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 So Old Bio is Old.
  • Name: Wilson T. Hawk
  • Codename: ~Triple-Shot~
  • Aliases: Quick Shot, Ace Archer-man, Agent 3, Experiment # 674, McJinx, Lucky Number 13, Ctrl + F + U, Mummy Man, Merc With A Mouth
  • Date of Birth: July 13, 2013
  • Eye Color: Right Eye: Blue, but then it changes to blue with three black dots in it. Left Eye: Half red,and half green.
  • Residence: Chicago, Illinois
  • Current Residence: Unknown For Know
  • Nationality: American born-British\Australian heritage(has a lot more than that though :P)
  • Hair Color: Blonde, and a streak of black
  • Species: Human/Enhanced Human, has small traces of other species in his blood
  • Skin Color: Nice and tanned, but now is covered in bandages.
  • Mottos: "*While pulling bow and arrow back* Hit em' right between the eyes...", "I'm gonna rewrite history."
    Wilson Hawk
    Wilson Hawk
     "Grass grows, Birds fly, Sun shines, and Brother, I hurt people." " A lot of people call me unlucky because I was born on Friday the 13, but seeing what's happened to me during the years, I just call myself lucky." " W.I.C.K.E.D.- Wish I Could Kill Everyday."

A Construction Workers Work
  •  Month: November 18, 2042

A young man, somewhere in his  mid-twenties, was walking down the stairs in his house. " I'm leaving for work honey." He yelled, as he continued to walk to the door. "Okay honey be safe, and I'll be picking the kids up from school later" she replied. "Okay." he walked out, it was a bright and beautiful day. The sky was a bright blue, as he began to walk over to his truck, a Ford F-250. It was covered in dirt, hick clumps of dirt and cement. "One day I'm gonna have to clean ya my friend." He wiped off some dust covering he Ford emblem, then opened the door and got into the truck.He then stuck the key into the ignition, starting the car and drove of the the construction site."Hope we can get this job done in a couple of weeks." When he got to the construction site, he took out the building plans and got out of he truck. He then stuck his hard hat on, and went over to the planing table. "Hey, Mr. Wilson." said a guy in hispanic guy in an undershirt and baggy pants. "Marcus, I told 
Marcusyou just to call me Will." replied Wilson. "I would,homes, but cha my boss,ha ha." laugh Marcus, then Wilson joined in the laugh. Wilson and Marcus went way back, they were childhood best friends. A reptilian like man walked up to Wilson. "Hey, Mr. Wilsson when'ss the cement truck coming?" "Soon, Sket." replied Wilson "Okay." Sket replied then order some other construction workers to get ready for the cement truck. It was common for people to see splicers, cyborgs, meta-humans,and hybrids in he future working like everyday human people. " Looks like we've got a busy day ahead of us." Wilson began to look throughout the construction sight, looking at everybody, there're many different people, of different races and species working here. "Yep homes."Marcus replied while grabbing some pipes and began to walk back over to an area he was working on, with others. Wilson rolled out the plans on the table, and started telling people where, and when to work at certain areas. Wilson began to get his weird feeling hat he was being watched, but he shook it if, just thinking it was stress. Unknown to him he was being watched, by a man in a black suit. He was watching him from the clock tower in the city, hidden by his invisibility powers. The reason he was watching him was unknown.

After a hard day's work, Wilson was tired out. He and his team worked all day and part of the night to get the build to ninety-percent. There was still some things to work on but they could do it in the days to come. Everybody was heading home, Wilson packing up his stuff until he was interrupted by some pipes falling. "Guess someone didn't tie em' up properly." He walked over here and began stacking them up one by one. The man that was watching him from a distance appeared, he snuck into Wilson's office, while he was busy putting the pipes back up, and placed a yellow envelope into Wilson's jacket pocket and then disappeared. After putting the pipes back up Wilson grabbed his stuff and placed it in his truck. He slung his jacket across the seat, causing the envelope to slide out, he then saw and reached for, but stopped and decided to look at it when he got home, or tomorrow. He started up the truck and drove home.

