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Clan: Uchiha
Ninja Rank:Jounin (but is respected on the same level as a Sennin)

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25 kunai's
9smoke bombs
15explosive tags


NeVann was born of Yakamoshi Kei of the hidden mist village and Uchiha Shazumi of the hidden leaf.  At the age of 2 years old, one day while traveling the country side his parents where attacked and NeVann was kidnapped by ninjas formally of the hidden Grass village. For unknown reasons that many just guess do to his father being the leaderof the Yakamoshi clan and his mother held a position in the Uchiha clan, NeVann parents gave chase run after the abductors which led them into an ambush that ultimately leads to there slaying. Luckily for NeVann, some mebers of the Hidden Mist ANBU where doing there round when they saw the slain couple and hearing a child scream. They gave chase and once they caught up to the kidnappers and begun to battle. As a last ditch afford one of the Grass ninjas decided that to kill NeVann, right as the kunai was coming down one of the ANBU member jump in between the child and the Grass ninja, slicing the ninja's arm but taking a kunai to a vital point in his upper torso casuing him to blood to death and giving up his life. Growing up an orphan he was allowed to enter the academy a year early making him the youngest person to very start at the age of 5yrs. during his time there he grow and excelled with great speed graduating two week before his seventh birthday, also making him the youngest genin in his class.

Being the youngest in the class way hard for Vann, time after time he displayed an unmatched skill form anyone in his age group. But with the greatness he shgowed it was soon followed by isolation from his peers.  Yet his high marks in the academy wasn't the only source of his loneliness, the other part came from the fact that he was heir to lead the Yakamoshi clan. Though seen as a second even third rate clan of ninjas, he would be it's head and the other students thought he felt that he was better do to this fact. Yet truth was that Vann didn't care to become the clans head nor did he think that he was above anyone, the only reason he was trying so hard to get high marks in all his lessons was he wonted to be acknowledged for his own skills not do to his birth right that most saw as a joke anyway. After two and half years he gradutated from the academy and was a assigned to a three person cell of genins with a Mist Jounin incharge of them. His teammates were one of few people that had ever talked to him the whole time he was in the academy
Takahari, Sota
Takahari, Sota
Takahari, Sota (10 years old at the time) and the other was Sumimura Izumi (9 years old at the time)
Sumimura, Izumi
Sumimura, Izumi
a girl that had cought his eyes of affection since the first day he laid eyes on her. Sota was Vann's befriend eventhough to Vann it felt like Sota was his older brother and on numerous occausions he talk Vann into doing stupid things while they were in the academy he even tried to get Vann in to confessing his feeling to Izumi once or twice but Vann would never do it do to the fact that Izumi seemed to repulsed by him and protested the fact that they had to be on the same team. Their Jounin instructor was the reknown Kenichi, Joukyuu. Joukyuu was famous for his tatical way of thinking while his Taijutsu was par non in the entire village.

Vann was award the title of chuunin by the age 9yrs, then a few years later so was Sota and Izumi. Him and Sota were close as ever always joking around and playing pranks on Joukyuu, and eventually Izumi warmed up to him even though sometimes he did annoy her but they had become close friends as well. The team went on mission together after becoming chuunins leaving their squads in the hands of other squad leaders. Vann had finally felt like he had a family in those two and it was even more special when they were all promoted to Jounnin at the same time. Yet again Vann was the youngest in that group obtaining it at the age of 14yrs.
That was also the same year an odd looking tattoo appeared on the back of his lower neck that was also the time in which a plege of nightmares began where he had became a grey monster with white hair and hand looking like wings. Vann hide this fact from Sota and Izumi for he didn't want them to worry about him, or at least that what he was telling himself. Cause for a while he knew that the two had become involved, that didn't bother for his romantic feelings for Izumi had almost faded and  were replaced with the feeling for a sister. He had made that point over to Sota some time ago, he felt hurt and betrayed that they would keep something like this from him. This had him revert back to how he was back in the academy. A careless loner that was way to laid back, despite the skills and talent he had shown. He began taking less and less missions with the two and solely working with the squad he was left incharge of, well that was untill the Mizukage odered the three along with Joukyuu to apprehend a group of S-rank criminals. Everything seemed to be going well in the land of grass, and while in the of the mission NeVann and his teammates found themselves being  ambush just like his parents almost 12yrs before by a group of exiled Grass ninjas that were protecting the criminals Vann's team was after. Defeating three out of the five ninjas after them he discovers that one of the opponents he was fighting was the same one that tried to kill him was he but a child, do to the scar on his arm.  Frozen by the fact Vann let his guard down and was caught almost fatal slash along his back dropping Vann to his knees. Falling forward he extended out his arms and his sliced easily fell from his body, reviling the seal on his his neck. As the final blow was coming down Sota jump inbetween the two just like that Anbu did so long ago  almost slain and then watching someone that was like a brother to him take what he thought at the time to be a fatal hit something inside of NeVann clicked and the power of the Sharingan was awoken within him.

Looking at Sota's body laying next him bleeding out, he felt a rage build up inside of him and his iris turned the crimson and his left eyesomething that looked like two extra pupils (tomoe) while in his right eye only one appeared, then turning his attention to the grass ninja whom movements seemed to going in slow motion to Vann. Thanks to this Vann was able to read his movement with ease, and soon his malicious bagan to show as he started toying with the the grass ninja, before disabling him limb by limb first starting with his arms stabbing a couple of kunais in each shoulder and twisting them deading the nerves and rendering them useless. Next was his leg, after taking his legs from under him with a back leg sweep. Then grabing him by the heel and lifting it up as Vann stood on his chest Vann then kick his knee cap as he pulled forward snapping the leg in two and then did the same to the second leg. The grass ninjas screams and cried in pain and for mercy, Vann just gave him a cold look before his lips parted and his words of anger just flowed "Mercy? You dare ask me to show mercy? after the hell you put me through You 12 years ago ignored my parents pleas of mercy you showed no bit of emotion as my morthers tears fell as she tried to convice you give me back... No you killed her and then my father, you took them away from me and tried to kill me not only once but twice but in trying for a second time you killed someone I concidered to be like a bother to me!!! I want to feel every ounce of pain you have coming to you!"
Mercy? You dare ask me to show mercy?
Mercy? You dare ask me to show mercy?
As he spoke he threw punch after punch beating the ninja's face father and farther into the ground and finished his off with a high level fire jutsu. Standing back and watching the ninja burn the seal on his neck began to glow red and soon spread over the left side of his body like a wild fire, and engulfed his a dark aura when he changed his focuse to the other ninjas. In a matter of mintues he delt with each of them one by one before collapsing. Focusing on Sota Izumi never saw Vanns transfermation, knowing that she wouldn't unerstand Joukyuu walked over and as he laid face down with the curse seal retracting and cover his body to conceal it.  Once he got back to the village, Joukyuu went on to explain the power that he had unlocked on that mission and also give him alittle history on his mother, Vann had known very little if anything about his mother other then the fact that she came from Konoha. He was shocked to hear that so was member of resurrected Uchiha Clan and like her he was a direct descendant of Sasuke Uchiha, this was reviled do to the fact of the curse seal that appear on the back of Vann's neck. Before Sasuke fought his brother Itachi and had the seal removed, somehow most likely do to the copying ability of the Sharingan the seal was coded to his DNA and passed down through the generations. Taking in all that he was told  he packed his things and ask the Mizukage to aloow him to travel to the leaf village in the land of fire so he could find his mothers clan. Seeing that Kirigakure had a peace treaty with Konoha the Mizukage didn't see any harm in leting him so he granted Vann's wish.

