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As I have previously stated, an inter-medium adaptation of anything is not easy to pull off.  Where the latest Super Robot Wars anime failed was balancing the dialogue and the combat.  The structure of the game is very rigid: each stage has a battle as its set piece with dialogue set before and after it.  In an attempt to replicate this game structure, each episode was set up in a similar manner.  However, what results are battles filled with rather inane chatter while both start and finish are stuffed with exposition.

The Persona 4 game has a similar structure.  Each dungeon and boss fight are set pieces with dialogue and story bits that surround them.  However, Persona 4 anime succeeds where SRW fails, mixing combat and dialogue together, and sowing what was originally exposition amongst action sequences.  It also helps that there are some original dialogue bits placed in there, letting Shadow Yosuke take advantage of the television studio design of the arena and playing some more footage of poor pathetic Yosuke. 

It merits mentioning that the way the show has decided to depict the combat helps this entire sequence.  Instead of being like the game where it is the kids attacking and being hit, only to summon their personas when using skills, personas are treated as independently acting avatars.  This lets the talkers talk while the fighters fight.

Lastly, it does appear that the status screen eye-catch will level up as the series progresses, and at the rate of one rank up per episode, it should fill out within the 26 episode allotment.  How MC-kun managed to rank up courage before even Yukiko's dungeon is a mystery to me though.
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