After a long drive home he pulled up into his driveway. His house was pretty nice, not one of those rich people's mansion's, just a simple house. He grab his things and got out of the truck closing the door and walked over to the front door opening it.'Hey it's pa." said one of his sons. Closing the door behind him he replied "Yep I'm back, from work, sons" He laid his stuff on he counter and grabbed and apple and toke a bite out of it. "So dad, how's the project coming along?" said Kinneth "Oh, it's comin' along just fine Kin." "How was you boy's day at school??" "It was, meh okay." said both Kin and Paul. Wilson began to look around for his daughter, "Hey where's  Velma?
Wilson and  Jill Hawk
Wilson and Jill Hawk
" he asked. "She's at the Ingram's house." said a woman coming down the stairs. She was heavily pregnant, about nine months or so. 'Oh hey dear." said Wilson as he walked over to her and hugged her, while kissing her. "Hey hon."she said while returning the kiss. "I think we should leave." whispered Kin to his brother as they left the room and went to their rooms." So how was your day at work hon?" she asked in a soft voice. "It was tiring, but the jobs almost done, dear-." he replied. They both began to walk up the stairs towards their bedroom."That's great so I--" she was interrupted by Wilson. "But it felt like somebody was watching me from afar, like they wanted me 
Jill Hawk
Jill Hawk
dead or something..." he said with a concerned look on his face. He began to wonder what was in that letter in his shirt pocket but shook it lose from his mind at the time being. "That's a strange feeling."she said while leaning on him. "Indeed." as he hugged her tighter. They walked through their room door and closed it. Jill sat down on the bed as her husband changed clothes. "So Jill what was it you were going to tell me, by the way?" as he said while taking off his shirt. "Oh, I think I'll save it for later." she said with a devilish grin as she put her hand on her pregnant stomach."Hmm, okay." he replied after putting on his shirt, then lied down on the bed next to her." I think I'll go to sleep now, I've got'a busy day tomorrow, hon." he said, then kissed her on he cheek and pull the covers over his head. "Ok, dear." she said as she did the same thing. 

The Twin Birthdays
A couple of days later........

Today was Kinneth's and Paul's birthday and graduation day. They were going to be nineteen years old. Wilson had planned something special for both of them, since 
Paul Hawkthey had both gotten the driver's license, they father was going to buy them both vehicles. During the time his sons and the rest of his family were at the graduation/birthday party, Wilson and his friend Marcus were at a car dealership."So homes whatcha gettn' for your boys?" Marcus asked while he followed Wilson.
 "Don't know yet." as he looked around. "Okay?." Marcus replied. As they continued to walk around Wilson noticed some motorcycles and then remembered how much his sons wanted one. Wilson began to walked over to the motorcycles to check out the stats, while Marcus was looking at some other cars. "I think this is what I'm getting for my sons," he said with a smile. He noticed there was an ordering control panel and went over to it. "I wonder if they have those two options?" he said while walking over to it. After he searched the panel he found what he wanted."Wow, what a surprise, they have both custom paint jobs, and you can order it on the same day, I guess technology has increased again." he said with a chuckle.A person who worked there noticed and wen over to assist him."Do you need help sir?" she said. It took a minute for Wilson to noticed that she was there."No, miss." he replied, while ordering the motorcycles. As the women walked away she noticed she recognized him,"Could that be the man who donated money to this company,"she thought. She looked over to the wall of top donators and he was on there, Mr. Wilson T. Hawk. She walked back over to him, as he had just finished ordering."Excuse me sir, are you Mr. Wilson T. Hawk??" Wilson began to think in the back of his mind, "oh crap, another girl that's probably going to hit on me..."The he responded to her,"Yes I'm Wilson T. Hawk." He hoped she wasn't about to ask him on a date or something. "Mr. Hawk, i would like to thank you for making a donation to this company."she said while extending her hand to shake his."Umm, it's no problem." he said while shaking her hand. She said some other things, then walked away as happy as she could be.Wilson began to think "Hopefully that wasn't her way of trying to get a date with me." Marcus walked over to Wilson, after checking out some muscle cars, and placed his hand on his shoulder "Another girl after your heart homes,no?" he said. "Not too sure Marcus, not too sure.." Wilson replied. He felt something in his pants pocket move, but ignored it. "Well anyway I order the vehicles, and they should be done in a hour or two."he said. "Okay, homes, but I got to run, just call me and I'll be back, ok.?"Marcus said as he left to go somewhere. "Ok, Marc, see ya dude." he replied as he sat down on a chair to pass the time.

