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There is a whole lot of fanservice in the latest episode of Nisemonogatari, and no, I'm not talking about THAT.  This episode has been about depicting relationships between known characters, and then flipping them on their heads. 

Let's talk about what we knew from the previous series, Bakemonogatari.  Senjougahara is the alpha female of Araragi's little harem.  she was the most assertive in her feelings, and also the most honest with her feelings.  Compare that with Hanekawa character, not necessarily shy and demure like Sengoku, but certainly incapable of being upfront and sincere.  The oddity that spawned her was in fact due to penting up of her true feelings for Araragi.  So then how did we get to this point?  Her ability to dominate and lord over Senjougahara in the previous episode, and revealing that it was all simply due to her threat of "asking Araragi to be my boyfriend" which she revealed in this one is in incredible stark contrast to what we knew about her, and what we knew about Senjougahara. 
And then there is the matter with Shinobu.  Again, no, not THAT.  It is simply the fact that she finally decided to start speaking, and her character is far more in line with the overbearing and teasing Horo than the demure self that she was presented as in the first series.  There are bits and pieces that she reveals about her relationship with Araragi, and while it does not give us a complete picture, we certainly get the feeling that there is both a degree of mutual affection and also mutual antipathy for the events that brought about Bakemonogatari in the first place. 

Now it warrants reminding that Nisemonogatari means something along the lines of forgery, imposter, or any other term along that lines that gives a sense of deciet.  So who is being played by another power and who is showing their true colors?

Lastly, that elephant in the room, aka the second half of the episode.  Let me just put it this way.  I am not perturbed by characters in bathing suits or in hot springs who's physical appearance, by the nature of anime character designs, can be that of anyone from a 13 year old to a 30 year old.  When the physical feature of a character is very clearly that of a grade schooler though AND there is complete nudity involved, things take a step past my internal pedophilia line.  The fact that this treatment is more gratuitous in the Sekon no Qwasar sense than its treatment in previous episodes adds to it.  Compare that to the blatant act of Hanekawa getting into Body Pillow Cover Poses on Araragi's bed and you see what I mean.

That's my line, take it how you will.
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