Kenichi, Joukyuu
Kenichi, Joukyuu
Reaching the boreders of Kirigakure Vann was surprised to meet Sota and Izumi waiting for him at the main gate, Izumi was help Sota stand do to the fact that he still hadn't recovered from the almost fatal blow he took procting Vann. As he stood before the two he wondered how they knew when he was leaving and then it hit him, "Joukyuu sensei told you guys did he?" Sota just smiled and shook his head. "You knew he did why do you alway ask question you already know the answers to NeVann-nii, and what's up with you leaving and not letting us bro? You know I would have thrown you a one bad ass going way party." Vann lowed his head and chuckled lightly to himself, "Well I didn't want you guy to worry you still haven't recovered and Izumi-chan already have enough troubles looking after you." As he said that a small glimps of sarrow filled his eyes, "Look NeVann I'm sorry I know how you felt and I should have told you sooner. Don't tell me this is the only reason you've been avoiding us, You said you were over that but I should have told you. and that I am sorry for." Izumi looked confused as her eyes moved back and forth at the two, she had no clue of how he felt about her over the past years. "No Sota-nii that's not the problem I had, I'm happy for the two of you really I just feel hurt hat the two of you never told me we were suppose to be like a family ya know?" A silence fell between the three for a moment do to the unease that everyone felt, Vann then reached out his arm to Sota and gripping each others forearms they touched their heads to gether. "Everything will be ok Sota all is forgiven you two along with Joukyuu sensei are the only family I have and that will never change." He then stepped over to Izumi and gave her a warm hug before leaning forward and whispered into her ear, "Take care of him for me, and truely I'm ok with this as long as the two of you are then I'm happy." Releasing the embrace he smiled and stepped passed the two and headed out the gate, taking a few stepps pass then enternce he turned around and waved. "I'll miss you guy and tell Joukyuu sensei that to this day he still cant sneak around correctly," he said as he turned their attention upward to the top of the gate where he was hiding.

Arriving in the Land of fire Vann was graciously greeted by the eighth Hokage, he had held a great deal about Vann not only the fact that he was member of the elite Uchiha clan. The two talked for a little while before Vann was show the location within the village that the Uchiha clan resided in, arriving at the Uhiha camp he felt the eyes of distrust and loathing fall upon him. He remember this feeling for his days back in the academy, but over time they began to accept him especially after finding out he beared the curse seal that gave him lineage to Sasuke Uchiha. Vann had spent two years in Konoha with the Uchiha clan training and learning more and more of the clans history, and eventually his sharingan developed to its full state. Out training one he was approached by a mist ninja that carried an important message for him from Sota, saying that he despritly needed his help. Without a second thought he quickly returned back to Kirigakure, were he was happyly embraced by Sota and Izumi. Sota then went on to explain that over the two years he was go a civil war had broke out, and countless attemps on the Mizukage life had been taken. What he left out was the fact that he was the one that was trying to take out the Mizukage and ultimately gain control ove the hidden mist village and the land of water. Also unknown to Vann the Mizukage not being able to trust his own kinsmen inlisted help for the Kumogakure of the Land of Lightning.

Sota sent out the orders for the missions, and the first one that Vann would be apart was disabling the hired force for the rebels that consisted of ninjas from Kumogakure. Moving to the main base of operation for th cloud ninjas Vann and company was doscovered and a all out battle broke out, with Sota staying behind Izumi took the lead on the mission fighting at her side once more Vann charged in taking out numerous mist and cloud ninjas. Turning around to check on how eveyone else was holding up, he body completely froze at the sight of Izumi lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Vann yelled as he rushed over to her, his eyes filled with tears as he reached her and scooped her body from the ground. As his tears fell and hit her face he watch her life force fade from her eyes and at the point Vann couldn't remember what happed next, all he knew was when he snaped out of it the area was engulfed in a wierd black flame and he was still holding on tightly to Izumi's lifeless body. But the truth was Vann had some how activated the Mangekyou Sharingan, the strongest Doujutsu of the Uchiha clan.
The triggerring of the this version of the Sharingan is even unknown to NeVann himself because he had blacked out after reaching Izumi's body. Returning back to Sota he laid Izumi on a table and covered her body with a sheet, the not even wanting to look Sota in the eyes he began to speak on the fact that some of the last things he remember hearing before blacking out was how they were traitors. He was confused that the very people Sota said to be working with the rebels to over throw the Mizukage was calling him a piece of rebel scum. Being the smooth talker he was Sota apologized for not telling him that they were truely the rebels, and he only did it because he knew without a good reason Vann would try to talk him out of it.  He went on trying to explain himself and finally ended the words with false documents of how the Mizukage hired the grass ninja all those years ago to kidnap and kill his parents. Looking through the evidence laid before him his eyes filled with pain quickly changed to that of anger, taking the papers and balling most of them up Vann them at wall as stormed out planing to talk to the Mizukage and ultimately killing him. Unknowing this was Sota's main plan even though he didn't count on Izumi dying for it to come to pass.  Blinded by rage Vann didn't notice that the first level of of the curse seal had activated,
getting closer and closer to the Mizukage tower he was met by countless bodyguards. They seemed to be standing still compared to Vann's speed and one by one he cut them down before reaching the main chamber of the Mizukage, he stood and demanded to know the meaning behind Vann's actions and evenmore he thought that Vann was still in Konoha. Not saying a word he just tossed a scroll that had the documents approved by the Mizukage to kidnap him and murder his parents.  The Mizukages eyes widened as he say the papers that he had destoryed, the truth was that eventhough Sota falsified the documents it turns out that order to assisnate Vann's parents were true. He knew Vann's linage very well not only was there a legend of the Yakamoshi clan that one day a member more powerful then Kimoto would emerge and on top of that his mother was of the Uchiha a clan that has one of the most powerful Doujutsu in the ninja world and he feared that if he didn't do something that Vann would oneday come and challenged for the title of mizukage and there would be nothing that he could do. This was part of the reason he allowed Vann to go to the land of fire in hopes that he would spend the rest of his days with his mother's clan never to return. Trapped in a sea of rage and confusion Vann charged at the Mizukage, through not realizing thaqt he had activing not only the Mangekyou Sharingan but also the first level of the curse seal tattoo. Like a wild beast he attack the the leader of the Mist ninja, do to his rage his movements were sloopy and allowed the Mizukage to keep the upper hand fight  well that was untill Vann went throught the second stage of the curse seal transfermation.  The demon inside of him had seemed to awaken and it hungered for blood, at this point the Mizukage upperhand completely vanished as he found himself out match in every thing from speed to power while at the same time Vann's sloppiness seem to all but fade away. As the Mizukage laid beaten and broken he tried to plea with Vann once more and realizing that it wasn't working he decided to go with the truth of how he had his parents killed and was planing to kill Vann as well. Then he finished with a question to Vann of how he got a hold of those document that no one knew about and that he personally had destoryed, the words did sink in but Vann still raising his swords high above head brought it down slicing the Mizukage in two vertically ending his life.