Two Hours Later......

Two Hours had passed and the motorcycles were almost ready."Even though i missed their graduation, and part of their birthday I know they are going to love this."he thought to himself.He felt something move in his pocket again but ignored it, thinking it was a phone call. He waited a couple of minutes before calling his friend to help
 pick up the motorcycles."Better call him now."he said to himself, as he reached into his pocket to get his phone, he felt something bite his fingers.He didn't react like other people would when something would bite, because he had burn his hand pretty badly years ago, and his nerve receptors were damaged pretty badly."What the.." he said with a confused voice. He slowly began to lift his hand out of his pocket, he still felt something biting his fingers.When he lifted his hand out of his pocket some small, green withered thing, with tails and wings was biting his fingers, it was a golem. "Zen??" he asked. The golem stopped biting his finger and hovered in the air for a couple of seconds before trying to bite his nose, and he had a pretty firm grip in Wilson's noise."OW!!" Wilson yelled as he pulled Zen off."So you've been hiding in my pocket for he last couple of weeks."he said while rummaging through his pocket for something that Zen could eat. Zen was a bit mad, but sill loved his owner. Finnaly Wilson found some beef jerky he bought on he way to the dealer ship and feed it to Zen. Zen ate carnivorously, he was very hungry and ate the whole bag. While it was eating, Wilson called for his friend. "Hey Marcus, time to pick up the cars and head there." he said. "Okay cya in a few, homes." Marcus replied.

Sometime Later At The Hawk's House

"Hey mom, where's pa?" Kinneth asked while slicing into his birthday cake. "Oh, I don't know, but I promise he'll be here soon," she said. She was hiding the fact that she knew that his father was getting his and his brother's birthday gift. "Hey bro!! You got to try this drink." Paul yelled to his brother. "Okay." he replied. The party was going great, many of their friends where over, and a couple of Wilson businesses friends. Kinneth and Paul were at he "legal" age to drink alcohol and they loved it, but they knew better to drink to much. Engine revs were heard in the distance. The next minute two men on motorcycles appeared, one motorcycle was green with black strips,and the other red with black strips."Whoa, is that dad??" Paul said. "I think, but who's the other guy?" Kinneth said. The men stopped in front of the house and go off
 the bikes, then pulled off the helmets. "Oh it's Mr. Marcus." Kinneth said. The boys ran over to their father and his friend. "Hey dad, you both these for us??" They both said. "Yep" he responded while giving one of them the helmet."You boys are lucky, to have a dad like that."Marcus said. "Now why don't you guys go these out for a spin down at the track?" he said. "Awesome!!" both of the twins yelled as they took the keys from the father and Marcus and hoped on, the twins gestured telling their friends were heading and two of them hoped onto the back of their bikes, and the others hoped into their cars and took of for the tracks.Wilson walked over to the cooler and toke out a beer and opened, as his wife was walking over to him. "Somehow I guessed you were going to get that for them."she said smiling deviously. He chuckled"You knew already, because you can see into the future hon." He wrapped his arm around her and hugged her. Wilson looked around and noticed his daughter playing around with her friends, and he waved at her, and she did the same.

It was a long party and everybody was enjoying themselves, but little did they know something bad was going to happen at the Hawk's household.
An Intruder In The Hawk Household
Late A Night After The Party......

