouched on the roof of the vehicle surveying the situation. He then looked Lekhram in the eyes and then dove off of the overpass directly toward the drones. He landed on one and planted an explosive on its head. He sprang to the other one and cut the head clean off with large blade. The explosive detonated and the drone slumped to the ground. Palmer pulled out his communicator.

Palmer: We could have handled that much quicker.

Heiwajima: You can't stop. You must continue. Plus, there are still more troops in the area. I'll get them to safety and catch up to you later.

Palmer: … Make it there. That's an order.

Heiwajima: Understood sir!

Lekhram: Hmph, damn show off…

The team was approaching a monorail track that coiled up the main building. Harding drove pulled them onto the track and they began the climb. Multiple drones approached them from all sides and the team was forced to shoot them down to clear the way. Countless drones dropped from the air but more kept taking their place.

Harding: How many of these things are there?

Palmer: Enough to protect a city.

Lekhram: Or enough to trash it.

They came to the tunnel. Drones swarmed on both sides. A couple followed them in. They pointed their guns and fired. Lisa swerved from side to side. Lekhram got inside to avoid the rounds. Everyone inside peeked out of the windows to fire back, but it did little.

Palmer: We can't get a good shot!

Harding: Ugh, bunch of babies! Hang on!

Lisa shifted the gear and violently turned the wheel. The Hyena spun around and was driving backwards. She hit some buttons and 2 rocket launchers emerged from the vehicle. She fired and took out the pursuers. However, more soon took their place. The assault continued.

Harding: We're almost out of here.

Anderson: And we have a welcoming party of about 20 outside.

Palmer: They're waiting to trap us outside. We need a lot more speed than what we've got now if we want to make it out alive.

Harding: Jeev, remember that move we talked about?

Lekhram: I was wondering when you'd ask. Do it, lady!

The boosters roared and the hyena drove into the wall, avoiding the gunfire. Once on the ceiling, Lekhram wedged his feet in the headrests of the seats and hung upside down. He pulled out his own high caliber guns and fired. He hit the eyes of each drone perfectly. They flipped back upright. Lisa fired one more to clear out the tunnel exit. They busted out of the flame and smoke and drove off the edge of the track. They were falling temporarily until jet wings suddenly jutted out from the side of the vehicle and they were soaring through the air.

Anderson: I thought we agreed to take the safe route.

Harding: We had no choice, they were crowding us up on the track with our limited motion. This way, we can just get up faster.

Anderson: We're currently being pursued by more than 30 and the fire is about to begin again.

Harding: Aww well. Not like they can catch me anyway!

As the Hyena gained altitude, it began taking on gunfire from behind. Harding weaved through the bullet storm and continued to climb. The drones began to fire large missiles that were quickly closing in.

Harding continually rolled out of the way but the missiles kept doubling back for another attack. She flew closer to the track but the missiles intelligently avoided them.

Harding: Shoot! These things are smart and they can maneuver really well!

Palmer: And from the look of them, they're also high caliber. If they hit, we're done.

Anderson: If you have any bright ideas, now would be the best time to use them. But that's just my opinion.

Harding: Alright, one sweet trick coming up. And remember, anyone who pukes in here gets killed on the spot!

Harding pulled closer and closer to the building until they were almost touching it. The missiles followed close behind. Lisa eyed the distance between the vehicle and skyscraper closely down to the last inch. Then in about half a second, she then let go of the wheel, changed the gear and hit 2 buttons before grabbing the wheel again. The tires came back out and the boosters fired up again. They were driving on the side of the building, spiraling upward along with the monorail track. As they rode, every window they passed shattered almost immediately giving them just enough time to get from one to another. The missiles matched the team's proximity to the building and began closing in once again. They were both quickly nearing the bottom of a track, though neither showed signs of pulling away.

Lekhram: Whatever you're doing, do it fast! The last thing I wanted to do today was explode!

Harding: Just a little more. I have to do this perfectly for it to work.

The Hyena was mere yards from the track and still heading straight for it. The missiles followed feet behind. The driver measured the distance once more. 20 yards. 15. 10. 5. 2. Lisa let go of the wheel, switched the gear and hit 3 buttons. The Hyena's tires pointed down to reveal jet boosters built into the sides. They fired near instantly and thrusted the vehicle off the building and away from the wall, changing direction completely. They were in the air flying once again. The pursuing missiles attempted to follow but didn't have enough time to turn, forcing them to hit the track and explode causing the entire section to collapse.

Palmer: Nicely executed.

Anderson: Our trusty pilot saves the day...

Lekhram was about to vomit in his seat. However, after a leer from the pilot he decided to hold it in instead. Currently half-way to the top, the team spotted the end of the track. The drones still followed behind. They were also in the sites of the automated turrets.