Pray you never see this side of me, for it will be your last!
Pray you never see this side of me, for it will be your last!

Blood never washes off, only stains
Blood never washes off, only stains
Standing over the Mizukage's body covered in his blood Vann began feeling odd and ran out the tower over to a near by lake and once he looked upon himself in the water he noticed not only did he have white hair and gray skin like in his nightmares of many years but also a new design of his Sharingan. He backed aways from the lake in a panic, then from bhind a tree he heard the sound of clapping before seeing Sota step from behind it. "Wow you've went through some changes from when you left the village NeVann, but I must thank you now I calm my rightful place as not on the leader of the Kirigakure but also the Land of Water as well. Now don't be stupid like Joukyuu sensei was and agree to fight along side meand there wont be anything you beable to obtain. Actually you should be thanking me if I hadn't stoped him Joukyuu sensei would have killed you, so what do you say NeVann-nii?"  He then tossed Joukyuu's motionless body that had a kunai piercing through his heart at Vann's feet, "S-S-Sensei? Sota what have you done? Have you become mad? first Izumi dies and now you killed Joukyuu... What the Mizukage said was right you gave me false documents so I would kill him, we were a family you were like a older bother to me why would you do such a thing?" Sota just laughed as he watched Vann's mental state crack before his eyes. "You want to know I never cared for any of you, you were all pawns in my plan to rule the Water Nationand you all played your parts fine. Seeing how things are going I'll have to kill you now, say hello to Joukyuu and Izumi in the afterlife for me." After his fight with the Mizukage Vann knew he didn't have must left to Sota with but that didn't matter to him, all he wanted to do was make Sota pay for destorying his second family. The two former best frieds waged battle under the light of the moon that was blocked out by the dense fog that surrounded the area, moveing from the lake surface to tree before going back to solid ground the two trade blows and attacks. Vann's fatigue began to show as more of Sota's blows began connection coving his face in blood and sweat, and right as it would seem that Sota would finish him off Vann used a combonation of shadow clones and a Uchiha trademake attack Sōfūshasan no Tachi:"Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades" to trap Sota and left in open where Vann used Habataku Chidori:"Flapping One Thousand Birds" to pierce his heart killing his closest and beloved friend. On top of the death of everyone that he cared for Vann was now labelled a S-rank criminal for killing the Mizukage, so with him being hunted he felt the best thing to do would be to flee state side.

We Are Legend
We Are Legend
After traveling the US, he came across the team WE ARE LEGEND. At first he thought that member of the team were odd, but for some reason he kept hinding way back to W.A.L. tower hanging out and joke of the lot of them. He didn't know it at the time but he was becoming close with each of them and over time they became his new family. Still keeping his past a secret from them he didn't want there views of him to change and soon he was asked to jointhe team in which he joyestly accepted. The team at that time was lead by a man of Andrew code name Spartan 117, he was a cool and collected type of person that always knew the right move to make. A man that Vann had no issues of ever respecting especially since he reminded him of his former Sensei Joukyuu, then there was the Jedi Obiwan Kenobi, the young jedi joined the team pretty much around the same time as Vann. Though going alittle over board at time he was kind hearted and was someone that everyone could count on, and ultimate became like a little brother to him, and Last was the W.A.L. welcoming party of sweet and gentle Kat codename Angelic Reaper and the hyperactive and innocent Stephanie codename Feral Nova. Ar was one of the most pure hearted person Vann had ever met, though they didn't talk much when they did he felt the connection of friend that he carries with him to this date. Nova was the actually the first people that he talked to of the team and also was closest connected to, her charm draw him in and almost instantly he grew feelings for her that he kept secret for the most part. Soon after join the team he Wanted to get some of the that fighting rust off he excitingly signed up for a 32 man tournament, being place in bracket A his opponents where not ones to be looked over they drove him to points that he never knew he could go. In round one NeVann took on the fire juggernaut Terry. Vann already had seemed to be at an disadvantage see that Terry had grudge with ninjas. But not willing to give up even as Terry was destorying the planet NeVann used his Kirin attack that had weaked Terry enough where he couldn't go on any longer. In a act of respect for the shinobi he opened a portal telling Vann that it would him safety and wished him luck in the next round.

In the seond round Vann faced off against the skilled assassin Soul Taker a man that had beaten Terry in the past, Soul proved to be more then a match for Vann in the arctic circle trading blow for blow attack for attack the two power house had the same never say die spirit. Soul even forced Vann to use the level one curse seal which no one has forced him to in years. But sadly in the closing exchanges of the match Soul shattered the Yakamoshi family katana. Filled rage once again NeVann unleashed his mighty Kirin attack blasting a hole right through Souls chest, and a an final act of redemption Soul gave NeVann is Dragon Katana. 

In the blackest night


NeVann had pushed himself past his limits ultimately costing him his eye sight. The over usage of the Mangekyou Sharingan sealed his eyes in darkness, and see that NeVann had no siblings or as he thought. There would be no way to reverse the effects. Frustration and depression swelled up in the ninja’s body though he put a strong face forward to not alarm the members of WAL, as he took more of a backseat role as one of its leaders, mostly teaching Young WAL. During that time NeVann would have never guessed the event that would soon follow.