After the twin's party, everybody was knocked out and tired. Wilson was really tired since he had to do some late night work after the party, and really didn't want anybody, except his wife, to disturb his sleep. He was happy since it was Saturday and didn't have to work, since his friend was taking over for him so he got to sleep in. He felt nudge him repeatedly, but didn't pay attention to it and rolled over and continued to sleep. He felt something nudge him again, and then heard a soft voice,"Honey, wake, honey wake up, honey wake up." It was his wife.He groaned and rolled over to face her. "Mmmm, yes Jill??" he said. "Can you get me some watermelon,please??" she said with a quivering lip. He opened his mouth, but closed it, because he knew better than to argue with her. He rolled to the outer edge of the bed and got out of it. He stretched, then grabbed his robe. He made his way downstairs, watching where he stepped since there was junk food everywhere.He thought to himself,"Gonna make them clean this all up." He walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed an already cut watermelon. He grabbed a knife and a cutting board in order to cut the melon into smaller pieces. As he heard his wife scream, the scream woke up the boys and his daughter. Wilson dropped what he was doing began to make his way up stairs. "Hey what's going on??" one of the boys said as they awoke. "You two stay here!" he father replied. Wilson ran up the stairs and stopped by the door for a split second to get his butterfly knife, and opened the door slowly. He saw a man in some high tech armor looking at his wife from the window seal. Jill was at the edge of the 
bed, paralyzed in fear. The man loaded the gun and fired at Jill. "NO!!!!!!" Wilson yelled as he raced to stop the bullet. Somehow he got over there in a split second and was able to redirect the bullet with his knife. "You okay Jill?!" he asked. "Yes I'm fine." she replied. "Okay, you and the kids go down to the basement, I'll this with this guy." he said. Jill got up from the bed and ran over to the door, but was stopped by the man in the suit. "Were do you think you're going??" he said while grabbing her arm. Wilson saw the man and ran after him, gritting his teeth, "Get away from my wife!!!!" he threw a hard punch, so hard it caused a dent in the man's armor causing him to fall backwards. Once Jill was free, she rounded up the kids, and they headed to the basement.

"Now answer me, why are you here?" Wilson asked the man as he grabbed his throat. The man wriggled himself free from Wilson's grip, and punched him in the stomach, causing Wilson to fall back. "That's for denting my armor, and didn't you read the letter?" WIlson remembered seeing the letter in his shirt pocket, but never opened it. "Never got mate." he replied, hoping the man didn't think he was lying. "Lies!!" As he grabbed Wilson by his neck. "You're coming with me weather you like it or not, and your family will be dead." As he held a charge detonator in his other hand. Wilson had to think fast luckily he still had his knife in his hand, he brought his hand up and stabbed the man in the hand, causing his to let go of Wilson and accidentally drop the detonator. Wilson was able to disable the detonator, as the man pulled knife out of his hand. He wondered how it perched his armor. "How the HE--" Before he could finish his hand began to tighten up, and sounds of glass breaking could be heard from it. Coming out of the perching were green and blue crystals, they were slowly growing over his body and causing great amount of pain to him. "Got to get out of here." he ran they jumped out of the window and disappeared into the night. "Good riddance." said Wilson as he looked outside the window making sure he man wasn't coming back. Wilson went down to check on his family to check on how they were. He sighed in relief and went to call the police.

"This is gonna be a long weekend." as he thought to himself as he told the police what happened.

Before Joining In

Starting Out

First Day Out On The Job

Learning The Hard Way

Working Up The Ranks

Becoming The Triple Shot

Mission: S.T.A.K.L.E.R.

Going Back

The Accident

Recovery One

Being Rebuilt

Custom Made Sniper Rifle

Triple Shot's custom made sniper rifle is very complex. He had a good friend make it for him. It costed a lot to build it, and for the custom made bullets. It has a manuel,  semi-automatic, and automatic. It uses a custom made .50 BMG. The gun costed $150,000 to build, $280,000 dollars to repair anything broken or damaged on the gun, 
$500,000 per 60 cartridges to make the first type of custom bullets, and $800,000 per 90 cartridges to make the second type of bullet.
Butteryfly Knife

This Bailsong Knife a.k.a. Butterfly Knife was given to Wilson from his dad. It's made out of a light weight nano-tech adamantium. It can penetrate any metal. Also at the sharp edge of the knife, there is a thin layer of Iciou, a aggressive merging crystal . When it touches or cuts into it's victim, it causes a rapid growth of the Iciou crystals inside their body, causing a painfully death, or mutation. For some odd reason when it cuts Wilson, or his family, they do not become infected with the Iciou .
Wilson's  Butterfly Knife
Wilson's Butterfly Knife

Custom Made Bow
Triple Shot made his bow himself, and with a little help from a friend. It's black, red, blue, and yellow. It has a pulley system so it can attach itself to a cable or rope and pull the user up, or let them slide down. The steel string never gets exhausted, so it doesn't bend out of shape causing his to make a lousy shot.
Trick Arrows