Anderson: We're taking heavy fire from all sides. There's no dodging this one.

Harding: We don't have to dodge it. Just slip past! There's the platform that goes into the building!We'll have to bail there!

Lekhram: What?! Are you crazy? If we get out now, we'll be paste before we land!

Harding: And if we stay in here we'll be paste in about 5 seconds. You're choice though.

Lekhram: (Sigh) How the hell did we end up with a deranged pilot?

Harding pulled a large throttle and the Hyena started to change. The wings pointed backwards at an angle and the boosters stuck out further than usual going and full power. The vehicle picked up immense speed and rocketed upwards releasing a small sonic boom. They shot past the onslaught and made it above the platform. Lisa released the throttle and the Hyena slowed down. Palmer, Anderson, and Lekhram dove out.

Harding: Hyena, go home!

Harding dove out after her team. The Hyena closed it's doors and took off on it's own back toward the base. The team descended quickly. The drones began firing at them immediately. However, Anderson pulled out a small device and activated it. A large energy field surrounded the team and shielded them from the attack. Before hitting the ground, each of the soldiers activated small jets in their boots to soften the landing allowing them to safely touch down.

Palmer: Let's get inside!

Harding was watching the Hyena fly off when a smart missile soared off after it. Harding screamed and reached out to her hand to the sky.

Harding: NOOO!

The vehicle attempted to evade until a second one came took chase and blindsided it. The missile exploded violently leaving the Hyena to fall in a ball of smoke and fire. It dropped over 200 stories and hit the ground, exploding once more. Harding was dumbfounded at the sight. Her eyes were wide with disbelief and her face was completely blank. She fell to her knees, her arm still outstretched. Her hand then dropped and she stared at the ground for a moment.

Lekhram: Dang...

Anderson: You have my condolences.

Palmer: Harding, we'll definitely...

Harding gritted her teeth, clenched her fist and adopted a look of immense rage on her face.


Lisa got up, sprinted off into the building leaving the rest behind looking at each other with puzzled expressions.

Lekhram: What did I tell ya? Deranged.

The rest of the team went in as well.

Palmer: Anderson!

Anderson pulled out a device that created a 3D holo projection of the building.

Anderson: We're on the 205th floor. We're going to the 300th.

Lekhram: Stairs anyone?

Palmer: Where's the elevator?

Anderson: About 15 floors above us. They're locked down on that floor. I can reactivate them but I'll have to go to them and do it manually.

Palmer: Alright, lets move.

Before anyone could move Harding ran to the staircase and sprinted up with great vigor. The rest of the team jogged up the stairs. However, they soon found more drones blocking their path. The smaller hovering drones locked onto them and started firing. The team took cover.

Lekhram: Alright, now it's a party!

Lekhram dove out from cover and began firing back. He carved a path for the team to continue up. They made their way up several floors until and larger spider-like drone blocked their path.

They exited one stairwell and made their way to the other. The drone pursued them and readied a large rocket launcher to fire. But without looking, Lekhram aimed his elephant magnum over his shoulder and fire. The bullet went directly down the barrel of the rocket launcher, detonating the ammunition. Lekhram had a maniacal smile on his face as he kept running.


The team finally reached the elevators. Anderson plugged into the service terminal and unlocked them. The doors opened, but a mob of hovering drones cornered them once again. They were about to fire when something crashed through the windows and ploughed through them. For a moment, it was invisible. But it slowly appeared out of thin air. Heiwajima got off of a wrecked hover bike. Everyone else was speechless. He walked toward Palmer.

Heiwajima: Objective: complete.

Palmer: You have my admiration soldier.

Harding: But how...

Heiwajima: I found an air bike in the complex. After disabling its wireless connections, it worked well enough for me to use it. I also had to borrow Anderson's camo tech to bypass the enemy forces.

Anderson quickly looked down at his belt to find his mini holo-projector gone.

Anderson: Why you...

Heiwajima: My deepest apologies.

Palmer: Now that we're all here, lets move on. We're about to reach our target.

The team got in and made their way up. After a moment, they were ascending through a glass elevator shaft, giving stunning view of the entire city. Everyone looked out with awe.

However, shortly after a drone sped by at such high speed that it shattered the glass, leaving the team exposed. The wind howled around them as drones bigger than any others approached them baring high caliber machine guns.

Palmer: Permission to utilize transfer technology granted.

Lekhram: Finally! Wait a little longer why don'tcha? Transfer System: Big Bang Bazooka!!!

Lekhram touched his belt and a great light shot out. When the light faded, he was holding an extremely oversize rocket launcher . The team crouched an braced themselves as Lekhram pointed the weapon and fired at the attackers. A cloud of exhaust steam erupted from the back of the weapon.

A second later, the rocket was flying at the drones at high speed. The recoil sent Lekhram back against the wall. Anderson erected his energy shield once again to cover everyone.