The following series of months, he not only learned of an older half brother but also had to kill him to protect his family and home. The sounds of sirens and screams filled the streets as a demon ravaged and destroyed the City of Angels. The demon was the legendary Nine tailed fox, and the person that released the destructive force was NeVann’s own older brother Uchiha, Kei. Though the member of WAL answer the threat that plagued the city, almost all of Los Angeles and part of southern California was left in shambles from the battle. The battle ultimately was ended by NeVann thrusting the Chidori through his bothers back. "H-How… could I... a-a… full blooded… Uchiha… be def-feated… by my blind… younger… b-b-brother…" Kei said as he dropped to his knees, with a hole in his chest barely missing the heart caused by Vann’s Chidori. He could feel a warm liquid running down his arm, form his elbow to his finger tips as the song of a thousand bird had faded. Flicking his arm the Uchiha prodigy stained the crumbled asphalt with his brother’s blood.

   "Brother and I use that term loosely, I know you fear the darkness that was coming. It’s all I see now, I would have willingly let you have the chance at eternal light. But you chose hatred and wanted to take it by force… why?" He said standing over Kei’s dying body. Laughing with malice in his voice and coughing up blood the elder Uchiha brother said his final words. "W-Why… you ask why… You a descendent of the clan cursed to a hate-fill destiny… hahaha. It’s almost poetic… Little.. brother.. Y-you’re… no.. H-H-Hero… just.. an. A-A-Avenger…." With no strength left his body Kei’s head drop to the ground and the life began to fade from eyes. Bother you were a fool, I will not give in to this curse of hatred placed upon our clan…  Anbu form Konoha appeared surrounding NeVann and his slain brother, unsure if they were friend or foe do to his inability to see he quickly took an defensive stance until one finally spoke. Before they took the body of Kei, NeVann asked to take his brothers eyes in hope of acquiring a new inextinguishable light.  

Though blind he still able to prove he was truly annoyingly unkillable, an gained his bothers eyes returning his sight and granting him the power of one of the most powerful Doujutsu the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. At this time NeVann had become slightly withdrawn from team confining himself to his office or going on solo missions. Before finally going missing for over three months. 

In actuality he had travelled to Koshi, the home of the giant snakes that he summons to assist him. After three years of intense training, In the dimension that Koshi is in, Time moves at a faster rate. One year would equal one month in NeVann’s dimension. NeVann had finally the ability of creating and molding nature chakra to obtain Sage mode, and developing the Mangekyou Sharingan even farther. The Sage Sharingan as he deemed it. Adding the aspect of nature based chakra to boost the abilities of Sharingan. With the insight and ability to copy abilities jutsu, the user can understand the working of a person down to someone’s DNA and copy it to remove the limit of not being able to copy kekkei genkai.


NeVann training
NeVann training

Upon the completion of his training he finally returned home one more, only to hind that he would have leave once more as an encrypted note was waiting for him. A reverberation sang out in the bows of the mountain as the torch the ninja was holding fell to his feet. His eyes widened and was filled with skepticism as to why there was a large engraving of the curse seal that was on his back. His left arm rose as stepped forward looking like a moth that was hypnotized by a majestic flame, as he approached the carving. Running his hand along the surprisingly smooth rock like wall, NeVann accidentally triggered its opening mechanism, causing him to quickly jump back as the wall began to split in two. A flaring light pierced though the opening as if it was being freed from an inescapable prison, and hugged on to the Uchiha’s face forcing him to raise arm over his eyes like shield. "So it seems you are ready to see the illusion you call reality?" he heard a voice say. Lowering his arm as his eyes adjusted to the light that had peered through the doorway, they rested about the person that voice came from.

"So you’re the one that lured me here… but for what?"

NeVann said in an irritated yet slightly confused tone of voice. First all Vann could see was the silhouette of the man, before he took a step forward. He was about half a foot taller than the shinobi, though he could have been taller seeing that he was hunched over and couldn’t correct his posture. Nothing but leathery skin and bones as if he hadn’t eating in many years. As the man removed his hood he reviled a bold head that was covered in looked to be some type of tribal tattoos. "Welcome Child of Prophet." The man said while bowing. "Child of Prophet?" Vann thought to himself as one of eyebrows shot up. "How are you and why did you request for me to come… and what’s with the whole Child of Prophet crap…"

Raising to as much of a vertical state as he could the man turned and began to walk back inside the hidden chamber while saying, "My name is no use or important, but the answers to the your other questions awaits you inside." Curious of what he would find out the ninja followed, only to find himself in awe at all the scrolls and statues that had to be dozens upon dozens of century years old. His eyes scanned from one end of the room to the other, and the one thing that kept reappearing was his Heaven Curse Seal. "W-what is this place…" Still scanning around Vann asked. "This is the lost temple of Ama-no-Kagaseo." The man said as he searched through the hill of scrolls. "Ama no kaga… what?" Vann replied back. 

"Ama no Kagaseo… and you the prophet child said to be born of fire and water, with eyes that look like two full blood moon. That has the ability of clairvoyance, and born with blood of man and animal…" He said as he finally found the scroll he was looking for and handed it to the shinobi. "Born of fire and water… wait you mean the fact that I’m a child of both the hidden leaf that’s in the land of fire and the hidden mist that’s in land of water?" Vann said as he was handed the scroll. "Yes, two elements that hatred for one another would never let them mix. That is the reason why you were almost kidnapped as a child. The leader of mist village knew of this prophecy as well and ruled you a future threat…" Vann listen to him say as he looked over the scroll. "Umm… there’s something wrong here though I don’t have Precog powers and I’m not some man animal hybrid… And still doesn’t explain why my family curse seal is all over this place." Vann said overly confused while still looking at the scroll, only to stop after realizing that he knew about the event that happen to him when the ninja was only a baby.

"It is true you have only a third of its soul… but that curse seal as you put isn’t something that was passed along through your family bloodline, though there was another Uchiha that had a false marking. The mark you bare is the August Star of Heaven emblem. And it means you are the living incarnation of…"



Since that odd meeting NeVann has secretly slain the person in which he told of was Ronnin the teen Precog that was a member of the Wolf Pack, and ironically enough the Shinobi’s savior. The image of his sword pierced through the heart of the teen, while he stood above him in an almost demonic state with his grayish pigmented skin and flowing snow colored hair. This plagued the young ninja’s thoughts while he was restricted to his bed by the persistent Nurse Hope. "One down one to go… and one to go. Then my role as this child of prophet truly begins…" He said while letting out a sigh while rising to his feet. No one of WAL knew of his action nor of the prophecy that is said for him to fulfill. He didn’t think he could face them if they did. Though of all of them he wished to keep this knowledge away from was Nova, afraid of what she would say or do. With one dead NeVann secretly searches for the second person that was spoke of, before the prophecy true meaning begins.