List of Triple Shots's Tricks Arrows
  • Acid Arrows: These arrows release a highly corrosive acid, that can melt/burn through most metals.
  • Boomerang Arrows: These arrows come back to the user once it hits its target. Or it can be used to grab items.
  • Boxing Glove Arrows: This arrow has a boxing glove at the end. The glove is hard and can take most things out with a single hit.
  • Buzzsaw Arrows:
  • Cryonic Arrows: These arrows will freeze on contact at it's target.
  • Drill Arrows: These arrows has a drill built into the top of the arrow. The drill can be used to penetrate rock, metal, or ice.
  • Explosive Arrows: These arrows explode on contact.
  • EMP Arrows: These arrows release an Electricalmagnectic Pulse causing any electronically powered devices to shut down and lose a memory.
  • Fire Extinguisher Arrows: These arrows release a foam to extinguish fires.
  • Flares Arrows: These arrows are used as flares. When shoot the light up giving off your location making your allies(or enemies) be able to see you.
  • Glue Arrows:These arrows release glue causing the targets to be stuck in place.
  • Grappiling Hook Arrows: These arrows can be used to reach areas to high for a person to get to.
  • Handcuff Arrows:These arrows release hand cuffs, cuffing the target it aimed a correctly.
  • Mummy Arrows: These arrows bandages the target in such a fashion to make it look like they've been mummified.
  • Net Arrows: These arrows release a mesh net that engulfs and entangles the target.
  • Safe-Cracking Arrows: These arrows can crack any safe in a short amount of time.
  • Smokescreen Arrows: These arrows lets out a harmless, thick smoke allowing the user to get away.
  • Sonic Arrows:They arrows emit a sonic pulse that can break glass.
  • Stunner Arrows:These arrows at like stun guns. When they hit their target, they stick on and release for electric nodes that also sick to the target's body, electrocuting them, causing them fall unconscious.
  • Tear Gas Arrows:
  • Poison Dart Arrows: These arrows contain the deadly poison from the Golden Poison Dart Frog.
  • Bola Arrows:These arrows release bolas tangling up their targets feet.
  • Grenade Arrows: These arrows explode a couple of seconds after being shot.
  • Combat Arrows: These arrows are regular, but metal tipped arrows.
  • Sticky Arrows: These arrows can stick to any surface.
  • Rope Arrows: These arrows can be used to get across long gaps, or tangle up hostiles.
  • Blackout Arrows:
  • Cable Arrows: These arrows fire a cable that can be used to scale buildings.
  • Jet Arrows: These arrows are propelled like a jet, when the hit their target they to great damaged.
  • Nth Metal Arrows: These arrows are used to fight ghosts, paranormal beings, and people with paranormal abilities.
  • Siren Arrows: These arrows emit a loud sound, causing people to be distracted by it, and try to find it allowing for the user to get through an heavily guarded area.
  • Electric Arrows: These arrows release an electrical shot once it comes in contact with the target. It causes them to be stunned for a short time.
  • Luminescent Arrows: These arrows can light up dark areas with light.
  • Vine Arrows: This arrow releases a vine to ensnare the target..
  • Lava Arrows: This arrow releases a wave of lava.
  • Jujitsu Arrows:
  • Cocoon Arrows: This arrow weaves a cocoon around a target.
  • Rain Arrows: These arrows release water causing the target to become drenched in water, making they vulnerable to electrical attacks.
  • Chain Arrows: These arrows entangle the target in chains
  • Acetylene Arrows:
  • Plastic-Net Arrows: These arrows ensnare the target in a sticky plastic net.
  • Aqua-Lung Arrows: These arrows allow the user to breathe under water.
  • Radio Arrows:Theses arrows allow the user to pick up radio signals and listen to other peoples conversations, or call for help.
  • Tumble Weed Arrows: This arrow releases tumble weeds, to kick up dirt and sand to make a quick get away, or for comedic events.
  • Ice Cutting Arrows: These arrows can cut through the thickest ice.
  • Avalanche Arrows: These arrows can create a large amount of snow in a short time, causing an avalanche. It's most affective on a hill.
  • Sand Arrows:These arrows let out a fast, but violent spray of sand. The speed of the sand will eat away metal and skin.
  • Sun Arrows: This arrows cause a great flash of light, as bright as the sun, it blinds the targets for a while.
  • Greek Flame Arrows: These arrows shoot out a propellant that is lit to make a burning stream of fire.
  • Dimensional Arrows: Theses arrows can open up portals to other dimension, worlds, times, planets, and universes.
  • Red Hot Arrows: These arrows, cause anything it touches to heat up to a great extant.
  • Venom Arrows: These arrows each contain different types of venom from snakes, spiders, and other animals. And a couple of arrows contain a mixture of all of the venoms.