The rocket hit its targets and gave on a gigantic explosion that could be seen across the city. It kept expanding and causing heavy gusts and shock waves. The explosion finally subsided leaving no trace of it's targets. The team stay down for a moment collecting themselves. The weapon started to glow again and then vanished in a flash of light.

Lekhram: Don't lie. You guys want one too.

They slowly got up readied themselves once more. The elevator reached the top of the building and stopped. The team got off ran ran back into the building. They sprinted down a long bright hallway with a single door at the end. When they reached the door, they stopped. Without a word, Palmer checked to see if everyone was ready. Everyone nodded. They then kicked down the door and stormed in, guns at the ready. Inside there was a single man with his back turned to the door. He was silently looking out over the city from his window.

Palmer: Harold Credo, you are under arrest for the misuse of Federation technology, public endangerment, abuse of power, and attempted genocide!

Credo: …

Palmer: Come quietly, now!!!

Credo: Captain Palmer... you... I'm glad you are here.

Palmer: I said come quietly!Get on the ground now!

Credo: You and your team have the once in a lifetime, no, once in an eternity opportunity to witness the beginning of something new. I am truly happy for you.

Lekhram: Just shut the hell up and get down! We'll cap your ass damn it!!!

Credo picked up a small container from his desk. It had a strange glow emanating from it.

Palmer: Last warning.

Credo: Say goodbye to the reality you once knew, and say hello to...

Palmer shot him in the stomach before he could utter another word. Credo's eyes widened and blood dripped from his abdomen and mouth. He fell to the floor, still clutching his container. The team approached him slowly, ready to take him. However, the container suddenly bursted open and the light inside shot out. The force from it broke all the window in the large room.

Palmer: Get back!!!

It hovered around for a moment before seeping into Credo's body. His body lay still and then began writhing. Credo rolled around, hacking and coughing and clutching at his throat. Suddenly his eyes rolled back in his head and turned a glowing bright green. From the center of his forehead outward, his skin began to turn jet black. The bullet wound closed up and his muscles began to grow. Small white dots sprung up all over his body, growing and spiraling like galaxies. Finally, his facial features were paved over and his forehead sprouted 3 small horns. He calmed down completely and lay still. Credo's body then started to hover and stand him upright again.

The team was completely stunned. But finally, Palmer was able to get out an order.

Palmer: Take him down!

Everyone fired their weapons. However, the bullets vanished into thin air. The everyone looked astonished. Credo then looked at then, causing their weapons to turn into vapor and waft away. Credo then looked to the ceiling and the top of the building dismantled itself. Pieces of glass, metal,and stone hovered high in the air and swirled around. A moment later, even the sky above twisted into a hellish blood red vortex. Everyone looked at the scene with utter terror.

Palmer: … what... the hell are you?

Credo: Can you not see captain? I have simply become god.

Next: http://www.animevice.com/forums/fan-fic/1517/ultimate-hero-episode-14-those-who-challenged-the-sun/345882/

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Battles » Might Guy vs Zabuza (No Gates)

No gates, Gai wins after a decent fight.

@SekiryuuteiDxD said:



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Battles » Akuma (Street Fighter) vs Nagato (Naruto)

Nagatos summons would be a real Pain in the butt to work around, or I should say 1 in particular.

(P.S. See what I did there?)

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Off-Topic » Who do you admire on AnimeVice?

@SpeedForceSpider: Thanks so much bro!

You're definitely one of the coolest people I've ever met on this site and are an encyclopedia of anime/ gaming/ comics/ etc.. Keep being awesome man!

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Battles » Raiden vs Sasuke Uchiha

Old Sasuke gets rolled pretty hard. Current one can pull a win

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Battles » Kenpachi Zaraki vs Sesshomaru and Inuyasha

I don't know who that blond kid thinks he is, but he's about to get FFFFFFF##KED UP

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Battles » Armwrestling contest!

@Jinbeifan1 said:

@SpeedForceSpider: Honestly it's hard to say with that. It looked both big and slightly small (compared to what you see in One Piece I mean) but I'd say he's at least on level with them pre time skip

As I said, that was before he got his upgrades which increased his stats several times over.

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Battles » Armwrestling contest!

@Jinbeifan1 said:

@IndridCold: how big is a metal gears? And I'd say that this is between Zoro and Luffy.

Well the MG Ray that Raiden chucked in the air pre upgrades was about 3x bigger than a Trex. However, the MG Excelcus he suplexed at the end was pretty much a walking battle ship. He then proceeded to hack it too pieces with a sword the size of a 10+ story building.

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Battles » Edverd elric (FMA) VS Kosuke Ueki (LAW OF UEKI)

@DBZ_universe: No! Aizen is Edvard!

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