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No, this isn't an essay on the movie. Rather, this is me being depressed out the ass over the closure of We Remember Love, one of the best anime blogs to ever grace the sphere and enter my eyeballs.

So, I come to you guys with a request: I need a new blogroll. I've read almost nothing but this one for the last 3 years (and for damn good reason too), and now have no idea just what's actually worth reading out there. No, I don't think any of your suggestions will top Ranka Lee & Her Geneology of Hate, but I need something that at least comes close in terms of enthusiasm and creativity. My brain, it cries out for sustenance.

(Seriously, if anyone ever wondered where a lot of my blog ideas first originated, WRL is it. While the comments above are made half jokingly, I suggest everyone go there and read some of the archives. (The final post has a decent list of greatest hits as it were.) Ghostlightning's goal was to always write a blog that would make non-mecha fans find interest in mecha, and I'd be a poor fanboy for not spreading his gospel.

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