Yakamoshi Clan

The Yakamoshi clan is know as a second rate clan with little or no talent by most of the Villagers of the hidden mist village. Ever though the Yakamoshi clan has been apart of the mist Village almost since the village was first formed. One of the only ninjas of the Yakamoshi that showed true promise was Yakamoshi Kimoto, who was able to manipulate his jutsu to move in a swirl. to increase the attack power, the best example would be his swirl water dragon missile. This was, the best defensive offence combo attack. The jutsu’s used massive amounts of wind chakra to force a jutsu into a swirl which wrapped around an opponents jutsu but the true power was that after swirl wraps around the attack still heads for the opponent. The kekkei jutsu uses wind chakra manipulate physical shape of the jutsu forcing the attack to move forward in a swirling motion. Depending on the user chakra control and level, the user can create a swirl that doesn’t move forward rather shape and compresses itself thin enough to cut through almost any thing, or be used as a shield to block attacks. This bloodline trait like the Sharingan is possible by all members but it rarely is achieved.

To this day the Clan is still seen as second rate because it’s been a decades since the last member of the clan was able to trigger the trait and pull off its ultimate jutsu,” Twin helix blast”, unlike chakra combining the Yakamoshi wind chakra manipulates the user jutsu by creating an invisible barrier tunnel that forces the jutsu to change it normal flow, ultimately giving the jutsu more force when it hit. The more chakra that is released the tighter and the thinner the swirl can become creating a drill like or a sharp blade like affect of the jutsu release. The clan members are prone to either water or wind chakra nature there are a few how can combine the two to form ice this is similar to the Hyoton kekkei that Haku uses. But it is a rear occasion that a member can use this kekkei jutsu and the clan member who can create ice can only make forms of weapones that shoot water blast, when chakra is focus to it. Example “the power of the 7 sea the user creates an ice triton and then uses water chakra to shoot blast of water from the triton. Looks of weapons can be formed but not all of them release chakra attacks.

Over 90 years ago the clan was almost wiped out when the mist village was attacked. The clan’s village was set a blaze destroying all it ancient scrolls holding secrets and history. Only a few older members who where only children at the time, knows the horror of what happened, since then the clan has never been the same. With the clan crippled they sent members out to collect data on jutsu’s to try to build the clan back up, and remove the title of second rate clan. At this time the pride of the clan rest to shoulders of NeVann the son of Yakamoshi Kei the former head of the clan, NeVann ironically has drop his the Yakamoshi name for his blood shares that of the family that bares the Sharingan, the Uchiha’s. Even in dropping the Yakamoshi the clan still respects and views him future leader of the clan. Turning around to check how everyone else was holding up

Dragon Katana

The sword made made from a fang of a dragon that once belong to Soul Taker but upon his death at the hands of NeVann, Soul gave it to him as away to amen for breaking his family katana. wanting to make his own NeVann had it retro fitted with a true adamantium nano tech alloy increasing the duribility of the already almost unbreakable sword.

Yakamoshi Katana

After Soul shattered the blade right before his eyes, NeVann shipped the piece back to his home village to have a new blade crafted. keeping the properties of the orginal the blade is made of a vibranium nano tech alloy making it almost unbreakable. Also the blade has been reduced to sixteenth of an inch thick making it far more light, sharp, and flexible as the vibranium helps keeps its duribility.


Lazy bastard hero who only really fights when he has too or if there is something he can get out of it 


Burnning Iron plam attack:

Description: this is a stronger version of the iron palm attack where NeVann channels fire chakra into his hands and make a half tiger half dragon seal, igniting his hands with a flame that can get as hot as 800 degress, NeVann needs to put on special gloves before begaining this level of the attack because he has yet to learn how to use the jutsu with out burning himself.

Mikazuki no Mai, "Dance of the Crescent Moon"

(This jutsu creates three shadow clones of the user, which attack along with the user in a complicated sword-dancing pattern to confuse the opponent. The swords are also able to extend to any length.)

Gouryuuka no Jutsu"Great Dragon Fire Technique":

Katon • Gouryuuka no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja will expel dragon head fireballs at their opponent. These powerful fireballs can punch through concrete.

Katon: Gôkakyû no Jutsu, "Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique"

(Utilizing a large amount of chakra, a large ball of flame is exhaled from the user's mouth. When an Uchiha clan member masters this technique, they are recognized as an adult.)

Katon: Hôsenka no Jutsu, "Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique"
(This jutsu sends multiple balls of fire at a target. It is also possible to hide shurikens within the fireballs, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack. For the most part, this jutsu is used as a distraction)

Amaterasu:"Shining Heaven"

Amaterasu is unique to the Uchiha clan. The jet-black flames are said to be as hot as the sun, and will burn for seven days and seven nights. Since the Mangekyo Sharingan is necessary to activate this jutsu, not many have learned it.

Space-time jutsu:

Using the Mangekyou Sharingan the user can create a localized interdimensional space-time warp, allowing him to send any targeted object to another dimension.

Suiton: Bakusui Shōha: "Water Release: Exploding Water Shockwave"

create a lake's worth of water to be used for attacks

Kirigakure no Jutsu,"Hiding Mist Technique",

(This jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a dense mist, reducing visibility within the affected area. The density can be controlled by the user, allowing them to create a mist so thick that even they can't see through it.)

Kuchiyose: Rashômon, "Summoning: Rashomon"

(This summoning creates a demonic form of the main gate of old Kyoto which is capable of blocking almost any attack. It was previously believed that two people were required to summon it, as both Sakon and Ukon did; however, Orochimaru has been able to summon three of these gates by himself with his Triple Rashomon. To do so, he simply uses both hands, instead of one as is common in a summoning.)