Wilson Hawk is a natural very agile person. He can jump large gaps between buildings.
Wilson has been an archer/shooter for a long time. He can nail targets from a mile or more away. In one case he was blinded by poison gas, and somehow only shoot his enemies, not his allies.
Enhanced Eyesight
After having been rebuilt, his eyesight was almost gone in his left eye, but the Dr. McGibben was able to implant a device to enhance his eyesight. He now can see up to 20 to 35 miles away, and maybe more if he upgrades his eye.
Enhanced Hearing
Listening  Made Easy
Listening Made Easy
After getting to the rank of General, he obtained a hearing enhancing item, from an enemy he defeated. Once he put them on around his ears, he then knew that's how his enemy new almost everyone of his moves. Wilson tends to wear them a lot so he can close in onto one's conversation. He has to be careful when wearing them not to be around someone or something that can cause high pitched sounds. He wears them around his neck, to make people think they are headphones.

After being rebuilt, the Dr. McGibben made the bandages that covered his body stretchy so it was were able to let him stretch pretty far. So he was able to do everyday things and still be apart of The Order.

Wilson, being a construction worker and having been born into the future, were there are many different people of different species and races. He has learned many different languages, and is very fluent. So it make his job very easy while talking to others, and can learn languages very easy.

Since currently being mostly made out of bandages, he can be torn into shreds. Dr. McGibben put a certain Nanotech that heal Wilson, and rebuild immediately any bandage on his body that has be torn, ripped off, or burned. Even if someone burned all the the bandages on his body, he can come back from the tinniest strain of the bandage.
The Teaze with in his body can allow him to blend into his environment, if they let him.
I'll  Just Pass Through..
I'll Just Pass Through..
The Teaze within his body let him pass through any object at his will, and can even let him walk on air, and water. He can pass through you and can even reach in and rip your heart out while you are still living(imagine how much that could hurt :P), without leaving a trace of needing to cut into your body.
And  Take Your Heart With Me
And Take Your Heart With Me

Super Speed
Wilson is a naturally fast person, but he didn't know he had the power to run even faster. Also both the Teaze, and the body enhancements Dr. McGibben  made helps Wilson run a lot faster than a normal human. He can run as fast as a car and maybe a bit more.

Zen the Golem
Zen the Golem
Zen is Wilson's green and red golem, he's had it for a very long time, since he was a kid. Zen just appeared one snowy day, cold and tired, and Wilson toke em' in and toke care of him, and since then he's been with him since.
Zen  and his ridicules appetite.
Zen and his ridicules appetite.

Zen has a big appetite, and will loads of food to cure it. He can shoot bolts of different element from his mouth. He also can show people his memories reveling what has happened to his owner and others. He also can change the color of his tail to show his mood.Zen is also quite strong even though he is small, he can lift his owner by his teeth or ail for awhile.

As They  Return.......
As They Return.......
Teaze are these butterfly like dark, and light matter creatures. Wilson first encountered these when he faced Jake Insole, he went insane due to a previous mission he was on and almost killed everybody at the base. Luckily Wilson was able to kill him, but he became the new host of the Teaze, amazingly Wilson was one of the few that could synch with the Teaze without being eaten alive by
A New Look And Power, Interesting....
A New Look And Power, Interesting....
 them. A weird thing happened after he synced with them, his skin turned pale gray and his eyes turned bright white, and he was like that for five days.  He can call open the Teaze on anytime, yet they don't listen to him for some of the things her wants to do. They live in any place in Wilson's body, but when the come back they enter through his hands, and they always make a purple hole when they enter. Wilson has the ability to make other people breeding grounds for the Teaze, but only a few survive, because they may be eaten alive.
...They  Always Leave This Hole
...They Always Leave This Hole

Level One:
Level One Teaze
Level One Teaze
These Teaze are pure black,for black matter, and pure white, for light matter. The black ones can cause death immediately as soon as they are place near the heart, or on the heart. The white ones can bring back anyone from the dead, unless if they have been dead for more than two weeks. They have phasing capabilities and can eat people and animals from the inside out.

