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the Justice League of Haruhi Suzumiya

This "project" all started when I came across a certain picture, I'm sure if you google "Japaneses Justice League" it will be the first thing to pop up. It, unfortunately, got me thinking; What if anime and manga characters came together in a similar fashion as a superhero team like the Justice League or Avengers? This in turn lead to a very fun, very long, conversation with a group of friends that lead to one big problem. How could characters from franchises like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto not only exist with each other, but with other slightly more realistic series like Death Note, Bleach and Sailor Moon? The answer: Haruhi did it. So this is to be taken as an alternate universe. Alright, that's enough of an explanation no on will probably read lets get to the list.

1. Goku

is the "Superman" and it makes since really. Their origins are similar (last of a powerful alien race, that is until a handful of others show up as enemies and then allies) and both are ridiculously over powered but have strong moral cores. I originally wanted Ultraman in this spot, due to both their status as cultural icons, it came down to a vote, I lost, and Ultraman appears elsewhere on this list

2. Kuro Hazama

is "Batman" Both experienced a traumatic event while young that took their parent(s) away from them. As adults while both of them do good, they do so outside of the law and are hated by law enforcement agencies. Also considered but passed over and appear else where are L, "no costume"; Detective Conan, "too young"; and Roger Smith/Big O "already enough giant robots on the team"

3. Honey Kisaragi

is "Wonder Woman" Both are arguably the most important female character of their respective mediums, and both are equally ignored by the majority of said medium's fanbase.

4. Simon

is "Green Lantern" the Power Ring and Spiral Power are very similar. Jotaro Kujo was considered but got placed elsewhere. Cobra as well, but I think I'm one of the fifteen or so people who knows who Cobra is. Edward Elric was also considered but he was placed as "the other Green Lantern"

5. Joe Shimamura

is "the Flash" Both have super speed, half the casts of Bleach and Naruto were considered, and passed over due to the fact that super speed was not the main focus of the character. With that being one of the very few rules that were made and stuck Straight Cougar was also considered but was placed as "the other Flash"

6. Lelouch Lamperouge

is "Martian Manhunter" Not an alien, or a psychic, or a shape shifter, or anything remotely like Jo'nn but his geass is kind of like a psychic power. Only other character that came up for this spot was Akira, who just felt out of place no matter how hard I tried to make him fit. Really only made this spot due to popularity and style.

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