Kuchiyose no jutsu: Manda

Description: The basic form of all summoning techniques, this jutsu uses a contract, hand seals, and the user's blood to summon an animal from another dimension. As an alternative to the normal hand seals, the same contract that appears on the ground during the summoning can be drawn by hand and activated, producing the same result. The type of animal summoned is determined by the contract. The blood is used as a signature to make the contract, which can be written on a scroll or tattoo, valid. Once summoned, the animal can perform a task or help the user in battle. The summon usually is subservient to the summoner; however, the more powerful summons, such as Gamabunta and Manda, demand respect and loyalty from their summoners. Manda even demands hundreds of live human sacrifices. (Manda the Snake king and giant snakes)

Kanashibari no Jutsu, "Temporary Paralysis Technique"

(This jutsu paralyzes an opponent, leaving them open for attack. This is considered a signature jutsu of all ANBU members.)

Hahonryuu "Destruction Torrent":

Suiton • Hahonryuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water element will generate water to use against his opponent. Once its combined together with the Rasengan to form Gufuu Suika, a large rotating water and wind vortex.

Gufuu Suika no Jutsu"Typhoon Water Vortex Technique":

 Gufuu Suika no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique using both the Wind and Water Elements. This technique is a combo jutsu used by Yamato and Naruto combing two of their elemental attacks. Yamato will use Hahonryuu, a Water attack, and Naruto will use his Wind Rasengan. Combined together they form a swirling typhoon attack, capable of repelling a strong Fire and Wind attack.

Suiro no Jutsu,"Water Prison Technique"

(This jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. Clones can be used in place of the actual person, provided that the clone is the one that performed the technique.)

Suiton: Suijinheki, "Water Release: Water Encampment Wall"

(This jutsu creates a water barrier to protect the user from any offensive attacks.)

Suiton: Suiryûdan no Jutsu, "Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique"
(Using this jutsu, the user creates a huge current of water in the form of a dragon and sends it towards a target.)

Suiton: Suikôdan no Jutsu, "Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique"
(This jutsu utilizes water to attack the enemy with a powerful water burst in the form of a shark.)

Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu, "Water Clone Technique"

(This jutsu creates one or more identical copies of the user out of water. Like the Shadow Clone Technique, these clones are capable of attacking and using jutsu, but they are easier to defeat because they are only one-tenth of the user's power. Additionally, they can only be controlled within a certain distance of the user.)

Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu, "Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique

(This jutsu is used to create a massive blast of water)

The Shadow Clone Technique: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

creates actual copies, not illusions, of the user with whatever damage and weapons the original may have. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among every clone, giving each clone a fraction of the user's overall power. Because of this, the technique itself is considered dangerous; when creating multiple copies of one's self it is possible to use up all of one's chakra fairly quickly. This is considerably more dangerous with the jutsu's forbidden form, the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique

Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu:Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

While the standard Shadow Clone Technique typically creates no more than five clones, the Multiple version allows the creation of a limitless number of clones so long as the user has enough chakra. Due to the danger of the ability it is typically used by only the most advanced ninja, often at or above Jonin rank. Any experience the shadow clones gain during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed (occurs at the clones discretion or after it receives a fatal or direct blow). This makes the technique ideal for spying, since the user can simply send a clone to spy on a target and then have the clone disperse itself to quickly pass the information back to the user. It's also useful for training purposes, since the total amount of experience the user gains is multiplied by the total number of clones being used to train. Using it in this manner is far more difficult, however, since a large number of clones are needed to make a significant difference in the training time. Likewise, depending on how many clones are used for this purpose, the user can be overcome by the amount of information communicated to them with the clones' dispersion.


Kirin is a Ninjutsu technique came from the original Chidori technique. S first launch fireballs into the sky above using Gouryuuka jutsu. These fireballs will warm the atmosphere and create a powerful rising air current, which in turn generates thunderclouds. Then form the Chidori and raise his arm to the heavens. This will allow the user to channel the lightning down upon his target. Because he is merely channeling the naturally created lightning, he is able to utilize a power greater than what a ninja could create with their own elemental chakra. Because this is also natural lightning, it will travel more quickly than any ninja could dodge. Upon calling down the lightning, it will create a powerful impact with a large amount of destruction.

Rasengan:("Spiraling Sphere")

is a technique invented by Minato Namikaze after three years of development. It requires no hand signs to perform, instead relying entirely on the chakra control of the user. The Rasengan grinds into whatever it touches, causing major damage as well as significant internal injury. If need be, the potency of the attack can be lessened to keep from harming the target.

Fuuton Rasengan: ("wind element:Spiraling Sphere")

This spiraling Wind attack has only been seen in a half completed state. But even in this incomplete form, it has wrought massive destruction. With the aid of clones Naruto will form Rasengan and add the Wind Element. Though called "shuriken" the attack is not thrown. The trick name along with the aid of clones who act as a feint allow Naruto to get in close and strike his opponent. The attack itself can only be maintained in his hands for a few seconds time.

Rasen Shuriken("Spiral Shuriken"):

Rasen Shuriken is formed by enumerable miniscule small blades which slice into every cell of his target, severing the chakra circulatory channels connecting all the vital points on the body. Once it connects the highly dangerous attack will envelop the target in a massive sphere of destruction. The attack hits the opponent in such a way that it is even beyond the abilities of the Sharingan to copy. Due to its channel severing nature, the result on the body resembles a fast acting poison more than an outright attack. Unfortunately this same damage is done to Naruto's arm. For that reason Tsunade declared it forbidden

Chidori("One Thousand Birds")

 is an example of nature manipulation created by Kakashi Hatake after he failed to infuse his own nature manipulation with the Rasengan. The Chidori requires the user to channel a great deal of lightning-based chakra to their hand, so much so that the ordinarily invisible chakra becomes visible to the naked eye. Due to the high concentration of electricity the attack creates, it emits a sound that is reminiscent of chirping birds (hence the name). Once the attack is formed the user rushes at their opponent and thrusts their arm into a certain part of the body, such as the heart. While the technique is usually fatal to its target, the speed at which the user moves causes them to experience tunnel vision, leaving them open for attack. If the user possesses a Sharingan, however, they are able to take in more detail while moving, allowing them to avoid counterattacks.

Chidori Senbon:

Lightning Element technique is able to form senbonThough unstated, these needles probably takes on Chidori's characteristics, including it's ability to cut through most anything which stands in its path.

Chidori Sword:

Lightning Element technique is able to form an extending blade of lightning. Though unstated, this blade probably takes on Chidori's characteristics, including it's ability to cut through anything which stands in its path, allowing the sword to strike its target with ease. This attack may also be similar to Chidori Nagashi, causing the target to go numb from the electrical charge.