Level Two:
These Teaze are a mixture of both colors. They have teeth now in the middle of the body. They can both kill and resurrect people,and they still have they phasing capability, and they still eat people and animals. They gained a new power, and now can fire bolts of dark
Level Two Teaze
Level Two Teaze
 and light matter, which may be helpful or dangerous to people.

"Speeding Bullet"

Triple Shot's custom made motorcycle.
It can break about 250 mph.

Speeding Bullet
Speeding Bullet


Jill Hawk:
Status: Alive, but in critical condition.

Paul Hawk:
Status: Alive

Kinneth Hawk:
Status: Alive

Velma Hawk:
Status: Alive

Linda Hawk:

Tami Lulu:

Ivan M. Tony:

This page/section is for people to see what's going inside my character's mind during the story, and the other character's in the story, some of my other profile may be up there to.
What If??
This page/section is for this account, and my others. It is to explain "What if??" this character could change their action before. Like "What if..." Wilson chose not to join The Order? "What if..." the bomb in Wilson was caring didn't go off?(yes I just gave you a hint to what happens later in the story :P)

Before Joining

Before Triple Shot joined, he was a rich millionaire, but didn't dress in rich clothes. He dressed like he wasn't rich. He also was a construction worker, so most of the time he was in an undershirt and a pair of dirty blue jeans.
Markings  On The Chest
Markings On The Chest

The Four Markings
The Right  Arm Marking
The Right Arm Marking
Wilson Hawk has these four odd birth marks. His right arm is completely black.He wears a glove to hide his right hand all the time, until he joined The Order. He has black markings under and above his right eye. A weird symbol, that is blue and looks more like a tattoo, on his chest above his heart. And a symbol, that's black, on his back that looks like music notes.

Markings On The Eye

Markings On The Back

Scout Uniform
This was Triple Shot's first uniform when he joined. he had to work up the ranks, even though he was already great, but they wanted to see what skills he had. While 
Scout Uniform
Scout Uniform
climbing the ranks his scout uniform was upgraded.

When With The Teaze

When Wilson became the new host of the Teaze, they caused his skin and clothes to change. He's skin became pale gray, and his eyes bright white . He had more of 
With  An Irresistible Charm
With An Irresistible Charm
More Of A  Gentleman..
More Of A Gentleman..
a gentleman's apparel and had this charm nobody could resist. He's personality change greatly from his original one, but it was only for a couple of days. He would hit on women all the time, during the time period. His "other" side will show up every now and then. He has very sharp teeth almost like a vampire, but he doesn't drink blood....... yet. The Teaze within him, can make him look whole again, making him look like he is not made mostly out of bandages. Also he has a ferocious appetite since he kinda has to eat for the Teaze too.

Agent Number 3
This is what he wore when he got to he top. He wears a long red, black, blue, and yellow cloak. He always has the hood over his face. He has wrapped his face, hands, and legs in bandages. He also wears light armor under his cloak so he is still protected and can still move fast.
Agent Number 3
Agent Number 3

S.T.A.K.L.E.R. Armor
On the mission S.T.A.K.L.E.R., he wore this armor, but still wore his cloak over it.
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  Armor
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Armor


After the Accident

Forever  Changed.....
Forever Changed.....
After the "accident" Triple Shot, a.k.a Wilson Hawk is covered from head to toe in bandages. He is practically made out of bandages, a experimental method the Dr. McGibben used to put him back together, but not as he used to be. He still has his internal organs, and a few places that have body parts, like his hands and eyes, even though his eyes are hidden by his trademark blue and red goggle,and his hand is hidden by bandages and fingerless gloves. After the accident he became super stretchy able to stretch his body to great lengths, he also can't fell pain that much, and can regenerates his body, even from the tinniest strain of his bandages.An odd thing is that because of the Teaze he can look whole sometimes, and also where his four birth marks are there is no skin missing, it is whole. He kinda became 
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