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Broken Blade aims to do one thing extremely well: detailed, gritty, low tech mecha combat.  The golems it depicted punched, kicked, shot physical projectiles, and looked magnificent doing so without resorting to flashes of light.  The final movie of the OVA celebrated this form of combat even more so than all previous episodes, giving us a massive invasion of the capitol, urban (or as urban as it can get) combat, an ingenious use of enemy corpses and terror, and finally a 30 minute long grudge match between the Delphine and Borcuse's Hykelion.
What is this, Combattler V?
What is this, Combattler V?
This duel was long and drawn out, pushing each pilot and mecha to their limits, reveling in a crude carnage only seen in the likes of Mazinkaiser SKL out of anything contemporary.  Broken Blade has made a name for itself in detailing battle damage, letting each and every bolt cause a crack on the frame, and this fight was no exception.  Armor was slowly sheared off, shields shattered, swords and axes slowly chipped, cracked and broke.  And at the end, the fight remembers love for super robot shows of old, ditching the more contemporary weapons like blades and guns for a giant indestructible ninja star attached to an equally indestructible rubber band with which Rygart uses for both attack, defense, and mobility.  Is it the best weapon displayed in a mecha show in a long time?  Yeah, probably.

Ultimately, Broken Blade reminds us that mecha is a fantastic action feast for the eyes, and that we all should aspire to death via giant ninja star.
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