Chidori Nagashi("Thousand Birds Current")

the original Chidori technique. Instead of merely focusing the electrical force to his body, the user is able to extend it outside of his body and through objects which he is holding. This allows him to create a protective zone around his person. This zone of electricity can shock and immobilize his foes, presumably by attacking their nervous system. Used in conjunction with his Kusanagi sword, the blade becomes almost unstoppable. It takes on Chidori's natural ability to cut through anything which stands in its path, allowing the sword to strike its target with ease. Should the sword strike a human, the charge will cause the target to go numb, lessening their ability to further counter his attacks.

Habataku Chidori:"Flapping One Thousand Birds"

Using the power gained through the level 2 form of his Cursed Seal of Heaven, the One Thousand Birds was taught to use as a "blade" to protect his comrades is warped into a dark version. In contrast to the usual chirping of birds that the One Thousand Birds is known for, this technique emits a noise much like that of a large number of birds taking flight. Its power far surpasses that of the normal One Thousand Birds.

Sōzō Saisei "Creation Rebirth" or "Creation Regeneration" (a.k.a. "Genesis Rebirth")

By releasing chakra that has been stored up for a relatively long period of time in the seal on users forehead with Shadow Seal: Release, the user is able to heal all her wounds almost instantaneously, regardless of the severity of the injuries. User can even regrow lost organs and limbs if necessary. Additionally, user continues to heal at an accelerated rate for the duration of the jutsu. Unfortunately, this technique has a drawback; using it speeds up cell division, and it shortens her life span. (He can only use it once a battle)

Meisaigakure no Jutsu:"Hiding Camouflage Technique"

This jutsu renders the user invisible. It also masks the user's scent to some degree, making it more difficult to locate them. While normal people can't see through it, those with abilities such as the Sharingan and the Byakugan can. Additionally, creatures with enhanced senses of smell (insects or dogs) can pick up on the user's reduced scent.

Sōfūshasan no Tachi:"Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades"

Utilizing the abilities of the Sharingan, the user is able to control shuriken that have wire cords attached to them (two held with the hands and one with the mouth) and manipulate their paths to tie an opponent to a nearby large object, binding them. If there is no object, the shuriken will impale the opponent.

Hachimon:"Eight Gates"

The eight chakra gates are eight specific points on a person's chakra circulatory system. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person's body. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions within it. This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon. By opening these gates, the user can surpass their own physical limits at the cost of extreme damage to their own bodies. (he can only open the first four)


(Initial) releases the brain's limit on the total strain on the muscles, giving the user five times their normal strength. The user can perform the Front Lotus at this level.


(Heal / Energy) releases the brain's limit on the body's stamina, making a battle-worn person become miraculously ready to fight as if the fight had just started.


is located on the spinal cord, and releases the limit on the nervous system, which makes information travel at a faster rate and creates even more stamina. As a side effect, the user's skin turns red, indicating an increased blood-oxygen level. The user can perform the Reverse Lotus at this level.


(Harm / Wound) releases the limit on oxygen intake in the lungs, creating much more oxygen for the body to use. 

Kekkei Genkai

(fully developed {all three tomoe}) The Sharingan's first and most well known ability is to memorize any technique that it witnesses. It can memorize any standard form of jutsu with perfect accuracy, allowing the user to use the techniques as his own. In order to reproduce copied jutsu, however, one must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them. The Sharingan's second ability is granting the user incredible clarity of perception, allowing them to track fast-moving objects with ease and even predict the subsequent movements of those objects. The ability to track and predict movement is largely based on individual skill, as unskilled users have much more trouble tracking fast-moving objects. A fully-evolved Sharingan can track even the quickest opponents, though, like the first ability, it doesn't necessarily mean the user has the ability to react to it. This perception is also great enough to see through genjutsu and to observe the movement and flow of chakra, but not to the same extent or clarity as the Byakugan. It also gives color to chakra. Additionally, the Sharingan grants the user exceptional analytical powers, allowing them to instinctively pick up on various visual clues with little difficulty. The Sharingan's third capability is a unique brand of hypnosis that involves suggesting actions and thoughts to the opponent. When used in conjunction with the aforementioned aspects of the Sharingan, this allows the user to perfectly mimic every move their opponent makes, even before they do, making it appear as if the user can see the future. It also allows for other forms of hypnotism, such as putting an opponent to sleep, replaying memories to someone else, or creating various illusions to fool an opponent.

      Mangekyo Sharingan: "Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye"
A heightened form of Sharingan. The Mangekyo Sharingan is distinguished from a normal Sharingan through its appearance, which changes the form of the tomoe seal. However, unlike the Sharingan, it has a different appearance between the users, as a kaleidoscope never looks the same when looked through. 


Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan ( 永遠の万華鏡写輪眼, Eien no Mangekyō Sharingan). Not only does this process restore one's eyesight, but it also gives the person greater power.

Senjutsu Sharingan (Sage Sharingan) Adding the aspect of nature based chakra to boost the abilities of Sharingan. With the insight and ability to copy abilities jutsu, the user can understand the working of a person down to someone’s DNA and copy it to remove the limit of not being able to copy kekkei genkai.



Magen: Kyôten Chiten, "Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change"
  (Using the Sharingan's jutsu-copying abilities, Itachi can reverse any genjutsu back on its original user.)

Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu, "Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique"

(This jutsu causes the target to see a horrifying vision. First, an imaginary circle of leaves will spin around and envelop the target, falling away shortly after. After a short period, the illusion will begin. This is to make the illusion more convincing, since the user will likely have moved before the illusion sets in.)

Shikumi no Jutsu,:"Death Foreseeing Technique"

This jutsu is much like the Temporary Paralysis Technique, but paralyzes the foe by showing them a vision of their own gruesome death. In addition to the paralysis, the enemy is overwhelmed with fear, and will no doubt suffer severe mental stress.

Magen: Jubaku Satsu, "Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death"

  (With this jutsu, the user can make themselves disappear, allowing them to approach their target unnoticed. Once completed, a tree and roots will grow at the target's feet and restrict their movements. Once the opponent believes that they are captured, the user can then appear above their opponent from the tree's trunk and kill the target. In the Kurama clan filler arc of the anime, this jutsu seems to be quite versatile, with a wide range of variations on the standard nature theme. In addition to the disappearing and tree-growing effects of the jutsu, the user can produce flowers, seedpods, vines and multiple trees.)

Butoukai no Kasai - Dance of Fire

The user creates the illusion that a wave of fire flies in front of a target to confuse or distract them. The fire can also be used to hit a target and distract them again that way. Though, the fire can not phsycially hit someone. Depending on the genjutsu technique of a person, the fire either disappear(weak) on contact or go through the object and appear on the other side.

Tsukuyomi: "Moon Reader"

Named after the Shinto moon god, Tsukuyomi, this jutsu is one of the most powerful genjutsu in existence. It is unique to the Uchiha clan and only those with the Mangekyo Sharingan can perform it. When executed, the jutsu traps the target in an illusionary world that is completely controlled by the user. While it only takes a few seconds to complete in the real world, the user can make it seem as if days have passed for the target. Depending on the user's whim, they can either torture their target for days on end, or make them relive a traumatic event over and over. Once the jutsu is finished, the target will not be able to fight for some time, if they don't suffer complete mental collapse. While the illusion is never the same twice, some elements always remain. The first and foremost similarity is the red moon, which hangs in the sky of each illusion. The moon, in turn, casts a red light throughout the illusion, giving the background a blood-red appearance while the figures within the illusion are in a grayscale inverted color. Such a powerful technique is not without its disadvantages, though. Because of the complexity of the illusion and the quickness with which it is executed, an enormous amount of chakra is necessary to perform it. 


Hayabusa Otoshi, literally "Peregrine Falcon Drop"

In this jutsu, user grabs a falling opponent by their ankles, wraps his legs around their waist, and drives them head first into the ground,

Iron plam attack

Description: while fighting a hyuuga NeVann using his sharingan copied the stance and the movements of the gental fist technique that had striked him so many time, after that battle NeVann traveled back to his home village in the land on clouds to go to his favorite training place in the mountains just out side the hidden mist village, the taijutsu is design to break the opponent down over time making the opponent think its an external damage attack but over time due to area that NeVann hits it takes its toll on the opponnets organs. NeVann tricks his opponent by channeling chakra into his hands and striking these area with the same bone crushing power equal to the Gôken, or "Strong Fist", so they are never the wiser untill the delay of the attack

Rakanken, "Achiever of Nirvana Fist"

(Jirobo's signature style of combat, Achiever of Nirvana Fist focuses on simple physical attacks augmented with Jirobo's incredible strength. Using simple palm strikes, shoulder thrusts, knee strikes, and punches enhanced with his incredible strength, he can easily defeat an opponent in one or two blows.)

Suiken, "Drunken Fist"

(Drunken Fist is based on the 8 Immortals Zui Quan style of Chinese martial arts. In the actual martial art, however, intoxication is not a factor; rather, the 'drunken' movements are used to confuse opponents)

Muon Satsujin Jutsu, "Silent Homicide Technique"

(As the name suggests, this technique is simply a very quiet method of killing an opponent, usually from behind with a blade. Additionally, because the user is very silent, it cannot be defended against. The user will often slit their opponent's throat, preventing any cry that might give them away. Zabuza was a master of this technique, and was even good enough to track and kill opponents through sound alone.)

Blood Dance:

Copying this move during his fight, not being able to teleport he uses high speed to the point where it seems like teleportation cut and slicing his opponent.

Kage Buyō:"Shadow of the Dancing Leaf"

While the target is airborne, the user jumps in such a way as to appear below the target while following a similar trajectory through the air. Since the victim is airborne, he is in a vulnerable position to a more damaging attack.

Omote Renge:"Front Lotus"

This jutsu requires opening the first chakra gate, giving the user five times their normal strength. Having prepared for the jutsu by unwrapping the bandages on his arms, the user kicks his opponent into the air, and then performs Shadow of the Dancing Leaf. Once he is behind his opponent, he then wraps the arm bandages around them, and grabs them in a bear hug, then piledrives them into the ground while spinning rapidly. The resulting impact will likely kill his opponent, though this has yet to happen due to extenuating circumstances. Because it uses one of the chakra gates, the user is left extremely fatigued, making this jutsu a "double-edged sword."

Ura Renge; "Primray Lotus"

A forbidden jutsu performed by opening 3 chakra gates (releases the body's limits on muscle usage/chakra flow). It puts a lot of strain on the body and muscles and is nearly a suicidal attack. It goes beyond the speed and power of any other lotus technique. Continuous speed and high powered attacks makes this devastating to any opponent. The power can increase even more by opening more chakragates, but the result is immobility of the user, due to torn muscle fibers.


Infuin: Kai, "Shadow Seal: Release"

(This jutsu releases the chakra stored inside the seal on user forehead.) 

Senjutsu ( 仙術, Sage Techniques) refers to a specialized field of jutsu that allows the user to sense and then gather the natural energy around a person. Senjutsu practitioners can then learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them blending it with their own chakra, (created from spiritual and physical energy within the shinobi) this results in the creation of "senjutsu chakra" ( 仙術チャクラ, senjutsu chakura). This new chakra enables the user to enter a powered state called Sage Mode, which can then drastically increase the strength of all ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. A person who is able to use senjutsu is called a sage ( 仙人, sennin).



Cursed Seal of Heaven(Ten no Juin)

Curse seal mark is a jutsu created by Orochimaru using the blood of Juugo. Orochimaru tested the seal on ten kids in Konoha, of the ten one survived Anko. During the chuunin exam ach Orochimaru left the mark on the back of Sasuke's neck it would later be reviled as the one of the most power marks, the heaven curse seal this is also the same mark that was left on Anko. The second strongest is the Earth curse seal giving to Kimimaro. The curse seal has two levels.  

Level 1:

At this level it covers half the users body in a seal that looks like a tattoo. It also seems to double if not triple the users charka level, best example is when the Sound Four took on a squad of Jounin and defeated them with ease after activing the seal.  
Level 2: In this level the users physical appearance change this seems to differ upon user. The level of the user chakra at this point has yet to be known.

Name:Yakamoshi Katana
The edge of the blade is thinner then a sixteenth of an inch, allow it to cut right through a tree trunk. On the painted black handle it has engraved on all four sides is kanji’s for all the elements in white paint, and on the bottom of the handle it has a kanji that reads “pouring life” in grey paint. Down the blade it read “a cut from mother earth herself" Special Abilities:the user has to there elemental chakra in to the sword and it is turns it in to attack so the user doesn't use up to much chakra on jutsus ex: water chakra creates a slash that forms a tidal wave, fire chakra will give the blade the ability to melt almost anything. wind chakra slash will create a small torado, and earth chakra will make the blade almost unbreakable, by trunning into solid granet rock. History: the Yakamoshi Katana has been handed down to the clans head since it was forged. This sword was forged over 150 years ago by a handy blacksmith whom was very good friends the Yakamoshi clan. so as a present the blacksmith decided to make a special sword for the clan’s head. The swords blade was melted and folded in fire burning from branches of the chakra tree, and the handle was carved form the branch of the tree as well.

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